Tarot vs Astrology: What’s the Difference?

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Despite being a Tarot reader and spiritual fan girl for years, I have only recently begun diving into the world of astrology. Of course, I always knew what my Sun, Moon, and Rising sign were, but I was always so overwhelmed by the complexity of astrology. However, over the last year, I have delved into astrology to discover more about myself and my connection to the planets.

It is fascinating to spend evenings detailing and journalling my birth chart (a valuable way of spending my time, no matter what my mum says), but am I an astrological convert? Regarding introspection and self-improvement, what do I think about Tarot vs. astrology?

This article will dive into these two spiritual tools and determine their differences. Which is better for guidance? What practice helps us learn more about ourselves? Let’s get to it!

Key Takeaways

  • Tarot is a self-reflective tool that allows you to explore different aspects of your life and gain advice.
  • Astrology examines how the planets and zodiac wheel affect our emotions and behavior.
  • Both connect us with unseen forces to gain enlightenment and understanding.
  • Tarot is an individualistic practice that works with our internal energy, whereas astrology is a more general guide that works with the external energy of the planets.
  • Tarot gives us personal advice, whereas astrology provides us with general predictions.
  • Tarot is versatile, and we can use it to guide us in many areas of life, whereas astrology is specific and tells us how the planets affect us.
  • Astrology can reflect the future, whereas Tarot reflects our current energy.
  • Tarot is better for getting advice, whereas astrology is better for learning about the personality of ourselves and others.

What is Tarot?

Tarot Cards And Book

Tarot is my thing. These 78 cards have helped me so much in life, and I can honestly say I am a better person because of my work with Tarot. Tarot acts as a reflection of energy, showing us where we are and where we may be going. It works with the vibes we have right now to help us comprehend our feelings and our connection with the universe.

Tarot cards were first used as a card game but became a fortune-telling tool in the 18th Century. Consisting of 78 cards broken down into Major and Minor Arcana, a Tarot deck provides spiritual enlightenment and growth. There are 22 Major Arcana cards in a standard Tarot deck that follow a journey. At the start, we have the Fool, representing new beginnings, risk-taking, and adventure. Then, we end up at the World, which reflects completion and success.

The other 56 cards are divided into suits: Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles. These suits represent different aspects of our lives. Wands rule passion and energy, Swords reflect decisions and the intellect, Cups govern relationships and feelings, and Pentacles are connected to money, work, and the material world.

In a Tarot reading, we may ask a question or perform a spread, with each card representing a specific aspect of our life. For example, we may shuffle the deck and lay out three cards representing our past, present, and future. Tarot reading is super personal, and we can work with the cards in our own way. I will sometimes draw three cards for a moment of self-reflection and then examine what each card means and how it connects to my life.

What is Astrology?

Friends Discussing Astrology And Zodiac Signs

Astrology refers to a range of spiritual practices examining how the planets and other celestial objects affect us. It works with the zodiac wheel and the movement of planets to discover more about our emotions and behavior.

If you are an astrology newbie, you have probably heard about zodiac signs. You may be a typical Leo who loves being the center of attention or a classic Capricorn who takes their career very seriously. Every week, you may check out what your horoscope says in your favorite magazine. But there is so much more to astrology than what your Sun sign is!

You can explore the different planets and houses by looking at your birth chart, which is a snapshot of the sky when you were born. On your natal chart, you will find where the planets were when you were born, in which house, and in which zodiac. It may seem pretty overwhelming initially, but by breaking each down and examining what the planets, houses, and signs represent, you can learn more about your personality and what makes you tick.

Astrology also looks at the current situation of celestial objects and how they affect you. Over time, the different planets move through the zodiac wheel and bring different energies to the world. For example, when Venus moves into Libra, we may feel more communicative and friendly. Furthermore, certain people and Sun signs will be affected more depending on their own relationship with the planet.

Tarot vs. Astrology: Are There Any Similarities?

So, are there any similarities when it comes to Tarot vs. astrology?

These two spiritual tools can really impact our relationship with ourselves and the universe, with both shedding light onto the unseen. They examine how energetic forces that surround us impact our mood and behavior and allow us to gain guidance and understanding.

Both practices are brilliant for spiritual growth and personal development. However, they both rely on us doing the work to connect the dots and truly understand what we are being told. For example, you may know that you have Mercury in Aquarius in the 2nd House. But, you must reflect on what you know about the sign, house, and planet and determine how it manifests in your own life.

Similarly, Tarot relies on interpretation. You may receive the Four of Wands and the King of Swords in a reading and know the keywords of each card. However, it is up to you to determine how your current situation connects to the meanings of the cards.

Tarot vs. Astrology: The Key Differences

Tarot Card reader

Despite these two practices illuminating our spiritual path and helping us discover more about ourselves, there are some key differences between Tarot and astrology.

Let’s look at how Tarot and astrology differ to determine what the best practice is for you.

Internal vs. External

The most significant difference between Tarot and astrology is how they work. Astrology relies on external influences of the planets, exploring where they are in the sky and how we may be affected by them. Conversely, Tarot works with our internal energy and intuition. When picking cards, our energy gets pulled to those we feel connected with.

This means that Tarot is much more specific than astrology. Of course, astrology is pretty personal when we look at our birth chart. However, Tarot works with the energy we have right now. In contrast, astrology looks at how the planets may affect our energy and behavior.

