The Moon Tarot Meaning: What Does It Really Mean?

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The Moon Tarot Card is the 18th card in a traditional Tarot deck and is one of the 22 major arcana cards. It represents illusions and uncertainty and suggests a time of crisis. It links to the subconsciousness and asks us to question what we see. Is what we currently see an illusion?

Symbolism and Imagery of The Moon Card

In order to fully understand what the Moon card means, it is important to take a look at the card and take note of the imagery. Meditate with your Moon card and immerse yourself in the symbolism.

The Moon Tarot card often depicts a path away from water, with a dog and a wolf on either side. This displays an inner conflict and the path to our future. There is a crayfish coming out of the water onto the path. This is often seen as representing us and our hesitant and fearful side.

The light of the moon above lights up the path but leaves the rest of the image in darkness.

Upright Meaning of The Moon Card

tarot moon

The Moon crisis a crisis of faith and confusion. If you get the Moon card in a reading, you must ask yourself if everything you see is the truth. Humans are vulnerable to being lead astray and believing things that we may wish were true, but are in fact aren’t.

If you are confused about a certain situation and do not know what decision to make, the Moon is asking you to look within and listen to your own intuition.

Does a person not seem trustworthy? Do you have a gut instinct about a job opportunity or a relationship? Listen to your instinct and give yourself the time to work out what is really true or what is not.

The Moon will often represent your deep, darkest desires and fears. The imagery of the wolf represents our feral, animalistic side. Is this part of you that you are pushing away? Repressed feelings can often cause havoc over happiness and wellbeing, and therefore it is really important to look them in the eye.

The power of the moon will have a big impact on your life very soon. Listen to the energy of the earth and look at what the moon illuminates at night. Make choices wisely and listen to your powerful intuition.

Upright Love Moon Meaning

If the Moon turns up during a love reading, the Tarot is asking you to ask yourself if there is any confusion and miscommunication in your love life.

If you are in a relationship, the Moon will often signify that there are feelings of insecurity for both of the parties involved. Things may appear great and peaceful, but deep down you know that there are issues that need resolving. You are likely not discussing these issues with your partner.

The Moon is giving you a warning. If these topics are left unsaid and if issues are swept under the rug, your relationship will soon fall apart.

If you are single, the Moon card is questioning your beliefs about love and is asking you to work on yourself before you jump into your next relationship. Past relationships and pain are still impacting your life, and you are under illusions about what love is and the way you must behave with a significant other.

The Moon is asking you to turn inwards and question your ideas. It also wants you to know that putting on a mask and putting up walls when looking for love is never a good idea. In order to truly be happy, you must be yourself. Now is the time to work on your relationship with yourself before you find a partner.

Upright Career and Money Moon Meaning

The Moon will often appear in a career reading when you are confused and anxious about your direction in life. The Tarot wants you to ask yourself, are you happy in your job right now? Do you feel let down and disillusioned about your career? Is your heart not in the job you have?

The Moon will often appear when you are in a well-paying but ultimately soulless job. There is more to life than success and riches material. If you are living life merely for money, you are under an illusion. In order to be truly happy, you must be spiritually and emotionally fulfilled.

The Moon also wants you to question the people around you in regards to money. Is anyone taking advantage of you? Perhaps there is someone that you need to be wary of. Remember, the Moon is telling you that you must question everything and listen to your intuition.

Upright Home and Family Moon Meaning

tarot moon

In regards to home and family, the Moon card normally miscommunication within the family and home unit. Have you not spoken to a family member for a while and tensions and resentments have started to brew?

The illusion is probably down to you, and you must reach out to those that you have negative feelings toward.

Remember, it is so important to be open and discuss any issues that you may be having with your loved ones. When you do not discuss problems, the problems will grow and grow and end up ruining relationships.

Upright Health Moon Meaning

In regards to health, the Moon card represents anxiety and stress. You are having a difficult time right now and your mental health is taking a backseat, but the Tarot is asking you to take care of yourself and give yourself the time to heal that you are needing.

If you are feeling anxious and stressed, you must deal with these issues. The Tarot is telling you that now is the time to reach out and get the help that you are needing.

Support is there available for you, even if you think you are alone. Take care of yourself and let those around you protect you. By doing this, you will grow and heal.

Reversed Meaning of the Moon Card

reversed moon card

When the Moon Tarot card reversed your truth inability to see the situation. You are the source of the illusion and confusion, covering your eyes from what is around you. You seem to prefer the lies that you tell yourself, but ultimately these lies will only harm your wellbeing.

