Six of Wands Meaning: Upright and Reversed

The Six of Wands tarot card shows that success is now at your fingertips! You are on the road to victory after facing problems or difficulties in the past. This is an excellent position for professionals who are about to succeed in their field.

The Six of Wands tarot card is a reminder that the universe has taken notice of your hard work and good deeds. A new phase in your journey is coming to fruition due to your hard work and efforts to continue being successful. Great things are happening for you!

Remember, you need to take action in order to win the battle. This victory is one that comes from within you, and it can be achieved in either business or love. The war is over. It is time to be the victor.

Overall, the message from the Six of Wands is positive and bears a victorious feeling. Let’s take a look at some other ways we can interpret the messages from the Six of Wands tarot card.

Six of Wands Keywords


Pride, enthusiasm, celebration, recognition, success, victory


Failure, not receiving credit, no achievement, try again

Six of Wands Imagery Description

Six of Wands

On the Six of Wands card, we see a man on a white horse as he makes his way through a crowd of cheerful and encouraging spectators.

The man has a victory wreath around him, so we understand that this man has traversed through a battle of some sort before his arrival. The horse also carries significant meaning due to its coloring. It is a white horse that exudes both purity and strength. 

The fact that the card has a crowd welcoming this victor on his horse shows us that recognition is a big theme for this card. Being in the suit of wands, we see the man holding a wand in his hand, also with a wreath around it. The man exudes success and is lapping up the attention he is receiving due to his successful endeavors.

Six of Wands Upright Meaning

This card means the ‘heat is on’! Six of Wands can indicate success after much hard work. This card isn’t just about the rewards, though. It’s about the journey to that point. It involves the feeling that you are not alone and that there are people that are willing to help you on your way.

The person pictured on this card is young, which tells us that this is a stage of life card. There is also a sense of enthusiasm and positivity about their attitude, which makes us assume that whatever they are doing has positively impacted them.

The Six of Wands, like the number six itself, is about celebrations and acclaim. You may be standing proudly on a podium accepting an award; you could also be holding your fists in the air celebrating your victory after a long battle. This card suggests fireworks and parades, not for others, but for you − but don’t forget to celebrate.

It could also be that with this Six of Wands card, you’re not only having an encounter with someone who is inspiring to you and can help further fuel your desires, but they may even be willing to assist you in whatever it is that you want to pursue. You could meet someone at this point that makes you feel as if there may not be any limits on what you can do.

This is a very favorable card in the tarot, and it is directly indicating that you have managed to get through some of the most challenging stages of your life.

The Five of Wands did bring you some confusion, which you did manage to get through, thus successfully launching yourself into a new life full of good things that are only just starting to happen.

After the confusion of the Five of Wands, you have been able to harness your talents and energies in a way that brings success. You carefully planned out your next steps and set goals for yourself, and worked hard to achieve them. Congratulations!

The meaning of this card within a reading should not be seen as unfavourable unless negative cards surround the card. But even then, if it is in the Outcome position, then it does indicate a successful outcome after hardships.

The Six of Wands can mean that you are ready to move forward with long-term plans, though there could also be feelings of arrogance and egotism. This card suggests that you want to push yourself into new challenges and ventures, but it can be seen as self-importance.

Upright Six of Wands in a Love Reading

Six of Wands

The Six of Wands in a love spread means the two of you are very much in sync. Both of you are optimistic about your future together. All it takes is making your approach.

If you’ve been searching for someone, they may be more receptive to you than usual. One or both of you are likely to begin a new relationship. All this positivity is sure to bring you much joy!

The 6 of Wands tarot love meaning can represent a relationship that’s getting stronger. Whether you’re in a new relationship or your relationship is already great, you two are moving toward a brighter future together.

In this love card, you’ll often find yourself in the perfect position to make things final. If you’ve been holding out hope for something, now seems like the time to pursue it.

Upright Six of Wands in a Career Reading

The Six of Wands is traditionally known as the card of victory. It represents the triumph of will, creative ideas and ambition. This card can be seen in a work situation to represent creative ideas with which you are seeking to establish your position.

