Knight of pentacles meaning

Knight of Pentacles Meaning: Upright and Reversed

In the Middle Ages, the rank of a knight was only given to those who followed the ideals of chivalry, which was a code of conduct followed to the T by the warriors themselves. Knights were considered elite fighters, mercenaries, and bodyguards for anyone who could pay.

As the knight struck fear in the past, so too does the Knight of Pentacles if it appears in a Tarot spread. It means hard work and effort are needed, and that perseverance is necessary to reach your goals. However, this card may ask you to think about whether or not your routine suits your lifestyle and if giving up large aspects of safety and security are integral to your success. 

While not a Major Arcana, the strength of this card comes close to the power of the main suit. If you’re having a hard time grounding yourself, living up to your responsibilities, or you need help breaking out of the mundane, the Knight of Pentacles may appear to guide you.

Let’s look at the Knight of Pentacles meaning and how it can bring focus to your life.

The Knight of Pentacles Card Numbering

The Knight of Pentacles is the 12th card in the Pentacles grouping within the minor arcana and rests between the Page of Pentacles and Queen of Pentacles. In a modern 52 card deck as well as many modern Tarot decks, the Knight is sometimes used synonymously with the Jack.

The Meanings of the Knight of Pentacles

A standard Tarot deck has 4 minor arcana suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. The Pentacles Suit is typically last in the order. It is used synonymously with the Diamonds Suit in a 52 card deck as well as the element earth, merchants, and the material body or possessions.  

With that said, the Suit of Pentacles deals with the external level of consciousness or the physical body and mind. The Pentacle Suit will help you find solutions specific to outer situations like finances, work, and health. At the same time, the Suit of Pentacles also associates itself with obscure elements of the ego, like your self-esteem and how you see yourself.

The Meaning of the Knight of Pentacles in Astrology

The Knight of Pentacles is linked to the zodiac sign Virgo. Virgos are characterized as independent, self-sufficient, and dedicated. As an Earth sign, they’re focused, detailed, and analytical. Virgos are happy when working or assisting others. They are quiet and reserved.

Knight of Pentacles Card Meaning

An upright Suit of Pentacles has many meanings, so it may not be immediately apparent what the card is asking of you. However, since we know that the Pentacles Suit aligns itself with the physical body, the most common interpretation is work, whether that’s physical labor or emotional work. Both are laborious in different ways, but the work is necessary here.

Tarot readers will often place personality traits on the cards they pull because a lot of symbolism can be gathered with the picture alone. While we’ll dive more into the imagery of the young knight on the horse, later on, it’s still important to note that he looks like a determined man. This fits well with the cards’ meaning of responsibility, practicality, common sense, and hard work.

At the same time, a person who is ambitious and hard-working can often come across as conservative and stubborn. People who draw this card may have difficulty showing affection to their loved ones (or feels that they can’t) but provides for them in other ways.

For these reasons, the Knight of Pentacles is often associated with masculine energy or duties. Nowadays, any gender should be allowed to be providers or stoic in nature, but the card asks its drawer not to lose touch with the people they care about while making their dreams come true.

In the end, the Knight of Pentacles will likely ask you for perseverance and patience when your life isn’t playing out as you’d like. It’s asking you to use setbacks as opportunities for personal growth and resilience. In time, you’ll understand why your plans fell apart or changed for the better, but no matter what happens, you’ll learn a lesson that benefits you in the future.

We can break the Knight of Pentacles down into four distinct parts:

  • The knight may not be living up to his own expectations: The knight is feeling uncomfortable with the present. He’s looking at a brownfield past the pentacle with a furrowed brow. Atop his black horse, he wonders how things went so wrong.
  • At the same time, he’s looking starry-eyed to a dream: The responsible, hard-working man won’t be counted out without a fight. Disappointment of the present means growth can occur, but that can’t happen without acceptance and patience.
  • The main lesson the knight teaches is a changed mindset: You can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Perseverance is only a virtue if you pivot when something isn’t working. Stubbornness will make you miserable. 
  • It also asks us to take pleasure in the mundane: Sometimes, change isn’t the answer. If you addressed your circumstances and found that a steady pace, stability, or stagnancy is necessary now, then you may need to stop and smell the roses.