The Moon can often signify a trauma that you are ignoring. Perhaps something in your past is lurking and still affects you to this day. However, instead of facing it and dealing with the issues that the trauma causes, you prefer to ignore it completely.

But, this does affect your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. You are causing harm to yourself and those around you by not facing up to the facts.

Reversed Love Moon Meaning

When you get a reversed Moon card in a love reading, the Tarot is warning you. Deception and lies in regards to love and relationships will soon come to the light. You are being tricked right now, but soon you will see the truth.

If you are in a relationship, a reversed Moon card can be pretty alarming! You may think that everything is great right now, and you might be worried about what the deception is.

But remember, things always happen for a reason and once the truth comes out, everybody involved will be much happier for it in the long run.

If you are single, the Moon card suggests that you are resistant to change and growth. In order to find a partner, you need to stop telling yourself lies! You are not open to self-improvement right now and this can cause big problems in your love life.

Growth is important in life and change is necessary. Take a good look at your attitude towards relationships right now and discover what you need to do to change.

Reversed Career and Money Meaning

When reversed, the Moon card has a positive meaning in regards to career and money. There has been a time of confusion and anxiety in regards to your career recently, but very soon things will become clearer. The Tarot Wants You To Know That You Just Got To Sit Tight And Wait For This Illumination!

There may be a decision for you in regards to money coming up. Perhaps there is an opportunity for investment, or maybe a new career opportunity. You may know what this decision is already, and you may be feeling pretty confused and anxious about it all!

However, the reversed Moon card suggests that very soon you will see things clearly and know what to do.

Reversed Home and Family Moon Meaning

tarot moon

A battle is nearly over, and things are beginning to get better. There has been conflict and miscommunication within your family home, but the moon will soon illuminate the truth.

If you are feeling anxious and confused about the intentions behind a family member or your relationship with them, the Tarot is telling you that soon you will get the clarity you need.

It is okay to feel confused and to question people, and you should always be aware of the intentions of those around you! Thankfully, things will soon make sense to you and things will begin to heal.

Reversed Health Moon Meaning

When reversed, the Moon Tarot card suggests a lifting of a health and wellbeing issue that has been draining your spirit. Stability and wellness is returning, with anxieties and stressors getting dealt with.

You will soon find yourself in a much better headspace, with clarity and understanding of your own emotions. You will learn your triggers for stress and anxiety, and be able to deal with them better. It is important right now to carry on treating your body and mind with love, nourishing yourself, and taking time out from the world when you need it.

The Moon Tarot Meaning: FAQ

I hope this in-depth article has helped you develop your understanding of the Moon Tarot card. Now, let’s take a look at some FAQs that you may have about the Moon card.

Question: Is the Moon a Bad Card to Have In A Reading?

Answer: When it comes to the Tarot, there are no ‘good cards’ and ‘bad cards’ to have. All cards represent your inner subconsciousness and your energy in the world.

Pulling the Moon card might seem a bit scary at first, but it is an important card. It understands you more than you understand yourself and allows you to gain clarity and illumination on a situation.

Question: What Does The Moon Card Mean?

Answer: The moon card represents delusions, illusions, danger, and miscommunication. It asks you to question those around you and look inwards to discover the truth. Listen to your intuition.

Question: Is the Moon Card a Yes or No?

Answer: If you pull the Moon in a yes or no reading, the answer to your question is no. There is confusion and deception in regards to the question you are asking, and the Tarot is giving you a warning.

Question: What Element is Linked to The Moon Card?

Answer: The element that links to the Moon card is water.

Question: What Do the Wolf and The Dog on the Moon Tarot Card Symbolize?

Answer: The Wolf and the Dog on the traditional Moon Tarot card means the two parts of you. There is the repressed and tamed side of you, which is the dog. However, there is the feral and animalistic part of you which is the wolf.

The Moon card is all about conflict, and the Wolf and the Dog suggest a conflict within. The Tarot wants you to listen to your intuition.

Allow The Moon To Illuminate Your Way

The Moon Tarot card is an amazing and powerful card. It can seem frightening at first, as we never like to admit to certain things. Sometimes, all we want to do is live under an illusion.

The Moon Tarot is telling yourself that life is full of delusions and deception. However, if you listen to your soul, you will soon learn what is true and what is not. Truth is so important, and allow the light of the Moon to illuminate the truth before you.

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