The Empress as Feelings Explained

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The Empress is the third card of the Major Arcana and represents femininity, abundance, sensuality, and beauty. As a Major Arcana card, it reflects significant changes and decisions when appearing in a reading. Major Arcana cards ask us to consider our life path and karmic influences.

We know the Empress is an important card to receive in a reading, but what does it mean regarding feelings? In this article, I will dive deep into the meaning of the Empress card and what it means for relationships, romance, breakups, and those looking for love.

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Key Takeaways

  • If you are looking for love, the upright Empress as feelings suggests that you are in a great position right now to enter a healthy and balanced relationship.
  • If you are in a relationship, the upright Empress as feelings reflects harmony and support.
  • If you have recently broken up, the upright Empress as feelings represents lingering love but also asks you to focus on yourself.
  • When reversed, the Empress as feelings suggests that you need to focus on healing any wounds before looking for love.
  • If you are in a relationship, the reversed Empress as feelings reflects an imbalance in your relationship that needs addressing.
  • If you have recently broken up with someone, the reversed Empress as feelings shows you that you can learn from the breakup to understand what you need from love.

The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress is often seen as the mother of the deck. She reveals a need to tap into your feminine side, whatever gender you identify as. We all have feminine and masculine energy within us, and we must balance and embrace these two opposing forces to understand ourselves and our connection with the universe.

But what does femininity actually mean? We can understand the Empress as representing nurture, sensuality, beauty, and creativity. She appears in a reading to ask us to care for ourselves and those around us and appreciate the good things in our lives.

The Empress card is ruled by Venus, which influences its meaning. In spirituality, the planet Venus is connected with material goods, abundance, and love. It governs pleasure and how we find it in the physical world, and the Empress reflects the luxury surrounding us. It often appears in a reading to signify a comfortable life.

The Empress is also linked to nature and how we connect with planet Earth. It asks us to explore our connection with Mother Nature and reflect on how it impacts our lives.

There is an element of fertility within this card, too. However, this fertility and idea of birth can be regarding anything, such as new ideas, creative passions, and work roles. Like we must incubate and grow a real pregnancy, we must incubate and grow our ideas and roles to ensure success.

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The Empress Upright as Feelings Explained

The Empress is a significant card to receive in love, relationships, and feelings Tarot spreads. Representing abundance, nurture, and femininity, it holds important messages for you and your love life. Let’s break down what the Empress as feelings means when appearing upright in your readings.

If You Are Looking for Love

If you are looking for love, the Empress signifies a positive change for you, with romantic feelings flowing. However, it also places importance on your relationship with yourself.

The Empress suggests that a caring and harmonious relationship is on the horizon for you. If there is a potential lover you have your eyes on, the Empress gives you the green light to explore it and suggests that your next relationship will be built on trust, respect, and care.

This relationship won’t be a whirlwind. Instead, it will be a mature connection that you nourish and nurture over time to get to the right place. The appearance of the Empress in your reading suggests that you have experienced a lot in your life and feel sure of yourself and what you want from love. Stay true to this, and remember that you have the power to curate the perfect relationship for you.

As the Empress represents nurture, it also has a message for self-care for those looking for love. Of course, romantic relationships are super important. However, the love and care we show ourselves are equally necessary. Tap into your sensuality and sexuality to explore who you are and get to know yourself better. Make sure you practice self-care and give yourself the space and time to nurture and feed your mind, body, and soul.

If You Are in a Relationship

If you are in a relationship, the Empress is a fantastic sign. It reflects feelings of support, harmony, and tenderness and shows you that you have a wonderful connection with your partner. The Empress has a numerical energy of 3, which represents communication, co-creation, and good fortune. You are confident about your connection with your partner and feel it is growing and developing at the right speed.

You are building a life with your partner, and the next phase of your romantic connection is coming your way. Make sure there is a balance of give and take, and you will soon level up your relationship and deepen that amazing connection you have!

If You Have Recently Broken Up

We often turn to the Tarot when we want clarity and guidance, especially regarding our feelings and matters of the heart. If you have recently broken up and received the Empress card, it suggests that there are still some tender loving feelings between you. You may be missing your ex and crave their support and love.

These feelings are natural after a breakup, but the Empress card does not signify that you must get back with your ex. Reconciliation is on the cards, as loads of positive feelings flow between you and your ex. However, the Empress card may be asking you to redirect that loving energy towards yourself.

If you are unable to get back with your ex or simply don’t want to, the Empress card is telling you to focus on nurturing your mind, body, and soul. You are a strong and confident person with a lot of good things going on. Maybe it is time to realign with your personal goals, treat yourself, and connect with your senses.

