Two of Pentacles Meaning: Upright and Reversed

The Two of Pentacles is the second card in the Pentacles suit of the Minor Arcana. It symbolizes happiness and fun, but also disruption and trouble in the juggling act you are currently caught up in. Continue reading our Two of Pentacles Meaning to find out more.

Upright and Reversed Keywords

Upright Keywords:

  • Juggling
  • Balance
  • Gaiety
  • Trouble
  • Agitation
  • Obstacles
  • Disruption

Reversed Keywords:

  • Forced fun
  • Imbalance
  • Disorganization
  • Lacking focus
  • Financial troubles
  • Mismanagement
  • Debt

The Suit of Pentacles

Pentacles as a suit are associated with the element of earth. They correlate to earthly belongings, material gains, and both monetary concerns and gains. Pentacles can also be referred to as coins or discs, amongst other things depending on the deck, but they are all the same.

As an earth suit, Pentacles are therefore aligned with the earth signs of the zodiac or astrological calendar: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. If you pull the Two of Pentacles, take a moment to consider if any of these earth signs are people you know who may be involved in your question. This Pentacle is associated with Capricorn specifically.

Twos in Tarot Card Suits

Twos in the Tarot in general represent two different forces. Usually, these forces are working against each other, as forces tend to do. Save for the Two of Cups, if you pull a Two in the Tarot, you’re dealing with two forces pushing and pulling at each other.

Pulling a Two in any suit generally signifies a necessary choice. What the choice in depends on the subject of the reading and the cards surrounding the Two.

Symbolism and Imagery of the Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles depicts a young man juggling two pentacles. This symbolizes a larger message in the card: the constant balance and focus necessary to keep two separate items in the air at all times. The pentacles are furthermore encased in rope or string that takes on the form of the infinity symbol (appearing like a sideways number eight). The significance of the infinity symbol is to show that this action could go on forever. The pentacles are trapped.

The boy has one foot off the ground as he works to maintain his juggling act: a further act of balance. He is wearing three colors: red, orange, and green. His shoes and the rope are green, aligning him with the earth, but he only has one foot on the ground, meaning he is not fully grounded.

Some of his outfit is red, signifying energy, momentum, and fiery potential; but some of his outfit is orange, which is rare in the Tarot deck. Orange signifies a challenge, which is what this young man faces alone on this beach.

The predominant color in this card is blue, tying him to the subconscious and water element. But the boy is not connected to the blue as he stands on a gray beach. This indicates a block in his connection with his own subconscious. His focus is on the literal pentacles: the juggling act, the material world, and because he cannot let one drop, he cannot focus on anything else.

Behind the boy is a wavy ocean with two boats on their own journey. While the boy does his juggling act, the world passes him by. Boats are vehicles to escape, they also remind us of the need to navigate the seas of our lives. While this boy plays on the beach, he lacks the ability to set sail. The goal is to be on a boat, to get to a different beach. This boy isn’t quite there yet.

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Upright Two of Pentacles Meaning

This boy is having a good time, but for how long? While he figures out how to balance these two forces he is constantly in motion, never achieving a true balance. In order to succeed, he must put one pentacle down and focus on the other. Sustaining this act forever will cause his life to pass him by as the boats behind him do.

If you pull this card upright in a reading it means you have a lot of balls in the air right now. You are quite literally juggling your life. This is a danger zone, you’re only human and you’re bound to drop something. You are probably extremely organized and equally as burnt out. Take a break, put a ball down. If you don’t give yourself the time needed to recharge, you won’t ever stop juggling and enjoy life.

There may be an event coming up to make you realize you cannot sustain this. You work hard and that’s great, but you need to make sure you’re able to focus on the important things in life. Remember that Pentacles are material and monetary things so this focus is on finances.

Reversed Two of Pentacles Meaning

This means that you have too many balls in the air and you aren’t succeeding in any activity. You must stop, prioritize, and pour your energy into one primary activity. If you don’t, you will not only be juggling alone while life passes you by, you will be barely scraping by as you do so.

The Two of Pentacles reversed also indicates that your lack of organization is leading to financial struggles. Remember that Pentacles are earthly matters and often to do with money.

The Two of Pentacles reversed means you need to refocus your energy on one task. This may mean cutting back on coursework, a part-time job, or maybe even a book club that stresses you out more than it relaxes you. It’s okay to say no, you need to take care of yourself.