In this article, you’ll learn what the Knight of Pentacles means in different situations. If the Knight of Pentacles is intended to act as a teacher, let it change and mold you.

Knight of Pentacles Card Imagery Description

This imagery description is based on The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck design.

The knight sitting on a horse represents power, regality, and respect. However, the Knight of Pentacles can often be seen as a tragic figure because he is unhappy despite his wealth and status. Although he’s proud of who he is, he looks for something more beyond castle walls.

The Knight of Pentacles is the only card with a knight seated on the horse that isn’t moving forward. This means that current events aren’t mobile but at a standstill. Although it’s true that the knight wants to reach his goal, he has to stay stationary to the present.

The present is where the knight can learn from his mistakes, and the lessons he learns now will transform him into a person that can better reach his goals in the future.

As he stands here, he is looking at a plowed field, which can either represent a recent harvest, a soon-to-be planted field, or a dead landscape. Interestingly, it could mean all three:

  • Recent Harvest: Represents a job done but a new job to follow. Frustration.
  • Soon-To-Be Plated: Represents a job to do, a work in progress, stagnancy. 
  • Dead Landscape: Failure, unwillingness to grow, stubbornness.

The knight may look at a dream unfilled, a dream in motion, or a dead future. 

While the focus may be on the horse or the knight’s body, notice that he’s looking right past the pentacle. He’s angry, determined, and frustrated by his current situation, but he’s staring forward to the unknown. We are not aware of what his dream is, but we know he’s aware and that it’s somewhere past the horizon. His focus is apparent by his positioning.

Some decks say that the pentacle is actually a coin, which carries a higher financial weight than the card would otherwise have. Since the knight is looking past the pentacle (or coin), it could imply that he’s more concerned with his duty/dream and less about the financial incentive. 

Upright Knight of Pentacles Card Meaning


  • Patience
  • Practicality
  • Loyalty
  • Perseverance
  • Protectiveness
  • Ambition
  • Hard Working
  • Profit
  • Finishing What You Started
  • Working With Nature
  • Working With What You Want
  • Making Your Dreams Come True
  • Persistence
  • Environmentally Conscious

Similar to all knights in the other suits, the Knight of Pentacles represents effort, hard work, and responsibility that accompany the responsibilities of being a Page. Unlike some of the other knights in the deck, he’s a straight shooter with a laser focus. Although he’s not the most creative of the knights, his detail-orientated and systematic approach allows him to get the job done well.

Pulling an upright Knight of Pentacles is an affirmation that you’re working methodically towards your goals but at a slow pace. That doesn’t mean you should speed up the process; quite the opposite. Your consistency, commitment, and dedication are admirable, and while you don’t need to change your approach, you should take a minute to be thankful for your success. 

You’re probably an expert planner that has a detailed plan of action and a relentless focus. You’re meticulous and able to enact your vision down to the most minor detail. Nothing gets past you, so you’re able to buckle down and finish assignments, typically before the due date.

The Knight of Pentacles more so represents the daily grind necessary to reach your goals, the ability to persevere if things go wrong, and the willingness to let go if pivoting isn’t an option. 

On the other hand, the Knight of Pentacles represents the mundane aspects of life: repetitive schedules and the tedious responsibilities you perform daily. However, stagnancy isn’t always a bad thing, and this card is trying to show you that boring tasks are necessary. It’s vital to accept responsibilities without complaint or grudge, as they’ll lead to something positive.

You’re loyal but not foolish, ambitious, but not short-sighted, and protective, but not jealous. Your strong points rarely turn into inhibitors, and if they do, you are able to learn from that lesson. You’re capable of seeing the bigger picture without losing sight of what matters. For example, you can create a profitable business without hurting others in the process.

