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Modern Way Tarot Deck

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One thing I love about Tarot is the number of beautiful decks out there and how new ones that update traditional Tarot are always coming out. There is a deck for everyone, from earthy, nature-themed decks to ones incorporating the stars and planets. I have been reading Tarot for years now, and I have worked with a lot of different decks. However, I am always ready to try out new releases. I love modern interpretations of Tarot, so I was excited to review the Modern Way Tarot deck!

This article will dive into the Modern Way Tarot deck and look at what I liked about it. I will review the deck’s pros and cons and give you some alternatives if the deck is not for you.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Modern Way Tarot deck is a fun twist on the traditional Rider-Waite deck, using its imagery and symbolism in a unique way. The deck plays with bold colors and strips back the Tarot, incorporating minimalism into the design.

Whether you are new to Tarot or an expert, it is a great deck to work with. However, the colors in the deck may be a bit out there for some people. All the cards follow the same color palette, and you need to like the colors to gel with the deck.

What is the Modern Way Tarot Deck?

The Modern Way Tarot Deck is an updated version of the original Rider-Waite deck. The creator’s aim with the deck is to make it a more intuitive experience, with key symbols and imagery put at the forefront of the artwork.

By doing this, the deck is designed to be easy to use and perfect for beginners. Another important part of the Modern Way Tarot deck is how it strips back the characters in the cards and expresses them as silhouettes. This means that we are able to connect with the characters regardless of what race or gender we are. Yes, we still have Queens and Kings, but we can relate to the figures displayed on the cards in our own way. Queens don’t always represent women, and Kings don’t always represent men!

Modern Way Tarot

The deck isn’t inherently masculine or feminine and is designed for everyone. We see a lot of female-orientated Tarot decks, so the aim of the deck feels pretty fresh.

Another aim of the deck is to put our intuition and power at the forefront of our readings. Throughout the deck and guidebook, we are reminded that we are the readers and interpreters of the cards. Again, this feels different from a lot of Tarot and Oracle decks out there. While other decks inform us that the cards hold guidance from the universe, the Modern Way Tarot Deck reminds us that a whole load of the guidance we need comes from within.

Modern Way Tarot Deck Review

I tend to use decks that follow the traditional Rider-Waite imagery and symbolism, as they are easy to understand and connect with intuitively. I love any modern interpretations of the Rider-Waite, and the Modern Way Tarot deck is said to be a ‘modern and more intuitive take on the traditional Rider-Waite tarot cards.’

The deck was created by J. Bindels, with its bold and vibrant cards designed by N. Fernando. So, what do I think about the Modern Way Tarot deck?

Initial Thoughts

The Modern Way Tarot deck comes in a sturdy box with the image of the Fool on the front. The bold yellow color and silhouette design feels fresh and intriguing, and I can’t think of any other decks with this modern, minimalist energy.

Modern Way Tarot Deck

We are greeted with a small guidebook and 80 Tarot cards when we open the box. The 78 cards follow the traditional names, whereas the extra two cards tell us that ‘you are the Way…‘ and ‘this is the Way…‘ This feels inviting and exciting, reminding us that we have the power to enhance our lives through Tarot.

modern way tarot deck you are the Way... and  this is the Way cards

The Guidebook

Despite being a small guidebook, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the contents. The first part dives deeper into the ‘you are the Way…‘ and ‘this is the Way…‘ slogans, explaining how the deck is a ‘portal to your own inner guide.’ I love this. Many people go into Tarot believing it will show us the future or answer our questions for us. However, Tarot actually shows you what you know but need to be made aware of. The cards reflect your energy, your powers, and the journey you are on.

The guidebook has details of all 78 Tarot cards, with keywords and descriptions. However, it also includes information on the different suits and spreads. It is perfect for beginners, providing all the necessary information while empowering you to explore the Tarot in your own way.

The descriptions of each card in the deck are fun to read, with interesting insights into the energy of the cards.

The Cards

The cards in the Modern Way Tarot deck are of medium size and thickness. They are high-quality and easy to shuffle straight away. When flicking through the deck, the colors and imagery stick out. The deck has a distinct theme, with colors and designs flowing throughout.

modern way tarot deck cards design

The cards stick to the traditional Rider-Waite designs but strip them back, using key symbols to express the meaning of each card. I really like this idea, and the designers of the deck have pulled it off magnificently! Many stripped-back decks lose crucial elements of specific cards, making them difficult to read. However, all essential symbols are kept in the Modern Way deck, and you can tell it was created by someone who really knows the Tarot. The design of the cards allows you to read them intuitively and connect your energy with the deck.

