The Queen of Wands Meaning: Upright and Reversed

The Queen of Wands, sometimes known as the Mother of Wands, is a sensual and fiery character within the Tarot deck. She represents many things, but most importantly, she embodies confidence in every aspect of the name. She’s also determined to reach her goals independent and social. She’s one of four different representations of the 

When the Queen of Wands appears reversed in a reading, she represents lacking self-confidence, that firey energy, and the need to take time to reconnect with one’s inner passion and thirst for life. 

The Queen of Wands, for me, is about remaining confident in yourself in every aspect of life. Confidence comes in many forms, from being comfortable in the clothes you wear, the job you do, and the valuable things you bring to the world to confidence in your ability to ask for help and set boundaries.

Connecting with your inner fire and belief in your own power allows you to navigate the world with a sense of peace. The Queen of Wands only asks that you find that peace. 

Queen of Wands Quick Facts

Keywords Upright: Courage, Independence, Confidence, Sensuality, Strength, Passion, Fire

Keywords Reversed: Introversion, Selifhsness, Passiveness, Weakness, Withdrawing, Lack of confidence 

Other Names: Mother of Wands

Suite: Wands

Suite Element: Fire

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Fast or Slow Moving: Fast

Positive or Negative: Positive 

Yes or No: Yes

The Suit of Wands

Wands are referred to in different ways; some decks refer to them as staves, staffs, or rods, to name a few. They are all the same, though. (Pentacles are also often referred to by different names.)

Wands are associated with the element of fire; they are therefore connected to the fire signs in the zodiac: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.  If you pull this card, consider your question and whether or not any fire signs you know are involved.

With fire comes all the fiery energy, which is why the Queen of Wands is so passionate, ambitious, and fertile. Fire is very connected with the passion for human sexuality. Because of her connection to the fire, the Queen of Wands will also be a warm personality.

Wands are connected to the sun and therefore symbolize growth. They often appear in career and/or personal growth readings for this reason.

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Queens in Tarot Suits

The Queen of Wands 

Queens all represent different aspects of feminine energy; they are all mothers in different ways. Each suit aligns with a different element associated with the suit. The Queen of Cups is associated with the element of water, the Queen of Pentacles is associated with the earth, the Queen of Swords is associated with air, and the Queen of Wands is associated with fire.

Because of this, each Queen brings her own energy to the table. They are all representatives of the divine feminine and lead up to The Empress in the Major Arcana. The Empress is the most powerful presence in the deck: sexual, strong, fertile, independent, and loving. She is balanced, graceful, harmony. The Queens are all on their own journey to becoming her.

Symbolism and Imagery of The Queen of Wands 

The Queen of Wands has a black cat at her feet, representing the occult and intuition. The cat’s presence shows that this Queen is not afraid to delve into the dark unknown to find more truths about herself and the universe. She is truly a fearless person.

The Queen of Wands is surrounded by yellow: the color of the sun, the color of fire. This ties her further to the Wands’ element: fire and, therefore, all the growth associated with the sun. Without the warmth and Vitamin D from the sun, there is no life on Earth.

The Queen of Wands is also surrounded by sunflowers. She holds one in her left hand: her receptive hand to receive the energy and knowledge of the flower. She also has sunflowers engraved or painted on her throne. Sunflowers symbolize the sun but also loyalty, adoration, fertility, luck, and fortune. Across cultures, sunflowers are positive symbols.

In her right hand, her projective hand, she holds her wand. The wand itself is blossoming with the life she gives off from her fertile energy. She is taking in the life-giving energy of the sun and creating more life with it.

Upright Queen of Wands Meaning 

Queen of Wands Upright

If you pull this card upright, that means you’re getting things done! You wait for no one; you depend on no one; you make your own moves. This is a card of strength and momentum forward. Whether it be a career focus or a personal life focus: you make your own decisions, and you make things happen for yourself.

The fertility in this card is most likely a symbolic ‘pregnancy’ of planting seeds and reaping the benefits of your hard work. The time is right for you to start to see the rewards of all your work.

Overall if you are looking to achieve a goal and pull this card upright, your goal is very attainable and very near to being completed!

Upright Queen of Wands in Love Reading 

Passion! Sex! This is a fertile time for your love life, whether you’re trying to conceive or not. Remember that fertility is probably symbolic fertility, not an actual pregnancy.

If you pull the Queen of Wands in a love reading, things are good. Things are passionate, energetic, and moving forward. Try not to get so caught up in the physical of the relationship though, it can be blinding. Still, the energy of the Queen of Wands is pure and intuitive, very in-charge, and healthy. Enjoy this time.

Upright Queen of Wands in Career and Money Reading 

Queen of WAnds Card

This is great news for a career and money reading! Wands are all about fire and ambition, and the Queen of Wands appearing upright in this reading is symbolizing a lot of forwarding momentum for you.

This will be a period of professional growth and not just achieving goals but seeing the benefits of all your hard work. Remember how the Queen’s wand blossoms and how she herself is fertility. This card foretells you sowing the seeds of your labor and promises a bountiful harvest. Congratulations, your hard work is paying off!

