Reconciliation Tarot Spread Guide: 3 Easy Spreads

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Tarot can be super helpful when it comes to solving interpersonal relationships. I have used it many times to understand my relationships with other people and what I can do to enhance them. So, I thought writing a reconciliation Tarot spread guide would be helpful!

In this guide, I will talk through a few different reconciliation spreads. These include romantic relationships and friendships. I have also included a spread for situations when reconciliation with the person may not be possible.

In this guide, I will be using the Modern Way Tarot deck. This is one of my go-to decks as it is a stunning modern twist on the traditional Rider-Waite. But you can use whichever deck you prefer for these spreads!

Reconciliation Tarot Spreads Up Front

My favorite reconciliation Tarot spread is the four-card reconciliation spread for friendships. It is simple and easy to use and reminds us of why we are their friend in the first place! We can also use that spread for romantic relationships and any partnerships that need advice.

The second reconciliation Tarot spread in this guide is designed for romantic relationships. The third looks at breakups, what we can learn, and if there is any potential for reconciliation.

Four-card Reconciliation Tarot Spread for Friendships

This simple four-card Tarot spread is perfect to use if you have fallen out with a friend. It can be really hard to know how to reach out and reconcile with a friend. But, a Tarot spread can help you understand your friend’s feelings and what to do to move forward.

The four cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Your feelings
  • Card two: Your friend’s feelings
  • Card three: Your connection
  • Card four: The best course of action

Let’s use an example to understand this spread in more detail. I recently fell out with my friend because we disagreed about her boyfriend. He cheated on her and hurt her badly, and I was pretty stern with her regarding taking him back. I told her that he would just hurt her again and that I didn’t like him. She, however, chose to get back with him and is upset with me because of what I said about him.

So, let’s apply this situation to the cards to gain clarity and understanding!

Your Feelings

The first card pulled reflects our feelings about the situation. It allows us to recognize our emotions and may reveal issues we have ignored.

In this position, I received the Justice card. This is a card that represents fairness and truth, so it makes sense why it has appeared here! The Justice card pushes for accountability. However, I didn’t believe my friend was pushing her boyfriend to account for his actions. This is the reason we fell out.

I was upset at the behavior of my friend’s boyfriend and didn’t believe she got justice for his actions.

However, am I the judge in this situation? Am I the one to dictate what is fair and what is not in my friend’s relationship?

Your Friend’s Feelings

The second card pulled reflects how your friend is feeling about the disagreement. It can help us figure out ways in which we can approach them for reconciliation.

For this card, I received the Five of Swords. This card represents conflict and disagreements, so it’s no wonder why it appeared in this spread! It also reflects the energy of surrender and letting go.

So, what does the Five of Swords reveal about my current situation? Well, we know my friend is deeply affected by our argument. She is lacking hope regarding reconciliation, feeling deflated by the disagreement.

Your Connection

The third card pulled reflects the connection between you and the person you have fallen out with. This card serves as a reminder of all the good that is between you. It shows you why they are so important to you!

For this card, I received the Empress. This is the only Major Arcana card in the spread, so I believe the Tarot to be telling me that our friendship is much more important than this disagreement! The Empress card is all about femininity and nurture, so it makes sense why it has popped up in this position.

My friend and I have known each other for years, and we are always there for each other in times of need. We nurture and protect one another, and we are the Empress of each other’s life!

The Best Course of Action

The fourth card pulled reveals to us the best course of action. It may suggest that there is no hope for reconciliation. However, it will usually give us advice on how to step forward and reunite with our loved one.

I received the King of Wands in this position. The King of Wands is a leader who always controls the situation when needed. He is proactive when solving problems and will always help others when necessary.

I believe this card tells me that I need to take control of the situation right now. It is no use for me to wait around and get upset about our disagreement. My friend is super important to me, so I must be active in reconciliation!

Six-card Reconciliation Tarot Spread for Relationships

This six-card Tarot spread is designed for romantic relationships. If you have fallen out with your partner and are currently on a break, this spread can help you understand the situation better. It reveals ways of reconciliation and why the issue occurred in the first place.

The six cards pulled in this spread reflect:

  • Card one: What was good
  • Card two: What caused the issue
  • Card three: The current state of the relationship
  • Card four: What you want
  • Card five: What your partner wants
  • Card six: The best course of action

Let’s go through an example to understand this spread fully. My friend recently fell out with her girlfriend because she is still good friends with her ex. They go out for dinner together and will hang out at each other’s house. My friend didn’t mind this at first, but then it began to make her anxious. She didn’t like her girlfriend spending so much time with her ex, even if she said they were just friends!

