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Justice Tarot Meaning For Love, Life, Career, Health and Family

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As you can imagine, the 11th card of the major arcana is all about fairness and balance. It signifies a time of justice and change. Let’s look at what Justice means for you in love, life, career, health, and family.

Keywords for Justice Tarot Card

Upright Keywords:

  • Balance
  • Perception
  • Fairness
  • Change
  • Integrity
  • Law
  • Truth
  • Consequences
  • Cause and Effect

Reversed Keywords:

  • Unfairness
  • Inequality
  • Inbalance
  • Dishonesty
  • Corruption
  • Avoidance

Symbolism and Imagery of The Justice Tarot Card

The Justice Tarot card depicts a woman sat between two pillars. She is wearing a red cloak with gold trims. She is the personification of justice and fairness, with symbols of fairness and law surrounding her. In one hand she is holding a sword. This symbolizes the need for retribution when it comes to justice, and how judgment leads to action. It is a physical reminder of what happens when we do not act fairly and respectfully.


She holds a set of scales in her other hand. This represents that fairness needs to always be judged and debated. Justice does not rush into action and condemnation. Rather, it weighs up both sides and works out what is fair. It reminds us of Karmic justice, and how the universe knows both sides of every story.

The woman wears a crown on her head, reminding us of her knowledge. Ultimately, justice has the power and authority. We cannot escape the bad things we have done, and we will always be rewarded for the good things we have done.

Upright Meaning of The Justice Tarot Card

The Justice Tarot card is one of positive outcomes and fairness. If you are seeking justice in your life right now, this card is an encouraging one. It reminds you that the universe is working with the energy of you and those around you, and knows when and where harm has occurred. It is time to let go of your anger and let karma do its thing.

Of course, the Justice Tarot card might be serving you a warning. Have you wronged people recently? Perhaps you have not been as fair as you could be and soon you will be held accountable for your actions. Things you have done in the past might resurface and you will soon learn your lesson.

But, don’t worry too much about this. To grow as a person, we must learn from our mistakes and accept the bad things we have done in our life. The justice that will be coming your way will be fair, but it will demand you to take responsibility for your actions. This will ultimately help you, however. You cannot find inner peace and truth without facing your bad habits and negative actions.

The Justice Tarot card might also pop up in a reading if you have an important choice to make. This choice might have huge consequences on your life plan and those around you. The Tarot is asking you to think carefully about your decision and weigh up all the aspects involved. Listen to your truth, but do not rush into anything.

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Upright Justice Love Meaning

The Justice Tarot card is reminding us that balance and fairness are important to our wellbeing and the world we live in. When it comes to love, we must be able to follow our hearts but consider fairness, integrity, and truth.

If you are in a relationship, the Justice card will appear to ask you if everything is fair and balanced between you and your partner. Do you both put in the same amount of love and energy? Do you treat your partner with respect and affection? If so, you don’t have anything to worry about. The Justice card serves as a reminder that you must carry on in this balanced and thoughtful way.

However, if there is an imbalance in your relationship, you must address this as soon as possible for your relationship to succeed. If there is conflict, make sure you handle this conflict with fairness and truth. Mutual respect is needed for long-lasting relationships to flourish. This card also asks you to find the right balance between your relationship and other commitments.

If you are single, the Justice Tarot card is telling you that what you have been putting out in the world will come back towards you. If you are looking for love and romance, make sure you are sending out this energy into the world. The Justice card is also linked to the star sign Libra, so watch out for any Libra’s coming into your life!

Upright Justice Career and Money Meaning

Justice Career

When the Justice Tarot card appears in a career reading, it suggests that any issues of unfairness in your workplace will soon be resolved. If you have been honest and respectful towards your coworkers, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you have been involved in workplace drama and conflict, you may soon be facing repercussions.

The Justice card is also about balance, so it can also appear in a career reading when you need to address your work-life balance. Are you too involved in your career and forgetting to take time to enjoy yourself? Perhaps your friends or family feel distant from you right now because you are always so busy in the office?

Take time out of your workplace to enjoy your loved ones and pursue your hobbies. Work is important to you, but it isn’t everything!

In regards to money, the Justice card is telling you to be careful with your finances. Frugality will help you long-term right now.

Upright Justice Home and Family Meaning

The Justice card will appear in a home and family reading when fairness is needed to resolve any issues. Perhaps there has been conflicted within your family, with certain people acting badly. It can be really difficult to see your loved ones fight with each other, but the Tarot is telling you that this will soon be resolved!

Make sure you are being fair in this situation and providing a balanced view on the issue. Do not take sides, rather listen to everyone equally. Integrity is important right now, in your friendship circle and family.

Sometimes when the Justice card pops up in a family reading, it suggests that you may need to make an important decision for the future of your family soon. This may be about where you are living, or a decision about children. Because this will seriously affect your future and the future of your loved ones, do not rush into things. Take time to think about all possible outcomes and what would be best for everyone.

