The Nine of Pentacles Meaning: Upright and Reversed

The Nine of Pentacles is the penultimate numerological card in the Pentacles suit. This means that it precedes the Ten of Pentacles, and is therefore nearly the end of numbers for Pentacles, leaving only the court cards to follow. This makes it a Tarot card of completion.

The Nine of Pentacles is about seeing all you’ve worked for in front of you. It’s about enjoying yourself and the fruits of your labor. You’ve worked hard planting seeds for the future and you’re finally seeing it all pay off.

Read our Nine of Pentacles Meaning Guide to get in-depth knowledge into the messages of the Nine of Pentacles!

Keywords for the Nine of Pentacles

Keywords for the Nine of Pentacles Upright

  • Financial success
  • Good long-term planning
  • Business success
  • Wealth
  • Independence
  • Good investment
  • Payoff
  • Rewards

Keywords for the Nine of Pentacles Reversed

  • Business failure
  • Financial ineptitude
  • Poor long-term planning
  • Overworking yourself
  • Overspending
  • Questioning your self-worth
  • Financial loss
  • Poor money management

The Suit of Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles 

The suit of Pentacles is associated with the element of earth and therefore money and material objects. Because of that, when you pull this card, expect tactile rewards if it’s upright and tactile losses if it’s reversed.

Pentacles are also known as Discs or Coins, amongst other things, depending on the Tarot deck and artists who designed the Tarot cards you’re using. These are all synonymous though, so don’t let the name trip you up!

Because Pentacles are associated with the element of earth, they are also associated with the earth signs in the zodiac or astrological calendar. Pentacles are therefore aligned with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. If you pull the Nine of Pentacles, take a moment to consider if any of these signs are involved in your answer or question. The Seven of Pentacles specifically corresponds to Virgo.

Does a Virgo come into play in your Tarot spread? Only you can answer that!

The Number Nine

The number nine in the Tarot deck is a card of completion. It can be easy to confuse a Nine with a Ten because Ten kinds of feels like it should be the completion card, doesn’t it? The truth is that Tens are about a new transformation that comes from the completion of the Nine.

Since the Nines in Tarot are about completion, they’re a time to enjoy whatever the project is you’ve been working on.

Symbolism and Imagery of the Nine of Pentacles


A woman strolls leisurely through her garden, one hand resting on her pile of Pentacles, the other holding her bird.

Her garden is lush signifying that the fruits of her labors are paying off. The garden is full of the color green, tying her to the planet earth and keeping her grounded. Red fruit is also in the garden, showing her ambition and motivation, and connection to fire. The fruit is grapes, which is a luxurious fruit tied to the wealthy and even the gods.

The color blue also appears in the garden, signifying the woman’s connection to the subconscious and the element of water but yellow is the dominant color here, adorning her clothes, the sky, and even the ground. Yellow signifies the element of air and high consciousness. In short, she has a little bit of everything and a lot of higher consciousness.

The garden is lush and full of growth, which also indicates a strong sense of fertility. The ground is producing for the woman.

Further tying her to air signs and the high consciousness is the bird on her hand. As an animal of flight, it has a strong connection the higher consciousness and sense of self. It has a hood indicating it is her pet and loyal companion, helping her with higher sight and perspective.

At her feet, a snail creeps by. This is telling us it’s time to slow down. It’s also a land creature, tying the woman to the element of earth and grounding her further. The snail is also the message that the hustle is over, now it’s time to relax and enjoy this garden you’ve created. Be like the snail and take it easy.

You’ve been through the waiting, watching, and staying focused period of the Seven of Pentacles and the Eight of Pentacles. Now it’s time to relax, you earned it!

Upright Nine of Pentacles Meaning

the nine of pentacles upright

If you pull the Nine of Pentacles upright in any reading: good for you! This is a great sign of where you are financially and professionally. Remember that Pentacles are about material gains and losses so if this card is upright, it is a gained material or monetary reward. Yay!

