Money Spread Tarot Guide: How to Gain Perspective On Your Finances With Tarot 

Are you struggling with finances? Is your bank account more empty than your fridge at the moment? Don’t worry this money spread tarot guide will show you how to read cards to improve your finances. 

It was 2020, and I had just become certified in tarot life coaching. I felt confident, and in love, with the path I was on.

However, launching a tarot coaching business, especially in the current economy, had cards I was not yet ready to flip over.

With help from the tarot, willpower to create my dream life as a tarot life coach, and a lot of faith that the Universe had a plan. I started making sales and improving my finances.

Now I’m going to show you in this money spread tarot guide how you can create abundance with your tarot deck.

Read on to learn more about using tarot to improve money and access six powerful tarot spreads. This guide will help keep your cash flow moving and your finances improving.

Grab your favorite deck, a quiet place where you can focus, and a journal, and let’s heal our financial woes.

Money Spread Tarot Guide

Six Money Spreads for Your Finances

In this section, I include six powerful spreads I use with myself and clients. These six spreads will help you gain direction on how to improve your finances, switch careers, and even get out of debt.

My favorite spread is the get out of debt tarot spread. Sometimes we struggle with finances because other aspects of our life need to be addressed.

When we let these issues pile up, it becomes catastrophic. For example, running into debt and not being aware we have the power to fix it. 

The get-out of debt spread that I will show you helps you tackle emotions, self-care, and become aware of your spiritual blockages. What’s great is that this spread also shows you how to release these blocks so that you can clear off your debt.

4 Powerful Money Spreads to Use with Tarot 

Here are four powerful money spreads I use with myself and clients to grow abundantly and diminish debt. You’re going to love these!

One Card Money Spread

One of the simplest spreads I like to give people is to draw a card. I love this spread because it can help the most advanced tarot reader or a complete beginner. I also think that one card money spreads helps you to learn to focus and listen to your intuition. 

Sometimes the more advanced spreads can create mass confusion and make tarot readings stressful. Tarot readings should be a fun and enlightening experience. 

  1. Focus on your question.
  2. Draw a card
  3. Apply the wisdom to your question.

Let’s say you asked how to grow your finances and pulled the king of cups. At first, it may not make sense to you. However, here is how you can interpret the king of cups and how it applies to growing your finances:

The king of cups represents a person who is a master of emotions. They do not let their emotions get the best of them. Yet they are intuitive enough to trust where their emotions are leading them. 

The king of cups may be asking you to take a step back and evaluate your emotional health. There could be something such as hurt from a friend or a lover in the past that needs to be released. 

Sometimes what happens is emotional pain from our past is still infecting our current situation. Unknowingly, when emotions affect us that we haven’t healed, they’ll start affecting our physical body. This includes our financial health as well!

1 card spread

Three Card Money Spread

Sometimes we need to do a deeper dive into the financial problems we have. This spread is still easy enough for a beginner and advanced enough for a seasoned pro to try.

  1. Focus on your question while you shuffle the cards.
  2. Place one card to the left of you. This card represents the financial situation in the past. 
  3. Place another card in the center of you. This card represents the current situation. 
  4. Place a card to the right of you. This card represents the direction your financial situation is going in the present future. It’s important to note that the future is never set in stone and that your situation can always be improved. 

You’ve pulled the six of wands in the past, the three of swords in the present, and the ace of pentacles in the future of your finances.

The six of wands represent victory. Perhaps you’ve won a court case, got a promotion, or landed a job in your dream career.

In the present, the three of swords represent disappointment. Perhaps you spent all of the money you won in your case, you got too comfortable with your new promotion and wound up getting demoted, or you worked hard to land your dream career, but then they gave the position to someone else. 

The present may be asking you to forgive yourself for what has happened. But make sure you learn the lesson. 

Another way you can interpret your present position is by seeing it as what is blinding you from reaching your future success.

The ace of pentacles in the future position represents new financial energy. This could be a loan you get approved for, a raise is on the way, or a new flow of money is on its way to you.

But first, you need to heal your present energy. It’s time to make peace with your past, learn from your present, and grow your future.

3 card money spread

Five Card Money Spread for Career

Are you striving to improve your finances by switching careers? This tarot spread can give you the insight you need on what the best course of action is. 

  1. Shuffle the cards.
  2. While you shuffle, focus on the question: What do I need to know about switching careers to(insert your chosen career) to improve my finances?
  3. Lay the first card to the left. This card represents the root issue.
  4. Lay the neat card in the center. This card represents what is affecting the current financial issue.
  5. Lay the next card to the right. This card represents the likely outcome financially based on the first two cards.
  6. Place two more cards on the right and left sides of the three cards. These two cards represent advice on how to move towards your goal.

You ask the deck how you can switch to careers to boost your finances. 

The first card to the left is the Ace of Cups. This is the root issue. The root issue represented by the ace of cups can symbolize a new friendship, a new dream, or even a new vacation. This may not always mean there is a problem. This can also signify something new is about to happen. Hence the ace of cups represents new connections, relationships, travel, etc.

In the center, you draw the four pentacles in reverse. The four pentacles in reverse may signify that you are hoarding your money. You may be afraid of treating yourself to something you want.

On the right side, you draw the nine of swords upright. You have just drawn the outcome position based on the two cards. 

You can interpret this as a sign that you are under a lot of stress as the nine of swords represent anxiety and worry.

Above the first card, you draw the three cups. The first advice card represents needing support or self-care. This can be seeking mentorship from a coach, talking to a friend about what’s stressing you out, or giving yourself a positive pep talk.

