Hello From The Other Side: Deity Tarot Spread Guide

Every religion has a deity; in mine, there are several. In fact, there are so many I stopped trying to learn about all of them. Instead, I focus on the ones I have a close spiritual bond with. Mainly the twins Artemis and Apollo. We’ve been working together far longer than I even realized. The universe is funny like that.

If you aren’t aware of the deities on your spirit team or haven’t started forming relationships with any, a Tarot spread is a great way to get started. Even when you have done extensive work with deities, A Tarot spread aimed at communicating with the deities on your spirit team can give you a lot of insight into what messages they are sending you. It can even open doors to working with new deities and furthering your spiritual knowledge.

Deity Tarot Spread Guide

Bottom Line Up Front

A deity is basically a god or goddess, and depending on your religion, you may worship one or multiple. I personally worship a few, most notably the twins Artemis and Apollo. When you worship various deities, it can be hard to keep track, and most only work with a few chosen ones that are on their personal spirit team. I think of deities similar to guardian angels, beacons of hope and purpose.

A deity spread can help you connect to various deities in your life, regardless of what stage you are at in your spiritual path. You can also use them for monotheistic religions by omitting the representation card or changing the question to something else.

My favorite spread is the Getting To Know Yourself Through Your Deity Spread and the 3 cards spread for a message from a deity you’ve already worked with.

Deities: The What, The Who, and The Huh?

The definition of deity means different things to different people, mostly because religion means different things to different people. In general, it means the god(s) or goddess(es) you worship in a religion. There are two ways to approach the idea of Deities. Polytheistic and Monotheistic.

  • Polytheism means you worship more than one type of deity or have the ability to.
  • Monotheism means you worship a single deity, typically an overarching god. 

Monotheism is a bit easier as there is only one creator or source, only their rules to life matter. The elephant in the room here would be Christianity and its many variations. It’s probably one of the most well-known Monotheistic forms of religion. Judaism and Islam are other largely followed monotheistic religions.

However, Polytheism, while potentially confusing, allows for a lot of freedom in how you practice. I consider myself a form of chaotic Pagan. I don’t really follow any rules closely and only work with Artemis as closely as I do because she won’t leave me alone. I make it up as I go.

I’ve practiced with deities from Norse Paganism and Hellenism, aka Greek Mythology. A lot of the time, I find the Gods/Goddesses to be incredibly similar but have different backstories. For example, Artemis and Skadi are similar to both Goddesses of the hunt but have significant variations in their backstories overall.

I worship both as different forms of Artemis; Skadi has always felt like an older, slightly more apathetic version of the firey Artemis. Neither version should be crossed. This is just one example of the freedom Polytheism allows and the ability to form your own beliefs and theories on life. It’s a fun exercise in both creativity and mysticism.

deity the what

The Who

There are hundreds of gods and goddesses from various religions, so creating a list of all of them would be time-consuming. Instead, here are some of the most notable from Greek and Norse Mythology.

12 Major Greek Deities

  • Hera
  • Poseidon
  • Demeter
  • Athena
  • Ares
  • Aphrodite
  • Apollo
  • Artemis
  • Hephaestus
  • Hermes
  • Hestia (Dionysus)

and, of course, the big man himself

  • Zeus

Norse Mythology has 7 Important Deities:

  • Frigg
  • Freya
  • Thor
  • Loki
  • Balder
  • Hel

and, of course, their big man

  • Odin

The Huh or Why?

It’s pretty clear that we are steering toward polytheistic religions when it comes to Tarot Spreads for Deities; there isn’t really a point in pulling an identifying card when there’s only one deity you are communicating with. However, you can just skip that part and call to God or Source. However, you wish to name your diety.

So why communicate with deities at all? Well, first, you are probably on a spiritual path if you have made it here. So naturally, you may feel a certain pull towards a specific deity only to find the signs have pointed you there the entire time. You will want to figure out what these signs and messages mean and how they can help you on your own journey.

Which well creates a rabbit hole, and Tarot cards can be a bit like Alice’s journey through it. Answering questions of the unknown in a puzzling and often weird way.

Signs can be simple; Loki likes to send a lot of spiders or hide important items from you, only to have them turn up in weird areas. He still owes me a shirt from 2012.

They can also be complicated, interconnected, and funny once you figure them out. Artemis reaches out to me through music and my love of the moon, forests, and archery. After all, she is the Goddess of The Hunt and The Moon. At the same time, her twin brother is the God of The Sun and Music.

I considered myself a child of the moon long before I even knew who Artemis was. She has been interwoven into the music I love since I was a teenager without my knowing. My top favorite artists are also children of the moon, or Moonchildren, if you will. Lindsey Stirling is perhaps the most notable, with an entire album, stage show, and comic book series centered on her Artemis story. It’s an absolute dream that connected far too many pieces for me.

Kerli Kiov from Estonia would be the artist that popularized the name Moonchildren, as that is what she calls her fans. You may know her as the writer behind Skyscraper by Demi Lovato.

That is just one of many weird patterns in my life regarding these two, and I love using these three Tarot spreads to get answers about them.

