Knight of Wands Meaning: Upright and Reversed

Intro: Getting to know the Knight of Wands

Impulsive and exciting, the Knight of Wands is a card of fast action and adventure. Bold, honorable, dashing, and bold, the Knight of Wands dares to take on life head first. He is a risk-taker who will jump headfirst into any competition or competition that interests him. The Knight of Wands cherishes freedom, enterprise, and those he loves deeply. The Knight of Wands also has a strong sense of right and wrong, is full of integrity, and doesn’t let the rules or regulations hold him back. He is entirely open-minded to new ways of seeing things. Receiving this card means that this type of energy is already in our lives, or we can expect it sometime soon.


Knight of Wands Upright Keywords:

Brave, courage, energy, charm, hero, rebel, quick temper, fiery temper, free spirit

Reversed Keywords:

Lack of patience, no self-discipline, controlling, dominator, unpredictable, irresponsible, arrogance

Imagery Description

The Knight of Wands is ready for action! He strides forward with his fiery wand and head held high. He knows what he wants, and he’s ready to achieve it. His sprouting wand is a token of his potential and drive, which will lead him into many adventures, loves, and challenges throughout his life. His yellow robe is the color of bravery and confidence. It is dotted with pictures of salamanders, representing the fire element. 

The knight is dressed in his full armor, which includes a helmet for protection. We see that the knight’s helmet is spouting plumes of fire that extend behind him. These fiery plumes, combined with his horse rising on hind legs, create a feeling of strength, bravery, and courage. While the foreground paints a vivid and busy picture, we see an almost empty background, with a rocky mountain range rising in the distance. 

Knight of Wands: General Meaning (Upright) 

The Knight of Wands is an uncomplicated card that often symbolizes new territory or a time away from home. A vacation or business trip could be on the horizon. However, travel does not always indicate physical travel. It could allude to unchartered territories in self-discovery. It could also indicate that you are on the precipice of a new chapter in your life. 

When the Knight of Wands appears in a reading, it means an adventurous spirit and a desire to travel. One should feel full of energy and ready to tackle any challenges that come one’s way.

Whether you feel the need to leave your comfort zone, take a vacation, or simply change things up a bit, the message from the Knight of Wands is clear: whatever you do, do with gusto!

Knight of Wands is a card of free-spirited self-expression. Still, you must also be careful to avoid becoming too impulsive and careless.

I love the Knight of Wands card. It always reminds me of the adventurous spirit that drove me throughout my twenties. And now that I am sitting on the edge of them, about to dive into a new decade, I couldn’t be more at peace. Because the energy of the Knight of Wands, full of adventure and courage, helped to push me beyond my comfort zone and straight into life. I grabbed life by the horns throughout my twenties and rode barebacked over the landscape we call youth. And while it would be untrue to say that I loved every minute, I certainly have many stories to tell around a campfire. I have many, many lessons that I have packed into my knapsack, swung over my shoulder. I will be taking along with me as I walk into the garden of my thirties. 

So, now that the little soliloquy of how the Knight of Wands energy helped me to discover myself, my dreams, and how I fit into the grand puzzle of things, let’s get back to you- how does the Knight of Wands show up for you today?

What message are you going to take from this brave adventurer? 

Let’s take a look. 

Upright Knight of Wands in a Love Reading

You may be in a relationship with someone who embodies the Knight of Wands’ qualities, or you are displaying these qualities yourself in your love life. This card shows that you and your partner should be proactively putting the work in to make it a success. This card represents not only love and loyalty but also the need for action and movement. Suppose you receive this card in a tarot reading. In that case, it is a good time to put some attention and effort into the relationship. Spending some quality time together now will positively impact your relationship, and you and your partner may find that deep intimacy that you (or both) are craving. 

There is dominant travel energy that comes with the Knight of Wands. If you’re in a relationship, that person may travel a lot for work, or the two of you may choose to travel together, tearing down borders and exploring new places with each other.

If you’re single, the Knight of Wands can indicate that you will meet someone that embodies the Knight of Wands traits in love life. It could also indicate that you might meet a person when you travel or begin doing more adventurous things, even if you leave your comfort zone to start a new job or hobby. 

It is also a common indication that your social life (and your love interests in particular) are about to get quite busy, so buckle up and get ready!

If you’re finding the Knight of Wands in your love reading, you should feel reassured. This particular card represents a time of confidence and freedom. Perhaps you’ll meet someone new — or an old flame — through travel or work.

