Seven of Pentacles Meaning

Seven of Pentacles Meaning: Upright and Reversed

The Seven of Pentacles is telling you to exercise patience. It’s a call to be patient for a return on investment. You’ve done the work of planting seeds, making investments in time and money, now you must wait for your seeds to grow, while you continue to tend them, before you can harvest them.

The card is about staying the course and continuing to put in the work in order to get what you put in back.

Upright and Reversed Seven of Pentacles Keywords

Keywords for Seven of Pentacles Upright

  • Patience
  • Investment
  • Waiting
  • Cultivation
  • Long-term goals

Keywords for Seven of Pentacles Reversed

  • Short-term success
  • Poor foresight
  • Poor planning for long-term future
  • Lack of vision
  • Scattered
  • Poor investment (time or money)
  • Aimlessness

The Suit of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles is associated with money and material objects. It is associated with the element of earth, so when you pull this card, expect tactile rewards if it’s upright and tactile losses if it’s reversed.

Pentacles are also known as discs or coins, depending on the Tarot deck and artists who designed the Tarot cards.

Pentacles are associated with earth signs in the zodiac or astrological calendar. They are therefore aligned with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. If you pull this card, take a moment to consider if any of these signs are involved in your question. The Seven of Pentacles specifically corresponds to Taurus.

Taurus are stubborn, fixed signs. (There are fixed signs in each zodiac sign.) While other signs are flexible and open to change, fixed signs tend to be completely stuck in their ways. I like to use Scorpio as the ideal fixed sign example. Scorpios are a water sign which is generally fluid, but Scorpios reside in ice and therefore really illustrate how difficult it is for a fixed sign to budge.

When you pull a Pentacle, it means that you are dealing with tangible results of your actions. Whether it be home ownership or loss, a raise at work, or finally buying that beautiful purse you’ve had your eyes on! That tangible thing is in your tangible future.

The Number Seven

Sevens are all associated with fixed signs; the Seven of Pentacles is associated with Taurus specifically.

Sevens often indicate a challenge that needs to be overcome. For example, the seventh in the Major Arcana is The Chariot, which is about a challenging but necessary journey.

Symbolism and Imagery in the Seven of Pentacles

A man stands, a garden tool supporting his resting head as he admires the pentacles he is growing in his garden. The plant that produces the pentacles is shades of green, connecting this project to Mother Earth and illustrating the connection of this card with the element of earth.

He stands with one foot on the green earth and one foot on a spot of blue water, which connects him to the subconscious as well as the tangible ground. This shows that he has mastered the balance of being grounded with knowing his true self in his subconscious.

He balances earth and water, a difficult harmony to grasp. The blue water also irrigates the plant, which will grow his bounty. This shows the cycle of life and the way knowing our subconscious can feed our material gains.

His clothes are blue and orange. Orange correlates to the number seven in that it represents challenges to overcome. The blue on his legs and arms also connects him to his subconscious.

Behind the man, the sky is grey, and grey indicates gloom and a pending storm. While the world behind him is dark and uncertain, he focuses on the future, cultivating seeds for a fruitful, long-term plan.

While the pentacles are growing from the man’s garden, they are not yet ready to be harvested. The man watches them patiently, knowing that what he’s done is good. This man will be ready for the challenges of life, he is planning for his long-term future, and if he keeps at it, he will do well.

Notice that although the plant is thriving, the man still tends it. This illustrates that the project at hand is doing well, but still needs constant care to survive and reach its potential. Soon he will be able to harvest his coins.

Upright Seven of Pentacles Meaning

This is a positive Tarot card when pulled upright because what it’s telling you is that you have a good long-term vision. You are not afraid of hard work, and you’re also not looking for fast rewards or quick fixes. You’re good at looking into your future and making plans.

This card is also about patience though and could be reminding you to keep your eye on the prize. Your goals might not be coming to fruition yet but that doesn’t mean that they won’t. Keep focused, stay patient, stay the course.

I want to elaborate on staying the course. This card isn’t just about waiting something out or setting and forgetting a project or investment. A seed planted and growing still needs sunshine, water, and pruning. You need to make sure you continue to give this project the focus it needs to thrive. Just because it’s doing well now doesn’t mean you’re done and can just wait it out.

If you don’t have a solid plan for the future yet and you’re asking the cards for direction, this card is telling you to plan long-term. I advise you to sit down and sketch out where you want to be in five years, ten years, and fifteen years if you can. Now, what can you do today to get to where you want to be in five years? Pulling this card now means you’re ready to plan for the future so get going!

Reversed Seven of Pentacles Meaning

Are you feeling a bit scattered? If you pull the Seven of Pentacles reversed, you may be stirring a lot of pots right now, trying to figure out which you want to focus on. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s time to take inventory of what you’re doing and what’s worth the investment of your time and money. Choose a pot!

Similarly, this could indicate that what you’ve been focusing on is not worth the investment. It might be creating more stress than it’s worth; it might just not be the money-maker you wanted it to be. If you have already felt this way, and then you pull the Seven of Pentacles reversed: you are correct with your gut feeling. It’s time to cut your losses and re-evaluate where you want to be further down the road. It’s time for a new plan.