Many people who pull this card are protectors of the oppressed and incredibly empathetic to social justice issues. The knight is associated with chivalry, helping the weak, and preserving morals for the next generation. You’re likely environmentally conscious or an animal lover.

Although you can be considered “conservative” by many, that approach may suit your life right now as change presents itself on the horizon. You’re sticking to your routine because you know it works, but that doesn’t mean it’s exciting. Still, this card confirms you’re on the right path.

In a yes or no reading, the Knight of Pentacles is a good omen. Be consistent in your goals, and you’ll get what you want. Act like a knight: stay strong, dependable, and respectful.

Upright Knight of Pentacles Card in a Love Reading

Characterized as a steady, secure, and loyal lover with a stubborn streak. 

Drawing the Upright Knight of Pentacles in a love-focused tarot spread will state that you either need a lover like the Knight of Pentacles or you are similar to the card you pulled. 

Regardless of where this card shows up, it’s a good sign. You’re likely in a stable, solid, and committed union if you’re in a relationship. If this card represents a person, this person is protective, patient, practical, and a literal ‘knight in shining armor.’ They will be loyal, faithful, and unlikely to cheat because they want a comfortable lifestyle with few surprises.

If you’re single and the Upright Knight of Pentacles shows itself, it means you’re ready for a committed partner. You may find someone who will love you, support you, and stay with you through thick and thin as long as you are able to support this person’s goals and dreams.

Upright Knight of Pentacles Card Career Meaning

Characterized as a person with drive, focus, and tenacity, but results will come slowly.

Drawing the Upright Knight of Pentacles in a career setting is a very good thing. It shows that when it comes to work, you have an unbreakable ambition, an unstoppable drive, and a needle-point focus. You’re committed to reaching your goals, no matter how long they take.

In the myth of Tortoise and the Hare, you’re the tortoise. For you, slow and steady wins the race, but your hard work will pay off, whether you’re looking for a job or opening your own business.

Upright Knight of Pentacles Card Financial Meaning

Characterized as financially responsible to the point of being frugal and conservatory.

A person who draws the Upright Knight of Pentacles for their finances is incredibly frugal but not cheap. Frugality means you avoid taking big risks with your money and will thus research every item meticulously until you find the best deal. 

You’re more likely to buy an expensive item for other people than yourself; in fact, you’d rather budget and slowly save for a rainy day. You prefer to stay safe and err on the side of caution.

If you aren’t typically a frugal person, now is the time to start. Focus on saving now because you may need some extra funds in the near future, like for school, a home, or an emergency. 

Upright Knight of Pentacles Card Health Meaning

Symbolizes that you’ll regain strength in the near future that surpasses your ill state.

Whether you suffer from mental or physical health problems, the Upright Knight of Pentacles has good news for you. After pulling this card, you’re likely to overcome an aspect of a health problem you’ve been struggling with, possibly in a more renewed state than you were before.

This card also tells you to focus on the basics or the mundane to stay in good health. Proper diet, exercise, and rest will be crucial to overcoming your health struggles.

Upright Knight of Pentacles Card Spirituality Meaning

Symbolizes your wishes are about to come true if you persevere.

Although we want to get through the other end of a spiritual struggle as quickly as possible, the Upright Knight of Pentacles asks you to slow down. A spiritual upheaval is a big deal and needs a softer touch. If you persevere and take each challenge one step at a time, you’ll succeed.

Reversed Knight of Pentacles Card Meaning


  • Defensiveness
  • Apathy
  • Stubbornness
  • Shallowness
  • Lack of Self-Discipline
  • Lack of Commitment
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Inefficiency
  • Unproductivity 
  • Disloyal
  • Jealousy 
  • Laziness
  • Fickleness 
  • Selfishness

Knights are in a position of power, and with the power comes a lot of responsibility. It wasn’t all that uncommon for valiant knights to turn to the dark side and start abusing their hard-earned respect. After all, who’s going to believe a knight committed wrongdoings against a peasant? Who would testify against a knight, even if the misconduct was witnessed by many? 