Upright Two of Pentacles Love Meaning

Are you juggling more than one lover? Can you not decide who you like more? The Two of Pentacles upright in a love reading indicates a lack of commitment. This is okay as long as you are honest with your prospective partners. If you want a commitment but can’t decide between two people, perhaps neither are for you.

This could also indicate that you and your partner aren’t doing so well financially. It may be time to look over your expenses and trim the fat.

If this card is reversed in a love reading, it means that you aren’t focusing on your relationship enough. You have too much going on elsewhere to see and appreciate the person by your side. Take a day off, show them you love them. Your partner is suffering whether or not you realize it. If you don’t want to lose them, you need to wise up.

Don’t forget that if you desire a relationship and one partner, you must give the relationship and that person your attention too. If this isn’t a priority for you, it’s time to let them go so that they can be happy with someone else.

Two of Pentacles Career and Money Meaning

If you pull this card upright in a career and money reading, that means you are working at quite the juggling act in order to stay afloat. You probably work more than one job, you are probably a coupon queen, a discount hunter, whatever you’re doing — you’re killing it! It’s a stressful act though, so it might be time to ask for help. Is there someone you can reach out to so that you can take a break? I’d say it’s time to take that leap and apply for a promotion, ask for a raise, or look for a better paying job.

This card upright could also indicate that you are considering leaving one job for another that seems a little less stable or even starting your own company. Of course there is a chance of failure, but if you are not happy where you are, the risk is worth it.

If the Two of Pentacles is reversed in a career and money reading, you’re not doing so well. The juggling act is being attempted, but the pieces aren’t falling together. You’re dropping things, which means that you’re behind on bills and payments. It’s okay to ask for help. Are there any cards around this that indicate someone could be helpful for you? A king is always helpful, especially the King of Pentacles. If you see him upright in this reading, that means you have someone you can ask.

Two of Pentacles Home and Family Meaning

The Two of Pentacles upright in a home and family reading is telling you that you’re constantly working to keep everyone going. Are you the main caregiver for a family? Do you make sure everyone gets to their appointments, their classes, their jobs? Do you balance the bank accounts, pay down the credit cards? Are you able to do anything for yourself?

If you pull this card upright in home and family, you’re doing great at keeping yourself and your unit organized. That doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting you though. At some point you need to let them make their own mistakes and learn how to survive without you. You cannot do this forever. You must be so tired!

If the Two of Pentacles is reversed in the home and family meaning, things are a mess. No one is getting to where they need to be, no one is keeping track of things well. You are also struggling financially. Are bills late or can you see that you won’t have enough to pay them shortly?

It’s time to put the balls down and refocus your energy. Where can you cut back, where do you need to put more of your energy? This is a family card so you will need to ask for help from your family. You are not alone.

Two of Pentacles Health Meaning

Upright in a health reading, the Two of Pentacles tells you that one of the balls you are not juggling well is your own health. I advise you to join a gym or start taking yoga classes. Introduce something into your daily routine that is strictly for your own physical well-being. If you don’t, you will start to see a physical breakdown. But exercise is good for your mind too, so start taking care of yourself! You will see the positive effects immediately.

If this card is reversed in a health reading is telling you to slow down. Once again you are reminded that while the young man is keeping the pentacles in the air, it is an exhausting action. Stop and take a break, you need it. This lifestyle is definitely catching up to you.

While the Two of Pentacles upright is warning you in this reading, if it’s reversed then your health is already suffering. Still, introducing a healthy routine is never too late. You need it and you deserve it.


Question: If This is Upright, that Means I’m Succeeding, Why Should I Change?

Answer: Just because you’re staying organized now doesn’t mean it will last. You will at some point need to prioritize your energies on one task, goal or person. Remember that the Two of Pentacles is very early in the Minor Arcana and therefore signifies youth and a need to grow and mature.

Question: You say I Need to Slow Down But I Can’t Afford to, What Do I Do?

Answer: It may be time to look for a new, better paying job. I know it sounds daunting but you’re stretching yourself too thin and it isn’t worth it.

Question: This Came Up in a Love Reading but I’m Single and Not Dating, What Does that Mean?

Answer: Do you want to be dating? Part of your problem could be that you are still figuring yourself out. If you haven’t figured exactly who you are and what your priorities are, dating might not be the best idea, especially if you’re looking for something long term. If you don’t want to date and pulled this card upright in a love reading, it could mean that you’re working so hard to stay financially stable that dating isn’t on your mind.

Welcome to the balancing act of the Two of Pentacles! The Two of Pentacles is holding up a mirror to your habits, do you like what you see?

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