The Star Tarot Meaning: Upright and Reversed

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The Star is the seventeen card of the Major Arcana in traditional Tarot decks. Its energy of hope is strong, and the Star brings forth creativity and inspiration. So, what does the Star mean for love, career, money, and health?

Symbolism and Imagery of The Star

Traditionally, the Star is represented by a woman. She is kneeling by a small pool with two cups full of water. She is pouring the water out. One cup is being poured into the pool, the other cup onto the ground next to her. She is nourishing the earth with the water, as the earth nourishes her. Trees and seedlings are growing around her. She is supported and protected by the earth.

Multiple stars are shining above her. She is naked under the light of the stars, pure and natural. She is connected with the universe and the great cosmos above her.

Her energy is one of nurturing, peace, and fertility. She is at one within herself.

Upright Meaning Of The Star Card

The Star will often appear to those who have recently been through a difficult time. As the Star comes straight after The Tower in the traditional Tarot deck, it represents peace and healing after pain and confusion. Under the light of the stars, things become clearer and calmer.

The Star represents hope. It is a time for reconnecting with the universe and all the amazing things that the world has to offer. You will soon get the stability that you need, understanding who you are emotionally and spiritually. You will gain clarity on yourself and your relationship with the world. The Star allows you to become your true self, and cast off any misconceptions or confusion. You will begin to truly understand your power and your purpose.

The Star also brings forth great energy of creativity and inspiration. You will find new ways of expressing yourself, with celestial magic flowing through your veins. There may be a time of celebration and luck ahead of you, with reasons to be proud of who you are and what you do in the world.

The Star signifies a fresh perspective. Trust in the universe and take time to be spiritual. Allow yourself to be a soul in the world, connecting with the stars above you and the earth below you.

Upright Love Star Meaning

When it comes to love, the Star is welcoming change and newness. Past wounds and baggage in relationships are soon to healed, with a fresh optimistic view coming your way.

Past relationships have caused you pain, and you are still holding onto the anxieties and fears that these relationships have left you. Of course, this is understandable. When we have been hurt, we begin to close our hearts off from love, resigning to being single and alone. However, the Star is signifying a change to these beliefs. You are opening a new door in your life, welcoming in a fresh way of understanding. You will cast off the negativity and preconceptions that past relationships have left you. You will soon be full of hope and excitement for new ways of loving.

If you are in a relationship, the Star will often appear after a time of difficulty in the relationship. There may have been a situation for you and your partner that you sometimes feel as if you can’t get over. Resentment has taken hold.

However, with the Star shining down on you and your partner, you are on the cusp of a revival of hope and love. It is time to let go of your past problems and enter a new phase of loving.

Upright Career and Money Star Meaning

The Star is a fantastic card to appear in a career and money reading. It brings luck and achievements, awards, and even fame. You are a hard worker and have diligently followed your goals for a while now. Sometimes you feel as if all the work you have put into your career will never pay off. But, the Star is changing this!

Opportunities and success is coming your way and you will soon reap the rewards that you have been working so hard towards. Keep your head up high and your mind focused on what you are wanting to achieve.

When the good things come your way, you must remember to celebrate your achievements! Take time to reward yourself and take a little break from work. Don’t be shy when it comes to celebrating your success. Other people might want to give you a pat on the back, too, and you should let them. You are the Star right now, remember!

Upright Home and Family Star Meaning

Any difficult relationships that you have within your home life will soon resolve themselves, with a fresh perspective on things coming your way. There is a renewal of faith and love and you will let go of any bad energy that might have been affecting your relationships with those around you.

You will find new ways of bonding with people that you have disconnected with, so now is the time to reach out and open up! Reconnect with old friends and have fun together. The Star welcomes a celebration of life and signifies a moment to reflect on the beauty of nature. Allow this to guide your relationships with others, growing emotionally and spiritually.

Upright Health Star Meaning

The Star is a card that is all about healing and moving on from past trauma and difficulties. So, when the Star turns up in a health reading, this is a really great sign! If you have suffered from ill health, the Star is a sign that things are changing for the better. You are able to recover and heal emotionally and physically.

The Star is also a deeply spiritual card and therefore signifies the importance of spirituality in wellness. You will soon become more at one with your body and mind, understanding yourself and your place in the universe. Now is the time to connect with yourself spiritually, through meditation and psychic practices.

