Two of Swords Meaning

Two of Swords Meaning: Upright and Reversed

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The Two of Swords often represents a conflict of interests. When it appears in a Tarot reading, it suggests that you will most likely have to make a difficult decision. Let’s look at the Two of Swords Meaning and what the Two of Swords means in life, love, and family, and what it might mean for you.

Keywords for The Two of Swords Tarot Card

Upright Keywords

  • Stalemate
  • Difficult Choices
  • A Moment to Think
  • Painful Decisions
  • Divided Loyalty
  • Being Caught in the Middle
  • Avoidance

Reversed Keywords

  • Deception
  • Manipulation
  • Being Blinded
  • Seeing The Truth
  • Discovery
  • Confusion
  • Information

Symbolism and Imagery of the Two of Swords Tarot Card

I think that the Two of Swords is one of the most striking cards of many Tarot decks. There is something deeply disturbing about its imagery but also extremely relatable. We have all been in a position of confusion and difficulty.

The Two of Swords shows a woman sitting on a stool by a body of water. In her hands are two swords, which she crosses across her chest. She is holding them upwards as a sign of defiance. Her heart is protected by her weapons, but she is blindfolded. Her lack of sight suggests a feebleness to her stance. She seems confident and collected but lacking an important sense.

Interestingly, her hands are free and unbound, suggesting that she could take her blindfold off if she so wishes. She is perhaps taking a moment to collect her thoughts and tap into her unconsciousness. She sees in other ways, using her intuition and intellect to guide her.

The body of water behind her contains rocks and islands, reflecting obstacles in the woman’s path. The crescent moon in the sky above represents cycles and femininity. Of course, times can be tough, and there will be difficult decisions and obstacles in our way to happiness, but listening to our intuition and our mind will help us guide ourselves forward.

The Suit of Swords

To fully understand the Two of Swords Tarot card, it is helpful to learn about it within the context of the Suit of Swords. The Suit of Swords concerns itself with mental consciousness. It reflects our ability to think logically and understand the world around us.

The Suit of Swords can be used to guide us to act. It asks us to think thoroughly and communicate our thoughts with those around us. However, it must be said that with our intellect comes danger. Like swords, the mind can cause harm and upset. The Suit of Swords has long been associated with conflict and danger, and this is because these things begin in the mind.

The Suit of Swords is connected with the element of air. Air is always there and ever-changing. It is invisible but carries energy.

The Number 2 In Tarot

To understand the Two of Swords, it is really helpful to take a moment to contemplate the number 2. According to numerology, all numbers carry their own energy. Numbers can be linked to ideas, and therefore learning the ideas behind certain numbers will allow us to understand the Tarot much better.

The number 2 is all about balance, duality, and patience. It often reflects a struggle between two sides and the need for harmony between them. It represents the darkness and the light and the need for both in the world. It asks us to find solace in indifference and to understand things from all different sides.

Upright Meaning of the Two of Swords Tarot Card

When the Two of Swords appears upright in a Tarot reading, it suggests that there is a decision to be made. It is a very difficult decision, and you are feeling pulled between two opposing sides. Because of this, you are pausing and putting everything on hold. You don’t know what to do, and therefore you are doing nothing.

You must progress soon, but it is okay to pause for a moment to weigh up the decision! The choice you are making is probably pretty important, with far-reaching consequences. So, do not rush into anything. To get over this internal conflict, you must know all the relevant facts. Recall the imagery of the Two of Swords. The woman is blindfolded, suggesting she is not fully aware of her situation. Is there any information you are missing out on right now?

But, if you have been static for a while now, the universe reminds you that you must act to move on in life. Sometimes, the Two of Swords will pop up when you are putting off making a decision. You may be in denial about something, and this is stopping you from progressing on your path.

Upright Two of Swords Love Meaning

When appearing in love and relationship readings, the Two of Swords reflects a difficult decision. If you are single, it suggests that you have to choose between two potential partners or to be with someone or not. This is going to be a difficult choice; there is no denying it. But, listen to your heart and mind to figure out what you need to do. Don’t take too long on the decision-making process, though, because some people do not like to be waiting around.

If you are in a relationship, the Two of Swords might reflect the conflict in the relationship. Perhaps you are both stubborn about something, and the progress in your relationship has come to a halt. It is time to open up with your partner and communicate more. Listen to them and work out what you both need to do in order to build a happy and healthy relationship.

Upright Two of Swords Career and Money Meaning

Is there conflict at work that you feel stuck in? Perhaps you are torn between two sides of the argument and want to make peace but don’t know how to.

The Two of Swords reminds you of the power of your intellect and how you can use your mind to solve issues. It can be super stressful when you see both sides of a situation, but those involved don’t seem to! If there are issues in your workplace between colleagues, try to work with them to get through them. Remember, you are a team, and you need to create a harmonious and peaceful environment for work to run smoothly!

