Mabon Tarot Spread Guide: to Help You Reflect on the Past and Look Toward the Future

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In this Mabon Tarot spread guide, I will look at a few different spreads that embrace the energy of the autumnal equinox. The autumnal equinox will occur on Friday the 23rd of September in 2022. It is the perfect time to explore your spirituality and relationship with mother nature.

The festival of Mabon comes from the name of the Welsh God of mythology. The importance of equinoxes throughout the year is deeply ingrained in Paganism. This harvest festival allows us to celebrate the natural world and thank the universe for what it provides. It is a time of being grateful for what we have achieved this year and preparing ourselves for the winter ahead.

So, let’s look at some Mabon Tarot spreads we can perform during this festival! In this guide, I will be using the Modern Witch Tarot deck. However, you can use these spreads with any Tarot deck.

Mabon Tarot Spreads Up Front

My favorite Mabon Tarot spread is the four-card Tarot spread which shows us what we need to be grateful for this season. It is a really good boost for self-confidence, as we are reflecting on what we have achieved!

I have included two more Tarot spreads for Mabon in this guide, too. One is a simple three-card spread, and the other is a five-card spread that examines the journey we are on.

Three-Card Mabon Tarot Spread

Let’s begin with a simple three-card Tarot spread. Because Mabon is an equinox, it is useful to take this time to look at the past, present, and future. So, I thought it would be nice to perform a Mabon-themed past, present, future spread!

three card tarot spread

The three cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: What the universe has provided for me this year
  • Card two: What should I celebrate on Mabon?
  • Card three: What will the winter hold for me?

Let’s perform a reading to understand this spread a little bit better! I will pick three cards and apply them to the Tarot spread guide.

What the universe has provided for me this year

The first card pulled reflects the past year. It shows us what we need to acknowledge and be grateful for. For this position, I received the Nine of Cups. This is a wonderful card that represents contentment and satisfaction. I think it is pretty obvious what it means in this position!

The universe has provided me with the tools and energy to achieve great things in this past year. I have worked hard to be where I am and am now content with most aspects of my life. The appearance of this card reminds me to thank the universe for what it has helped me achieve.

What should I celebrate on Mabon?

The second card pulled reflects what I should be celebrating on Mabon this year. For this card, I received the Six of Cups. This card reflects happy memories and family. So, what does it mean for me right now?

Well, the Tarot is reminding me of the importance of celebrating my family and what they have done for me. I believe it to be linked to the previous card I pulled. Without the support of my family, I would not be in a position of contentment right now. They have supported me all the way!

I will be connecting with my family this Mabon, celebrating the love they give me unconditionally.

What will the winter hold for me?

The third and final card looks toward the future. After Mabon, we have winter, and this card reflects what I need to be prepared for. For this card, I have received the Five of Swords. I am not going to lie; I was a bit disappointed when I received this card! The Five of Swords represents conflict and disagreements. There is a defensiveness to this card and a feeling of loss. Sometimes, we are too busy fighting the conflict than working to overcome it.

So, what does this tell me about winter? There will be some disagreements coming my way. However, the Tarot is reminding me of the importance of listening to those I disagree with and trying to see things from their perspective. Communication and constructive conversations will mean I can overcome this conflict!

Four-Card Mabon Tarot Spread

This four-card Mabon cross spread is all about gratitude. It allows us to recognize the good in our lives and thank the universe for what we have achieved. Mabon is a harvest festival, so we must celebrate what we have sowed and reaped.

The four cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: What I need to be grateful for right now
  • Card¬†two: An achievement that I need to celebrate this Mabon
  • Card three: Something I don’t appreciate enough
  • Card four: My focus for moving forward

Let’s perform a reading to help us get to grips with this spread.

What I Need to be Grateful for Right now

The first card shows us what we need to be grateful for. For this card, I have received the Three of Pentacles. This card is all about teamwork and collaboration, reminding us of the importance of working together to achieve our goals.

The Tarot reminds me of how my friends and family support me. They are always there to help out when it comes to my work or home life, and I should be grateful for this!

An Achievement that I Need to Celebrate this Mabon

The second card shows me what I need to celebrate this Mabon. I have received the Ace of Pentacles here. The Ace of Pentacles represents prosperity and beginnings. The Suit of Pentacles is concerned with material goods and wealth, so I understand this card to show me to be thankful for the hard work I have put in.

This hard work has allowed me to be in the secure place I am now. For the first time in my life, I am putting money into savings. This is a huge step for me and something I should celebrate!