Reversed Meaning Of The Star Card

When reversed, the Star signifies a loss of faith and hope. You have had a lot of bad things happen to you recently, and you are feeling as if things just can’t get better. You have lost passion and drive, giving up and giving in to sadness and sorrow.

Nothing seems to inspire you these days, and you seem to not care too much about anything. If you are a creative person, your attitude towards your craft has dramatically changed. You do not have the drive to work and create like you used to, and this is really impacting your wellbeing.

Thankfully, the reversed Star brings hope for the future. It is a reminder that you have the power to change things and leave the past behind you. You must take time for yourself to heal and grow, putting your wellbeing before everything else. It is time to reconnect with yourself as a strong and spiritual being, treating your body and mind with care.

The Star wants you to know that you must seek support if you need to. Things can get so overwhelming and sometimes we don’t know where to turn! But, there is help out there for you if you need it.

Reversed Love Star Meaning

A reversed Star card will often pop up in a love reading when somebody needs a bit of a wake-up call! If you are single and looking for a relationship, a reversed Star card is asking you to take a look at yourself and your attitudes towards love.

Some things have happened in the past that have made you cynical. You have begun to forget about the magic of love and there is a part of you that has just given up! Deep down, you are wanting love. However, this is hard right now with your lack of faith in the universe. You must allow yourself to let go of the past and bring new hope into your life. Everyone deserves love, and love is a beautiful and wonderful thing! So, take time to work through your issues and let go of the things that have hurt you.

If you are in a relationship, a reversed Star card will appear when you are being negative towards your partner. You may feel as if some of the romance has gone, and feel resentful towards them. But, it takes two to keep the magic alive! Be spontaneous and try new things with your partner and this will renew the love you have for each other. Remember why you are with them, and let your love blossom again!

Reversed Career and Money Star Meaning

When reversed, the Star suggests that you have lost motivation in your work life. You used to care about what you did, but the passion has gone. You are bored and this is really draining your energy.

You really need to work out why you have lost your passion. Is it the people you work with? Or perhaps you feel too restricted in your current role?

You may feel like you want to quit, but this might be a bit dramatic right now! You still love what you do, so assess the situation and try to work out what the issue is. The solution is probably easier than you think, and you will soon get the fire back!

If you are a creative person, the reversed Star will often appear when a work environment is stifling a person’s creativity. Expressing yourself is so important, and if you are in a job where you feel you can’t, this can really affect your wellbeing. Work out what you need to do in order to be your true creative self.

Reversed Home and Family Star Meaning

There is a lack of faith in your relationships with your friends and family, and resentment is building. Perhaps something has happened that has not been addressed yet, and this is fracturing the trust that you have with that person.

The power is in your hands to create a better relationship with this person. It is time to reach out and communicate with them. The problem is probably not a big deal, and there was no real maliciousness on either of your sides. However, you have taken a stance and are being pretty stubborn right now!

Life is too short to hold grudges. Reach out to your friends and family that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Air any issues, reconnect, and remember the love. You will feel so much better for it!

Reversed Health Star Meaning

When the Star is reversed in a health reading, is it asking you to reflect on your attitudes towards your own health. You can be pessimistic and make a big deal about nothing when it comes to health. You tend to complain rather than seek help and work on fixing the issue.

Go to a doctor if you need to, and work on looking after your body and mind. You are going through a bit of a difficult time and are pretty upset about things. But, small changes go a big way. Think about what you need to nourish your body and mind, and do it!

The Star Tarot Meaning: FAQs

I hope this in-depth article has helped you understand the meaning of the Star Tarot card. But, what are some FAQs about this Major Arcana Tarot card

Question: What Does The Star Tarot Card Mean?

Answer: The Star Tarot card brings hope, inspiration, and healing. It brings forth a time for reconnecting with nature and be at peace within yourself.

Question: Is the Star a Yes or No Card?

Answer: The Star card is a yes! It is a card all about hope and positivity and making the changes that you have been wanting to make.

Question: Is the Star Tarot Card Good?

Answer: The Star brings hope and therefore is a really good sign for most people.

Question: What Is The Zodiac Sign of the Star Tarot Card?

Answer: The Star is linked to Aquarius and the element of air. It brings forth the qualities of the earth and the celestial bodies, allowing hope and communication to grow.

Allow the Star to Guide You Towards New Hope

This wonderful card is filled with positivity. It appears in a reading when a person is letting go of pain and entering a new phase of life. Peace and healing are coming your way, and embrace the changes in your life that the Star represents!

Let yourself be guided by the universe and the beauty within your soul.

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