Spiritsong Tarot Deck Review

Spiritsong Tarot Deck Review: Is It Right for Your Collection?

A thorough Spiritsong Tarot Deck review is the only way to know whether the deck inspired by spirit animals and dream realms can work for you. We need to gauge the deck’s quality, energy, intricate details, symbolism, and practicality to ensure your success with this wondrously illustrated choice.

Divining the meaning behind the wrong tarot spread is like trying to find a four-leaf clover in an overgrown field of daisies or an undecorated totem pole in a timber factory. Even a shaman won’t find it. I’m known to be critical when it comes to tarot decks, which you won’t say if you look at my vast collection.

It’s funny how we decide to try tarot cards and end up with enough decks to build a porch. I choose my decks carefully, and I’m going to help you see that the Spiritsong Tarot Deck is a welcomed addition to your collection.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Spiritsong Tarot Deck

I don’t just purchase any deck as a seasoned reader. Many factors should be considered, especially if you’re spreading and reading your tarot cards. Some people collect keepsake decks for their decorative designs. I’ll admit the Spiritsong Deck is gorgeously illustrated, but that’s not the only consideration for choosing it.

I choose tarot cards for their divine purposes, resulting in a deck that guides me through this unexpected journey called life. I’m serious about my picks, and I rely on these factors before choosing one:

  1. It must not cost the same as a porch deck. Tarot cards don’t have to cost a fortune to tell your fortune.
  2. The illustrations should catch my eye and attention in every way, from my soul to my mood.
  3. The energy from the deck and each card should attract me to establish a bond with my cards, which is essential to accurate readings and divination. You should feel the energy moving between you and a deck when you sit calmly with your intentions. The energy exchange should be natural and positive.
  4. I like to see detailed symbolism that can easily be explained with a guidebook or understood by my mood and mindful situation. The symbols are what create an interpretive relationship when you read the cards. Some packs lack symbolism, and others are so busy that you can’t make sense of the spread.
  5. This may seem superficial, but quality remains a key aspect, even in a supernatural realm. I’ve ordered decks so flimsy that they never survived the first shuffle, and I’m a seasoned shuffler and cutter. I like a thicker and smoother cardstock because I read tarot daily.
  6. Finally, relying on the reviews posted on the most frequented websites can also guide you by sharing other people’s experiences with the deck.

Keep these considerations in mind with any deck, but I’ve conveniently broken down the factors for the Spiritsong Deck for you. In short, I love the deck, even though it poses a few challenges.

Key Features of the Spiritsong Tarot Deck

My first impression of the Spiritsong Deck took my breath away. It’s one of the most beautifully designed decks I own. I immediately felt the strong attraction as my energy exchanged with it. The deck emanated a positive, encouraging, and uplifting mood as I touched the cards.

I immediately noticed was how the cards exude an intensely positive tone, and I continued to realize how there were no negative images, symbols, or energies in the deck as I scrolled through them. This deck is showcased positively, making it an incredible choice for any mood you may experience.

I also noticed the uniqueness of the Shamanic artwork designed by Paulina Cassidy and published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Clearly, this deck is inspired by Native American Shamans and the world of spirit animals. Two powerful mystical energies collide in one deck, namely tarot and spirit guidance.

Tarot divination is also about bonding with the cards as they teach and guide us. The Native Americans believe we’re guided by spirit animals who bond with us. They walk beside and guide us on our life’s journey. Combining the animals with the tarot interpretations makes me think of double guidance.

Nevertheless, I still rely on all the factors to choose whether a deck is worth the purchase.


