The Hermit Tarot Meaning: What Does It Stand For?

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The Hermit Tarot Card is the 9th card is a traditional Tarot deck and is one of the 22 major arcana cards. It reflects inner wisdom, healing, and self-exploration. The Hermit card signifies a time for learning from your intuition and meditating on life.

Symbolism and Imagery of the Hermit Tarot Card

If we take a look at a traditional depiction of the Hermit Tarot card, we can see an old, bearded man standing on a mountain with a staff and a torch. He is looking down at his feet, taking his steps carefully and surely.

The lantern in the man’s hand is shining brightly, and this symbolizes his knowledge and wisdom. He has taken himself away from society to grow spiritually, coming to an understanding of himself and the world around him.

He is still on his journey, and he is still learning. The light will guide his way and he must move slowly and carefully. He has his staff to balance him and soon he will get to the place that is calling him.

Upright Meaning of the Hermit Card


The Hermit card is a very interesting card. There is a lot going on within yourself and your relationship with the world right now, and there is a lot of exploring to do.

When the Hermit card is pulled, it suggests that now is the time for you to distance yourself from the material world and turn inward. The card suggests that solitude is what you need right now, giving you time to process your thoughts and emotions.

This is a time for you right now, and a time for you to grow spiritually. Through introspection and meditation, you will find inner wisdom and guidance. A lot of people will find that the Hermit card turns up when they are struggling with their place in society. You may be at a moment in your life where something is calling you, for example, a change of career or a new relationship. The Hermit card is asking you to reflect on your choices and to work out what exactly it is that you need.

The Hermit card reflects a journey. It is normally a spiritual and emotional journey of growth and wisdom. However, this card can sometimes point to a physical journey. Perhaps traveling somewhere will help you understand yourself more and what your soul is searching for.

Upright Love Hermit Meaning

The Hermit card is asking you to pause when it comes to love. If you are single and are looking for romance, this card suggests that romance might not actually be what you are needing right now.

If you get the Hermit card in a love reading, take time out from the dating scene to work on your own personal power. In order to have a successful relationship, it is really important to understand ourselves and what we need from a significant other. The Hermit card is asking you to take time for yourself to understand your emotions and what you are needing in your love life.

If you are in a relationship, the Hermit card is not a negative card to get in a love reading! In fact, it often will suggest that your spiritual journey is one that you will go on with your partner. Your significant other will help you learn about yourself, and you will help them. Together you will grow and develop wisdom and understanding of the universe.

Upright Hermit Career and Money Meaning

When it comes to career and money, the Hermit card is asking you to stand back from this aspect of your life to focus on other things.

The Hermit card will often turn up in readings when you are a hardworking and career-driven individual who is in need of a break. Your career is important to you and you are very successful, but you must know that work and money are not the only things in life.

You may be drawn to exploring your spiritual side and finding new ways of working. Now is the time to find the balance between your work life and your emotional life. It is time to go on a new journey of self-discovery.

Upright Home and Family Hermit Meaning

When it comes to your home life, the Hermit is telling you that you should plan ahead rather than make big decisions right now. This may be about a big move or the next step in a relationship.

The upright Hermit is about meditation, rather than action. It is about finding out what you really want from your life. Take time out from your friends and family to work out what your own personal goals and ambitions are.

In regards to home and family, the Hermit card can suggest that your wisdom and guidance will help your loved ones soon. Someone might come to you for help in the near future, and listen to your own inner intuition when giving them advice.

Upright Health Hermit Meaning

If the Hermit pops up in a health reading, you must focus on your emotional health and wellbeing. Now is the time to work on your spirituality and find inner peace by listening to your soul.

Perhaps you are prone to exhaustion. Do you work hard and lead a very social life? This can be damaging to your health, and the Tarot is wanting you to take a break from your hectic schedule to focus on your personal wellbeing.

Meditate and work on any psychic powers that you may have. Connect yourself with the universe and allow it to heal any emotional worries.

Reversed Meaning of the Hermit Card

The Hermit Reversed

When reversed, the solitude that the Hermit represents is causing pain rather than growth. Are you feeling lonely right now? Perhaps you feel that those around you aren’t giving you the support you need.

The reversed Hermit card often will pop up when you are a wise and spiritually wealthy person. You do enjoy being alone and reflecting on things, but too much of this can really start to affect your well-being. Your loved ones might feel as if you are pushing them away and you might feel as if you have nobody to talk to.