The Empress Reversed as Feelings Explained

the empress reversed

When reversed, the Empress as feelings has a totally different message for you. Reversed cards are just as important as upright cards in a Tarot card reading, and you must explore the messages from the universe to gain guidance.

The Empress reversed reflects neglect, insecurity, and lack of growth. It often appears when you have a creative block and feel disconnected from nature and your senses.

Let’s break it down and examine what the Empress as feelings means for single people, relationships, and breakups.

If You Are Looking for Love

If you are looking for love, the reversed Empress as feelings suggests a lack of emotional connection and attachment issues. You may feel as if you cannot really connect with potential partners on a deeper level, and this causes you to stay single. You may be jumping from short-term fling to short-term fling, never feeling satisfied or connected with the people you see.

The reversed Empress wants you to focus on yourself right now and put romantic pursuits on the back burner. There may be deeper issues that need to be addressed, and doing so will allow you to form those deep romantic connections you crave.

Take time to work through any pain or trauma that may be influencing your connections with others. Turning to therapy can help you. Make sure you reach out for advice and support if you need it.

If You Are in a Relationship

The Empress reversed suggests feelings of discontentment and resentment for those in a relationship. It reflects a lack of balance and points to unhealthy behavior that needs addressing. This behavior is causing a lot of bad vibes right now, so you must deal with it ASAP.

Perhaps you are in a codependent relationship, with one of you being too needy and smothering. Or, maybe one of you pushes the other away and struggles to open up. This is causing you and your partner to get stuck in a negative cycle of behavior, and it is not helping either of you!

It is time to get help from outside forces to heal your relationship while also focusing on yourself and your own emotional needs. Remember, a healthy relationship consists of two independent people who can stand on their own feet and be in control of their needs. Spend time working out how you feel and what you want from the relationship independently, then work together to heal the wounds that are affecting your connection.

If You Have Recently Broken Up

If you have recently broken up with someone, the reversed Empress suggests feelings of discouragement and regret. However, it also represents hope.

You may be feeling as if you didn’t do enough to keep the relationship strong. Perhaps there was a disconnect, and you felt as if there was a lack of emotional intimacy. You may be feeling pretty down right now, but there is hope for growth and self-discovery.

Every breakup provides us with a chance to learn about ourselves and what we want from love. The reversed Empress asks you to focus on yourself and tap into your inner femininity for guidance.

There may be a chance for reconciliation with the reversed Empress. It does suggest that there are lingering feelings between you and your ex. However, it is necessary to work on yourself before you get back with them to make sure you do not make the same mistakes again. Address the causes for the emotional blockage between you and your ex, and explore any past influences that may be impacting your current feelings and behavior.

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Question: What Does the Empress Tarot Card Mean in a Love Reading?

Answer: In a love reading, the Empress suggests a balanced and healthy relationship that is built on mutual support and care. It reveals commitment and growth, suggesting that you and your partner are on the right track.

Question: What Does the Empress Reversed Tarot Card Mean in a Love Reading?

Answer: When reversed, the Empress reflects an unhealthy love dynamic. There may be a lack of emotional intimacy or co-dependency that is harming both your personal growth and your growth as a couple.

Question: Is the Empress a Yes or No Love Card?

Answer: The Empress is a yes card regarding love. It suggests that you have the right attitude towards romance and are in the best place for love to grow. You know yourself and what you want from a relationship, so follow your heart!

Question: What is the Energy of the Empress Tarot Card?

Answer: The Empress holds feminine energy of care, sensuality, and support. It is a nurturing card that reveals the gentle energy of balance and harmony.

Question: What is the Empress Tarot Card Advice?

Answer: The Empress Tarot card advises you to tap into your feminine side and embrace sensuality and nurture. It asks you to acknowledge the beauty both within you and around you and express gratitude for the abundance you have.

The Empress as Feelings: Heal Wounds with This Caring and Nurturing Tarot Card

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The Empress is an influential card to receive, especially when you wish to gain advice on your feelings. It represents care, support, and sensuality with a whole load of loving vibes!

When upright, the Empress represents wonderful, flowing feelings of love, care, and harmony. Whether you are in a relationship or looking for love, the Empress upright shows you that you are well on your way to creating the romantic partnership you deserve.

When reversed, the Empress represents stalled feelings and a lack of emotional connection in romantic relationships. However, there still is hope with the reversed Empress card as feelings. By tapping into your feminine side and focusing on nurture and sensuality, you have the power to heal any wounds that are impacting your feelings and relationships.

Connect with the energy of the Empress card, and explore the Empress within you to enhance your life!

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