7 Card Tarot Spread Guide: Two Spreads For Guidance and Decision-Making

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In this seven-card Tarot spread guide, I will talk through two different spreads. A seven-card spread is perfect if you are becoming confident with your Tarot reading and want to dive deeper! It allows you to examine a range of influences in your life, providing guidance and understanding.

In this guide, I will be using the Modern Way Tarot Deck. This is a really cool deck that strips the Rider-Waite imagery back to a minimalist design. But, of course, you can use any deck you want for these spreads!

7 Card Tarot Spreads Up Front

My favorite seven-card Tarot spread is the seven-card Tarot spread for life guidance. It delves deep into your current situation and provides understanding and guidance. It is a spread I turn to every month or so to gain clarity and awareness.

7 card Tarot Spread for Problem-Solving

The first spread in this guide is a seven-card Tarot spread for problem-solving. By using a large spread, we can allow the Tarot to help us with all aspects of the issue.

7 Card Tarot Spread Guide
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The seven cards pulled in this spread are:

  • Card one: What led to the issue
  • Card two: The current situation
  • Card three: Your emotional state
  • Card four: Your rational side
  • Card five: Aspects of the issue that need acknowledging
  • Card six: Action to take
  • Card seven: Advice for the future

Let’s go through this spread with an example in order to fully understand how we might read the cards.

A close friend of mine is having issues with her relationship. Her boyfriend has asked her to move in with her, but she is unsure if she is ready for this step. She likes living by herself and feels slightly under pressure from her partner. She has told me that she loves him but finds the whole situation a bit difficult! She says she just doesn’t know what to do.

So, let’s turn to the Tarot to see what advice it has for her.

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What Led to the Issue

The first card pulled in this spread refers to what led to the issue. My friend received the Four of Pentacles, and I thought this was pretty interesting! The Four of Pentacles represent stability, security, and the wish to hold on to what you have. The person the card represents is in a good place right now and does not want to risk it.

I think this makes sense for my friend. As the Suit of Pentacles is all about material goods, the Four of Pentacles shows how she is proud of her home and possessions. She is worried that she risks this if moving in with her boyfriend.

The Current Situation

The second card pulled refers to the current situation. For this card, my friend received the Two of Pentacles. A card all about balance, I believe it represents my friend juggling what she wants with what her partner wants.

The Two of Pentacles is typically seen as an advice card. It reminds you of the importance of give and take and adaptability. However, my friend is hesitant and worried. She is unable to give up the energy of the Four of Pentacles in order to balance her life.

Your Emotional State

The third card pulled represents the emotional state of the querent. It illuminates any feelings that need to be addressed and allows for a general understanding of their attitude.

My friend received the Four of Cups in this position. The Four of Cups represents boredom and dissatisfaction. When discussing this card with my friend, she did agree that she has these feelings in her relationship. This is causing her to avoid discussions of moving in together.

Your Rational Side

The fourth card pulled reflects the querent’s rational side. This card shows us how their mind is working logically, and we can link this back to the third card.

For this card, my friend received the Seven of Cups. This card is all about choices, and it usually suggests that the choices are feeling pretty overwhelming! This decision has an emotional side as the card falls in the Suit of Cups.

Of course, it makes sense why this card has appeared for my friend in this position. Her choice is a choice that is heavily decided by emotions and feelings. Her rational side knows this. I mentioned that there is an element of illusion to the Seven of Cups. Not all choices are as great as they first seem. There may be temptation getting in the way of making the right decision.

My friend totally understood this side of the Seven of Cups. The feelings of boredom that have been identified with the Four of Cups are linked to her wondering: what would life be like if I was single?

When making big relationship decisions, such as moving in or getting married, we tend to have a few ‘what ifs’ running through our heads. But are these ‘what ifs’ illusions?

Let’s move forward with the reading to understand this more.

Aspects of the Issue that Need Acknowledging

The fifth card pulled represents aspects of the issue that need acknowledging. This card highlights anything that has been ignored in the decision-making.

For this card, my friend received the Six of Wands. This is a super positive card, representing achievement and victory. It is usually a pretty public success, with those around you cheering you on.

What could this card mean for my friend?

After talking it through, my friend realized that this card reflects the achievement she has within her relationship. She is in a stable, loving, and healthy relationship; they have been together for a few years now!

Could she be ignoring this aspect? Perhaps she is focusing too much on the ‘what ifs’ and the energy of boredom revealed in the Four of Cups. Instead, she should be focusing on the successes they have as a couple.

Action to Take

The cards pulled so far have shown us a detailed reflection of the issue at hand. We understand the different emotions of my friend and why she is finding making her choice difficult.

So, what advice do the cards have regarding actions to take?

For this card, my friend has received the Nine of Pentacles. This is a card that represents material security and confidence. It is linked to hard work, suggesting that the querent has put a lot of effort into being where they are now.

This definitely is the case for my friend. She lives alone and has worked hard to be in this position. But how can we use the Nine of Pentacles for advice? What action should my friend take?

Well, I read it to mean that she does need to put her material security at the forefront of her decision. Will moving in with her partner allow her to be more secure or less?

Advice for the Future

The seventh card represents general advice for the future. For this card, my friend has received the Chariot. This is the only Major Arcana card in the reading, and I think this is pretty interesting! Major Arcana cards usually reflect huge life events, whereas Minor Arcana cards reveal more about our day-to-day lives.

The Chariot is a card that reflects determination and willpower. It has the energy of moving forward and overcoming any obstacles along the way.

So, what does this mean for my friend?