A 3 Card Spread, for a Message from a Familiar Friend

three card tarot spread

I start most of my Tarot readings with a simple three-card spread. It’s easy, quick to come up with on the fly, and easy to expand on as well. This particular spread is perfect for getting a quick message from a deity you are already familiar with. It asks:

  • What message are they trying to tell you
  • What lesson do you need to learn
  • What advice do they have for you

I chose to read on myself and ask the lovely Artemis what was up. We haven’t spoken in some time, but I feel that we need to. Now was the perfect chance.

three card tarot spread

I received the ten of cups as the message she is trying to send me. This card is my happy home, happy life card. Its message is about having a blissful relationship or falling into divine love. I take this as her telling me that my current relationships are good for me. I’m slowly creating the family I’ve always wanted and to remember that I’m not alone. I do have a family, small but mighty.

As the lesson I need to learn, I received the Ace of Pentacles, the first card in the pentacles suite. This card focuses on a new financial or career opportunity that may in some way land in my lap, something perhaps I’ve been manifesting. I’ve been manifesting a lot of things in my career, but the biggest is the ability to focus more on my poetry and music.

Perhaps this card is telling me to focus on my dreams a bit more, and the universe will meet me halfway. Indeed I have been sharing a lot more of my poetry with others.

The last card sums up this reading as a whole and is a message I needed to hear. I pulled the Judgement card, the 20th Major Arcana card. This card focuses on finding your true calling and rising to the occasion. When you realize your real wants and desires, essentially, this card is telling me to chase my dreams; the universe has got me on this one. Don’t worry, be happy keeps playing on a loop in the background of my brain.

Reading Summary: This reading was overall a happy one from my girl Artemis. She let me know that I have a good group of loved ones in my life, and a lot of dreams that could be a reality, thanks in part to my current career and the amazing things I’ve learned.

The final message is to trust the universe and let it guide me in this new phase of my life. Indeed many things have been changing for me rather quickly; it can be very anxiety-inducing, but the trust in the universe does allow me to focus on the good things and work through the tough things.

Connecting with a New Deity in 5 Cards

tarot spread Deity in 5 Cards

This 5-card Connecting With A Deity Spread allows you to connect with a deity that you may be receiving signs from or at least one who wants to work with you. It can be a good start for Deity work in general. It asks:

  • For a card that represents the deity that is trying to contact you
  • What message do they have for you
  • Something they have been trying to tell you that you aren’t being receptive of
  • How to be more open to the message they want to tell you
  • What lesson are they helping you learn currently

Again I read for myself because I haven’t been communicating with my spirit team much lately; however, I’ve sensed some additions and changes to the energy.

tarot spread Deity in 5 Cards

I pulled the Three of Hearts to represent the deity trying to contact me. At first, I felt confused, but of course, they have a deity for that; actually, they have several. Who knew? It could be many, but one stuck out to me due to a current situation in my life. His name is Anteros. He’s the god of unrequited love. Funny, universe, but I suppose I have been asking about this situation quite a bit. Who better than to give me the answer?

For their message, I pulled Justice. This card is about finding the grey in a situation for me, but overall it signifies fairness and cause and effect. To me, it says that there will be justice in this situation. It may not unfold the way I see it, but it will be there. Keeping me on my toes ey.

Something they’ve been trying to tell me is the same as the last message from Artemis as I pulled Judgement. I laughed a little bit; why do you have to yell at me? Alright, alright, I’ll trust the universe and its plans more, jeez. Particular trust that this situation will find its resolve, and in the meantime, you do you boo.

In order to be more open, I need to have hope, as I’ve pulled The Star. I love this card. I pull it often; It signifies renewal and rebirth. It’s a truly inspiring card and always fills me with a renewed sense of energy. Anteros is clearly telling me to hold onto my hope and belief in my practice and faith, even when I feel a bit crazy. Admittedly I often ask myself if I am.

I pulled the three of cups as the lesson they are teaching me right now. Anteros is saying he is helping me learn how to run romantic love into friendship. I’ve done this before, and it turned out well. Some connections exist more beautifully in the freedom of friendship without the expectations of a relationship. Indeed time to practice nonthreatening smiles in the mirror.

Reading Summary: I pulled the card for loss and heartbreak as the deity card, which I traced to Anteros, the God of Unrequited love. I took this as a sign that he had a specific message about a situation that has reappeared in my life. My team is growing weary of my constant asking, I suppose.

He told me to have hope and trust the universe that this situation and others will resolve in my favor and how they need to. Lastly, he told me he is helping me learn how to turn potential romantic love into friendship. Admittedly something I tend to shy from. I’m not huge on the exes as friends, but I know some relationships blossom this way.

A Spread to Help You Learn About Yourself, Through Your Deity

tarot spread Deity in 5 Cards

This five-card Getting To Know Yourself Through Your Deity Spread is my favorite simply because it’s so fun and different. It allows you to connect with a deity and get the low down on what they think about you and what they think you think about you. Fair warning, it can be harsh. It asks for:

  • A card to represent your deity
  • A card for what they think of you
  • The benefits of working together
  • A trait of your character you like
  • A trait of your character that they like
tarot spread Deity in 5 Cards meaning

The first card I pulled was Strength. A major arcana card that focuses on strength, courage, and compassion. This card can be geared towards multiple dieties from multiple religions. I chose the Norse route; it felt fitting. Strength is the symbol for the one, the only Thor, God of Lighting, thunder, storms, and, you guessed it, trees! Funnily enough, we had a few gnarly rainstorms the day I pulled these readings.