The fertility element of this card means that if you’re considering trying to get pregnant, the time is right. Financially you’re stable, professionally you’re on point, and maturity-wise, you’re ready. It is likely that this Tarot card is indicating a metaphorical pregnancy, and the fruits of your womb have produced something that is all your own.

It’s important to note that the money in this Tarot card is not an inheritance, and it isn’t a surprise. This is a reward for the work you’ve been putting in. You made a plan, you made long-term goals, and then you worked hard to manage those goals with energy and time investment. Now, your plans have paid off and your hard work has come to fruition. This is not just an emotional or mental success, this is very largely a material gain.

You will not only be able to pay off debts and loans, but you will also be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors in luxury now. Well done!

The Nine of Pentacles Upright in a Love Reading

If you pull the Nine of Pentacles upright in a love reading, things are good for you! If you’re single, love probably hasn’t been a focus, which has allowed you to put together a nice career. And if you’re single and interested in dating, now is a good time to start dating because your career is in a really stable place right now. You have money saved and you’re making money still, so if you want to cool off of work and focus on your personal life, now is the time.

Tarot cards

If you have a partner, you each have been able to focus on monetary and professional gains both with your careers and your side hustles. You give each other space and manage to excel at business without compromising your affection for each other. And if you’re partnered up, you’re both financially stable and independent. Combined, you’re even more wealthy. You both work hard and you both deserve these rewards. It’s a really good place to be and you earned it.

The Nine of Pentacles Upright in a Career and Money Reading

It shouldn’t surprise you that the Nine of Pentacles upright in a career and money reading is very positive! Let’s talk about all the ways you’re doing well!

Firstly, you did a great job planning and getting yourself in line for a prosperous future. Good for you!

You’ve made a plan and you’ve made sure that’s great for your long-term goals and your long-term status. Then, you stuck to your plan. You worked at it every day and you made your goals a reality. This isn’t easy, so please give yourself the well-deserved credit.

You’ve built something great here, enjoy it!

The Nine of Pentacles Upright in a Home and Family Reading

Pulling the Nine of Pentacles upright in a home and family reading is a good omen, no surprise here! You and your family unit have a lot of financial stability right now and it’s due to the hard work of either you or someone in your family unit.

Even if the breadwinner isn’t you, the rewards are due to all of the hard work that you’ve done together. Maybe you took a part-time job so that you could also be the primary childcare giver, putting your own career on the back burner while your partner pursued their goals. Now, your teamwork has paid off financially and the two of you are sitting pretty. Not only are you able to pay off debts and loans, but you’re also wealthy.

You and your family will enjoy luxury and some well-deserved relaxation now. Good for you!

The Nine of Pentacles Upright in a Health Reading

The Nine of Pentacles upright in a health reading is not a bad omen at all. If you’ve been working on yourself, perhaps a new diet or exercise, it’s paying off.

Due to the fertility element of this Tarot card, if you’re interested in getting pregnant, this is a sign that you’re ready!

If you’ve been struggling with a health diagnosis, expect to be feeling better soon. Furthermore, due to your financial status, health bills won’t impact you negatively as they can easily do.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles Meaning

Unfortunately, pulling the Nine of Pentacles reversed is a blockage of all the energy of the Nine of Pentacles upright. That means that you will experience financial and material losses due to your own ineptitude.

You may have made bad investments because you didn’t do the proper research. You may have not thought enough in the future for your work to pay off long-term. You also may have just been overspending and living outside your financial capabilities and it’s caught up to you.

Whatever you’ve been doing, it was not a responsible way of living. The financial loss you’re feeling is one-hundred percent your fault. I’m sorry to say this, but you could have done better.

Another interpretation of this Tarot card, depending on the reading, could be that you have been working so hard for so long, you’re finding it difficult to retire or take a rest. Sometimes we get so accustomed to stress, we don’t know how to function without it. Take a note from the snail and slow down.

The Nine of Pentacles Reversed in a Love Reading

If you pull the Nine of Pentacles reversed in a love reading and you’re single, this Tarot card could be an indication that you’re looking for a partner for the wrong reasons. Most likely, you’re trying to find someone to support you, making you search out a partner for their money, not their heart. If that’s the case, the Nine of Pentacles is calling you out.