Above the lower right card, you draw the ten wands. The ten wands in the second advice card position represent excessive stress. You are carrying too much weight, and you need to let go of what’s creating burnout for you.

5 card spread

Four Card Get Out of Debt Spread

Debt isn’t fun! But luckily, tarot can provide enlightenment to help you release debt holding you back in your financial life.

  1. Shuffle the cards and ask, “how can I get out of debt?”
  2. Stack four cards that you draw so that they are vertically upright.
  3. The top tarot card represents your spiritual self. This is the blockage holding you back in spirituality that has caused a rift in your finances.
  4. The second card from the top represents your environment. These include taking care of everyone else but you, paying too much attention to glamour, and following the crowd, to name a few. These outside forces are what have also led you to debt.
  5. The third card going down from the top of the spread is advice from your soul. This is something that you can do, such as healing, meditation, observation, and self-care, to heal the energy that debt has blocked.
  6. The fourth card is the financial advice to clear your debt. This can include seeking a financial counselor, talking to your manager about getting more hours, or even branching into a higher-paying job to clear your debt.

You shuffle the cards and ask how you can get out of debt.

4 card spread

The first card you draw starting from the top is the two of swords in the spiritual self-position. This may symbolize that you want to reshape your beliefs or let go of the one that you no longer believe in. But you are feeling conflicted about this choice. 

You may need to rely on your heart rather than your mind for this position. After all, spirituality is not always a logical decision. 

The second card from the bottom that you draw is the environment. In this position, you’ve drawn the nine of wands. The nine of wands represent preparing for a challenge. In this position, that may symbolize your environment changing, such as moving, buying a new house, or even going separate ways from a partner. 

Our environment can influence our finances. For example, if you are living with someone who takes poor care of yourself, that can affect the vibrations of your energy. This can potentially create financial issues. 

The third card from the bottom that you pull represents advice from your soul. In this position, you draw the ace of wands. This could mean that you need to be creative in your approach to tackling your debt. For example, you may enjoy writing; the ace of wands may be asking you to use your creative writing force to write for other people. Thus, creating a stream of abundance to clear your debt, 

The fourth card at the very bottom represents how you can clear debt financially. You reveal the two of cups in this position. The two of cups represent a bond between to people. Usually romantic in nature. However, in this spread, you could interpret this card as bringing in income through doing something you are passionate about. 

Want to gain intuitive guidance in your love life? Read our article on these four tarot spreads to help you enhance your relationships.

Tips for Reading Tarot 

Here are a few tips to help enhance your experience with reading about finances. Grab a chair, and your favorite drink, pull out the cards and let’s get shuffling.

  1. Always perform a tarot reading when you are in good spirits or your mind is clear. You can usually achieve this by showering, meditating, or drinking a cup of your favorite tea. The clearer your mind is, the easier it is to gain insight from source.
  2. Pick a quiet place in your house or office where you won’t be disturbed. On the contrary, you may wish to do your readings outside in a peaceful forest or your backyard.
  3. Focus on the question for ten to fifteen minutes before you do the reading. This helps you get into the right space and focus on your reading.
  4. If you are looking for financial tarot advice on a bill, you can place the bill in the center of the surface where you are conducting the tarot reading. The energy of the bill and how you can conquer it will come up in the tarot reading.
  5. Always cleanse your space and your deck before and after every reading. One thing that I love to do is leave a deck that I’ve just used on a piece of selenite. Selenite is a fabulous aid to cleanse your decks of energy they may have absorbed.

Let’s do your first tarot reading for financial insight!

  1. Take 10 ten minutes to clear your mind. You may also want to change into something loose and comfortable so that you can focus on the cards.
  2. Pick a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
  3. Take your deck and hold it in your non-dominant hand. 
  4. With your dominant hand, place it on the top of the deck and state your intention for the reading.
  5. Visualize a gold shield surrounding you at 365 degrees. If you are spiritual, you can also ask your guides to come in and protect you. I always like to ask my animal spirit guides to come in and surround me at this time.
  6. Shuffle the deck. You can do this in a couple of different ways. I like to cut the deck and half and then shuffle the two piles until I feel the cards are ready to speak to my intuition.
  7. Now draw as many cards as you feel drawn to. If you are newer to reading tarot, start with one card.
  8. Lay the cards out as you feel guided. Or follow a spread. I’ll show you some tarot spreads in the next section.
  9. Let the answers come to you. You can also use a journal to help keep track of your readings and messages.
  10. Apply the advice to your financial life. Watch your debt shrink and your finances flourish!

Looking for an earthly energy tarot deck? You might enjoy the Enchanted Forest Tarot deck. Check our review.

reading tarot


Let’s look at some common questions about tarot money spreads.

Question: Which Tarot Card is For Success?

Answer: Concerning finances and success, a few tarot cards can indicate success. These are the star, the six pentacles(abundance), the ten pentacles(material gain), and any of the aces as they indicate the next energy. 

Question: Can Tarot Predict Career?

Answer: Yes, tarot can predict a career. However, it is essential to remember that the magic of tarot predictions is in the moment rather than something set in stone. This means you can also do something to improve your career. 

Question: Can I Practice Tarot On Myself?

Answer: Yes! In fact, a daily tarot reading can help you to improve your finances by helping you become more mindful and aware of the day’s energy.

tarot cards


Whether you want to consult the tarot for a financial check-up, boost your money by changing careers, or become mindful of your financial lifestyle, the tarot can help you accomplish that. 

The readings provided in every spread give you an example of how to apply your cards to the spread.

Take, for example, my personal favorite. The get out of debt four-card spread. It gives you an overall check-up on your spiritual and financial health. After all, health is wealth.

May the cards be forever in your favor.

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