I pulled The Fool for what they think of me. Oh yes, a card that represents me in many ways. It stands for blind hope on a new journey and blind faith that it will all turn out the way it is supposed to. I tend to head off on adventures without taking a look at the bigger picture. It’s gotten me into some tight spots, but I’ve learned more along the way than if I had stayed stuck in one spot. You gotta move forward one step at a time, holding onto blind faith and optimism that the journey will be worth it in the end.

I pulled Death as the card that represents the benefits of working with Thor. Another major arcana card, oh boy. This card is about rebirth, regeneration, a new way of thinking, and sometimes yes, physical death. Although I know this card for me represents the transformation and the journey I’ve gone through. I’m not who I was a decade ago, five years, or even a year ago. There’s been many deaths and rebirths within that time.

There always will be, as we never stop growing once we start healing. This card tells me that Thor can help with this lifelong process, helping me find the strength to move through the tough times and find the sunshine on the other side.

As the trait of my character that I like, I pulled the Son or Knight of Pentacles. He’s all about hard work, even when it’s boring or not exactly what you want to do. This card tells me that while I get bored and I’m very restless with many tasks in my life, I still get on with it to the best of my ability. This is true. I’m not a fan of routine or things my ADHD brain deems boring; I get through it the best I can at the moment. This has been a struggle lately, so it’s nice to see some form of validation, I suppose.

For a trait of my character that Thor likes, I pulled the Wheel of Fortune. This card is my “finally, things are going in my favor card.” It represents karma, good luck, and turning points in your life. I had to take a moment to think about this card, but I did finally understand what Thor was telling me. He likes that I bring a sense of karma to some connections in my life. He likes that I help people to start anew, to search for themselves and that I push people to think and grow.

Reading Summary: This reading led me directly to Thor, who was eager to tell me what he thought about me and how he thought I saw myself. Thor sees me as The Fool, someone with a lot of blind faith and optimism that it will turn out for the better in the end. He believes that together we can work through the various Death and rebirth cycles that are present in life. After all, we never stop learning and growing.

He told me that he believes I take pride in my hard work and how far I’ve come despite various odds stacked against me. Lastly, Thor said that he enjoys my honesty with people and my willingness to help them grow as people. Even if sometimes it’s not the most welcome information at the moment.

Questions, I Have Answers

Question: Are There Specific Deities for Specific Cards?

Answer: This depends on who you ask. Some people have resources online with information on the deities associated with what card, but it’s up to your discretion. I go based on intuition and what I feel drawn to. I also worship deities from both Greek and Norse mythology.

Question: How do you Recognize the Signs a Diety is Sending you?

Answer: It’s really just a pattern-finding game. I take notice of the things that happen repeatedly or in weird ways. Patterns don’t form for years sometimes. For example, I started working with Artemis 2 years ago. I started listening to Kerli a decade before that. One day it might just click, and you’ll understand.
Other patterns like repeating numbers or angel numbers are easier to catch onto. You notice if you see 1111 on the clock after about a week, hopefully. After you catch on, a bit of research should quickly lead you to your answer. If you are still struggling, I suggest meditating on the pattern or sign.

Question: What Religion Does Tarot Come From?

Answer: I’m not sure it comes from one at all. It is said to be linked back to Ancient Egypt by the early French Occultists who popularized it. I’ve also heard it was originally a card game created as a parlor trick during the Victorian craze of occultism. The Ouija Board and medium-stage shows also became popular around this time. Most of it was for laughs and entertainment, however.
The true mysteries of Tarot will remain ever-clouded; perhaps that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

tarot deity spread

Hello from the Other Side

The universe is fascinating, as are the characters both seen and unseen in it. Deities play a small role in your overall spirit team or guardian angels. They are typically friends and tricksters. They can, of course, become enemies if you cross them.

They serve a powerful purpose to help guide you and keep you on the right path. My deities are there to support me as I keep building a solid foundation in my life. The closest deity in my life, Artemis, has been a guardian angel since I was born. Others have joined me as I’ve reached out to them, or they’ve decided to send signs to me.

Sometimes you just feel like someone else is helping you or rooting for you no matter what. Deities play this role in my spirituality. Similar to looking at guardian angels or a singular god. I look towards multiple that embody various things I love about life. The same as deities play a role, so do ancestors and family members that have passed on.

These Tarot Spreads are designed to help you get in touch with the various deities in your life. Whether you are seeking a new message from an old friend or simply a message from someone, anyone who wishes to talk to, you can find some answers in these spreads. My favorite spread is the Getting To Know Yourself Through Deity, which offers some fun insight and reflection on who you are. I also enjoy the quick 3 Card spread for getting messages from deities I know well.

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