Upright Justice Health Meaning

When it comes to health and wellbeing, the Justice card is asking you to make sure there is balance in your life. Are you working out too much or not enough? Perhaps you are eating too many fatty foods or tend to smoke when you are stressed?

The Tarot is telling you that you must try to maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. This can be hard, but simple changes to your routine can really affect your long-term health and happiness! Remember, it is never too late to try out new things and kick bad habits.

Reversed Meaning of The Justice Tarot Card

Justice card

When reversed, the Justice Tarot card is questioning the fairness of you and the people around you. It will often appear when deep down, you know you have done something wrong, but have not really addressed it in your life yet. It is asking you to question your own actions and face the consequences of things you might have done.

The reversed Justice card suggests that you, or someone in your life, are avoiding karmic justice. However, without facing up to what you have done, you cannot move on and grow spiritually. You are running from justice, but this is only harming you. Face the consequences and learn from them.

It might not be you who is being unfair, but you are not speaking up for unfairness and are therefore backing the person who has done wrong. The universe is telling you that you must stand up for the truth and what you believe in.

The Justice Tarot card also suggests that there might be an imbalance in your life right now, and you must address this. Things will soon come crashing down if there is not a firm and strong foundation.

Reversed Justice Love Meaning

When reversed in a love reading, the Justice Tarot card asks you to address any inequality and deception in your relationship. A thriving loving relationship is built on truth and respect. Has your relationship got enough of this?

Any lies or deceptions will soon come to light, so expect consequences for all of your actions. It may be hard for both of you, but with honesty and love, you will be able to move forward as a couple.

Perhaps you are deceiving your partner in one way or another, but believe that it is for the best. You may be trying to protect them from something. However, deception is never fair, even if it is coming from a good place. The universe is sending you a warning; you must tell the truth to your partner.

If you are single, a reversed Justice card is asking you to examine your expectations in love. Perhaps you are wanting too much for a romantic partner, without wishing to give the same amount of love and energy back. The universe is telling you that you must accept your own flaws and the flaws of your potential partner to find true love.

Reversed Justice Career and Money Meaning

Reversed Justice Career and Money Meaning

When the Justice Tarot card is reversed in a career reading, it suggests that there is corruption and deceit in your place of work. It is down to you to work out where this is coming from. You may be treating other people unfairly, or you may not be speaking up when you see someone not being treated right.

It is important to address these issues as soon as you can, but you must do so in a calm matter. Be respectful and constructive when discussing your opinions. Doing this will allow your workplace to regain balance and equality and make it a great environment to be in!

In regards to money, the reversed Justice card is telling you to be cautious with your money, especially with other people. Don’t lend or borrow anything right now, and try and be as frugal as possible.

Reversed Justice Home and Family Meaning

When reversed in a home and family reading, the Justice card asks you to be proactive in healing disputes and arguments. There might have been a big fallout in your family or friendship circle recently, and perhaps you have been trying to avoid it. But, the universe is sending you a sign. It is telling you that by avoiding the issue, you are not helping the healing process.

Be fair to your family members and your friends. If someone is being unfair, you must call them out on this in a respectful manner. Running from justice and letting bad energy prevail is only doing you harm in the long run.

If you have treated any friends or family members badly recently, the universe is telling you that it sees everything and you must make amends. It is time to learn from your past mistakes and grow as a person.

Reversed Justice Health Meaning

In a health reading, the reversed Justice card is sending you a pretty big warning! The imbalance in your health and wellbeing will significantly harm you if not addressed as soon as possible.

It is time to face up to your bad habits and overindulgence. Things in excess will always harm your health, so make sure you are doing everything in moderation.

Reversed Justice Health Meaning

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Justice Tarot Meaning: FAQs

I hope this in-depth guide has helped you understand the Justice Tarot card and what it might mean for you. Now, let’s look at some FAQs about the 11th card of the major arcana.

Question: What Does the Justice Tarot Card Mean?

Answer: The Justice Tarot card is all about fairness and equality. It is a reminder that every action has a consequence, and to be aware of the universe serving justice.

Question: Is the Justice Tarot Card a Yes or No Card?

Answer: The Justice Tarot card is not a yes or no card. Rather, it is telling you to think very carefully about things before making a decision.

Question: What Element Is Linked to The Justice Tarot Card?

Answer: The Justice Tarot card is represented by the element air. This element is linked to the intellect and being grounded, which is what we need to achieve justice in the world.

Question: What Does The Justice Tarot Card Mean in a Past Position?

Answer: In a past position, the Justice card suggests that a big decision in your past has really affected your life right now. It wants to remind you that the consequences of this decision are still apparent.

Question: What Does The Justice Tarot Card Mean in a Future Position?

Answer: In a future position, the Justice card wants you to be aware of big decisions that might be looming. Remember to keep a clear head and think about things before you act.

Allow The Justice Card To Bring You Fairness

I really love the Justice Tarot card as it asks us to question our own actions. To be truly happy, we must be kind and fair to those around us. With this card, we can address inequality and balance the scales.

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