Unless someone of higher authority stops the rebellious knight, they may warp the virtues they used to hold dear. Ultimately, it’s up to the knight to change so that he can earn the respect of the people once more. The Reversed Knight of Pentacles is asking you to do the same.

Sometimes we lose our way, but we can find it again. If you draw this card, you may need greater self-discipline to achieve your goals, or you risk losing sight of them completely.

Routine could help someone more unorganized reach success. For example, if you want to become fit and healthy, you need a structured plan, even if you find the idea boring or agonizing. You may have ignored essential but mundane aspects of your life completely to chase adventure. If you draw this card, it can indicate a need for order in your life.

Your more positive qualities may have been pushed to the point of being destructive. Perhaps your ambition has turned you into a workaholic, or you gave up entirely. Or, maybe you’re drowning in the weight of your responsibilities and thus sacrificed things that made you happy.

On the other hand, order may have made you restless. If you recently added a schedule to your life and became more productive, but you found your life has become dull as a result, your creativity is likely suffering. Tell yourself it’s okay to be spontaneous every now and then.

You may have become too conservative, unadventurous, and resistant to change. Remember that a quiet night is fine, but you shouldn’t isolate yourself from your hobbies or loved ones. Being open to new experiences is a positive trait, as long as it doesn’t get you in trouble.

Unless you want to face burnout or exhaustion, you need to change the way you’re living immediately. Do some soul searching as to what you need, rather than what you want.

Reversed Knight of Pentacles Card Love Meaning

Characterized as a dull, neglectful, and selfish lover who’s a homebody. 

Drawing the Reverse Knight of Pentacles in a love-focused Tarot spread will state that you either have a lover like the Knight of Pentacles or you are similar to the card you pulled. 

Pulling a Reverse Knight of Pentacles is all around a bad sign because you likely have an unstable, uncommitted partner or relationship. There’s little effort involved in making this situation better, even if you both feel bored or restless. Honesty is likely a big problem here.

If the card refers to a person, they’re likely unfaithful, only interested in the material, and apathetic to your thoughts and feelings. They lack work ethic, neglect their partner, and break promises. At best, they’re boring. At worse, they’re manipulative and selfish.

Singles who pull this card are likely not ready for a committed relationship because they lack maturity or are interested in something casual. If maturity is the issue, try and work on yourself before entering into a committed partnership, or the other person may get hurt. At the same time, it may mean a Reverse Knight of Pentacles person is entering your life soon. Eek!

Reversed Knight of Pentacles Card Career Meaning

Characterized as a person with no ambition or someone obsessed with work.

Drawing a Reversed Knight of Pentacles could be a sign that you entirely lack ambition or you are so obsessed with your goals that you’re sacrificing everything else. Determining where you fall in these paradigms is up to you, so be honest with yourself.

If you have little motivation to work, you may need more effort to make your dreams a reality. If you’re working too hard, you need to cut back unless you want your life to turn into shambles. Both ends of the spectrum could indicate depression rather than implicate neglect of yourself or others. Regardless of why you’re doing what you’re doing, you need a better work-life balance.

Reversed Knight of Pentacles Card Finances Meaning

Characterized by financial irresponsibility, impulsivity, and risky behaviors.

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles may rear its head when your impulsive behaviors are at their worst. You may be irresponsible with your purchase either lately, or it’s a habit you’ve formed over time. If you regret what you’ve bought or you don’t use what you buy, that’s an issue.

When this card appears, it’s telling you to be more careful with what you buy. Try researching items ahead of time or sit on a purchase for a week to a month to avoid impulse buys.

Reversed Knight of Pentacles Card Health Meaning

Symbolizes complete neglect or total obsession with health.

Balance is important to the Knight of Pentacles, so if you draw this card in a health-specific spread, it could indicate one of two extremes. You may be neglecting your health entirely, or you are so obsessed with fitness that it’s destroying your quality of life.

