Yule Tarot Spread Guide: 4 Spreads for the Winter Celebration

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For a lot of us, Yule is synonymous with Christmas. However, the festival of Yule can be traced back to ancient Pagan traditions. It begins on the winter solstice, which marks the beginning of the light part of the year.

As Yule begins on the longest night of the year, it has the energy of change and rebirth. The darkness of the world is at its peak, and thus we can look forward to lighter days.

In this Yule Tarot spread guide, I will look at various spreads performed during this festival. These spreads are designed to embrace the energy of Yule, allowing us to look forward and leave the darkness behind.

Yule Tarot Spreads Up Front

My favorite Yule spread in this guide is the five-card Yule Tarot spread. It allows us to look at the past six months, marking a point of change and renewal. It helps us look towards the lighter days and what we hope the next six months hold.

I have also included a Yule Tarot spread for rebirth, one for Yule traditions, and one for rest.

A Yule Tarot Spread for Rebirth

Let’s begin with a simple three-card Yule Tarot spread for rebirth. In this spread, we look at what we must leave behind to embrace Yule’s rebirth.

A Yule Tarot Spread for Rebirth
Photo by Lou Siday

The three cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Darkness to be left behind
  • Card two: Energy to embrace
  • Card three: Actions for the new year

Let’s go through this three-card spread with an example. I will pull three cards and see how we can relate them to their positions.

A Yule Tarot Spread for Rebirth
Photo by Lou Siday

Darkness to be Left Behind

The first card reflects any darkness you need to leave behind to embrace the energy of Yule. It will show you what is holding you back from rebirth and renewal.

For this card, I received the Hanged Man. This card reflects a time of pausing and waiting. It reminds us of the importance of patience and sacrifice. Sometimes, we need to wait before moving forward on our journey.

So, what does this card mean for me in this position? What darkness does it represent?

Well, the Hanged Man reveals to us a time of pausing. However, is this time of pause going on too long? Is it holding me back from rebirth?

Perhaps now is the time for action, and not contemplation.

Energy to Embrace

The second card reflects energy to embrace regarding your Yule rebirth. This may be energy that you already have within you. Or, it may show you the energy to curate during Yule time.

For this card, I received the Tower. This Major Arcana card reflects a time of chaos and upheaval. Beliefs are shattered, and a new way of thinking is apparent.

It is interesting to look at this card next to the Hanged Man. The energy of both cards is very different. The Hanged Man is about waiting and pausing, whereas the Tower reflects the sudden change.

In this position, we can understand the Tower telling us that significant change is occurring for me. But, I am not embracing this change. I need to leave behind the inaction of the Hanged Man and face up to the upheaval and chaos that is occurring now. Only then will I be able to embrace rebirth.

Actions for the New Year

The final card reveals what we need to do for the new year. We must embrace action and change to fully achieve the rebirth that Yule provides us.

For this card, I received the Seven of Wands. Like the Tower, this card does not suggest that my rebirth will be easy. The Seven of Wands reflects a need to stand up for yourself. It will usually pop up in a reading when people try to pull you down, with outside forces threatening you. It reminds us to always stand our ground and stick up for what we believe in.

In this position, the Seven of Wands is telling me that my rebirth may be tricky, but I must make sure I stand my ground. Perhaps I will be tempted to fall back into the energy of the Hanged Man.

But, I will never move forward with this attitude. I must embrace the change of the Tower and enter the next phase of my life. It may not be easy, but it is super important!

The Traditions of Yule Spread

Let’s look at another three-card Yule Tarot spread that incorporates the traditions of Yule. For centuries, evergreen plants have been an important part of Yule celebrations. Our ancestors used to bring them into their homes to liven up the darker months. But did you know that these evergreen plants also have spiritual properties?

We connect with three evergreen plants and their spiritual properties in this spread.

Yule Spread
Photo by Lou Siday

The three cards pulled refer to:

  • Card one: Holly
  • Card two: Mistletoe
  • Card three: Yew

Let’s go through this spread, looking at what the three plants represent and the advice we can gain from the cards.

Yule Spread
Photo by Lou Siday


Many Druids believe that holly holds energy of protection. It can be used to repel unwanted spirits and thus protects the home when brought inside.

The card pulled that represents holly will show us anything we need to be wary of. It will highlight any unwanted spirits or bad energy in your life.

For this card, I pulled the Six of Pentacles. This is usually a positive card as it reflects a time of charity, giving, and receiving. However, in this position, we can understand it a little bit differently.

This card suggests that I need to be wary of giving to those in my life. Perhaps someone wants to take all they can from me, and I must be careful when helping out others.


In ancient times, mistletoe was strongly linked to healing. So, this card represents what needs attention and healing in your life right now.

For this card, I received the Ten of Cups. Another really positive card, the Ten of Cups, reflects peace, harmony, and family. So, how can we understand it in this position?

Well, I believe the Tarot is telling me that my relationships with my family members need a bit of TLC! It is time to reach out to my family and make sure our connections are strong. There may be issues that need healing right now.


The yew tree has long been a symbol of death and rebirth in Celtic cultures. So, the card pulled here will show us areas in our life that we need to work on to enhance rebirth and change. It is really important to always be moving forward and changing in life, and Yule is the perfect time to embrace rebirth!

For this card, I received the Lovers. This Major Arcana card has the energy of love and harmony. It reminds us to be open and honest with those that we love in our life.

In this position, we can understand the Lovers telling me that I need to change things up a bit with those I love. Perhaps it is time to work on communication and harmony.