The Seven of Pentacles in a Love Reading

If you pull this card upright in a love reading, it is a good thing. It means you’re getting a return on your investment — which sounds weird in a love reading but stay with me!

This card in a love reading upright shows me that your partner gives you what you give them. You each take care of each other, and you know that if you are supporting them while they recover from a layoff or finish up school, they would and will do the same for you down the line. It’s an equal partnership.

Furthermore, this Tarot card is telling me you have a good relationship with strong long-term potential. You can really build something with this person. And remember that this is a tangible build, so your future with this person has financial stability.

If this card is reversed in a love reading, you’ve probably been putting in more work than you feel you’re going to get out of it. Things may have initially looked like they could be long-term with this person, but the more time passes, the more you lack a future with this person.

Don’t fear losing your relationship; relationships change. This card presenting itself reversed in your love reading is telling you that you’re putting in more than you’re getting back. That relationship with anything — be it a person or a job or a hobby — isn’t worth holding on to.

The Seven of Pentacles in a Career and Money Reading

If you pull the Seven of Pentacles upright in a career and money reading: good for you! You’ve found a gig that is going to pay off long-term. You may have a good relationship with the owners of the business where they appreciate you and recognize your hard work and potential.

This type of relationship could certainly pay off for your long-term career. You could become part owner someday, and you may become the director of operations. Whatever it is you want, you’re on the right track. Keep doing what you’re doing!

This could also refer to your side hustle if you have one, and depending on where it falls in your reading. Take note of the cards around it as well and remember your question specifically. Was it about your side hustle or your full-time job?

If this reading is about your side hustle or the card is falling in a place for your side hustle: that’s going to do well for you. You should make sure you continue to devote time and energy to your project because the future is bright for financial success! You may even want to cut back on your full-time job to focus more on the side hustle.

If you pull the Seven of Pentacles reversed in a career and money reading: it’s time to move on. You may enjoy yourself at work, you may even make good money, but this job isn’t in line with your long-term potential. Whether it means the company will eventually go under, or it means there’s only so far you can rise in the company, it doesn’t matter: the job isn’t right for your long-term goals, and you should find something else.

Pulling the Seven of Pentacles reversed in a career and money reading is pointing out that you’re putting in more than you’re getting out of your job. We have a tendency to glamorous “the grind” in American culture as if there is honor in being overworked and underappreciated or paid. This card reversed is calling the bluff of the “grind” culture.

You should reap what you sow; you should get rewarded for the hard work you put in. If you are not, move on. There are people who will treat you as you deserve to be treated. There are jobs that will reward people who go above and beyond.

The Seven of Pentacles in Health Reading

If you pull the Seven of Pentacles upright in a health reading, this is good news. Your hard work is going to pay off. You may have started a healthier diet, perhaps joined a gym, or begun to learn yoga. Whatever you’ve just started, keep it up! This turnaround is going to be lasting, so keep working to make it a habit. You will reach your goals and maintain this healthy lifestyle. Good for you!

Unfortunately, if this card is reversed in a health reading, it means quite the opposite. You’re doing something that won’t last. It might be too drastic of a diet that works immediately but isn’t sustainable.

It might be too much of a hardcore workout to start with and might intimidate you or do damage to your body that pushes you away physically and mentally. Whatever you’re trying, even if you’re seeing immediate results, it’s not going to be something you can sustain.

This regiment won’t last regardless of the number on the scale or your new muscle tone. I recommend taking a step back and re-prioritizing your goals. If you want to lose weight, start with simple ways to integrate healthy foods into your diet along with realistic workout goals. As you gain momentum, you can scale up. Starting too big too fast can end up doing more harm than good.


Question: I Pulled this Card in a Love Reading, but I’m Not in a Relationship. What Does that Mean?

Answer: It depends on the cards around the Seven of Pentacles but generally, it’s safe to say that a lasting, healthy, long-term relationship is in your future. I’d recommend staying the path and definitely take into consideration the cards before this. If you have The

Tower right before the Seven of Pentacles, for example, that means you need to exit a toxic situation (personally, professionally, etc.) before you find this relationship.

Question: I Pulled this Card Reversed in a Career Reading, but I Love my Job and Don’t See Myself Leaving. What Does this Mean?

Answer: Just because you don’t see yourself leaving now doesn’t mean you won’t or shouldn’t. Keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities. I know it sounds unbelievable, especially considering how many people are consistently unhappy with their jobs, but something better is out there for you.

Question: I Pulled the Seven of Pentacles Upright in a Career Reading, but I Hate my Job. What Should I Do?

Answer: Pay attention to the cards before the Seven of Pentacles. Do any of them tell you to leave what you’re doing? Death is a good card to indicate a big change, and The Tower always tells you to jump or burn up. The cards have the answers; you just need to find them.

And suppose nothing before the Seven of Pentacles indicates a departure. In that case, it could indicate a large change within the company that will make your job more enjoyable and rewarding for you.

Final Thoughts

Pulling the Seven of Pentacles, whether reversed or upright, is a call to action from the Tarot cards. That action is to either stay the path and keep doing what you’re doing or take a moment to prioritize and focus on the long-term future. Whatever the case, the Seven of Pentacles has your back!

So exercise patience while you cultivate; the future is yours to take if you plan it well!

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