The Fool Tarot Meaning for Love, Career and Health

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The Fool is the very first card of the Major Arcana and is normally numbered as 0. It can also appear at the end of the Tarot deck and be numbered 22. This is because the energy of this card is limitless, being able to move and appear throughout the deck.

So what does the Fool mean for love, relationships, career, money, and health?

Symbolism and Imagery of The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool is traditionally depicted as an innocent and hopeful traveler. He is walking with his head held high and a bindle over his shoulder, ready to take on the world. In one of his hands is a white flower, reflecting his purity and newness. There is a dog at his feet, again in a positive stance.

The Fool does not know where he is heading, but he is excited and full of dreams. He is ready to explore the world and make a leap into the unknown. He is often depicted on the side of a cliff, showing that there is risk involved with his journey. There is danger, but danger is always present in this universe.

The Fool is ready to explore and begin life.

The Fool Tarot Card

Upright Meaning of The Fool Card

When the Fool card appears in a reading, it is normally because you are about to begin a new phase of your life. There is a journey ahead, one that is exciting and refreshing. You may get the chance to start over again at something and find a new way of living.

The Fool is an optimistic card and suggests that you are about to begin a very exciting time in your life. It is a time of exploration and discovery, with new opportunities and experiences. You are bursting with potential right now.

The Fool suggests that soon you will have to take a leap into the unknown. There is risk involved with your new journey in life, but you don’t need to hesitate! Sometimes taking a risk is what is needed in life. There are so many opportunities on the horizon, you just need to go for it!

The Fool card has strong childlike energy and wants you to remember to have fun in life. Sometimes we can get dragged down into a negative and serious way of thinking, but the Fool represents a fresh way of looking at things. Life is to be enjoyed!

Upright Love Fool Meaning

The Fool turning up in a love reading suggests that a brand new relationship is about to come your way. This relationship is going to be very fun and rewarding for both of you, so enjoy it! Go with the flow and keep your mind open.

The Fool wants you to know that it is super important to put yourself out there and take risks when it comes to finding love. Of course, this can be hard, and our insecurities and past relationships can hold us back. But, the Fool card brings us fresh eyes and a new outlook on life and love. Jump into the dating world and open your heart to love!

If you are in a relationship, the Fool card will often suggest that you will go on a journey with your partner. An adventure awaits and a new way of loving will enter your lives. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

Upright Career and Money Fool Meaning

The Fool card is a really exciting card to appear in a career and money reading. It suggests that new opportunities are on the horizon and you should make the leap that you have always been wanting to make.

Have you always been too nervous to apply for that dream job? Or, have you always wanted to start your own business but always been too afraid? Do you want that promotion but never really got around to applying?

The Fool is telling you to go for it! Follow what your soul is wanting out of your career and remember, taking risks is on your side right now. You can get ahead quickly and easily right now when you put the effort in.

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Upright Home and Family Fool Meaning

The Tarot is telling you that now is the time to have fun with your friends and family. The Fool brings with it playful energy and youthfulness. Perhaps being around the young people in your family will bring you a fresh perspective on things and allow you to let your hair down a bit.

Life is an adventure and having fun is necessary for us to survive. Perhaps you have been ignoring your playful side and focusing too much on the serious stuff. Connect with your loved ones and plan a day of fun and adventures!

Upright Health Fool Meaning

The Fool will often appear in a health reading when you have been suffering from health issues. Stress and anxiety have been bringing you down and you are finding things pretty difficult right now. Maybe a chronic health problem has been causing you issues recently and it is starting to get to you.

The Fool suggests that you will find a new way of dealing with your health problems and perhaps you will soon find the comfort and help that you are needing. You will soon get a fresh perspective on your health issues, with support and guidance from those around you.

Reversed Meaning of The Fool Card

When reversed, the Fool card reflects irresponsibility and reckless risks. It will often appear as a warning, telling you that your behavior right now will soon cause harm if not addressed.

It is good to take risks. It is simply impossible to live life without them! However, not all risks are good and not all risks pay off. There is a thoughtlessness to your behavior right now and you are acting like a fool!

You like to be adventurous, but this is becoming reckless. You are not thinking of the future and are not aware of the world around you. Your behavior is risking harming yourself or the people around you.

