The Modern Witch Tarot Deck Review and Guide

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The Modern Witch Tarot deck is one of my all-time favorite decks and the one I usually recommend for beginners. I bought it a few years ago, and it totally changed my connection with the Tarot! So, I wanted to dive deep into the cards in a Modern Witch Tarot deck review.

So, why is this deck one of my favorites? And why is it perfect for people who want to get into Tarot?

modern witch tarot cover
Image source: Lisa Sterle

Bottom Line Up Front

The Modern Witch Tarot deck is a fantastic interpretation of the classic Rider-Waite deck. It is perfect for beginners as it is easy to read intuitively and connect with. It showcases the modern witches of the world and allows us to see ourselves in the magical world of Tarot.

Despite an underwhelming guidebook, I recommend the Modern Witch Tarot deck for both beginner and more experienced readers. It is a must-have for any budding Tarot reader who wants to get to know the cards and gain guidance from within.

What Is the Modern Witch Tarot Deck?

The Modern Witch Tarot deck by Lisa Sterle updates the traditional Rider Waite Tarot deck and gives it a fun and contemporary look. It aims to celebrate womanhood and all the witches of modern life. The imagery is diverse and eclectic, with loads of different women portrayed.

In an interview with Cunning Folk, Lisa Sterle pointed out that ‘most of the people I know that practice witchcraft are women, or nonbinary, or anything but the white men that adorn the majority of the cards in the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck.‘ She wants to showcase and celebrate the diverse people who read Tarot and leave the exclusionary Rider-Waite imagery in the past.

By bringing it into the 21st Century, this deck allows the current generation of Tarot readers to get everything they can from the wonderful practice.

modern witch tarot deck by lisa sterle
Image by Lou Siday

The characters in the deck wear contemporary clothing and have a range of styles and looks. There are masculine women, women of color, and larger women. This means you can find yourself in the deck and relate to the wonderful witches of the modern world! The Modern Witch Tarot deck aims to celebrate diversity and help us to connect with the practice of Tarot.

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck Review

The Modern Witch Tarot deck has a lot of promise. As a young female Tarot reader, I love the practice but have found some decks hard to relate to. Once I got my hands on the Modern Witch Tarot deck, I was immediately impressed with the artwork and inclusive imagery.

This deck has had a lot of hype surrounding it ever since its launch in 2019. But does it live up to the hype?

Initial Thoughts

The box containing the deck and guidebook is sturdy and high-quality. I keep my decks in their original boxes, so I always appreciate it when the creators put effort into the packaging. The front of the box depicts the Magician card, which shows us a black woman in modern clothing with her wand held up high.

modern witch tarot deck
Image by Lou Siday

As black Tarot readers and creators have had a huge influence on the practice over the years but are often overlooked, it was great to see a person of color as the main focus on the box. On one side of the box, we see the Temperance card, and the other has the Hermit. On the back, we are told that the Modern Witch Tarot deck is ‘inspired by fashion and modern witches from every walk of life.’

The box slides off to reveal another box that contains the 78 cards and a small, hardback guidebook.

The Guidebook

The guidebook is the same size as the cards and includes card meanings, spreads, and a guide on how to read the Tarot. It is printed in back and white, but I don’t really mind. The cards themselves are what matters!

The descriptions of each card are fun to read and interesting, as they put forward new ways of exploring the cards. Each description is a little bit of guidance – telling us what the card wants us to do.

modern witch tarot guidebook
Image by Lou Siday

However, some cards have multiple meanings that are not revealed in the description. The Moon card, for example, can represent anxiety and confusion. However, in this guidebook, it asks us to ‘do something crazy.’ I would also appreciate it if the guidebook contained the card keywords, as I think keywords are super useful for beginners.

The spreads included in the back of the guidebook are fine but nothing that exciting for a seasoned Tarot reader. Overall, the guidebook is okay and has interesting ideas. But I definitely have seen much better guidebooks, especially for beginners.

The Cards

Now, onto the cards! The cards in the Modern Witch Tarot deck are all based on the traditional Rider-Waite imagery and meanings but with a contemporary twist. Oh, and all characters are either women or non-binary.

I love the style of the cards. Lisa Sterle uses warm and pastel colors, and each card has a white border. The name of the card is also written at the bottom, making the deck great for beginners who are getting to know Tarot. Physically, the cards are strong and study and shuffle well straight away.

The characters on the card depict the modern witches we know and love so well. They are ourselves, our friends, and our acquaintances. They wear modern clothing, ride motorbikes, and listen to music on their phones. I really like the modern takes on classic cards. However, I know this may put people off. This deck is distinctly of this time, meaning it may age quickly.