Tarot is an individualistic practice that works with our internal energy, whereas astrology is a more general guide that works with the external energy of the planets.

Advice vs. Prediction

Another key difference between Tarot and astrology is advice and prediction. When it comes to Tarot, we can ask the cards a question and get a specific answer that contains advice personal to us. Conversely, astrology provides us with a general prediction of what we may feel because of where the planets are right now.

This means that Tarot is much better for getting advice when needed. It provides solutions to our problems and helps us understand what is causing the issues we face.

Tarot gives us personal advice, whereas astrology provides us with general predictions.

Versatility vs. Non Versatility

Tarot Vs Astrology which is better for guidance

Astrology is pretty much up to the planets and where they are, which means that it lacks versatility. We cannot connect with astrology to ask specific questions about a particular aspect of our lives. Instead, we take what we know about the planets and use our intuition to determine how their positions are affecting us.

On the other hand, Tarot is extremely versatile, and we can ask the Tarot about anything and everything and get an immediate response. Do you have a job interview tomorrow and want some advice? Tarot has you covered! Do you want to explore your shadow self and uncover subconscious worries and desires? Turn to Tarot!

Yet, the versatility of Tarot doesn’t make it better than astrology; it just makes it different. Astrology still helps us reflect on where we are right now and what energy we can work with. It also is less open-ended than Tarot. It clearly tells us what we need to know about celestial objects and why.

Tarot is versatile, whereas astrology is specific.

Future Predictions vs. Current Energy

So, a lot of folks believe that Tarot can predict the future. That is totally cool if you do, but I think it doesn’t. When we pull a future card, the Tarot reflects our current energy and what might happen in the future because of this. The cards work with how we are right now to provide advice and understanding.

But can astrology predict the future? Well, kind of. It shows us where the planets will be in the future and how they may affect us. So, if you are looking for long-term, detailed guidance, astrology is your best bet.

Astrology can reflect the future, whereas Tarot reflects our current energy.

Tarot Pros and Cons


  • Helps us unlock our intuition and subconscious.
  • Tarot is versatile; we can gain advice and guidance on whatever we want.
  • Tarot is very personal to the person picking the cards.


  • Relies on ourselves for interpretation and understanding.
  • It cannot predict the future.
  • Sometimes difficult to understand.

Astrology Pros and Cons


  • Based on the planets and external and calculated influences.
  • Allows you to understand your personality.
  • Helps you figure out why you are feeling a certain way and what you can do about it.


  • It’s less personal than Tarot.
  • Doesn’t provide individual guidance.

Tarot vs. Astrology: What is More Accurate?

Woman Numerologist Astrologer

Tarot and astrology are incredible tools that allow us to learn more about ourselves and our spiritual path. But what is more accurate? It totally depends on how you are using Tarot or astrology.

Tarot is much more accurate if you are looking for guidance and advice. Because it is personal and connected to your energy, you can ask the cards questions and get accurate readings.

However, astrology is much more accurate when you want to know more about your personality and influences. By examining your birth chart, you can really understand yourself and all the layers of who you are!

Astrology also helps us understand others accurately, which Tarot can’t do. It is best to avoid asking the Tarot questions about other people’s motivations and feelings, as the readings may not be accurate. However, if we know someone’s birth chart or zodiac sign, we can understand them better and work out what they may feel or do in a specific situation.

How to Use Tarot and Astrology Together

During my recent exploration of astrology, I began to wonder if I could combine it with my one true love – Tarot. For me, astrology seemed like an untouched coloring page of a sketch of me. This means that Tarot would be the coloring pens – adding detail to my life and the different aspects of my personality.

So, how can we use Tarot and astrology together? There are astrological links in Tarot for sure – we have the suits all ruled by an element and so, in turn, connected to four star signs. The 12 star signs are also linked to 12 Major Arcana cards. Furthermore, each card has its own planetary correspondence.

I decided to combine the two practices through journaling. I took out the Tarot card linked to my Sun sign and explored how it manifested in my life. I then did the same for each planet and their zodiac sign. For example, my moon sign is Leo, which is associated with the Strength Tarot card. I reflected on what the moon sign means (emotional life and feelings), the energy of Leo (charismatic and energetic), and the Strength card connotations (power and compassion).

Doing so allowed me to explore astrology and Tarot together to add colors to that sketch of me!

Here are the 12 signs and their Tarot correspondences:


Question: What Is the Connection Between Tarot and Astrology?

Answer: Both Tarot and astrology shed light on our lives and spiritual journey. They provide us with understanding and reflection, working with the four elements to enhance our lives.

Question: Does Tarot Come Under Astrology?

Answer: No, Tarot is a distinct spiritual practice that does not come under astrology. However, some similarities allow you to combine the two tools for guidance.

Question: Which Is Better, Astrology or Tarot?

Answer: Neither practice is better than the other, as they both have their unique way of helping and guiding us. However, Tarot is better for getting advice, and astrology is better for understanding your personality.

Tarot vs. Astrology: Combine Both For a Spiritual Level Up!

I hope you now understand the key difference between Tarot and astrology and how you can work with both to enhance your life. These two spiritual practices allow us to discover more about ourselves and our connection with the universe.

Combining both practices can deepen your understanding of yourself and help you gain spiritual empowerment and enlightenment!

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