Ten of Pentacles Meaning

Ten of Pentacles Meaning: Upright and Reversed

The Ten of Pentacles is the final numerological card for the suit of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana. It is followed by the Page of Pentacles and the rest of the Pentacles court cards.

This is a card of wealth and abundance and family legacy, but it’s also a young card of transformation. Learn more about the mysteries of the Ten of Pentacles by reading further!

Keywords for the Ten of Pentacles

Keywords for the Ten of Pentacles Upright

  • Wealth
  • Abundance
  • Financial success
  • Financial stability
  • Privilege
  • Legacy
  • Family money
  • Affluence
  • Inheritance

Keywords for the Ten of Pentacles Reversed

  • Financial instability
  • Debt
  • Family turmoil over money
  • Momentary success
  • Confrontations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Arguments over money

The Suit of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles is an earth element and is therefore associated with money and material objects. Because it is associated with the element of earth, when you pull this card, expect tactile rewards if it’s upright and tactile losses if it’s reversed.

Because Pentacles are associated with earth signs in the zodiac or astrological calendar, they are therefore aligned with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. If you pull this card, take a moment to consider if any of these signs are involved in your question. The Ten of Pentacles specifically corresponds to Virgo, so especially consider if a Virgo could be involved.

Pentacles are also referred to as Discs or Coins, amongst other things, depending on the Tarot deck and artists who designed the Tarot cards.

The Tens in Tarot

Tens in a Tarot deck represent a transformation stage. While Nines represents a completion, Tens are here to push us forward to the next adventure.

Being a higher number, you are more prepared as a Ten than you were as a Six or Four, and you’ve overcome the struggles of the Five. You are more ready for the next challenge, whatever that challenge brings.

Tens also conclude the numerological cards in each suit in their Tarot deck. They are followed by more maturing: the Pages, the Knights, the Queens, the Kings, and then even further into the Major Arcana. You have come a long way, but your journey is just beginning!

Symbolism and Imagery in the Ten of Pentacles

A group of people – a family – communes in their luxurious home. There is a representative from each generation: a grandfather, a young man, a woman, and a child. Two dogs flock them obediently, tying them to the earth as legged creatures without wings or fins.

Dogs are protectors in the Tarot. They are loyal, family, and animals that will do what they can to keep you safe. They are positive creatures in your cards.

What colors are not present in this card? This card is jam-packed with greens, blues, reds, yellows, oranges, and the light gray/white of the dogs. This card is all about abundance, so a lot is packed in here.

Color-wise we have the greens tying the people to the earth and furthering their association with earth signs and the element of the earth. Red is also present, showing ambition and motivation in this family. Blue for the subconscious and association with psychic intuition is there as well. Orange, the color of challenges, is present, showing that the journey is not over, of course.

On the walls of the house are family crests which is what keys us into this being a family. The crest signifies tradition and bond. It also shows prosperity and family money.

Upright Ten of Pentacles Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles upright in any Tarot reading is foretelling abundance, family togetherness, and not just financial stability but wealth. This is a Tarot card that you want to see, and you want to see upright.

Pulling this card upright is foretelling the fruits of your labor will pay off. Consider yourself the elder in this card, overlooking your accomplishments, your children, and your grandchildren. Your ability to have a long-term vision and to put that vision into action has paid off.

This also has to do with legacy and family roots. The Rider Tarot Deck shows a grandfather and his children and grandchild for a reason. You’re setting yourself up to be the head of your household, whatever form that means for you.

It hasn’t been easy, and as the Pentacles preceding this card show, you’ve been patient, focused, and motivated. Congratulations on your success or future success; you certainly earned it!

Ten of Pentacles Upright in a Love Reading

The Ten of Pentacles upright in a love reading is really positive for your current relationship or, if you’re single, your next relationship.

You and your partner have a beautiful future together. You’ve been working towards common goals and long-term goals, and all that work will pay off. If you are thinking of having a family with this person, you have a lot of potential to have a prosperous family together. This is your sign to go for it!

Ten of Pentacles Upright in a Money and Career Reading

It shouldn’t surprise you that the Ten of Pentacles upright in a money and career reading is very positive. This is a great omen for your future in business. You’ve put in the work towards planning, thinking long-term, and maintaining action and focus as you move forward. The future is a well-earned reward when you pull this Tarot card upright!

The Ten of Pentacles can sometimes foretell an unexpectedly large amount of money coming your way. Maybe you’re getting a surprise inheritance, or your raise this year will be higher than it’s ever been. I advise that you invest that money wisely and since you’ve pulled the Ten of Pentacles, make an investment for your long-term future and/or your family.

Ten of Pentacles Upright in a Home and Family Reading

The Ten of Pentacles upright in a home and family reading is great news. If you’re partnered up and considering starting a family, this is your green light to do so. You and your partner make a great match and have the financial stability to support more loved ones.

This also shows me that you and your family have a strong legacy with roots in tradition, which you honor. You make it a priority to be with your family and take care of one another. I’d like to remind you of the family crests hanging on the walls of the house in the Ten of Pentacles Tarot card. This shows a past and a future for the family, for your family.

Ten of Pentacles Upright in a Health Reading

Once again, the Ten of Pentacles upright in a health reading is a great Tarot card to pull. Because it deals with family, I do advise that you check your family’s medical histories to ensure you do not have any hereditary diseases you should know about.