Reversed Love Fool Meaning

Getting a reversed Fool in a love reading is not a good sign and suggests that your attitude towards love, relationships, and sex will soon cause you harm if it hasn’t already.

Perhaps you are too trusting of others and let your partners walk all over you. You find yourself in risky relationships and unhealthy love patterns as you tend to jump into things too quickly without realizing the risks.

When reversed, the Fool card also suggests that there might be commitment issues going on that are affecting your love life. This can be true for both those in a relationship and those looking for a relationship. There is something that is holding you back from true happiness and you must address it.

Reversed Career and Money Fool Meaning

A reversed Fool card suggests that you are reckless with your finances and are not planning for the future. You tend to throw your money at things without fully thinking them through. The risks that you take with your money occasionally pay off, but you are losing more than you are gaining. The long-term consequences of your actions will be severe if you do not stop to consider what you are doing.

In regards to career, a reversed Fool card means that you are not taking risks that you should be taking. You are stuck in your job, disconnected from your work role. You do not have any passion for what you are doing, and you are feeling despondent and bored. It is now the time to put yourself first and take action.

You have dreams and passions, and you must begin to follow them! Soon, everything will fall into place as long as you begin your journey into the unknown. It may seem scary at first, but following your heart will gain long-term happiness and peace.

Reversed Home and Family Fool Meaning

When you get a reversed Fool for home and family, this suggests that you are in a position that you really don’t want to be in. Perhaps you are burdened with the problems of your loved ones, being their only support. Maybe your friends demand too much of you and do not allow you to truly flourish and be yourself.

A reversed Fool is asking you to act and take the steps towards a healthier and more relaxed home life. Speak up to your friends and family if they are dragging you down, and let you be you! Put yourself first and follow your heart. Now is the time to go after what you want and have always dreamed of.

It can be difficult to put yourself first, especially when people around you need you. But, you can be there for people but also be there for yourself! Be kind to yourself and be who you truly are in the world. In the long run, everyone will be so much more happier for it!

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Reversed Health Fool Meaning

When the Fool is reversed in a Health reading, you must begin to take action towards being a better you. A reversed Fool will often appear when people have a lapsed view of health and wellbeing. There may be no major health problems, but there are still things that need to be addressed.

Perhaps you are a heavy smoker, or you never really work out. Maybe stress and anxiety impact your life and you find yourself easily upset. You may feel that these things aren’t that big of a deal and that, overall, your health is fine.

However, these health problems will soon become a big issue when not addressed. The Tarot is wanting you to act now to protect your health and wellbeing. This doesn’t have to be anything too major, you are not expected to start running marathons! But, small changes go a long way when it comes to health. By kicking bad habits, seeking advice when you need it, and making healthier choices, you will soon find yourself happier and more content within yourself.

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The Fool Tarot Meaning: FAQs

The first card of the traditional Tarot deck is a wonderful card to get. It is full of hope, new adventures, and change. I hope this article has helped you understand this card more. Let’s look at some FAQs about the Fool Tarot card

Question: What Does The Fool Tarot Card Mean?

Answer: The Fool Tarot card represents the beginning of a new phase in life. It suggests that there is a journey that you must go on and you should go forth into your new adventure! Remember that risks can pay off.

Question: If The Fool Card a Yes or No Card?

Answer: When asking the Tarot a question and receiving the Fool card, take this as a very excited yes! This is a card all about action and fresh starts and tells you to put your doubts aside and go for it!

Question: What Zodiac Sign is the Fool Tarot Card?

Answer: The Fool is not actually linked to any Zodiac sign. He is everybody and can be anywhere.

Question: What Element is Represented By The Fool?

Answer: The Fool is connected with the element of air.

Question: What Does The Fool Tarot Card Mean in Love?

Answer: A new relationship or a new phase of your current relationship is on the horizon. Now is the time to let go of preconceptions and take risks. Go with the flow and have fun!

Follow Your Heart and Take Risks With The Fool Card

The Fool Tarot card is the first card of the Major Arcana and represents a new beginning. It is calling you to follow your heart and take risks! Now is the time for change, growth, and adventures.

The universe is behind you right now, with your personal power strong and alive. Like the Fool, you can be naive and innocent. However, this is only working in your favor right now. Take the leap into the unknown and enjoy yourself!

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