The Six of Wands indicates that you will be successful in achieving your goals at work. It also tells of having victory, confidence, and control over situations that are very beneficial to your work-life. The words “victory”, “confidence”, and “control” all indicate success to you, whether it is a raise or promotion.

This card is a very positive indication. In the professional arena, the Six of Wands suggests that the hard work you have been doing will pay off soon. While this can mean a raise or a promotion is coming your way, it might not be a corresponding position that you accept because you would rather keep up your motivation to advance at your current company or organization.

The Six of Wands can also indicate self-confidence and personal strength as demonstrated by someone else who has been promoted to a managerial position.

Upright Six of Wands in a Financial Reading

It is time for celebration. Take this opportunity to take a break, reflect on the past year, and look forward to prosperity ahead. It is never wise to be frivolous with your purchases or investments, so try making decisions based on sound judgment and good advice.

This moment of financial stability is a rare gift that shouldn’t be discarded lightly. You don’t want all that you’ve worked for to be ruined with a foolish purchase or a foolish investment. Be judicious in your decision-making.

Reversed Six of Wands Overall Meaning

Reversed Six of Wands Overall Meaning

This reversed card means that you lack confidence in your abilities to succeed.

The reversed Six of Wands card shows a discouraged person and unable to make progress in life. They are likely unfriendly and unwilling to participate in social or family events. It may represent loneliness, bitterness and the feeling that there is no point in continuing onward.

When the energy of the reversed Six of Wands enters a reading, it shows that negativity and self-doubt have crept in. Your mood is more volatile than it has been for a long time, and you feel hypercritical of yourself and others.

You may be determined to hide your feelings or try to be on top of it all. Until you ask for help from family and friends, this is unlikely to change.

In the reversed position, this card suggests that you lack confidence, drive and faith in your ability, which is a terrible way to be when trying to set out on a journey. Instead of gaining strength from looking at the past mistakes and learning from them, you instead lack motivation and energy and see these setbacks as an opportunity to give up. 

The reversed Six of Wands suggests that you might feel like a failure and like you need to do better. This card can also suggest someone who lacks confidence and gets easily discouraged.

If the six of Wands is facing this direction, you might find that your confidence level is low. You can learn to become more confident with the Six of Wands, and this is something that will help you achieve your goals in life.

Reversed Six of Wands in a Love Reading

Friends and loved ones might be leaving you behind, taking off to achieve more extraordinary things without you. This could lead to a feeling of inadequacy, but the reversed Six of Wands tarot love meaning can also indicate that you’re feeling overlooked by a romantic partner.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time and you aren’t focused on each other anymore, this relationship might be ready to end.

When you see the reversed Six of Wands tarot card in a love reading, it is a sign that you or your partner is being insecure. You or your partner is acting in an unattractive way to you, which seems to be putting a wedge between you.

If you have been giving love and care, but do not feel as if you are receiving as much as you give, then it may be time to change your attitude and ensure that you continue to do those small gestures that prove your love. 

By doing these things, you can show your partner that you are worth their time and effort.

No matter what kind of love you’re looking for, it’s vital to remain confident. The reversed Six of Wands tarot card suggests that you may be putting too much worth on your attractiveness or prowess in the romantic realm, but this has left you feeling bitter, angry, and unable to appreciate what you do have. 

If you want to attract better partners, make sure that you are attractive on the inside as well as the outside. Self-improvement can be a great way to attract positive attention while leaving behind some of the negativity that has been bringing you down.

Reversed Six of Wands in a Career Reading

Six of Wands

How do we interpret this reversal in a career reading? When we reverse the meaning of a card, we try to look at the way it would manifest in reality. For instance, in this case, one might become incredibly apprehensive about their future at work. It might be that this person will work slowly due to apprehension and thus fail to meet deadlines and expectations.

This person may become lethargic and lack motivation when they see no good coming from work situations. If you recently had a disagreement or competition at work, then it may not or will not resolve itself in your favor.

The reversed Six of Wands generally indicates a lack of success regarding work. This card advises that you take control of your career or business goals rather than allowing them to control you. You may be better off doing something that is within your means rather than competing for a promotion at work.