When discussing this card together, my friend told me that she believed the Chariot reveals that moving in with her boyfriend is the right choice for her. There will be obstacles, and these are the ones that have been revealed in the previous cards. However, to succeed in life, we must always be moving forward.

7 card Tarot Spread for Life Guidance

This seven-card Tarot spread is more general than the previous one. It reflects your journey in life, any obstacles that need your attention, and what you can do to move forward. It begins with a simple past, present, and future reading. Then, we pick more cards to understand where we are right now in life.

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The seven cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Past
  • Card two: Present
  • Card three: Future
  • Card four: Important internal energy
  • Card five: Influences of others
  • Card six: Obstacles
  • Card seven: Advice

Let’s talk through this spread, using an example reading in order to understand it. I will perform this reading and reflect on my own situation in life, looking at different ways we can read the cards.

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The first card reflects the past and how it still affects where we are now. For this card, I received the Ten of Swords. This is a card that reflects painful endings, breakdowns, and failure. It can suggest that those around us have hurt us.

Of course, like everyone, I have suffered pain and failure. My mental health has been something I have suffered with in the past, and I believe this card represents my previous mental health issues. I have felt totally defeated at one time or another.

But this card appearing in this position is telling me that this is something that still affects me to this day. I am now healthy and stable, but have I really accepted my past illnesses? Acceptance and acknowledgment of past pain can be hard, but it is super important to move forward and grow. I believe Tarot reminds me to stay positive but to remember the pain I have felt to avoid it in the future.


The second card pulled represents my current situation in life. For this card, I have received the Eight of Pentacles. This card reflects dedication to a craft and hard work.

I believe this card represents where I am now regarding my writing career. It tells me that I am putting in the right amount of effort to achieve long-term success. As a Capricorn, work is always super important to me, so of course, it would appear for my present position! It is nice to get confirmation from the cards. I do feel like I am on the right path!


Now, I don’t believe that Tarot can tell us the future. I know some readers do, and that’s cool! However, I understand future cards to reflect how our future might turn out if we carry on with the energy we have right now.

For this card, I have received the World. This is a wonderful card that represents completion and success. It totally follows from the Eight of Pentacles, as it suggests that I am doing the right things in the present to achieve success and fulfillment in the future.

Important Internal Energy

The fourth card pulled represents the internal energy we have right now that needs our focus. It shows us what we need to embrace in order to be fulfilled and happy.

For this card, I have received the Ace of Cups. Let’s break this card down a little in order to fully understand its meaning. We have the Suit of Cups, which represents emotions and feelings. Then, we have an Ace which is all about new beginnings and fresh energy. I always see the Aces as representing the energy of the suit in the purest form.

So, we can understand the Ace of Cups in this position as telling me that my love is currently really important for me. I must embrace the energy of love I have toward those around me.

Influences of Others

The fifth card pulled represents how those around us are impacting us. This can be positive or negative, depending on the card pulled.

I received the Strength card in this position. This card represents gentle strength and compassion, and I liked seeing it in this position. I am surrounded by wonderful people in my life who are super supportive and kind. The Tarot is telling me that the strength and compassion of others have a really positive effect on my life. I should always remember to thank them and celebrate their love!


The sixth card pulled represents any obstacles we are currently facing. The Tarot helps us identify these obstacles in order for us to move forward on our journey in life.

For this card, I received the Seven of Swords. Now, I wasn’t too pleased when this card popped up! The Seven of Swords represents trickery and betrayal. Someone in my life is being pretty sneaky right now! Or, perhaps I am the one being sneaky?

I am not going to lie. I wasn’t sure what this card represented for me at first. I believe I am surrounded by loving and kind people who won’t trick me at all! So, I spent a while meditating on the card and thinking about what it could represent. The sneakiness in this card can reflect an issue I am not facing. Rather I am ignoring it and hoping it goes away. I am trying to ‘sneak away.’

This made sense to me, as I can be pretty stubborn when it comes to solving issues with friends and loved ones! So, what can I do in order to overcome this obstacle?


The seventh card pulled represents advice and is usually linked to the sixth card in the spread. I received the Three of Cups in this position. This card represents friendship and celebration. I believe it shows that the love I share with those around me can solve the issues brought forward with the Seven of Swords.

The Tarot tells me that when I have conflict, I need to approach it with love and care. I can push people away, ignoring them when they upset me. However, this sneaky behavior does not allow me to move forward.

With the appearance of the Ace of Cups, mixed with the Strength of those around me, it is pretty obvious what the Tarot is telling me! I am in a great position in life, surrounded by love and compassion. I should never forget this and always be open and honest with those in my life.

7 card Tarot Spread Guide FAQs

Let’s look at some questions you might have about seven-card Tarot spreads.

Question: What is a Seven-Card Horseshoe Tarot Spread?

Answer: The seven-card horseshoe Tarot spread is where the cards are laid out in a horseshoe shape. It allows the cards to tell a story, with each card linked to the previous.

Question: Can I do Deven-Card Tarot Spreads on Myself?

Answer: Yes! I always practice my Tarot spreads on myself before I perform them on other people. This allows me to get to grips with the different positions and their meanings.

Question: Can Tarot Cards Help me Make Life Decisions?

Answer: Tarot is a great tool to gain insight and guidance regarding big life decisions. However, the choices you make should always come down to your intuition.

Allow These 7 card Tarot Spreads Guide You In Life

I hope you have enjoyed my seven-card Tarot spread guide! By having seven cards in a spread, you can dive deep into what the Tarot tells you. These two seven-card Tarot spreads allow you to understand where you are in life and what you need to do to progress.

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