Soulmate Tarot Spread Explained: How to Read This Tarot Spread?

A soulmate tarot spread is a great tool to uncover what we are really looking for in a partner (our soulmate) and what is preventing us from finding them. There are some people that believe in multiple soulmates, some soulmates that can be just friends.

There are others who believe you have one true soulmate to find in this life. Whatever your belief, you’re reading this to find a tarot spread that can help you uncover who (or where) your soulmate is.

But before we dive in, it’s necessary for me to put a little disclaimer here. These tarot spreads will by no means show you the face of your soulmate. Unless, of course, you already know deep in your mind who your soulmate is and the cards simply unearth what you already know. 

What is a Soulmate?

What is a Soulmate

This is a question that seems to be subjective- many people are not entirely aware of what a soulmate is and there are differing ideas. Soulmates can be romantic partners as well as platonic. Whatever form the relationship takes, there is one thing for sure: soulmates are special connections in our lives. 

Although the soulmate subject has a variety of perspectives, I think I have met one or two people I could call soulmates. But the thing is, it isn’t always a fairytale. Sometimes our soulmates cross our paths for only a short time.

Sometimes, if we are fortunate, it is the perfect timing and we meet our soulmates and end up sharing the rest of our days with them as our partners. How beautiful it must be to meet a partner you can share this crazy adventure we call life.

If two soulmates meet and they are both committed to being the healthiest version of themselves they can be, I do believe it can be a loving and lasting partnership that feels like waking up to a magical dream each and every day. 

These tarot spreads can help you find people (or maybe ‘the one’ if that’s what you’re after) that you have a soul connection with. What’s more, these spreads might even explain some of the storylines behind your soul connection.

If you’re not too interested in the story behind the connection, you can just use the first layout. But if you want to understand a little more of what’s going on backstage, I encourage you to dig a little deeper with the other layouts too. Either way, it’s always fun consulting the tarot cards. 

What are Soul Contracts?

Have you heard of soul contracts? Soul contracts are a complex subject but I can describe it simply. Sometimes you have some karma to work out with another soul, and sometimes you have a duty towards another soul due to some previous commitment or ‘deal’ if you will. Soul contracts are this karma playing out.

We can end soul contracts if we choose, but this takes deep work. If you haven’t trained with a teacher to help guide you through journeying processes, I highly encourage you to wait until you find your mentor that can help you to do this. Be patient, remember that everything happens in good time. 

Finding Your Soulmate

Is it easy? No. But is it worth it? Definitely. 

But here’s the thing. It takes work, inner work. You need to cultivate patience, compassion, and be open. You have to be the best version of yourself. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough as you are, it simply means that it won’t help if you meet your soulmate now but are too closed off from past hurts to have a healthy relationship with him or her.

Makes sense right? And lastly, before I get into the layouts, a final sentiment of advice. Become the soulmate you want to be. Who and what do you want for yourself? Cultivate those qualities within yourself. 

Remember, the tarot does not predict what is around the corner in your future. It is a tool to show you what you already know but is hidden within your subconscious. Use these tarot spreads to help you manifest your soulmate, and help guide you to the answers you need about him or her. 

Firstly, clear your mind. Release any misconceptions or ideas about your soulmate your mind has latched onto. You want your intuition and inner compass to be razor-sharp for these readings so that you have the clearest outcome possible. 

The secret sauce to the best tarot readings is how you interpret the cards. And the best interpretations? Well, they come from a sharpened awareness and an active intuition. 

Soul Mate Spreads

Up first we have a simple three-card soulmate spread. 

Simple Three Card Soulmate Layout

Three card tarot spread

Use this spread to help you understand what type of relationship you want (or the relationship you may already have). When doing this spread, it can be helpful to use the cards as a mirror for yourself. The layout is simple and easy to use. 

  • Card one: symbolic for yourself
  • Card two: symbolic for your soulmate
  • Card three: symbolic for your relationship

Position the cards in a pyramid shape, cards one and two next to each other with the third one above them both. 

