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As we move forward on our Tarot journey, we will usually come to a time where we expand from just reading for ourselves and begin to read for others. I remember my first time reading for someone else, and it was pretty daunting! I had been reading Tarot for myself and getting to know the cards for a few years, and my friends started asking for their own readings. So, one night, I lit some candles, got my deck out, and read the cards for a close friend.

Surprisingly, the reading went much better than expected! As soon as I got into my ‘Tarot zone,’ I felt confident in my abilities, and the reading flowed. Over the last few years, I have constantly read Tarot for others. My friends will always come to me for a Tarot check-in or to ask the cards about their particular situation. I have also read for strangers, which boosted my confidence massively. Last year, I took a solo trip to the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. When I was there, I began reading cards for strangers for the first time, which allowed me to have faith in my abilities to read and understand the cards.

If you are ready to read for others, you are in the right place! Today, I want to give you the best tips on how to read Tarot for others and guide you through the process.

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Key Takeaways

  • Experiment to discover your Tarot reading style.
  • Read for family and friends first.
  • Listen to your querent and let them guide you.
  • Be objective and non-judgemental in readings.
  • Never discuss personal readings with others.
  • Be yourself in readings.
  • Know you may forget things and have a guidebook on hand.

How to Read Tarot for Others: Top Tips

Tarot Cards reading

Before we get into the step-by-step guide on reading cards for others, I want to give you some tips to stay mindful of. Tarot reading is very personal, and we all have our own way of doing it. Some readers don’t like other people touching the cards, while others want the querent to shuffle the deck before picking cards for the spread. How you read Tarot for others is totally down to you, but I have some tips to guide you.

Get To Know Your Style

As everyone has their own style when it comes to reading the cards, it is helpful for you to get to know how you like to read the cards for others. You may prefer not to do yes or no readings for others and stick to certain spreads you are familiar with. Having a few spreads in mind is useful when approaching readings for others. A classic spread of mine that my friends love is a four-card check-in spread where they pick four cards: one for general advice, one for love, one for career, and one for home. The week ahead spreads are also great for reading for others.

You should also reflect on how you want to shuffle and pick the cards. Do you want the querent to shuffle the deck? Plus, do you want the cards to face you or the reader?

But don’t worry if you still need time to perfect your style! Knowing the best way to read for others takes a few readings.

Read for Friends and Family First

If you want to become a professional Tarot reader, that is great, but don’t rush into reading for strangers before practicing on your friends and family first. Reading for others is totally different from reading for yourself, and even if you know the cards inside and out, you may find it difficult to read for others straight away.

Thankfully, our loved ones are usually non-judgemental and want to support us with our passions. Ask your friends if you can practice reading for them and have a few sessions with them. But, it is essential to get over any preconceptions or beliefs when reading the cards. You may want your best mate to break up with their boring boyfriend, but don’t bring that up in a reading. The cards all have specific meanings, so stick to them!

Let the Querent Guide You

Tarot Cards Reader

It is okay not to have all the answers when reading Tarot for others. In fact, you probably won’t. This means you must let the querent guide the reading after hearing the meanings of certain cards.

So, let’s say your querent picks the Tower card to signify their career. Tell them what it suggests in this particular position. Then, let the querent reflect on what it means before diving into more detail. Don’t be afraid of silence! Understanding the different cards in their positions takes time, so a little bit of quiet meditation is necessary.

If your querent is stumped about what a particular card means for them, don’t push it and move on to the next card. Sometimes, Tarot readings don’t make sense immediately, which is okay! You don’t need all the answers.

Be Objective and Non-Judgmental

Sometimes, the Tarot will uncover hidden thoughts and feelings in the querent that may be overwhelming or awkward. So, it is vital to be objective and non-judgmental. I have had acquaintances tell me really deep things during Tarot readings that they need to get off their chest. I let them talk, listen, and reflect on the advice the Tarot gives them.

The cards may provide the querent with guidance you may disagree with, especially if you read the cards to people close to you. But, never change the meaning of the card and express the meaning clearly to the querent. Similarly, if negative cards crop up, don’t sugarcoat their meanings. Trust me, the querent probably knows what it is referring to.

Oh, and never discuss the readings with others without the querent’s consent. A Tarot reading is a safe space for someone to explore their feelings and current energy. What is said in a reading stays in the reading.

Be Yourself

In loads of films and TV shows, Tarot readers always have that vibe. You probably know the vibe I mean. Dark clothes, incense burning, an air of mystery. But not all Tarot readers are like this, and it is totally okay for you to be yourself when reading Tarot for others.