Even if you do become ill, you are so financially stable – that isn’t even the right word right now – you are so wealthy that money won’t be an object as you pursue treatments. Still, you need to know if you have anything inherited from your family that you need to keep tabs on. Money doesn’t make you invincible in health matters.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles reversed isn’t what you want to see in any reading. While upright, it foretells success and growth, reversed it means quite the opposite.

The Ten of Pentacles reversed foretells bankruptcy and debt. The Pentacles are all about financial gains and losses, and because reversed means the energy of abundance and wealth is blocked, you can expect to hit financial woes when you see the Ten of Pentacles reversed.

Furthermore, because the Ten of Pentacles is so tied to family and family roots, you could be seeing money problems in your family. This could be an inheritance you won’t be getting because your parents need the money unexpectedly. It could also mean that your family squabbles over an inheritance. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be pretty.

If you have a family-run and owned business that has done well or shown to be growing well over the last few years, prepare for unexpected money problems. If any kind of inheritance is expected, stop expecting it. And lastly, you may find that your family has been bickering a lot about money lately, expect more of that.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed in a Love Reading

The Ten of Pentacles reversed in a love reading is not a good thing. If you are considering a committed relationship with someone right now, I advise you to slow down and reflect. You and your partner are not a good combination to allow for wealth and abundance. You will soon experience financial instability and subsequent fighting that stems from that.

This could also indicate a new lover coming into the picture, but your family doesn’t care for them. Whatever their reason is, whether on point or not, conflict is coming your way.

However, if you’re not ready for commitment and you pull the Ten of Pentacles reversed, it’s totally fine. Because you’re not looking to lay down roots with anyone, dating people casually without commitment is not a problem. So don’t fear this card reversed if that’s where you are.

The Ten of Pentacles reversed in a love reading may also refer to your motivation for getting married right now. You’ve chosen money over love if you pull this card reversed. The results won’t be the legacy of family and love, but rather abundance and wealth as a legacy, without the desire to create anything more emotionally lasting with your partner.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed in a Money and Career Reading

The Ten of Pentacles reversed in a money, and career reading is a bad omen for your business ventures. This foretells bankruptcy and debt, so something isn’t going to work out with a large investment or loan you’re working to pay off.

This could also be pointing to a family matter of money. Maybe you expected more from your inheritance when a wealthy relative passed, but you were disappointed in the number when it came to fruition. This act of “counting your chickens before they hatched” may have led you to already make a large purchase you now can’t afford.

Along the same lines, you may receive money from an inheritance, but it will come with conflict from other relatives who feel they deserve more than you.

Finally, the Ten of Pentacles may represent you or someone you know presenting themselves as having more money than they actually do. This results in living beyond their means and digging themselves deeper and deeper into financial ruin.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed in a Home and Family Reading

The Ten of Pentacles reversed in home and family is not good news. Unfortunately, it’s warning you of family conflict, probably over money. There will be a squabble over a family inheritance or perhaps a business decision with the family-run and owned company.

The trouble will become a tangible financial loss. Prepare yourself for a loss of income, or do not make a large purchase counting on an inheritance you’re not certain you’re getting. It might be time to step back from the family business and go out on your own. If you feel this is the case, take a look at the cards following the Ten of Pentacles. If you see any pushing you to move on, I advise you to do so. Not all families are worth sticking around for, and if you’re in a toxic situation, leaving might be the best choice.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed in a Health Reading

The Ten of Pentacles reversed in a health reading may indicate health bills that are piling up, which you cannot pay. Perhaps the bills themselves are what has put you into debt. Whatever did, it’s not a good situation, and you still need the money. And because of the family ties in this card, what’s made you sick is probably an inherited genetic disease.

The Ten of Pentacles reversed in a health reading is not just bad for your wallet; it’s a bad omen for you. This does not appear to be promising. Take note of the cards following this; are they indicators of healing?


Question: I Pulled the Ten of Pentacles Reversed in a Health Reading, and now I’m Scared; Help!

Answer: Don’t panic, especially if you feel entirely fine now. I would call your parents and grandparents and try to get as much medical history from them as you can. Then I would take that information to your doctor. They may decide to monitor you for hereditary diseases to make sure if anything pops up, they catch it right away. I’d also suggest you start saving for medical bills or up your health insurance plan if you are able.

Question: Does Pulling this Card Reversed in a Love Reading Mean I Shouldn’t Get Married Based on Money and not Love?

Answer: If money is more important to you than love, marry that person for money. As long as they aren’t harmful to you, I don’t see anything wrong with marrying for any reason. You may find a void from not loving your partner, and it may come later in life, but you may be perfectly content marrying for wealth. To each their own, I always say!

Question: My Family isn’t Wealthy, and I Pulled this Card Upright in my Home and Family Reading. Did I do Something Wrong?

Answer: Not at all. Pulling the Ten of Pentacles upright foretells abundance in the future. This is great news and is telling you to keep doing what you’re doing because it will pay off.

Final Thought on the Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is all about family and family growth and legacy. It’s a card of abundance and wealth, and it’s a great omen when pulled upright.

So if you are frustrated and don’t feel as though your work is paying off, be patient and stay on the path. The Ten of Pentacles is in your reach!

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