And if you’re in a relationship and you pull the Nine of Pentacles reversed, the Tarot cards are also calling you out for that reason. That’s right, you’re in your current relationship because of your partner’s financial status. Is that the right reason? I’m all about doing what works for you, but not if you’re harming others or being harmed. My best advice is to be honest with yourself and your partner, whatever your motivations are.

Another interpretation of the Nine of Pentacles reversed in a love reading is that you and your partner are not stable financially. Again, this is entirely the fault of both of you. You haven’t made wise investments and you haven’t planned adequately for the future. Stop spending and start saving. Make a better budget and stick to it.

The Nine of Pentacles Reversed in a Career and Money Reading

The nine of pentacles reversed

If you pull the Nine of Pentacles reversed in a career and money reading, I’m sorry but things are not so good for your wallet or your career. You have not put together a solid plan for the future, and it’s starting to affect you.

You may have made a bad investment or two and the reason why comes back to you. You did not do the research thoroughly and therefore you made a bad choice. All you can do now is pull out and move on.

You may also be hitting walls at work. Maybe you have risen as high as you can get and stubbornly refuse to move on. Who are you helping by being stubborn like this? No one. Start looking for a new job or start putting together a plan for your own business if that’s something you’re interested in. No excuses.

Perhaps you’ve also been passed up for a promotion and don’t understand why. Allow me to tell you that it is entirely of your own doing. You haven’t been living up to your potential and your superiors see that. Stop putting in the bare minimum and start rising to the occasion. If you do that, next time, you may just get that promotion.

The Nine of Pentacles Reversed in a Home and Family Reading

Tarot reading

The Nine of Pentacles reversed in home and family is a sign of bad financial times for you and your family unit. You’ve made some bad calls with professional choices, investments, and poor planning. Now, your entire family is going to pay for it.

This may result in the loss of a home or possible eviction. You have probably been living beyond your means and will need to downsize. Expect to trade in cars, sell off valuables, and overall downsize. It won’t be easy, but it is necessary.

I can’t emphasize enough how the responsibility of this time was entirely in your hands or the hands of someone in your family. This was not an unexpected rainfall of debt or a con man, this was due to poor planning and poor investment due to lack of research and vetting. This was all avoidable.

All you can do now is act responsibly and pick up the pieces.

The Nine of Pentacles Reversed in a Health Reading

Tarot Reading 1

The Nine of Pentacles reversed in a health reading is a bad omen. This is telling me that you’re not working on yourself physically and your health is suffering. This card is a warning to get yourself right because there is only so much your body can take.

Due to the fertility nature of this card, you could be experiencing fertility issues or even have had a recent miscarriage.

Just like when the Nine of Pentacles is in a home and family or money reading, the outcome of this card is entirely in your hands. You need to make the right choices for your better health.

If you pull this Tarot card reversed in a health reading, I’d strongly recommend visiting your doctor for a physical.

The Nine of Pentacles FAQs

Question: If I pull this card upright and I’ve been trying to get pregnant, does this mean it worked?

Answer: Take the test! It might not indicate that you are pregnant, but it certainly tells us that you’re ready to have a child. Also, please consider the cards around the Nine of Pentacles and of course which spread you’ve chosen.

Question: I’ve pulled this card reversed in a career and money reading but I feel as though I’m on a good track at work. What does this mean?

Answer: It means you could be doing better or it means that something is about to change. You may believe you planned out your future well but will find that you missed something big. That something will come back to bite you, and you will experience a financial setback because of it.

Question: If I pull this card reversed in a career and money reading, am I headed for financial ruin?

Answer: The future isn’t bright for your wallet, but you have the ability to recover. My best advice is to learn from your mistakes, grieve for your losses, and move on. Keep building and rebuilding and ask for help!

Final Thoughts on the Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles is a welcome card of financial and professional success. Upright, this card is a congratulatory confirmation of the completion of your goals.

Reversed, this card is a warning signal for your own lacking and focus. But no matter how it appears, it does so to motivate you.

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