The Spiritsong Deck costs the same as the most popular decks, which won’t turn your wheel of fortune card in the wrong direction. The deck is available on Amazon for $21.56, and it includes a 108-page detailed guidebook. The guidebook is something else entirely. The book:

  • Is the same size as the cards (3 x 5 inches)
  • Contains no images but has detailed descriptions, symbolism, meanings, and keywords for the upright and reversed positions of each card
  • Ends with two blank pages for personal notes about your experiences
  • Includes recommended spreads by the author

The spreads you find in the book include the Spiritsong:

  1. Single-card reading
  2. 3-card oracle reading
  3. 6-card star spread
  4. 6-card healing spread
  5. 10-card tree of life spread

The Spiritsong Deck certainly wins my heart when it comes to being worth the purchase. It even comes in a handy box with a lid.

Aesthetics and Illustrations

The illustrations are striking, prepossessing, and just bewitching. The illustrations don’t make perfect sense at first, but they catch your eyes. Each card is beautifully designed in watercolor with fine details, intricate symbolism, and titles based on spirit animals and shamanism. The gradient images create a dream-like element.

Shamans use dream realms to reach the deepest levels of consciousness where true passions, intentions, and desires reside. The artwork represents this cultural doorway into the dream realm as the colors of the symbols aren’t overwhelming. It has a faded effect. However, the animals are realistic, clear, and embellished.

The symbols form intricate patterns that fade into the dream-like element, but you can clearly see what you need to. The patterns cause a live energy effect that strongly influences your mind and divination. The other side of this debate is whether the cards represent traditional figures and illustrations for easy interpretations.

The Spiritsong Deck was designed with a few alterations from the typical Rider Waite-Smith Deck. The Minor Arcana suits are rearranged to fit into Shamanic symbolism.

  • The suit of cups is shells (water)
  • The suit of pentacles is crystals (earth)
  • The suit of swords is feathers (air)
  • The suit of wands is acorns (fire)

The confusing part is that the suits don’t represent elemental animals. For example, not all the animals in the shells suit are water-based. They do, however, represent elements, as seen above, but the animals don’t match the elements.

The courts are also different. They run as the page, knight, queen, and king. Another difference for this deck is seen in some Major Arcana cards:

Another small aesthetic problem is that the cards don’t seem to flow into each other or interplay. Sure, the Traveler (Fool) does what it says, travels, but the rest of the cards don’t seem to read like a novel. This may not be very clear for beginners, especially when they read cards in a sequence.

The back of each card is also beautifully designed, with two lotuses pointing toward each other, making reversed and upright positions easy to read. The front, bottom of each card also has the title, number, and two keywords, simplifying the interpretations for quick answers.

Deck Quality

I can’t fault the quality of the Spiritsong Deck as the cards are printed on thick matte paper that’s smooth enough for easy shuffling and to avoid damage. The quality is better than most decks found today. The cards are medium-sized for better interpretations and handling as well.


The Spiritsong Deck promises good experiences with an 89% 5-star rating on Amazon after more than 1,400 readers reviewed it. It’s popular enough, and the reviews are positive. Poor reviews include people complaining about cultural appropriation and how the deck is difficult to read for beginners.

Moods, Bonds, and Experiences

My experience is that the deck moves with a positive mood and energy. It encourages growth, healing, improvement, and spiritualism. The cards read easily if you use the guidebook, and the interpretations are often gentle, soothing, and appeasing. The deck isn’t for straightforward answers to pressing questions, though.

Yay or Nay?

I recommend this deck. It’s only the confusion surrounding the illustrations that require better intentions and focus. You’ve found a sure winner once you get past that.


  • It’s a gorgeous deck that bonds well with positive and encouraging energy.
  • Two forms of divination inspire the deck.
  • The price is good, and you get a detailed booklet with a box.
  • The deck is simple to interpret once you get used to the new figures and titles.
  • You can use it for daily readings.
  • The deck is well-loved by seasoned readers.
  • It’s easily available.
  • It combines spirit animals, shamanism, and tarot interpretations.
  • The quality is incredible.


  • The deck isn’t for beginners.
  • The inactive animals can be confusing.
  • The changes to titles in the Major Arcana can cause misread interpretations.
  • The elements and animals don’t align.