I don’t think it is a timeless deck, as fashion and technology change pretty quickly! But does this actually matter? The deck is a snapshot of witches at this time and celebrates the diversity within spirituality and magic!

modern witch tarot cards
Image by Lou Siday

Lisa Sterle beautifully merges traditional Rider-Waite symbolism with modern imagery. Every classic symbol and idea is on each card, and we can read them intuitively. Furthermore, because of the diversity of people on the cards, we are able to connect with Tarot on a deeper level.

As a queer woman, I really appreciated the same-sex relationships on the cards. The Ten of Cups shows two people who appear to be women alongside two children playing. This is why the Modern Witch Tarot deck is so important and popular. We are in the cards.

Key Cards

When reviewing decks, I love to pick out some key cards to show you. However, it was pretty difficult to do with the Modern Witch Tarot deck! There are so many stunning cards, and I wanted to show you them all.

modern witch tarot the hermit
Image by Lou Siday

The Hermit is one of my favorite cards, and I love how it is depicted in this deck. You see a woman in robes with a laptop she is closing. As the Hermit is all about solitude, introspection, and soul-searching, it definitely shows us how we can use this card for guidance in the modern world. It asks us to turn away from social media, turn inward, and listen to our inner voice.

modern witch tarot six of wands
Image by Lou Siday

love the depiction of the Six of Wands, too. This card is all about victory, success, and achievement and depicts a woman on a horse wearing a leopard print coat and ripped jeans. In her ear is a V earring, reflecting the card’s message. I love this touch and how it represents the meaning of the card.

modern witch tarot the fool
Image by Lou Siday

The Fool is another fantastic card. As someone who is always walking around town, earphones in, oblivious to everything, I definitely see myself in this card. The card asks us to step into the unknown, and the Fool infamously does not see the cliff right in front of them. This Fool is too busy listening to music and dreaming to see what is coming up!

Overall Thoughts on the Modern Witch Tarot Deck

The Modern Witch Tarot deck is a wonderful addition to any Tarot collection. Perfect for beginners and intriguing for seasoned readers, it is an impressive update to the traditional imagery in Tarot.

If you are new to Tarot and want to buy a deck you can read intuitively and relate to, the Modern Witch deck is perfect for you. While the depictions of technology may put some readers off, I really like how it reflects the kind of witches and Tarot readers that exist in the world right now. We binge-watch Netflix, we walk around town listening to our favorite bands on our phones, and we read the Tarot.

Pros of the Modern Witch Tarot Deck

  • Easy to read and connect with.
  • Based on the original Rider-Waite imagery.
  • Represents diverse witches.
  • High quality.
  • Traditional card names and meanings.

Cons of the Modern Witch Tarot Deck

  • The guidebook could be better for beginners.
  • The imagery of laptops and motorbikes ties the deck to the modern world, which may put you off if you are looking for a timeless deck.

Alternatives We Recommend

The world of Tarot is growing, with so many fantastic inclusive decks out there for you to check out. If the Modern Witch Tarot deck isn’t for you, here are some alternatives.

The True Heart Intuitive Tarot Deck

The True Heart Intuitive Tarot Deck

The True Heart Intuitive Tarot deck was created by Rachel True, who famously played Rochelle in the Craft. The deck depicts a diverse range of people from many backgrounds, with the cards using a mix of new ideas and traditional imagery.

The guidebook in this deck is incredibly in-depth and intriguing to read. Rachel True includes personal essays in the guidebook while reflecting on what each card represents.

The Queer Tarot Deck

The Queer Tarot Deck

The Queer Tarot deck is a celebration of color and queerness! Created by queer and trans artists Ashley Molesso and Chess Needham, it updates the traditional Rider Waite imagery in order to showcase and explore gender and sexual identity.

Hip Chick Tarot Deck

Hip Chick Tarot Deck

The Hip Chick Tarot deck is full of colorful illustrations of diverse women. It changes the names of the suits to Feel, Create, Think, and Earth to enhance the guidance within Tarot. It is intuitive to read and has a fantastic guidebook to help you on your Tarot journey.


Question: What Is the Modern Witch Tarot Deck Used For?

Answer: The Modern Witch Tarot deck is used to tap into your inner witch and gain guidance and spiritual understanding.

Question: When was the Modern Witch Tarot Deck Made?

Answer: The Modern Witch Tarot deck was released in 2019.

Question: Is the Modern Witch Tarot Deck Suitable for Beginners?

Answer: Yes, the Modern Witch Tarot deck is perfect for beginners.

Celebrate the Modern Witches with This Stunning Deck

The Modern Witch Tarot deck is a wonderful tool to connect with and explore. It is perfect for beginners and experienced readers, allowing you to read the Tarot intuitively.

The illustrations on the cards are stunning, containing soothing colors and diverse imagery. If you don’t have this deck in your collection, I strongly recommend you purchase it!

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