I like this layout because it can offer a glimpse into the foundations of both people and the type of relationship you can expect. Please remember that these cards and their tarot meanings are not set in stone. They simply reflect things as they are now and the probable relationship if things do not change. 

When Will I Meet My Soulmate Tarot Layout

One of the most universal layouts and questions for people is “when will I meet my soulmate?” This is another simple spread to use when you want to know when you will meet your soulmate. This spread uses four cards. Before you begin, take the Lovers card out of the deck and lay it face up. 

After shuffling the deck with the intention of finding out when you will meet your soulmate in your mind, it’s time to pull the cards.

You will pull four cards, but each card you pull will have a specific question you will have to ask before drawing the card. Card two to four ask what you can expect in the current month, the following month, and in the near future regarding meeting and interacting with your soulmate.

  • Card one: Am I ready for Love now?
  • Card two: What can I expect this month?
  • Card three: What can I expect next month?
  • Card four: What can I expect in the near future?

Manifest Your Soulmate

Manifest Your Soulmate

Tarot spreads to manifest a soulmate need to shift the questions. Typically a person will ask the cards what is around the corner. In this spread, you want to use manifestation instead.

So, you consciously desire an outcome, and you tell the tarot what it is you desire. This could be as simple as wanting to find your soulmate, you don’t need to have all the details worked out in your mind. If you want to give a manifestation spread a go, use this three-card spread:

Firstly, you need to shuffle the deck. Shuffling your cards is not just about rearranging the order. It’s the time to consciously infuse the cards with your energy. So be specific and intentional with your thoughts while you shuffle your cards. For this soulmate manifestation layout, focus on what it is that you want to manifest. Lay the cards in front of you facing up.

Usually, you would cut the deck and draw three cards. Instead, you are going to intentionally select the first card as one that you feel represents the ideal ‘you’ (the person you want to be in the partnership).

Select card two to represent your ideal partner. This could be the King of Cups, the Emperor, or whatever energy you would like your ideal partner to embody.

The third card is an important card in this spread, not that the other two aren’t, but it may need some closer introspection. The third card represents your ideal outcome for the relationship. So, you need to ask yourself what type of partnership do you ideally want?

Now, with all three cards lying face up in front of you, meditate on the cards. Light a candle, have a glass of water nearby, and have either your favorite crystal or plant nearby and ensure you have an open window close by or burn incense for the smoke. This creates a sacred space with all elements. Keep a journal handy and jot down whatever comes up. 


When doing a manifestation card spread the cards are heavily related to symbolism. An ideal card for the third card, or the outcome card, is the Lover’s card. Choose your cards with an emphasis on the overall feeling of the card and don’t worry about the gender. For example, if your ideal partner embodies the energy of the Empress, then feel free to select that card no matter the gender. 

Who is My Soulmate Tarot Layout

Many people want to find out who their soulmate is. Use this spread to gather information about your potential soulmate. This is a classic five-card spread often used by people looking for their ideal love. 

After shuffling the cards, cut the deck and ask the following questions while drawing the cards.

  • Card one: Who is my soulmate?
  • Card two: What are the surrounding circumstances for when I will encounter my soulmate?
  • Card three: How can I work on myself and my life that will support me in meeting my soulmate?
  • Card four: What obstacles and challenges will I have to overcome before meeting my soulmate?
  • Card five: What overall message must I remember while on this journey?

Top Tarot Tip: Tarot Zodiac Signs

Each card has an associated zodiac sign. For example, the strength card is the Leo card. When you draw a card check the associated zodiac sign. While this is not a given, it could be an indication of your soulmate’s zodiac sign. 

Is This My Soulmate Eight Card Soulmate Tarot Layout

eight card tarot spread

Are you in a partnership already? This spread is popular amongst people that are already in a relationship, or have someone in mind, and want to find out if this person is their soulmate. 

Or perhaps you want to strengthen the connection between yourself and the person in question. This is a helpful spread that can give you the guidance you seek. It is a slightly larger layout as it uses a total of eight tarot cards. 