The Two of Swords might also suggest that you are stuck between two choices at work. Perhaps you have received a job offer from somewhere, and you are wondering if you should take it. Maybe a promotion is on the tarot cards, but it has some downsides. Before acting, it is important to think things through and figure out what exactly you want to do. There is no rush right now, so don’t choose until you are ready to!

Upright Two of Swords Home and Family Meaning

When appearing in a home and family Tarot reading, the Two of Swords suggests that there are issues within your extended family that you are struggling to cope with. When family members fall out, it is really difficult because of the amount of love that is there. You care so much for your loved ones, so when there is conflict, you feel so useless and upset.

You may feel caught between two sides, but it is important to communicate with them both to overcome the problem. Help your loved ones to get through these issues and work as a team to find peace again.

The Two of Swords can also suggest that you need to make a big decision. When appearing in a home and family Tarot reading, it may reflect a choice that you need to make in regards to your family. Perhaps you need to move away from home for your career or your partner, and you are feeling conflicted. You don’t know whether to choose your career or your family. This is a pretty difficult decision, so take time to think it through. Remember, your family will always love you and will always want the best for you, whatever you choose.

Upright Two of Swords Health Meaning

When the Two of Swords pops up in a health reading, it suggests that you are bottling up your emotions and denying your feelings. This is having a serious impact on your health, and you must seek help in order to take on your stress and anxiety.

Reversed Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

When reversed, the Two of Swords reflects deception and trickery. Some lies will soon be exposed, and people are dishonest towards you. You may have a decision to make, but you are finding it super hard as you do not have all the information that you need to make this choice. Or, perhaps none of the choices in front of you are particularly attractive.

The reversed Two of Swords suggests that you are blindfolded to the truth, but this will soon change. The universe will soon remove your blindfold, and you will be aware of the intentions of those around you.

Reversed Two of Swords Love Meaning

When the Two of Swords appears reversed in a love Tarot reading, you may be feeling anxious and out of luck. If you are single, it seems as if you are close to giving up! Perhaps you are going on dates and never finding the right person, and all the romantic choices for you just don’t seem right.

Don’t worry; this will soon change! Keep going and keep your heart open to finding love. It will happen when you are ready.

If you are in a relationship, the reversed Two of Swords suggests that there is an uneasiness to your partnership. Have you drifted apart recently? Perhaps you feel as if your partner is not telling you the whole truth. The truth will soon come out, and you will get all the information that you need to move on with this relationship.

Reversed Two of Swords Career and Money Meaning

The reversed Two of Swords is all about deception and dishonesty, so be very wary of those around you when appearing in a career and money Tarot reading. There may be conflict in your workplace, and you are feeling stuck between two sides. It is important to step back for a moment and listen to your intuition. Some people might not be telling you the truth.

Don’t worry, though, because the truth will soon come out.

In regards to finances, the reversed Two of Swords suggests that you are in denial about issues with your money. You need to realize any problems and work to solve them and move forward in your life.

Reversed Two of Swords Home and Family Meaning

When the Two of Swords pops up reversed in a home and family reading, it suggests that issues causing emotional pain will soon get resolved. There are problems that your family is facing, and nobody knows what to do. Perhaps someone is lying and deceiving those close to you, and people are falling for it.

However, the truth will soon come out, and new information will come to light. With this, you are your family will be able to work together to overcome these problems.

Reversed Two of Swords Health Meaning

The Two of Swords appearing reversed in a health Tarot reading suggests that stress and anxiety are starting to affect your wellbeing. You are not feeling that great right now, and you can’t work out why.

It is time to concentrate on your mental wellbeing and do things that ease your stress. Take time out from work and other commitments if needed to give yourself space to recuperate.

The Two of Swords Tarot Card: FAQs

I hope you enjoyed this in-depth article about the Two of Swords Tarot card. Now let’s look at some FAQs you might have!

Question: What Does the Two of Swords Mean in Tarot?

Answer: The Two of Swords Tarot card reflects difficult choices. It often pops up when you feel stuck between two sides and has to make an important decision.

Question: Is the Two of Swords a Yes or No Card?

Answer: The Two of Swords is neither a yes nor a no card. This is because it appears when a difficult decision has to be made, and only you will be able to make this choice.

Question: What Does the Two of Swords Mean in a Past Position?

Answer: When appearing in a past position, the Two of Swords suggests that you can use your past to inform you about important decisions that you will have to make in your current life. You may need to face up to situations in your past in order, to be honest with who you are today.

Question: What Does the Two of Swords Mean in a Future Position?

Answer: When appearing in a future position, the Two of Swords is reminding you that to progress into your future, you must have to face multiple difficult choices. You will have to act and trust in your intuition to progress.

Find Answers With the Two of Swords Tarot Card

The Two of Swords Tarot card represents a difficult choice, and we will all face difficult decisions at one point or another in our lives. It is important to use both our mind and heart to move forward and listen to guidance from the Tarot.

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