Something I Don’t Appreciate Enough

The third card pulled represents something in my life that I do not appreciate enough. As Mabon is a time for celebrating the harvest, this card highlights things that might have been forgotten! For this card, I have received the Hermit.

As a Tarot reader, there are some cards that I am inexplicably drawn to. The Hermit is one of them. I love the energy of this card, as it reflects the things that we can learn through introspection and solitude.

So, what does this mean in this position?

Well, I believe that it reminds me to appreciate the journey in life that I am on. I have learned a lot through self-reflection, and Hermit is telling me that I need to appreciate the knowledge I have uncovered this way.

My Focus for Moving Forward

The fourth card in this spread reflects where we need to focus our gratitude on moving forward. For this card, I have received the Ace of Cups. This is a pretty romantic card and suggests there are fresh beginnings regarding emotions and relationships.

So, what should my focus be on moving forward? I read this card as a reminder from the universe to appreciate and acknowledge the love I have in my life. I need to shake off self-doubt and embrace those around me. In doing so, I can form beautiful and flourishing relationships.

Five-Card Mabon Tarot Spread

Mabon is the autumn equinox, and this means that we can look at our life and the journey we are on. It is a time of acknowledging the past and looking forward to the future. The four equinoxes are great times to reflect on the cycle of the earth, leaving things in the past and moving forward.

five card cross spread

The five cards pulled in this reading refer to:

  • Card one: What is coming to an end
  • Card two: What I need to let go of
  • Card three: What I need to embrace moving forward
  • Card four: Positivity coming my way
  • Card five: Any obstacles in my path

Let’s use this Tarot spread in reading so we can delve deeper into the different card positions.

What is Coming to an End?

The first card refers to what is coming to an end in this cycle. I have received the Five of Pentacles here, and I think this is a really good sign! This card reflects hardship and suffering, especially regarding finances or work.

I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic. Since then, my career has always felt pretty fragile. The last few years have been a bit of a rollercoaster, with a whole load of ups and downs! There have been times when I have related to the meaning of the Five of Pentacles. However, the universe is telling me that this is coming to an end.

What I Need to let go of

The second card pulled refers to what I need to let go of this Mabon. For this card, I received the Devil. This Major Arcana card reflects addiction and the negative forces that might be holding us back.

The meaning of this card seemed pretty obvious to me. I am an occasional smoker and do love a drink or two. I don’t shy away from a hedonistic lifestyle, that is for sure! However, the universe is sending me a message. To be my best possible self, I need to free myself from this kind of lifestyle and work on being healthy and happy.

What I Need to Embrace Moving Forward

The third card tells us what we need to embrace in the next season. I received the Four of Wands in this position. This is a beautiful card that represents family and friends. It reminds us to celebrate those around us and be grateful for what they do for us. It is a card of stability and support.

Here, the Tarot is reminding me of the need to embrace a stable and loving home and family life. I need to support those around me and allow them to support me. I must celebrate the love that I have!

Positivity Coming my Way

The fourth card refers to positivity coming my way in the next season. For this card, I have received the Star. This is a wonderful card that is all about hope and strength. There is an element of creative energy to this card, too.

The Tarot is telling me to look forward to the next season. There will be a lot of hope and brightness coming my way! I also need to embrace my creative side in the near future, allowing it to guide me forward.

Any Obstacles in my Path

The last card pulled in this five-card Mabon Tarot spread reflects any obstacles that are currently in my path. By having these obstacles revealed, I can work on overcoming them to embrace the next cycle of my life.

For this card, I have received the Seven of Cups. This card reflects having a lot of options and being conflicted about which one to pick. It can be pretty overwhelming, and we might not know what to do! There is an element of illusion to this card. Are all the options as good as we think they might be?

But, how does this card represent an obstacle?

Well, I think that it shows me that I have a decision to make, and quickly! I am putting off making this choice, and this is holding me back. To move forward, I must pick what route I wish to go down.

Mabon Tarot Spread Guide: FAQs

Question: What is Mabon?

Answer: Mabon refers to the autumnal equinox. It is a time of celebrating the harvest and mother nature.

Question: When does Mabon take place?

Mabon will fall on the 23rd of September in 2022. It can fall on different days, either before or after that date.

Question: Why do a Tarot reading on Mabon?

Mabon is the perfect time to do a Tarot spread because it is an equinox. We can reflect on the past and look towards the future, celebrating the nature around us.

Celebrate Mabon With These Tarot Spreads

I hope you have enjoyed this Mabon Tarot spread guide! These three spreads are perfect to do for Mabon, allowing us to be grateful for the universe and what it provides.

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