Knight of Wands Upright in a Career Reading

If you could wave a magic wand and receive your deepest desires, what would you wish for? The Knight of Wands represents this sentiment and is here to tell you that you need to know what your dreams are, and then actively pursue them. The Knight of Wands represents a strong desire to have it all and can indicate a belief that there are no limits. Knight of Wands suggests focusing on your ambitions and getting back to work. The question is this: What does it take to achieve a compatible rhythm of work and play? The current culture of work and play values does not adequately support healthy work/life balance practices. We need to create a comprehensive framework for working and playing to achieve a compatible rhythm of work and play. Then we need to evaluate that framework regularly. The Knight of Wands is here to tell us to boldly pursue our career aspirations while balancing them with enough rest and play. 

The Knight of Wands in a career reading could also indicate that travel for work could be on the horizon, or even a change in your job or working environment. Whatever comes your way, this knight is telling you to be brave and tackle any challenge with due diligence, focus, and confidence. 

Knight of Wands in a Financial Reading

This card in a reading signifies a possible influx of money. Travel can be a good investment of this money, provided you’re getting some sort of mental nourishment from it. This card suggests that this opportunity is just around the corner. Although the return on your investment may be slow, there is nothing you can do to hurry it along. 

Knight of Wands in a Health Reading

This card often signifies a person who is involved in multiple activities and has a high degree of energy and enthusiasm. Watch out for overexerting yourself! You should take this energy and use it to get involved in all the activities that will bring you good health and happiness.

Overall Meaning: Reversed Knight of Wands

A Knight of Wands card reversed in reading is telling you to feel that you need more power. You may feel impatient and impotent. Maybe you are not feeling comfortable in your skin, or you may feel unsure of yourself or your surroundings.

You might feel that you are at a standstill concerning your circumstances.

You can’t control whether you feel frustrated, but you can control how you react. Improve your outlook with a tongue-in-cheek approach. Life, after all, is what you make it—and it doesn’t have to be taken seriously all the time. Did that get you thinking? Everyone has feelings and struggles that aren’t always easy to talk about. But those feelings don’t define you.

Most people have a few insecurities, but feeling that you have lost the battle before you start is a very negative place to be. However, learning how to take control and feel confident and positive is something that can be achieved and is worth working on.

The Knight of Wands is here to remind you that there’s no such thing as a perfect person, and that includes you. You’re not perfect at everything, and that’s okay. Whatever issues you’re dealing with today, tomorrow will bring something new. These problems won’t last forever, and you’ll get through them just fine.

On the other hand, the reversed Knight of Wands appears when you are in the thick of launching a new passion or project. You may be passionate about many things, but there’s one pursuit that’s particularly important to you. You may not be making any money off of it now, but its future potential excites you. Let’s not overthink it. It’s just for fun, right? Enjoy the process, and try not to do it for profit. There are many reasons why you choose to create, but the main one is that it makes you feel good. If you do not want to share your work with everyone, just keep it private.

The reversed Knight of Wands is often an indication of stifled creative energy and the resulting frustration that accompanies it. Remember, too much overanalyzing causes analysis paralysis that can block your creative juices from flowing. If you are feeling frustrated like you are destined for something ‘big’ but can’t seem to break the boundary and get to it, remember the above paragraph. Do what you love for the passion and not the profit. Don’t rely on your creativity (right now) to generate the income you need to survive. We’ll get more into the reversed meaning in a financial context in a little bit, but for now, just ease off the pressure and you will feel that you have more space for your creativity to breathe. 

Reversed Knight of Wands in a Love Reading

The reversed Knight of Wands in a Love Reading typically suggests a person in the relationship who is jealous and can be abusive. 

If your partner’s energy is like this, beware. It may be time to consider moving on. At the same time, it could be that it is your energy that is jealous and controlling. 

If the Court card is reversed, it can also imply that this person is immature and irresponsible in love and may therefore be a potential player. Whether this is you or your partner, it is an indication that some maturity needs to take place before you can be in a committed and healthy long-term relationship with this person. Someone impatient and impulsive, or someone who loves excitement and freedom, wouldn’t make the best partner in the long term.

Another potential meaning is that someone (whether you or your partner) is not putting in the effort needed for your relationship to blossom. 

Are you currently single? The appearance of the reversed Knight of Wands indicates that you might be attracting someone of the reversed qualities (jealous, impulsive, possibly even aggressive and abusive) into your life. If you are single, check what type of person or people you are attracting into your life. If the Knight of Swords in the reversed position is a reflection of you (and only you will know that- I am not here to judge!), then just remember not to string along people that might be looking for someone more than just a one night stand. 

While you certainly deserve to enjoy yourself, keep in mind that your dates are also human beings with their intentions and desires.

