Two of Cups Meaning

Two of Cups Meaning: Upright and Reversed

The Two of Cups is the second Cups card in the Tarot Deck, following the Ace of Cups. In its simplest interpretation, it symbolizes the coming together of two souls in an intimate, balanced, harmonious, and happy relationship. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the Two of Cups Meaning.

Keywords for the Two of Cups Tarot Card

Keywords for the Two of Cups Upright:

  • Unification
  • Happiness
  • Partnership
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Love
  • Togetherness
  • Marriage

Keywords for the Two of Cups Reversed:

  • Argument
  • Divorce
  • Fighting
  • Heartache
  • Distrust
  • Imbalance
  • Grief

The Suit of Cups

It’s important to understand what each suit of the minor arcana represents before you focus on the details of the card you pulled. So firstly, let’s discuss the Cups suit.

The Cups suit is aligned with the element of water. Cups are therefore also connected to the three water signs in the zodiac or astrological calendar: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. The Two of Cups specifically, is associated with Cancer. When you pull this card, you should stop to reflect if you have a relationship with a Cancer or are considering getting into a relationship with a Cancer. If the card is reversed, this is a Cancer warning.

The suit of Cups also has to do with human relationships and love but this does not always mean romantic relationships specifically. We have many different types of relationships in our lives so it’s important to not get caught up in seeing the Two of Cups exclusively as a sexual or romantic union.

Cups appear to advise us on our human relationships and partnerships. The clues as to what relationship or what sort of relationship the Two of Cups is referring to, lie in the reading you’re doing and the surrounding cards.

Two of Cups Upright

The Two of Cups is a union card and can mean marriage or successful business partnership, depending on the cards surrounding it and the reading you’ve chosen. This could also describe an intimate friendship, a relationship with a sibling, or a family member.

Whatever the terms of the relationship: when this card is upright, it is truly a positive sign. This is one of the most positive cards in the entire Tarot deck when it is upright.

Two of Cups Reversed

As positive as the Two of Cups is upright, it is negative when reversed. This is a sign of a blockage in a relationship. Reversed, the Two of Cups symbolizes arguing, confrontation, pain, loss, potentially divorce. Again, this is not necessarily a romantic relationship, but it is a close and intimate relationship that has either experienced, is experiencing, or going to experience a lot of anguish.

If you pull this card and it is reversed or blocked, do your best to take time and reflect on the relationship in question. Stand up for yourself, stay true to your boundaries, and know that this may be either the end of a close relationship or a very rough patch for a close relationship. Take care of yourself, it’s going to be tough!

The Two’s in Tarot

Everything about a Tarot card is significant: even the number of the card you have pulled. Therefore, the number two itself is important to take note of in this card. Two’s symbolize two forces in question and in action. Often, they oppose each other, as forces tend to do, and when you pull a two it can mean that you will struggle in achieving balance and you have two unique personalities working against each other. Don’t worry though! The Two of Cups is different than the other two’s of the Tarot deck, which is just one reason why it’s such a special card!

This is a team card, the two forces working with one another to achieve a common goal. I encourage you to revisit the keywords! One of those keywords is ‘partnership’, and that’s very important in any relationship in order to be successful and mutually beneficial.

Two of Cups Meaning in a Love Reading

If you are in a romantic relationship and pull the Two of Cups upright: you will find that you and your partner are experiencing a beautiful, harmonious balance in your relationship right now. This card means that things are better than ever and that the future is very bright for your current relationship. Enjoy it and go ahead and make future plans: they will come to fruition!

If you are single, pulling this card upright means you will connect with a really fantastic match soon. Keep your heart open, download a dating app, ask your friends to set you up — this could be the one!

Unfortunately, if you are in a relationship and you pull this card reversed, it means quite the opposite of balance, harmony, and love. You will experience a lot of pain, you and your partner will not be able to get on the same page. This could end in a break-up or divorce, but depending on the surrounding cards, it could just be a rough patch.

If you are single and pull this card reversed, the next person you date won’t be the one. The relationship will feel out of balance; one of you will always be giving more than the other person gives. It won’t be an equal partnership so trust your gut, trust the cards, and move on. The right person is out there, but you won’t be able to date them if you’re tied to someone who isn’t right for you!

Two of Cups in a Career and Money Reading

Going back to the Two of Cups not being necessarily about romance, it makes sense that it will also appear in career and money readings. This will correlate to a professional relationship. You either find a person who you work magnificently with, or a business relationship you already have will click in a new and expansive way. (If Pentacles are nearby, this means you will probably make some money off this relationship!)