A Yule Tarot Spread for Rest

The winter festival of Yule is a great time for rest and recuperation. With the dark nights upon us, we can take time out of our social life to work on our well-being.

Yule Tarot Spread
Photo by Lou Siday

The three cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: What aspects of my life that I need rest from
  • Card two: How will this rest help me
  • Card three: How can I find my strength

Let’s pick three cards and go through this spread to understand the different positions.

Yule Tarot Spread
Photo by Lou Siday

What Aspects of my Life that I Need Rest From

The first card pulled will reveal to you what areas in your life you need rest from. You may not be aware of these things, and the Tarot will shed light on things or situations draining your energy.

For this card, I received the Seven of Pentacles. This card reflects a time of dedication and patience and will usually link to our career or money goals.

I think it can be read pretty quickly in this position. I am a hard worker and rarely take time off work. But, the Tarot is telling me I should take some time away from my work over the Yule season!

How Will this Rest Help Me

The second card reveals how the rest will help us in the long term. For this card, I received the Three of Wands. A card all about progression and moving forward, it suggests that we will be able to make plans for the future soon.

This card totally makes sense in this position. By taking a break from my work, I can return to it with fresh eyes and ideas. I can plan my future and where I want to be going with my career.

How Can I Find My Strength

The final card pulled reflects your time after the rest. The rest will do you good, but how will you find your strength to move forward from the rest and time out?

For this card, I received the Two of Cups. This is a wonderful card all about unity and mutual love and support. It is a card of love and affection. Take a look at the card. Can you see the balance between the two figures? They are there for each other, their cups full of love.

In this position, I understand the Two of Cups telling me that I can find my strength by turning to those who love me. They are there to support me with my career goals, and I can turn to them to get my strength back regarding work.

Five-Card Yule Tarot Spread

Yule falls on the darkest night, marking the time when things become brighter. It is a great time to reflect on the last six months and focus on the upcoming half-year.

I have designed this Tarot spread to be performed on the darkest night, allowing us to leave behind things we must leave behind and embrace the energy of the next six months.

The five cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: What defined the last six months
  • Card two: Energy to leave behind
  • Card three: Energy to bring forward
  • Card four: What will define the next six months
  • Card five: My hopes and dreams for the next six months

Let’s go through this spread with an example reading! I will pull five cards and relate them to the different positions.

Five-Card Yule Tarot Spread
Photo by Lou Siday

What Defined the Last Six Months

The first card reveals to us what defined the last six months. It will show us important events, people, or situations that will have long-term effects on us.

For this card, I received the Knight of Cups. The Knight of Cups is probably the most romantic card in the deck. He is passionate and loving and deeply in touch with his emotions.

When we receive a court card in a reading, we can understand it in a few different ways. It may represent yourself, a person in your life, or an influence. When wanting to understand what court cards mean, it is important to listen to your intuition.

For this position, I believe the Knight of Cups represents someone in my life who influenced my last six months with his love and kindness.

Energy to Leave Behind

The second card shows us the energy we must leave behind this Yule. It will have been significant over the last six months, but it is time to let go of it.

For this card, I received the Ten of Wands. This is a card all about burdens and strains. So, the Tarot is telling me that I need to acknowledge the burdens in my life and work out what I can do to let go of them.

Energy to Bring Forward

The third card pulled reflects energy that we need to bring forward to the lighter months of the year.

For this card, I received the Queen of Pentacles. Another court card, the Queen of Pentacles represents someone who is sensible, caring, and prosperous. They live a financially stable life, allowing them to care for those around them.

In this position, I believe the Queen of Pentacles reflects energy in my life. I try my best to be sensible with money, although I know I am not financially stable right now! However, by continuing to embrace the energy of the Queen of Pentacles, I can become this kind of person.

What Will Define the Next Six Months

The fourth card pulled reveals what will define the next six months. For this card, I received the Emperor. This card represents a powerful leader who is respectful of rules. There is energy of structure and authority to this card, focusing on discipline.

So, what does the Emperor mean in this position?

Well, I see the Tarot as telling me that the energy of this card will be important in the next six months. It could suggest that someone with the values of the Emperor will be significant in the near future. Or, it could be telling me that I need to be aware of the values of the Emperor over the next six months.

My Hopes and Dreams for the Next Six Months

The last card pulled will reflect your hopes and dreams for the next six months. It will bring into focus things you need to work on to get to where you want to be.

For this card, I received the Two of Pentacles. This card is all about balance, especially when it comes to money and work! In this position, I understand the Tarot to be telling me that, to achieve my goals over the next six months, I must put effort into balancing my time and priorities.

Yule Tarot Spread FAQs

Let’s look at some questions about Yule Tarot spreads you may have.

Question: What is Yule?

Answer: Yule is an ancient celebration that begins on the darkest night of the year (the winter solstice). It marks the end of the dark half of the year and the beginning of lighter nights.

Question: What do We Celebrate on Yule?

Answer: Yule is the perfect time to celebrate rebirth and renewal. It allows us to embrace the changing seasons and the return of the sun.

Question: Can I do These Yule Tarot Spreads at Other Times of the Year?

Answer: Yes, you can perform these readings at other times of the year. However, the energy of Yule will enhance these readings.

Celebrate Yule With These Tarot Spreads

Yule is a really important time of year, and we can look forward to the lighter months at this time. By using these Yule Tarot spreads, we can celebrate this time of year and embrace the festival!

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