Reversed Knight of Wands in a Career Reading

While I don’t like to say a card is a ‘bad omen’ in a tarot reading, receiving the reversed Knight of Wands is not considered a good card to receive in a tarot reading. This is mainly because it indicates that you are feeling misaligned in your career: you aren’t giving it your all. But this is most likely because you are feeling uninspired and distracted. If you are not doing something you love, perhaps it is time to start fresh and find ways to use your career to make you money and add passion to your life. 

Think of this as a sign that you need to re-evaluate your current course. By re-evaluating your career, you can create a plan going forward that will give you a better chance of achieving your goals

Reversed Knight of Wands in a Financial Reading

In times of financial instability, it’s difficult to know what you should do with your money. Take a deep breath and remain calm. Make sure you’re not being too irresponsible or careless with your finances, but also beware of becoming too cocky and overconfident with your assets. Extra caution should be taken when taking risks because it’s a sure sign that you’re going in the wrong direction.

Regardless of what financial situation you are in, you should never lose your cool. It is possible to save money without being cheap. Be cautious with how you handle your finances, but at the same time, have confidence in yourself. Never gamble because it is not only risky but also shows a lack of control.

Reversed Knight of Wands in a Health Reading

You may be overdoing things and heading for burnout. 

You may be feeling exhausted and ready to give up, but don’t let this card discourage you. Take a break and allow yourself to recoup before starting up again. The Knight of Wands can indicate that you’re doing everything at once and not pacing yourself. It can also foretell an injury that will happen as a result. If a health regime or exercise plan is worked into a daily routine slowly and gradually, you will see better results.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does the Knight of Wands mean in the Present Position?

Answer: The Knight of Wands tarot card in the present position can signify upcoming challenges. You’ll likely get new insights related to your profession. While the reversed Knight of Wands can herald challenges in the future, there is also the possibility of good news on its way. Challenges often precede good news, as long as you can navigate your way calmly through them.
Lonely and dissatisfied, you might feel as though you’re searching for something. The truth is, if you’re feeling as though a change is as good as a rest, then just go for it. You never know what you might find.

Question: What does the Knight of Wands mean in the Past Position? 

Answer: In the past position, The Knight of Wands can mean that you had an outgoing, spontaneous quality that was very attractive to others, but it came from a mature place even when you were young.
If you are feeling a bit lost, it can help you look to the past. When you were feeling these qualities and learn from them in the present. 

Question: What does the Knight of Wands mean in the Future Position? 

Answer: If you receive the Knight of Wands in the future position, you can achieve the life you want. But you will have to be courageous and work towards it. 
Take a look at the imagery on the card, the Knight has a focused expression, and you can see that he is focused on his goals. There are several keywords here that can help you: courage, bravery, discipline, and self-confidence. These are all attributes that will help you to achieve your dreams and live a life you will be proud of. 

Question: Is the Knight of Wands a Yes or No card? 

Answer: In the upright position, the Knight of Wands is a positive indication that you should surge ahead. In other words, it is a yes card. 
However, in the reversed position, the card can indicate that now is not the right time. 

Question: Who is the Knight of Wands as a Person?

Answer: A Knight of Wands is a person who is warm, exciting, and self-assured. A Knight of Wands strongly radiates confidence, and signs include direct eye contact, relaxed body language, and an open disposition. A person who is strong, playful, and spontaneous. A Knight of Wands will always fight for what they stand up for. A Knight of Wands in your life is a person who will inspire and motivate you to be your best. The Knight of Wands is an adventurous, energetic person who can be very charming. The Knight of Wands may be a fire sign such as Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. He will be fearless, confident, and self-assured. 
This is someone who: is very confident and in charge. This person is willing to take risks and is an independent person who resents authority. He has a rebellious streak, is charming and engaging, and focuses on action rather than details. However, if you try to restrict or tame the person that is a Knight of Wands- be prepared for whiplash. 
Sometimes we understand things the best when we can resonate with them. There are many tarot cards that I resonate with, but there is something about the Knight of Wands that rings bright and clear, a little higher than the rest. However, while I was a true Knight of Wands in my youth, I am curious to see how the energy evolves as I grow a little older and become a little more grounded. 

The Bottom Line

The Knight of Wands has plenty of strong, positive qualities in the upright position. But reversed, well I’ll be the first one to tell you that there are some serious difficult qualities to be aware of. If a reversed Knight of Wands appears in a Love reading- you need to sit up straight and pay attention. If the Knight of Wands is reversed and indicates your partner, you should be aware of the aggressive tendencies that could pop up. If you are single, remember that you will attract exactly what you embody. 

All in all, the Knight of Wands is a positive card to receive in the upright position, especially if you are on the precipice of a new chapter in life. 

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