If you get a reversed Hermit card, you must know that this loneliness can soon be broken. It will be easier than you think; you just need to reach out! You are loved and respected by many and have probably been there for others when they have needed you. Now is the time for them to be here for you.

Reversed Love Hermit Reading

When it comes to love, a reversed Hermit signifies loneliness that you do not want. If you are looking for love, these cards show that right now is difficult for you.

However, the Hermit card wants you to know that you have the power to change this. Your solitude is down to your own making, and you have a history of pushing people away. Perhaps there has been a pain in the past that means you distrust your romantic partners and rifts appear in relationships. You have the power to heal these wounds, so take time to concentrate on yourself and what you need to heal.

If you are in a relationship, the reversed Hermit card can be a warning. You may feel as if your partner is distant and that you cannot talk to them about your thoughts and feelings. It is time to open your heart again to them and reconnect.

Reversed Hermit Career and Money Reading

The Hermit

You have begun to be complacent about your career. Perhaps you are not really enjoying your job and have resigned yourself to enduring it, rather than taking action to further your own dreams.

You have thought a lot about what you want in your life and where you want to be. Perhaps you have big dreams and goals that have recently taken a back seat. You know the real reason for this, and might be a bit hesitant to change.

A reversed Hermit for career and money is telling you to get back out there and take action in your job! There may be opportunities for success coming up, and it is time to act. Don’t just sit back and let things come to you, but be the maker of your future.

You have the power and wisdom to do so, so get out in the world and make the change you want!

Reversed Home and Family Hermit Card

When the Hermit card is reversed in regards to home and family, it reflects somebody who takes on everybody else’s problems but has nobody to turn to themselves. Does this sound like you?

You are a wise person and your friends and family will come to you for advice. Perhaps you are the first port of call when people are making big decisions about their love life and career. You have the ability to soothe any upset and take a practical and thoughtful approach to a situation. This is an amazing part of you, but this is getting difficult for you right now.

When you need somebody to turn to for help, you do not know where to go. You worry that those who turn to you will not help you the same way. You are bottling things up and repressing feelings and this is making you feel extremely lonely.

But, the Tarot knows that you are loved and respected, and your friends and family will help you in the same way that you help them. You just need to reach out! Perhaps they don’t know what is going on in your life, and therefore may seem as if they don’t have time for you. But, of course, they do. They would love to assist you and give you advice, just like you do to them.

Reversed Health Hermit Meaning

Loneliness can really affect your health, and a reversed Hermit card is giving you a warning. Bottling things up and not reaching out for help can cause your mental and physical health to decline. Stress issues may become a major problem in your healthy life if you do not get the help you need. Balance is important and you need to let loose and have fun from time to time!

If you have any health concerns, open up to your friends, family, and your doctor. Things may be easier to fix than you think! Don’t carry these worries around with you.

The Hermit Tarot Meaning: FAQs

I hope this in-depth article has helped you understand this major arcana card. The Hermit Tarot card is a really interesting one to get in a reading and tells you a lot about yourself and who you are in the world.

But, what are some FAQs for the Hermit tarot card?

Question: What Does The Hermit Tarot Card Mean?

Answer: The Hermit tarot card signifies self-exploration and personal growth. It represents inner wisdom and personal power, allowing you to heal and understand yourself on a higher level.

Question: Is The Hermit Card a Yes or No Card?

Answer: The Hermit is one of the two major arcana cards that neither gives a yes or no answer. It is telling you that you will know best right now, not the Tarot. Use your intuition and inner wisdom to get the answer that you are looking for.

Question: What Does the Hermit Card Mean for the Future?

Answer: The Hermit card shows that you are on a journey right now. You are on the right path in life, and you know what you need to do to get where you want to be. Things may have been difficult, but you have learned a lot and are ready to take the next step.

Question: What is the Hermit Cards Astrological Sign?

Answer: The Hermit card is linked to Virgo. This means that the Hermit card harnesses the powers of the Earth, letting you stay grounded on your path.

Understand Yourself With the Power of the Hermit Card

The Hermit tarot card is a wonderful one to get in a reading and really reflects where you are in life right now. Being alone and working on your spiritual powers and intuition can help you grow.

You are on a journey right now, and you take every step slowly and carefully. You know where you are going, and where you have been. Enjoy solitude right now, and listen to your soul.

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