The characters of the Tarot cards are reduced to silhouettes, which creates a neutral feel to the deck. The images we see can portray anyone, regardless of gender or ethnicity. I like the colors used in the deck, too. They are bold and bright, full of energy!

Oh, and I love the backs of the cards. The back depicts an eye, which I like to think symbolizes the third eye. The third eye represents our intuition and spiritual understanding, reminding us to follow our inner voice when reading the cards.

Key Cards

When getting to know a new deck, I like to pay attention to the cards that stick out to me and see how the deck portrays my favorite cards.

When I flicked through the Modern Way Tarot deck for the first time, I was drawn to the Strength card. This card depicts someone with a lion, much like the traditional Rider-Waite. However, only two colors are used on the card, and the lion and person are silhouettes.

modern way deck Tarot Strength card

Despite this, the energy of the card is still there. It feels gentle and patient, with the individual connecting with the lion peacefully. Plus, it still has a key symbol on the card: the infinity sign above the person’s head. This card shows how the Modern Way Tarot deck picks out the essential aspects of the traditional cards to portray them in an understandable and intuitive way.

One of my favorite cards in Tarot is the Fool. It represents the beginning of a journey, taking risks, and stepping out into the unknown. So, what did I think about the Modern Way Tarot deck’s interpretation of it? To be honest, I loved it, and I think it may be my favorite Fool card I have seen!

modern way deck Tarot the Fool card

We can really feel the energy of the Fool in this card. He is standing tall, with a foot in the air, ready to start his journey. The dog is more prominent in this depiction of the Fool, and I like this touch. Like the Fool, his dog is jumping up and excited to begin his adventure.

Overall Thoughts on the Modern Way Tarot Deck

I really recommend the Modern Way Tarot deck if you are new to the practice and want a fun and vibrant deck to work with. I found it easy to connect with and read from, with the cards allowing me to use my intuition during readings. The colors are bold and bright, which I know will not be to everyone’s taste. However, I liked the cohesiveness of the deck.

This deck is also refreshing for those who are Tarot experts, bringing unique energy into your life. The deck reminds us of our own personal strength and spiritual abilities, and I feel empowered when using it.

Pros of the Modern Way Tarot Deck

  • High quality
  • Traditional card names and imagery
  • Minimalistic and modern
  • Bold and bright colors
  • Neutral depictions of people

Cons of the Modern Way Tarot Deck

  • The colors may be unappealing to some
  • It uses Roman numerals, which can be confusing

Alternatives We Recommend

Are you looking for an up-to-date interpretation of the Rider-Waite deck? If the Modern Way Tarot deck isn’t your vibe, we have some fantastic options for you to take a look at!

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck

The Modern Witch is another fabulous Tarot deck that updates the traditional Rider-Waite deck. This is probably my favorite deck; I use it for most of my readings. The artwork is very similar to Rider-Waite but with a fresh twist, depicting women in the modern world.


  • Intuitive to read
  • Modern and playful


  • Female orientated

The Morgan Greer Tarot Deck

The Morgan Greer Tarot Deck

The Morgan Greer Tarot deck is a colorful interpretation of the Rider-Waite cards, using close-ups of the characters to explore their meanings. It is a bright and vivid deck, perfect for beginners.


  • Colorful cards
  • Rich images
  • Easy to read


  • Certain cards have different imagery from the traditional Rider-Waite

Tarot del Fuego

Tarot del Fuego

If you love colors and bold designs, look no further than the Tarot del Fuego deck. It explores the traditional Tarot, expressing the cards in a unique and fun way.


  • Colorful and playful
  • Unique and expressive artwork


  • Images differ from the traditional Rider-Waite


Question: Is the Modern Way Tarot deck suitable for beginners?

Answer: Yes, the Modern Way Deck is perfect for beginners.

Question: Where can I buy the Modern Way Tarot deck?

Answer: You can buy the Modern Way Tarot deck from online bookstores, such as Amazon.

Question: How can I use the Modern Way Tarot deck?

Answer: The Modern Way Tarot deck is fantastic for exploring your intuition and connecting with the meanings of the cards.

Unlock Your Intuition With the Modern Way Tarot Deck

I liked working with this Tarot deck and loved the general feel of it. It reminds us to use our own intuition to guide us when reading the cards, paying attention to symbolism and imagery.

Perfect for both beginners and experts, the Modern Way Tarot deck is a fun and bold twist on the traditional Rider-Waite.

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