The Two of Cups is about mutual respect and balance, an equal partnership, so consider how positive it is to have a business partner or coworker that you work that well with. Like I said before, when it is upright, the Two of Cups is one of the most positive cards in the Tarot deck, no matter what spread it appears in!

If you pull this card reversed in a career and money reading, it means you’re going to hit professional road bumps but not with your own achievements, rather with a coworker. Communication will be difficult, you will argue, you just overall won’t be working well together. Again, depending on the surrounding cards, this could mean moving on, or it could mean you just need to work through an unproductive and difficult period of time at work. Keep in mind that we often learn from these moments, so take note of what you learn and grow from it!

Two of Cups in a Health Reading

What the heck is a relationship card doing in a health reading? That’s just one of the things I love about the Tarot — you never know what you’re going to get!

Take a moment and consider all the things that go into your personal health. A lot of it has to do with relationships and relying on others for your own well-being, doesn’t it? Seeing this card upright in a health reading simply means you are not alone. You have an intimate friend, relationship, lover, perhaps you will even become close with a nurse or doctor, to help you get through any health issues you may come across.

Of course and unfortunately: if this card is reversed it means to struggle. You may not get along with a healthcare provider, you may fight with your significant other and experience depression, you may stop talking to your sister and stop working out. Do your best to be kind to yourself if you find that you’re in one of these situations. Don’t let your health suffer because of a rocky period in a relationship, or the conclusion of a relationship.

Two of Cups in a Home and Family Reading

The Two of Cups upright in a home and family reading is very positive. This is harmony, balance, with everyone doing their part to work together and create a loving home. A rarity: enjoy it!

If the Two of Cups is reversed in this reading, you’re going to be facing strife at home. Someone may not be pulling their weight (think: a roommate that never buys toilet paper or takes out the trash) and someone might acting more self-centered than usual. This could be a phase or it could be the end of something. Maybe it’s time for your twenty-something nephew to move out, or maybe you’re the one that needs to move out  — whatever the circumstance is, the home life situation is not working. Time to make changes!

Two of Cups FAQ’s

Question: Does pulling the Two of Cups mean I’m going to get married?

Answer: If in a love reading and if upright, it does signify a lasting and healthy romantic union. If marriage is something you want and you pull this card, then it is in your future. If you have no interest in marriage but pull this card in a love spread, you will have a beautiful, lasting domestic partnership. Marriage is not a necessity in order to fully commit to someone.

Question: Why did I pull this card reversed when things with my significant other are so good right now?

Answer: Unfortunately, if this is a love spread, your relationship is on the precipice of difficult times. If this card appears reversed in other readings like money and career, it should be read accordingly.

Question: I pulled this card but I have no interest in a domestic partnership or marriage. What does that mean?

Answer: This person, this relationship, will change your mind. Your mind will change for you when you meet them, and you will meet them soon.

Question: Does pulling this in a career reading mean I will find love at work?

Answer: Not necessarily, it depends on the surrounding cards. Are there lots of Cups in your career reading? That may mean this job is more about the humans in your workplace than the work (and that’s totally ok!) perhaps your soulmate is in the workplace, or perhaps you just have lots of wonderful people you connect with at work as friends. I’d recommend doing a spread specifically asking about that!

Question: Does pulling this card in the past mean I’ve already lost my chance with my soulmate?

Answer: My simplest answer is no. We have multiple people that we match well with, and timing in life is very important for long-term commitments. Remember that the Two of Cups is about the beauty of the relationship itself, not so much the person. Seeing this card in your past isn’t something to be sad about, you should be grateful that you already had such an amazing, healthy relationship with someone already!

Knowing that you are capable of such a harmonious, balanced, respectful relationship should give you hope that you can achieve it again.

Question: Does pulling this card reversed mean I need to dump my significant other?

Answer: Not necessarily but the Two of Cups reversed in a love reading does mean that you aren’t on the same page with our significant other, at least at this point in time. You probably feel like there are things on your mind you’re not comfortable talking about.

Maybe you feel like you give more than they do, or maybe you feel like they do more for you than you are willing to do for them and that makes you feel less invested. The issues could be that type of imbalance but also distrust and argumentative behavior. Take another look at the keywords of the Two of Cups reversed to help you unpack this.

Welcome to the Next Step in Your Relationships

The Two of Cups is telling you that you are ready for a healthy, balanced, and harmonious relationship. Whether it’s with a new or former lover, a friend, or a coworker: the future is bright for that relationship. Look forward to achieving great things with your partner!

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