Temperance Tarot Meaning

Temperance Tarot Meaning: Upright and Reversed

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Temperance is the fourteenth card of most traditional Tarot card decks and brings forth the energy of balance, moderation, and healing. It is a really interesting Tarot card to receive in a reading, so continue reading our Temperance tarot meaning guide to see what this card might mean for you. 

Keywords for Temperance Tarot Card

Upright Keywords

  • Balance
  • Perspective
  • Tranquility
  • Moderation
  • Patience 
  • Harmony 
  • Cooperation 
  • Peace

Reversed Keywords

  • Imbalance
  • Unfairness
  • Lack of Moderation
  • Excess
  • Overindulgence
  • Risk 

Symbolism and Imagery of the Temperance Tarot Card

When we look at most traditional depictions of the Temperance Tarot card, we can see an angelic figure holding two cups. They are standing near a pool of water, with one foot in the water and one on the rocks. The angel is balanced and serene, clearly in control of their actions. They are pouring water from one cup to the other and watching the cups closely. They are doing so in a calm and responsible way, letting the water flow in a harmonious manner. 

The cups represent the consciousness and the unconsciousness, and how ideas and beliefs flow through them. The angel is in control of these ideas, and knows how to allow them to flow in a safe and calming way. There is unity between the two, and the angel has understanding and control of the situation. 

The background of the card depicts a luscious and abundant setting, with flowering plants and a rising sun. There is an element of growth to this imagery, with moderation and balance allowing for this growth to occur. The path up the hillside is a reminder of our journey through life, and the exciting adventure we are on. 

It must be noted that Temperance comes between Death and the Devil in the major arcana sequence. The angelic character knows that they have not overcome everything in life, with urges and temptation on the horizon. Yet, with the knowledge and energy of Temperance, we can truly be ourselves.

Upright Temperance Tarot Meaning

When Temperance appears upright in a reading, it signifies a time for balance, patience, and moderation. It will often appear when you have been through a stressful time but have come out the other side stronger. 

The Temperance Tarot card suggests that you have found your serenity and calm. You are developing a very helpful outlook on life and have progressed massively over the last few years. You have learned for yourself what matters in life and what you wish to do in order to achieve happiness and inner peace. Like the angel depicted on the card, you know how to balance life well. You know who you are and where you are going. 

This card is an encouraging reminder to keep going and not let others bring you down. When it comes to arguments and fallouts between those in your life, you have the ability to see things from both sides. Your outlook means that you don’t get caught up in unnecessary drama and can help others when you can. 

Upright Temperance Love Meaning 

When it comes to love, the Temperance Tarot card suggests that you are entering a time of learning and growing emotionally and romantically. 

If you are in a relationship, Temperance ushers in a new stage of trust, balance, and harmony. If you and your partner have had conflict recently, this card is a sign that this is changing. With Temperance, you can learn how to reconnect and be respectful to one another. Harmony and true love are on the horizon for you both, so listen to each other and work on creating a beautiful partnership. 

If you are single, Temperance will suggest that you are in the process of learning about the journey of love. Things might have been difficult for you in the past, with trust issues and unhealthy relationships affecting your love life. However, Temperance suggests that you are learning about balance and cooperation in regards to love, and therefore healing from your past traumas. You are probably going on this journey alone right now, but the universe will send you love when you are ready. It is time to concentrate on you and your own personal growth!

Upright Temperance Career and Money Meaning 

When it comes to getting ahead in your career, now is the time for patience. You know where you are wanting to be and you know how to get there, so don’t rush things and trust yourself! You are a dedicated hard worker with so much to offer and things will go your way when you put in the right amount of energy. 

There might be conflict in your workplace at the moment, with emotions between coworkers running high. Temperance is reminding you to not take sides and to be diplomatic in this situation. You have the knowledge and understanding to solve these conflicts within your workplace, and you will achieve great things with your calming and cooperative manner. 

In regards to money, Temperance is a reminder that you need to pay attention to what you are spending. It is nothing to worry about, and you are normally pretty good at this! However, the universe just wants to let you know that you need to be extra careful right now. 

Upright Temperance Home and Family Meaning 

When the Temperance Tarot card appears upright in a home and family reading, it suggests that there may be situations that you need to solve with patience and new perspectives. You probably will not be involved in the conflict, but you will have the power and understanding to solve it. 

Listen to those around you and take other opinions in. Balance up these different points of view to get to where you need to be. 

Upright Temperance Health and Wellbeing Meaning 

When it comes to health and wellbeing, the Temperance Tarot card is a pretty good sign! It suggests that you have control of your health and you understand the importance of moderation. 

Bad habits might be creeping up, but you are smart enough to deal with them as soon as they appear. If you are worried about certain unhealthy habits, you may wish to cut them out completely. 