I am an extroverted joker with a strong passion for helping others and staying aligned with my truth (Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon, I thank you). So, I read Tarot with a sense of humor and a friendly approach. I can be serious when I need to be, but I also have a pretty light personality.

Be yourself when performing your readings for others, and avoid any Tarot reading tropes that don’t fit your style. Tarot is all about being authentically you, and we all have our own unique connection with the cards.

Know You Are Human

the sun Tarot Cards Reader

When I first began reading Tarot for others, my mind sometimes went blank when faced with a specific card. At first, I would get a bit stressed and feel like I had messed up the reading. But I then remembered that I am human! Sometimes, I will forget things – that’s life.

I always have a guidebook or journal at hand when reading for myself and others, and I recommend you do the same. You are human, and you may forget things, so you can tell the querent that you want to ‘double-check’ your interpretation of the card with the book to ensure accuracy. They will be okay with it – they want an accurate reading!

Since I have been less worried about forgetting the meanings of cards, I have been even more confident in my readings. I know that, if I need to, I can clarify their meanings with my guidebook. And, because I am more confident, I rarely forget the cards’ meanings!

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Read Tarot for Others

So, you love Tarot and are now ready to read for others. Let’s go through the key steps when reading for others so you can help them on their journey in life!

Step 1: Pick the Right Place

Being in a suitable place and having the right mindset are super important when reading for others. I have done many readings for myself, friends, and strangers, and sometimes, I have just been a bit thrown off by the environment I am in or my current emotional state. If someone at a party asks you to read their cards and you don’t feel like it, it’s okay to tell them no! Tarot reading isn’t a party trick.

I read Tarot in my home and always lay down a cloth for the readings and sometimes light candles or incense. I make sure that if there are other people around, the querent and I are away from others to ensure a private and explorative Tarot reading experience.

Set up your Tarot space and sit down with your querent.

Step 2: Determine the Focus of the Reading and Shuffle the Cards

Shuffle The Tarot Cards

When you and the querent are ready, shuffle the deck (or let them shuffle the deck) while discussing the aim of the reading. Ask the querent if they want to ask a specific question or want a spread regarding a particular aspect of their lives. Tell them about a range of spreads that you find helpful, and let them pick one. Do they want a love reading? Do they want a past, present, and future three-card spread?

Step 3: Pick the Cards

Fan the cards down on the table or cloth between you and the querent. Then, go through each card they are picking, giving them time to choose the one they want. So, if you are performing a past, present, and future spread, tell them to pick their past card. As you wait for them to select the card, you may wish to give them more information on what it represents.

Step 4: Interpret the Cards

Once they have picked each card for the spread, turn them over and spend a moment in silence examining them. It’s okay not to talk briefly while you interpret the cards!

Then, tell the querent what the cards signify in their positions. Are there any Major Arcana cards sticking out to you? Is there a card that makes you think, ‘Wow, that is interesting’? If so, tell the querent! I have found that I often have little ‘wow’ moments in readings, especially when performing them for others.

Tarot Cards Reader setting up deck

Go through each card’s meaning and try to link them together for the querent. If they have asked a question and want advice, explore what advice the cards are giving them. Listen to your querent and their intuition, too. Sometimes, when revealing the meaning of a specific card, the querent will begin to discuss something they feel pulled to. It may not be what you thought the card meant for them, but their intuition is just as strong as yours.

Step Five: Identify a Main Takeaway

Most readings, even the simple past, present, and future readings, hold advice for the querent. Once you have explored the different cards and their meanings, pinpoint the main takeaway from the reading and discuss it with the querent.

Then, close the reading by putting the cards back into a pile and placing it face down on the table or cloth.


Question: How Do You Read Tarot Cards to People?

Answer: To read Tarot cards for other people, listen to your intuition and the intuition of the querent. Discuss the meanings of the different cards, and collaborate together to identify what advice and information the Tarot has for their life.

Question: Can Anyone Touch Your Tarot Cards?

Answer: Who can touch your Tarot cards is up to you and your relationship with your deck. It is okay not to want others to touch your Tarot cards, but it is also fine if you like the querent to shuffle your deck and pick up the cards!

Question: How Do I Start Reading Tarot for Money?

Answer: To start reading Tarot for money, ensure you have practiced reading Tarot for others with friends and family first. Once you feel confident, set up social media for your Tarot readings and reach out to groups in your area to get your name out there.

Read Tarot for Others With Confidence!

Tarot reading is a journey, and beginning to read for others is a huge step. It won’t go perfectly straight away, but you will get there through practice and development. Everyone has their own unique reading style, so it will take time to find yours. But, once you do, you will be able to read Tarot for others with confidence.

Believe in yourself and your abilities. You go this!

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