I still love using my deck. My secret for using this deck is two-part:

  1. Follow your mood for self-interpretation.
  2. Follow your intuition when reading for others.

What Makes the Spiritsong Deck Special?

Quite simply, the reason I bonded so well with the deck is that I’m a deeply spiritual person, and I don’t mean religious; I mean spiritual. Divination is a huge part of my life, and I’m always seeking answers about everything I’m about to do. The Spiritsong Deck having numerous divination purposes is what made bonding so easy.

Again, I say without shame, I own enough decks to line a porch, but I have some favorites.

Rider Waite-Smith Deck

The Rider Waite-Smith Deck is undoubtedly the most popular choice among tarot readers.

Key features:

  • The Rider Waite-Smith Deck inspired many other decks.
  • It was originally created by Pamela Smith and Arthur Waite, published by the Rider Company in 1909.
  • The images are simple, but the backgrounds are elaborately detailed with interpretational symbols.
  • It has countless versions available on Amazon.
  • Most people bond easily with it, and it has vast capabilities due to the myriad of guidebooks available.

Hermetic Tarot Deck

The Hermetic Tarot Deck is a close runner-up of the previous Rider Waite-Smith Deck, and it’s based on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an age-old secret organization.

Key Features:

  • The black and white cards make for easy interpretations for beginners and seasoned readers.
  • The details allow for extensive interpretations.
  • It contains divinations based on secret organizational laws.
  • It works with most spreads.
  • It’s affordable and easy to find.

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck is a contemporary take on tarot card readings for a youthful and modern twist on divination.

Key Features:

  • The deck is great for beginners and young readers.
  • It has pretty and elaborate illustrations.
  • The symbols are bold enough to interpret easily.
  • It’s a fashionable deck with female-only figures.
  • It’s affordable and easy to find.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the Spiritsong Deck Good for Beginners?

Answer: This deck is better suited to seasoned readers due to the intricacy of the two divination processes combined with dream-realm patterns. Nothing says you can’t purchase it, bond with it, and get to know the deck while you’re learning to read tarot cards.

Question: What Should I Expect When I First Unbox the Spiritsong Deck?

Answer: Expect some awe and wow as your energy intertwines with a beautifully designed deck. Mixed emotions are also expected when you first flip through the cards with the suits and some Major Arcana being different. Natasha from Wicked Moonlight unboxes a deck on YouTube if you’d like to visualize it.

Question: What is the Spiritsong Deck Best Used For?

Answer: I use the Spiritsong Deck for numerous reasons, including the pursuit of answers to questions on my mind. This doesn’t always work until you bond properly with the deck and understand the spirit animal aspect of the guidance. Additionally, I use the deck to understand my current situation.

We don’t always understand the way things are in the present, but the dream realm can help us unlock the deeper consciousness to understand things better. The deck is also popularly used for weekly or daily single-card interpretations to inspire and encourage you for the day.

Mental and emotional healing is another way of using the deck if you use the six-card healing spread in the guidebook. It’s a versatile deck with many opportunities underlying the two-part divination. I even meditate to set my intentions before spreading the cards because the deck requires focused attention.

Spiritsong Tarot Deck Review: Final Thoughts

From eagles to wolves, spirit animals are an old history of Native Americans. Combine the animals with the power of interpretive tarot spreads, and you have a double divination process with each reading. In fairness, the illustrations can be confusing for some readers, even seasoned ones.

The patterns can even distract the reader from interpreting the symbols correctly. However, the bonding process is something from another plane. You might say the Spiritsong Tarot Deck is capable of transcending you to another realm or a supernatural plane in which your deeper consciousness exists.

For me, the deck certainly enhances my spiritual journey and transcendence in a way others don’t match. I would recommend purchasing this deck if you’re a seasoned reader. If not, purchase it and begin the bonding and learning experience to establish the conscious connection you should seek with the deck.

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