Reversed Temperance Tarot Meaning

When reversed, the Temperance Tarot card is asking you to take a look in the mirror and work out where you are overindulging in life! There is something really out of balance in your life and you need to address this as soon as possible. If you don’t, things can go pretty wrong pretty quickly!

What is creating the imbalance in your life might be pretty easy to work out. Perhaps you have been eating too much recently, or drinking or taking drugs. The universe is telling you that you must face up to this risky behavior and turn your life around. If you need help, reach out to support networks. The Tarot wants you to reflect on your life right now and what is causing pain and heartache for you and those that love you. What can you do in order to be your true self?

If you do not know where the imbalance is in your life, turn over some more Tarot cards in the deck to get insight into what is going wrong and what you need to do about it. 

Reversed Temperance Love Meaning 

If you are in a relationship, a reversed Temperance Tarot card suggests that there is an imbalance in your partnership. This may be something minor now, but if not addressed it will soon cause major conflict in your relationship. Make sure you and your partner are both putting in the same amount of love and energy into the relationship and you are both behaving respectfully towards each other. 

The reversed Temperance card is telling you that you must work on your patience and understanding in order to grow with your partner and overcome conflict. You have the tendency to argue with your partner without listening to their point of view, and this is causing major issues in your relationship. 

If you are single, the reversed Temperance will pop up in a love reading when you have unhelpful love habits that need to be addressed in order to create a healthy and loving relationship. Perhaps you give too much to people you are dating straight away, or reject potential partners for minor reasons. You may be impatient when it comes to dating, and not allow romances to blossom. 

Reversed Temperance Career and Money Meaning 

When Temperance is reversed in a career reading, it suggests that you are either overworked or not putting in enough effort in order to get ahead in your career. You probably know what the problem is, and the Tarot is telling you that you must address this before it gets out of hand!

Being work-driven is an amazing trait, but too much work can really start to affect your well-being. In order to be successful, you must find a balance between work and fun as both really matter in life! You may think that putting all your energy into your career will make you successful, but this will soon lead to burnout. Your well-being is really important, so take time away from work to treat yourself. 

If you are slacking off at work, the universe is telling you that you must start putting in the effort now, or you are at risk of losing your job! If you do not do your fair share of work, you will find yourself having issues with your coworkers and bosses. 

When it comes to finances, a reversed Temperance Tarot card is asking you to take a look at your attitude towards money. You may be spending a little too much recently, or hoarding your money away in an unhealthy manner. Spending money is all about moderation and balance, so make sure you are looking after your finances! You should also never feel guilty about treating yourself every once in a while, whilst making sure that you have money saved for rainy days. 

Reversed Temperance Home and Family Meaning 

Friends and family members might be feeling a little neglected by you right now. You may be putting yourself first and not giving your loved ones the right attention. They are always there for you, but are you always there for them? 

There may be an imbalance in some of your interpersonal relationships, and the universe wants you to resolve these issues. It is really important to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship with your loved ones, but perhaps you have been too busy with other things recently. 

Make sure you are balancing your home life with your work or romantic life, and not ignoring those that love you!

Reversed Temperance Health Meaning 

When a reversed Temperance Tarot card pops up in a health reading, it is the universe sending you a big wake-up call! Bad habits and unhealthy ways of living are taking hold of your life, and you really must change this. 

A reversed Temperance card refers to excess and overindulgence. Have you been burning the candle at both ends? Perhaps you just can’t seem to motivate yourself to work out and prefer takeaways over healthy home-cooked meals. 

It is never too late to start a healthy way of life. Start with small changes and take things step by step! 

Temperance Tarot Card: FAQs

Temperance is a beautiful Tarot card and provides us with an interesting insight into how we can best live our life for emotional and spiritual happiness. Let’s look at some FAQs about this major arcana Tarot card. 

Question: What Does the Temperance Tarot Card Mean?

Answer: The Temperance Tarot card suggests that you have found inner balance and calm. It stresses the importance of patience and cooperation. 

Question: Is the Temperance Tarot Card a Yes or No Card?

Answer: The Temperance Tarot card is a yes card, as long as you are being thoughtful about the decision you are making. 

Question: What Does The Temperance Tarot Card Mean in a Past Position?

Answer: When appearing in a past position, the Temperance Tarot card suggests that you have been blessed with a calm and tranquil upbringing. You have always had an understanding and thoughtful outlook on life, and this has helped you towards your achievements. 

Question: What Does The Temperance Tarot Card Mean in a Future Positon?

Answer: When appearing in a future position, the Temperance Tarot card is telling you that you may find conflict and issue someday, but you will have the tools to remain calm and be balanced in your approach to solving them.

Allow Yourself To Be Balanced With Temperance

I love the message of this major arcana card and the beautiful imagery on most traditional decks. It really reminds us that keeping calm, balanced, and the patient will allow us to thrive in the world. Cooperation with those around us and leading a healthy lifestyle means that we can be ourselves and get forward with our goals and ambition.

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