Upright Queen of Wands in Home and Family Reading

Queen of Wands Tarot

The Queen of Wands in this reading is pointing you to the matriarch of your family unit. This person is the head of the household: they take care of themselves and everyone around them. Is it you? Is it your partner, your grandmother, or your brother? Whoever they are, they have strong feminine energy, they are ambitious, organized, and always producing new ideas.

This could also be the matriarch of your friend group. Families take on multiple forms, so take time to think about who this person is.

Whoever they are, they are a positive person in your life; embrace them. Learn from them, keep them close, ask for advice, and do not take them for granted.

Upright Queen of Wands in Health Reading 

If you’re trying to conceive, this is a good sign. The Queen of Wands is bursting with fertility, in case you haven’t noticed yet! While her fertility, as I’ve already discussed, is usually metaphorically focused, pulling her while asking about conception is a positive sign.

If you’re not trying to conceive, this is still a positive card. The Queen of Wands is vibrant; she’s all about growth, sunshine, and brightness. Your health is in a great state when you pull this Queen. Good for you!

Reversed Queen of Wands Meaning 

Reversed Queen of Wands

Even though the Queen of Wands may be reversed, she still symbolizes fertility and ambition; she is simply blocked. All those fiery energies of passion, self-motivation, and independence are muted by an outer or inner force. Take a look at what cards surround your reversed Queen of Wands. This problem will also be further explained by the reading you are doing.

Ask yourself these questions: am I holding myself back? Is someone else holding me back? Am I being true to myself? It’s also important to consider that a friend may need your support right now. Depending on the reading and your question, this Queen may not be you at all.

Reversed Queen of Wands in Love Reading 

Things might be fizzling out for you and your partner. This will definitely be a physical fizzle, but it could also be a mental fizzle as well. The Queen of Wands is so intuitive; this issue is more than sex. This is a problem of the mind too.

If you pull the card reversed in a love reading, you’re going to be feeling things slowing down with your love life. This is a time to reflect and consider where you are and where you want to be. Have you grown apart from your partner? Or if you’re single, has that life become stale for you? Is it time to refocus that sexual energy into a lasting partnership? Only you can answer this question; the Queen of Wands simply directs your attention to it.

Reversed Queen of Wands in Career and Money Reading 

Unfortunately, this is the opposite of the upright meaning. Fertility and ambition is blocked, which means you’re going to be very frustrated with not being noticed or appreciated at work. You have the energy of the Queen of Wands, and you are therefore capable of great things, but you are not in the right place right now. You may have just been passed up for a well-deserved promotion or raise.

Tarot Deck

Depending on the cards around the Queen of Wands, it may be time to find a new job. However, her blockage could just be a phase. Maybe a new boss will come around who appreciates you, and maybe your current boss will suddenly realize how much you have done and what you are capable of. It’s difficult to say for sure without the cards surrounding the Queen of Wands here in front of me. If it feels unclear what your move should be, really hone in on those cards after this Queen.

You also might not be spending your money well. You are either overspending, or you are being too stingy. The Queen of Wands tends to be dramatic. Take a moment to look over your finances. Are you being overly cautious? Do you deserve to splurge? Or are you splurging too much and need to plan for the future better?

Reversed Queen of Wands in Home and Family Reading 

Are you not listening to someone who is wiser than you? Are you struggling with ambition right now? Someone isn’t living up to their abilities. It could be you, it could be someone close to you, depending on the cards surrounding this reversed Queen of Wands. I encourage you to slow down and check in on close friends and family. Does someone need your help?

This could be a creative block; it could be professional. Overall, you or your loved one is feeling very stagnant where they aren’t usually or shouldn’t be. Help is needed.

Reversed Queen of Wands in Health Reading 

The Queen of Wands is vibrant and strong; if she’s blocked, you probably aren’t feeling 100% health-wise. Take care of yourself, and go to your doctor if you’re sick. Take these feelings seriously.

The Queen of Wands is fiercely independent, so her being blocked in a health reading could mean that you will need to depend on others more than you’re accustomed to. Accept the help if you need it; you should even ask for what you need. I know it’s hard when you’re as proud as the Queen of Wands, but it’s okay!

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The Queen of Wands Meaning: FAQs

Question: Is the Queen of Wands overly sexual?

Answer: I wouldn’t say ‘overly’ rather that the Queen of Wands is a sensuous, sexual person. She enjoys sex and since she’s associated with fire: passion really drives her. This fiery energy bleeds into her work and her ambition to constantly be growing.

Question: Does the Queen of Wands have to be a woman?

Answer: No, the Queen of Wands simply has a strong feminine energy. She is a soft, stern, maternal, kind, independent, care-taker. She is everything. She is therefore also non-binary and/or a man.

Question: Is the Queen of Wands a mother?

Answer: She can be. But mothers come in all shapes and forms. Some mothers never have biological children, some of them take on that role with their friends, their nieces, their coworkers, their pets. Motherhood ties into the feminine energy of the Queen of Wands. It’s about the life-giving strength that mothers have.

Welcome to the Passion of the Queen of Wands

This card is all about drive, independence, fertility, and passion. Let yourself grow when you see this card: the time is right for you. If it is blocked, release your insecurities or whatever is holding you back. It’s time to sit on your throne, your majesty.

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