After shuffling your deck, ask the following questions before drawing the corresponding card:

  • Card one: Is this person my soulmate?
  • Card two: Is the connection based on friendship alone? 
  • Card three: Is this person compatible as a lover?
  • Card four: Why is this person in my life? (this question is similar to asking about the soul contract)
  • Card five: Why am I in this person’s life? (also can be connected to karmic ties and soul contracts)
  • Card six: how can I be ready to welcome my soulmate into my life? 
  • Card seven: What does my soulmate still need to do before welcoming me into their life and a healthy connection?
  • Card eight: Potential outcome of the relationship 

Cards four and five can offer insights into the role that the two of you are likely to play in each other’s lives. It can indicate what lessons you are meant to teach each other. In this spread, card positions four and five can also allude to the soul contract that you may or not have with this person.

Like I said before, soul contracts can be complex to understand and may take more than just one card. Use the card to guide your understanding and draw more cards if you feel the need. 

Top Tarot Tip

The above spreads are some of my favorite spreads to use when consulting my cards with a question about soulmates. It is only natural for emotions to come into the interpretation. But while we need to embrace our emotions, they can often cloud our judgment. I strongly suggest meditating before doing any of the above spreads. This will help to clear your mind and help you to release the outcome. 

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the Soulmate Tarot Cards?

Answer: The Lovers Card, the Sun, and the Two of Cups are some of the most prominent cards regarded as soulmate cards in the tarot deck. 
The Lovers Card: if you draw this card in a soulmate reading, it is an indication that it is time to make up your mind about a relationship. The Lovers card is not always an indication of love, more about relationships and the choices we make. But if you pull it in a soulmate layout, then its meaning is clear: you have a choice to make, and now is the time to make your choice!
The Sun Card: The Sun is telling you that you may already know your soulmate but you might not know exactly who it is. The Sun card’s appearance in a soulmate spread is an indication that your soulmate may already be in your life. But you have not yet let go of everything you need to in order for there to be room in your heart and life for this person.
Where are you holding onto hurt and anger? Which areas of your life are you holding onto negativity? Work through these emotions and you will be ready to welcome in the light that shines so brightly from your soulmate.
This is also true even for people that do not have their soulmate present in their lives. The Sun card is indicating that you need to release negativity and past hurt to see the brightness that your soulmate is ready to give you. 
The Two of Cups: The cups suit is part of the minor arcana and is the suit most closely related to love. If you draw the Two of Cups card is an insightful card to get when seeking your soulmate in a spread. Its symbolism is closely related to water and the flow of emotions in an authentic partnership with another person. 

Question: Which Decks are Best for Soulmate Card Spreads?

Answer: You can use the standard tarot deck, an oracle deck, or any other tarot card deck you feel comfortable using.

Question: Will the Soulmate Spread Tell me Exactly Who my Soulmate is?

Answer: While the cards won’t provide you with the exact details, they can guide you in your search. Most importantly, the cards will show you what areas in yourself and your life to work on so that you can welcome a healthy relationship and manifest your soulmate.

Question: Will the Soulmate Spread Tell me Exactly Where to Find my Soulmate?

Answer: As with any question asked, the cards won’t provide you with a cut-and-dry answer. They can give you hints but remember this can change at any given moment.

The best thing to do is to follow the call of your own soul. Be in the places that make you feel good and do the things that make your soul come alive. In short, take care of your own soul and find fulfillment in yourself- and you are sure to find your soulmate arriving soon. 


We are all looking for love, whether platonic or otherwise. I have met my soulmate and consulted the cards and got a clear indication that this person is my soulmate or at least one of them. However, as many love stories go, we were not ready for a healthy connection even though we are soulmates.

Now, I focus on building myself into the best version of myself, someone that I can be proud of. And I will continue to consult my cards on the many people I meet in my life, but I will not base everything on the outcome.

So, in short, my advice is for you to do the same. Continue on your search and your manifestation, but work on yourself in the meantime. As the saying goes, become the love that you seek. And who knows, you might just find your soulmate while doing so.

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