Ten of Cups Meaning

Ten of Cups Meaning: Upright and Reversed

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The Ten of Cups is a card in the Suit of Cups and represents happiness and harmony. It is a card signifying strong family bonds and beckons in a relaxed and wholesome way of living. Let’s look at the Ten of Cups meaning to you when it appears in a tarot reading!

Keywords for The Ten of Cups Tarot Card

Upright Keywords:

  • Harmony
  • Family
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Family Gatherings
  • Reunions
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Fulfillment

Reversed Keywords:

  • Disconnection
  • Separation
  • Disharmony
  • Conflict
  • Unhappy Home Life
  • Lack of Teamwork

Symbols and Imagery of The Ten of Cups Tarot Card

When wanting to gain a deep understanding of our Tarot cards, it is really helpful to spend time with the card and what images and symbols are depicted on it. On most traditional decks, the Ten of Cups depicts a happy family celebrating under the sunshine.

A couple is standing with their arms around each other, looking up at a rainbow in the sky. The rainbow is adorned with ten cups. Near the couple, there are a few children playing in harmony. The family appears content and happy, having everything they need around them.

The couple is facing rolling hills, on which is a house. This house is their home, and they are celebrating their success in life. The card is full of loving energy and gratefulness. The characters on the card are grateful for where they are.

The rolling hills contain a river, represent abundance and emotion. Love is flowing through the countryside and there is an idyllic quality of the imagery. The rainbow above them suggests that hard times are over, and the family is stable and secure in their place in the world.

The Suit of Cups

When we are wanting to understand the minor arcana cards, we must learn about the different suits and what they represent. The Suit of Cups is all about emotions and is governed by the element of water. The suit is associated with love and connection, guiding us to happiness and inner peace.

As the suit is governed by water, it tells us that emotions are ever-changing and always flowing. Like love, water is able to heal and cleanse.

The Number 10

Alongside learning about the different suits of the Tarot, it is really useful to understand the numerology of the different numbers. Each number reflects a certain energy, and in learning what these numbers represent, we are able to read the cards more intuitively and confidently.

In Tarot and numerology, the number 10 represents completion and wholeness. It is the last numbered card of each suit, with the Page, Knight, Queen, and King following. It suggests endings and closure, but with the energy of completeness. A chapter is closing and another is opening.

When applying this to the Ten of Cups, we can see that the number 10 represents the completion of emotion and love. There is contentment in this completion and a celebration of the journey that has lead to this moment.

Upright Ten of Cups Meaning

The Ten of Cups represents happiness and contentment within your family or home life. There is success and achievement, and a sense of overcoming hard times. When it appears upright in a reading, it suggests that you are currently in a well-supported environment with your loved ones giving you the courage and stability you need in order to be yourself.

It is often seen as the family card, and suggests that family is what is really important right now. However, this does not necessarily mean biological family. Families come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can find your family in the most unlikely places. Whoever your family is right now, they are there supporting you and you are supporting them in return.

You are feeling pretty fulfilled right now and you might have completed something important in your life recently. You feel content and comfortable emotionally, with a true understanding of who you are.

The Ten of Cups can also signify a reunion or homecoming. This might be you, or someone you love coming home. It may also refer to a reunion and celebration within your extended family, such as a wedding or a birthday. This event will bring together all the different generations of your family.

Upright Ten of Cups Love Meaning

When the Ten of Cups pops up in a love reading, it suggests that the next level of commitment in your relationship is on the horizon. If you are in a relationship, this card is seen as a sign that you are entering the next stage of your partnership. Perhaps now is the time that you will move in with your partner, or perhaps one of you is about to propose. Whatever it may be, you will both know that this is the right step forward for both of you. You are curating and growing a healthy and happy relationship, one that is built on love and honesty.

If you are single and looking for a long-term relationship, the Ten of Cups suggests that you will soon find the right person for you. Keep your heart open to those around you and soon you will find a long-lasting romance that will be stable and secure.

Upright Ten of Cups Career and Money Meaning

When the Ten of Cups appears in a career reading, it suggests that celebration in regards to your work life is on the horizon. Of course, the Ten of Cups is a very family-orientated Tarot card, but overall it represents success and celebration.

If you have been working hard in your career recently, the Ten of Cups suggests that you will soon reap the rewards of your diligence. You will find a reason to celebrate and to be proud of who you are. This celebration might not be huge, as it might just be a small success in your work-life. However, it is important to celebrate the small successes!

When it comes to money, the Ten of Cups is usually seen as a good sign. It ushers in a time of abundance and stability in your finances.

Upright Ten of Cups Family and Home Meaning

The Ten of Cups is a pretty significant card to receive in a family and home reading. It is a card that reflects harmony and strong family bonds, so when appearing in a reading, it suggests that these things are coming your way.

If there have been hard times in your home and family life recently, the Ten of Cups is telling you that this is changing and that you will soon find a reason to celebrate. There is an energy of completion that comes with the Ten of Cups, and it suggests that you have completed a journey and now are in a well-supported environment.