If you’re neglecting your health, try and make small steps. Start by walking one night a week or cooking healthy food for yourself two nights a week. Then, add on a day every two weeks to avoid shocking your system or giving up entirely. It’s okay to reach your goals slowly.

On the other hand, if you’re taking it to the extreme, you need to reduce your workout days instead. Working out too much can actually be detrimental to your health and reverse your progress. Tell yourself it’s okay to eat unhealthy once and a while or to relax twice a week.

Reversed Knight of Pentacles Card Spirituality Meaning

Symbolizes your wishes won’t fall into your lap without work.

The Upright Knight of Pentacles represents work, but the Reversed Knight of Pentacles notices a lack of ambition or perseverance. You likely drew this card because you’re feeling pessimistic about life in general, but you can’t expect anyone else to fulfill your dreams for you. You need to take your spiritual challenges head-on, or they’ll never come to pass.

Knight of Pentacles Card Combinations

The Knight of Pentacles asks you to be persevering and tenacious, so the meaning of this card won’t change significantly with other cards. However, the following combinations do provide a deeper look at why you need to stick to your guns or why you should change your ideals.

  • Mostly Reverse Cards: An Upright Knight of Pentacles makes the overall spread less negative because the knight on the horse acts as a benevolent benefactor.
  • Grouped With Other Knights: Act quickly and reap the benefits while you can. 
  • Grouped With Pages: Separate fun from work to succeed in your destiny.
  • Grouped With Other Court Cards: Represents who influences you and why.
  • The Moon: Exacerbates boredom and makes it unbearable, even in Upright position.
  • The Sun: Helps you find your calling, especially if the Knight of Pentacles is reversed.
  • The Judgement: Permanent stability at the cost of freedom of expression.
  • The High Priestess: Financial matters may be dependent on an unpredictable person.
  • The Hermit: You’ll find money to pay for an educational opportunity if you work for it. 
  • The Tower: When a calamity happens, a knight will appear to solve it with money.
  • The Fool: You’ll have control over your finances completely. True independence.
  • The Justice: If you’re undergoing a settlement or trial, it will be solved in your favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does a Knight of Pentacles card mean for a person?

Answer: The Pentacles Suit is considered a “darker” card in Tarot due to its connection to witchcraft, but the Knight of Pentacles typically has a positive meaning unless reversed. This card represents practicality, reliability, stoicism, efficiency, tenacity, patience, commitment, and ambition. People who draw this card are hard-working, responsible, protective, and loyal.

Question: What does the Knight of Pentacles for the Past Mean?

Answer: In the past position, the Knight of Pentacles means you likely had a stable upbringing. You likely felt safe, secure, and loved by your parents. However, if this card represents a more recent past, it could mean that you’re leaving the comfort of security for the unknown. You may face a few months or years of instability and possibly hardship in the present or future.

Question: What does the Knight of Pentacles for the Present Mean?

Answer: In the present position, the Knight of Pentacles signifies a time of boredom or stagnancy. In a positive sense, this could mean you’re appreciative of this period after a time of turmoil. As a negative, you may have lost touch with your more adventurous nature. If this present persists, you may become too comfortable and restless and start to cause trouble.

Question: What does the Knight of Pentacles for the Future Mean?

Answer: In the future position, the Knight of Pentacles is a good omen, especially if your past or present reading is rife with negativity. You’ll soon come across a nice, well-meaning person that wants to support you, whether that’s financially or emotionally. Now, the Knight of Pentacles takes the literal meaning of being a knight in shining armor who fixes your instability.


The Knight of Pentacles’ meaning is a little more complex than other cards of the same suit. There are many instances where this card can mean the exact opposite depending on who you are and what you need help in, but that versatility means help will come regardless.

A word of advice: Don’t take the Knight of Pentacles’ reading to heart. Hard truths are never easy to hear, but if you know a problem exists, it will be easier to solve it. On the other hand, if you are experiencing a motivation issue to the extreme, you may want to seek professional help as laziness or workaholism may indicate an underlying problem.

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