Be careful not to feign competence where none exists. It also carries a warning against expecting a raise or a promotion automatically because you have been around for so long. Instead, put in the hard work and be persistent – you will eventually get what is deserved!

While the reversed Six of Wands generally indicates a lack of ambition regarding work, there are exceptions. This card can show failure at achieving one’s goals due to an inappropriate dependency on others rather than one’s efforts. The card may also indicate emotional or physical setbacks due to overexertion or obsession with work.

Reversed Six of Wands in a Financial Reading

In a reversed position, the Six of Wands indicates that you may be in a state of anxiety about the state of your economic affairs. You may be facing a shortage of money or feel that you need to handle your finances better to ensure continued stability.

If the Six of Wands represents your broader economic situation, you will likely have to work harder now to maintain or grow your wealth, as your current level of income may not stretch as far as it once did.

The cards around will help you determine if the cause of the downturn is due to a single isolated event or part of a broader trend that we can address with the appropriate action.

This reversed Six of Wands indicates a potentially stagnant financial position. The reversed Six of Wands generally speaks of a lack of productivity and initiative in financial matters. This can be a failed business venture, or there may have been a significant decrease in the flow of income. 

Without any new investments or purchases that have decreased your financial holdings, it is likely that your money is dwindling at a slower pace. The reversed Six of Wands encourages us to have faith in ourselves and trust that better things will happen as long as we work on our character, think positively, and be proactive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the Six of Wands a Yes or No Card?

Answer: The Six of Wands is typically a yes card. However, if it is reversed, then it could be a no. But instead of a flat out no, you should rather look for an alternative way to achieve your goal. 

Question: What Does the Six of Wands Mean for the Present Position?

Answer: The Six of Wands is not an absolute success card. It symbolizes the accolades that will follow after hard work. Everything that you will do will begin to bear fruit, but you have to make sure you are putting in the effort to achieve your goals. 

Question: What Does the Six of Wands Mean in a Future Position?

Answer: Head towards your future. Think about where you want to be in a few years and work towards it. We remember our past through the Six of Wands tarot card and use it as a model for our future.

Question: What Does the Six of Wands Mean in the Past Position?

Answer: The Six of Wands, when appearing in the past position, means that the querent has had many good experiences from childhood onward. Many people can relate to this card because everybody has been through a golden phase of his or her life.
The challenge is to make the present as beautiful as the past should be. We should not forget what made those excellent memories happen. Try to bring them into the now and make a better future for ourselves.

Question: What Does the Six of Wands Mean in a Health Reading?

Answer: The Six of Wands shows that you are strong, healthy, and doing well. Don’t stress or worry about concerns that may not even happen! You will be able to handle any changes that come your way much better if you stop worrying now.
Someone else may be jealous of all that you have now, but do not let that guide your actions. Continue to take care of yourself.

Question: What Does the Six of Wands Mean as a Person?

Answer: Fearless and self-assured, not much can hold back a Six of Wands person. They approach situations brazenly and solve problems logically. They can be aggressive in business matters if needed, but they also know when to back down. 
Fair, honest, and level headed, they can bite their tongue when necessary, and they rarely needlessly stir up trouble.
Magnificence and success are apparent in the spread if the Six of Wands is drawn. The person having this card drawn for them is a natural at leadership. They can convince others easily and make any project more prosperous.

Six of Wands: the Final Word

The Six of Wands tarot card is about taking action

The Six of Wands tarot card represents the feeling that you are ready to face your goals and move forward, regardless of your current surroundings. This is because you will be able to do things right regardless of what happens around you. True success lies ahead for you, regardless of other obstacles that arise in your life.

The foundation to life is steady progress, one step at a time. The Six of Wands is based precisely on this idea, emphasizing not just moving forward but moving forward triumphantly. This Six of Wands card represents the culmination of hard work.

This card represents a victory or a triumph that you’ve been working towards. Perhaps you have been striving to make a name for yourself in your career or accomplish something big in the community.

This card often symbolizes success in contests. You will notice leadership qualities within yourself, and others will start recognizing your abilities as well. Overall, the Six of Wands is a good omen and indicates that good news could be on the way.

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