It is time to celebrate with your loved ones and be proud of where you are. It may be a good time to reconnect with family members who you haven’t seen for a while and find time for you to have fun with them!

Upright Ten of Cups Health Meaning

When the Ten of Cups appears upright in a health reading, it suggests that you are on the right path in regards to your health and wellbeing right now. Perhaps you have begun to look after yourself more and started new healthy routines.

The Ten of Cups suggests that you are on the right track and should carry on this healthy lifestyle. Soon you will begin to feel so much stronger!

Reversed Ten of Cups Meaning

When reversed, the Ten of Cups suggests that there are issues that are affecting the happiness of you and your loved ones. There seems to be a disconnection and separation of love and affection, and miscommunication causing difficulties.

Perhaps you are feeling as if something is missing. Happiness and contentment may be in sight for you, but you feel as if you aren’t quite there yet. There is a conflict between you and the most important people in your life, and this is causing you distress. You feel as if they don’t understand you, and you can’t seem to understand where they are coming from.

When the Ten of Cups reversed pops up, the universe is telling you that you must work on your communication! It is time to rebuild the relationships between you and your loved ones and find common ground in order to move on from these issues. It will be easier than you think!

Reversed Ten of Cups Love Meaning

When it comes to love, a reversed Ten of Cups is not a great sign. If you are in a relationship, it reflects a disconnection between you and your partner. There seems to be a lack of teamwork and this is really affecting your happiness. It often pops up when one partner does not want to commit, but the other wants to settle down.

It is time to face these issues in your relationship and discover what you and your partner need to do in order to be happy. Are you meant to be together, or is your relationship just causing suffering?

If you are single, a reversed Ten of Cups suggests that a history of unhealthy relationships and interpersonal conflicts are still affecting your pursuit of love. You may be clinging onto bad love habits and unhelpful ideals and this means you are not able to find the right person. It is time to let go of the things in the past that have affected you and embrace a new outlook on life. You will find the right person for you!

Reversed Ten of Cups Career and Money Meaning

When appearing reversed in a career and money reading, the Ten of Cups signifies miscommunication and a lack of teamwork in the workplace. Perhaps you love your job, but currently, your coworkers are making it difficult for you. You may feel as if not everyone is doing their bit in order for the work to go smoothly, and this is causing conflict and resentment.

It is time to take initiative and begin to communicate with your coworkers. Politely let them know how you feel and ask them how they feel about the current work situation. Together, you can work out what the best course of action is in order for everyone to feel supported and respected.

In regards to money, the reversed Ten of Cups suggests that there might be a disruption to your finances and a threat to your financial security. Keep an eye on the pennies and make sure you are putting enough away to cover any future issues.

Reversed Ten of Cups Family and Home Meaning

In a family and home reading, the reversed Ten of Cups is a pretty serious card to receive! The universe is aware of the conflict and disharmony in your home life, and is telling you that you must act now in order to save relationships!

Do you feel resentful to family members? Perhaps someone has done something in the past that you just can’t seem to get over. Do you not feel listened to in the family unit? Do certain family members seem to disrespect you and your life choices?

Your family is important, and you know this. So, you must work on fixing these issues and having your voice heard. Work on your communication skills and listen to your family. Together you can work out the best way forward in order to find the happiness and respect that you all deserve.

Reversed Ten of Cups Health Meaning

When reversed in a health and wellbeing reading, the Ten of Cups suggests that you may be lacking balance and harmony in yourself and this is causing health issues.

If you are feeling under the weather, it is time to rejig your health routine and find ways of looking after yourself. Remember, moderation is key in order to find a healthy way of living.


The Ten of Cups is a wonderful card and I hope this article has helped you understand what it might mean for you in a reading. Let’s look at some FAQs you may have about this Tarot card.

Question: What Does the Ten of Cups Tarot Card Mean?

Answer: The Ten of Cups Tarot card signifies a time of celebration and strong family bonds. It suggests that you have, or will soon have, a stable and loving home.

Question: Is the Ten of Cups a Yes or No Tarot Card?

Answer: The Ten of Cups is a yes card!

Question: What Does the Ten of Cups Mean in a Past Position?

Answer: When the Ten of Cups appears in a past position, it suggests that your upbringing has provided you with strong morals and a healthy outlook on life and love. You recall your past with love and know how it has shaped who you are today.

Question: What Does the Ten of Cups Mean in a Future Position?

Answer: When appearing in a future position, the Ten of Cups suggests that you will get to a point of contentment and happiness with a strong family unit. You may have a while to go, but this is definitely on the horizon for you!

Celebrate Your Loved Ones With the Ten of Cups

I love the Ten of Cups Tarot card as it reminds me of the people I love in my life and how lucky I am to have them. Families come in so many different shapes and forms and the word ‘family’ means so many different things to so many different people.

The Ten of Cups is telling you to celebrate your family and reach out to those that you might not have spoken to for a while. It is a time to feel grateful and be proud of you and your family!

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