Seven Day Tarot Spread Explained

Seven Day Tarot Spread Explained: How to Do the 7 Day Tarot Spread

Tarot cards are not just a divination tool, they can be used as magical instruments for spells and rites, too. They started off as a gaming tool, at first, then they became a magical tool and in the end, their divination properties were discovered also. Bearing that in mind, in today’s article we’ll have the Seven Day Tarot spread explained and go over it and to see how it works as well as its aspects.

Why do a Seven Day Tarot Spread?

You can opt to do a Seven Day Tarot spread if you want to know what is coming in the week ahead. Perhaps you have something important during the week that is coming, or your intuition is telling you something, nudging at your gut, and you just want to clarify what could that be.

Certain mages use a Seven Day Tarot spread and a 12 Month Tarot spread in order to do a “weather forecast” of the upcoming week/year events.¬†Conversely, you can begin doing 7 Day Tarot spreads in order to enhance and better your reading skills and solidify your connection with the Spirits of the Tarot.

Tarot Spirits can be very benevolent towards Tarot/Magic initiates, and if the mage is ready and open to working on himself/herself, the Spirits can be of great divination and magical help. Furthermore, 7 Day Tarot spread can be an excellent path to take in developing and nurturing your relationship with your deck and the Spirits of the Tarot.

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How to Do the 7 Day Tarot Spread?

First, you need to decide whether you are more inclined towards Solar or Lunar magic? If you have an affinity towards Solar magic, then it’s better to do a 7 Day spread on Sundays. If you are strongly connected to Lunar magic, then it’s better to time your readings on Mondays.

Next, you need to choose your Tarot deck. I use certain decks only for my own readings, while I use others for clients’ readings. I have a deck I use for my daily readings, and a deck I use for 7 Day readings. I have a special deck I use for spiritual-matter readings, and a special deck I use for a love reading.

Some practitioners have only one deck for all types of readings. There is no one “right” way of choosing a deck or doing a reading. But, it’s good to know your options and to be inspired to invent your own. So, choose a perfect deck for your 7 Day readings and then move on to the next step.

Create a sacred/special space for your readings. I usually do my personal readings on my altar after I have lit the dedicated candle for that day. Sometimes the candle is pink, sometimes red, sometimes orange, and sometimes plain white. Since I do my readings on my altar, of course, my favorite (most used) crystals adorn it, so the energy of the space is already on a higher level.

I also like to light my favorite incense when I begin my Tarot reading, it makes me immediately more focused; it’s like a cue for my brain to switch to the meditative state of mind in which I channel in a more fluid way. Some mages have a special cloth upon which they lay their own Tarot cards, and others have a silk pouch in which they keep their cards.

These are all just examples and ideas for you to create your own best reading space, but you should have some form of a “special” feel to it, whether you create it through smell, sound, or visual effect it’s less important, as long as you create it and make it “special”.

Once you have all of these steps covered and you’re set to go, next comes your intention setting. First set your intention for this reading in your mind and then (if you can) state it out loud. I address the Spirits of Tarot personally and I ask for their help and guidance in shuffling, cutting, and making the spread. Once again, this is just an example, you do you.

What matters the most during the shuffling of the cards is that your intention/question is very clear in your mind and that you’re focused solely on that. If you notice that your mind is wandering and jumping from a topic to a topic, it’s best to leave opening the spread for another moment in time and space. So, focus on your intent and shuffle the cards in your hands, let the cards feel your question and let the Tarot Spirits work through you.

The Spread Itself

If you are doing your 7 Day Spread on Sunday, then the first card from your reading will depict Monday. If you are doing your spread on Monday, then the first card will depict Tuesday, and that goes for every other day you might choose to do your spread on. Let’s say that you are doing your 7 Day Spread on Sunday, then the 1st card will depict Monday, 2nd will depict Tuesday, 3rd Wednesday, 4th Thursday, 5th Friday, 6th Saturday and 7th next Sunday.

What’s important when you’re doing a 7 Day Tarot Spread is that you focus on the day you’re inquiring about while you’re shuffling and/or cutting the cards. So take time to ask about each day specifically and focus on the day that you’re inquiring about. For example: “Tarot Spirits/guides please tell me what will come to me on Monday?” and then shuffle the cards until one slips out.

Then place the card on the Monday “seat” and continue shuffling while asking about the events coming to you on Tuesday, repeat this for every day until you’ve covered all 7 (upcoming) days. Make sure to lay out the cards in a neat row before yourself so that at the end of the reading you can have a “panoramic” view of your upcoming week before your eyes. This will make it easier to observe the energy of the week as a whole.


This is a very simple and one of the basic Tarot spreads toe-to-toe with a 3-card and 1-card spread. But, there are always some FAQs so you can check the FAQ below. Hopefully, this article helped you understand a 7 Day Tarot Spread more clearly and made it easier for you to read this spread.

Question: Can I Add Oracle Cards to the 7 Day Tarot Spread?

Answer: Of course! Oracle cards can help you discern the subtone of the energies and the overall mood of the week. Oracle cards can also make you understand the Tarot cards that you pulled easier and more clearly.

Question: Should I do 7 Day Tarot Spread Only at the Beginning of the Week?

Answer: Yes, if you feel like it. No, if you have any other day that you feel better about or prefer more for a Tarot reading. You should always first and foremost listen to your gut and what your intuition tells you.

Question: Should I Make a Sacred/Special Space for Tarot Readings?

Answer: Yes, if you are able to. Some practitioners do the readings on the go. Some mages are travelling all the time and they carry their Tarot decks with them and do the readings wherever they can, but there’s always something “special” about either the moment or the place where the reading is done, so bear that in mind. If you are one of the travelling practitioners yourself, it’s best to have a Tarot cloth and Tarot pouch for your cards, so that whenever you feel called out to do a reading, you have your “special space” with/on you.


7 Day Tarot Spread is a great way to enhance your mediumship and divination skills, but it’s also a great way to work with the Spirit of Tarot on regular basis. This is important because with practice comes mastery and with mastery comes ease of practice.

The more you dedicate yourself to regular Tarot readings, the more in tune you become with your intuitive powers and the more familiar you become with Tarot Spirits. This can be very useful to you in your future Tarot workings and readings.

Use this Seven Day Tarot Spread to familiarize yourself with both the cards and the Spirits of Tarot. Get to know deeper layers of yourself and your intuition through weekly Tarot practice. And may luck and blessings follow you on your Path!

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