So, let’s pick some cards to see what advice the Tarot has for my friend.

What was good

The first card pulled in this spread reminds us of the good that was in our relationship. I always think this is an essential part of reconciliation spreads, as it makes us step back from the problem and look at the relationship as a whole.

For this card, my friend received the Nine of Cups. The Nine of Cups reflects contentment and fulfillment, especially regarding emotions. When my friend received this card, she understood what the Tarot was telling her. She was usually super happy with her girlfriend! She felt very lucky and fulfilled in the relationship.

What caused the issue

The second card pulled reflects what caused the issue. It is usually pretty straightforward to understand. However, it may also bring up underlying problems within the relationship that added to the disagreement.

For this card, my friend received the Moon. This Major Arcana card represents anxiety and stress. It will often appear when anxieties from the past are still affecting your present. There is an element of illusion to this card, too. You may be wrong about your beliefs.

My friend understood why this card appeared for her. She knows her anxiety has caused her to worry about her girlfriend and ex too much. She told me that she knows rationally that nothing is going on. Yet, she still does worry.

The Current State of the Relationship

The third card shows us what is going on right now in the relationship. For this card, my friend received the Eight of Swords. This card reflects negative thinking and self-sabotage. It asks us to examine our beliefs and work out what we are doing to trap ourselves in anxiety and distress.

My friend is related to this card. She feels trapped in her negative thinking and feels she cannot escape the anxiety about her girlfriend and ex.

I noted the link between the Moon and the Eight of Swords. Both cards reveal anxieties that are not necessarily true. They both remind us of how we can get stuck thinking negatively, which harms our happiness.

What you want

The fourth card pulled reflects what you want right now. It will show you any wishes that you have been ignoring. It reveals to you what you want in the future from your relationship.

For this card, my friend received the Nine of Wands. This is a card that represents standing strong and persisting in the face of adversity. I thought it was pretty obvious why it appeared for my friend! She wants to reconcile this relationship and get over the issues that they are facing.

What your partner wants

The fifth card pulled reflects the wants of the partner. Do they want to reconcile and rebuild the relationship?

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My friend received the Hermit in this position. At first, she was pretty upset! The Hermit is all about introspection and withdrawal. It asks us to listen to our intuition and inner wisdom to move forward.

You can see why this upset my friend. She believed that this card meant that her girlfriend has no desire for reconciliation. But, after talking through the card, she began to see the positives of the Hermit.

Yes, the Hermit suggests time apart, but it doesn’t mean the relationship is over. Sometimes, we need time apart from our partners to work on ourselves and our journey in life.

The best course of action

The last card in this reconciliation Tarot spread provides advice for the future of the relationship. It will reveal to you if it is worth continuing or if it needs to end.

For this card, my friend received Temperance. This card reflects balance and moderation. When it appears in a reading, it asks us to bring this energy into our own lives. It is time to work on being stable and patient.

So, what does this mean for my friend and her relationship? Well, I believe it suggests that reconciliation is in sight! She just needs to approach it in a balanced and fair way. With the energy of the Temperance card, my friend and her girlfriend can work through their issues.

Four-card Reconciliation Tarot Spreads for Breakups

Sometimes when we want reconciliation, we just can’t have it. If it has been a bad breakup, you and your ex may not be in contact. This can cause difficulties when wanting to overcome the painful emotions of the breakup.

In this four-card reconciliation spread, the Tarot provides guidance on how you can work through your feelings after a breakup. It can also shed light on if and when reconciliation could happen.

The four cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: What went well in the relationship
  • Card two: What you gained from the relationship
  • Card three: What the breakup taught you
  • Card four: Chances of reconciliation

Let’s use an example to understand the different cards in the spread. My friend’s boyfriend dumped her out of the blue a few months ago. It was super painful, and she never really understood why he did it. After the breakup, she send him a few messages, but he never replied. Of course, she doesn’t want to pester him. But she feels weird about the whole thing.

So, what can the Tarot cards tell my friend?

What Went Well in the Relationship

The first card pulled reminds us of what went well in the relationship. After breaking up with someone, we often forget about all the good things in the relationship.

But, to move forward, we must acknowledge what went well.

For this card, my friend received the Two of Pentacles. This card is all about balance and flexibility and usually reflects work and money. So, what does it mean in this position?

Well, I believe the Tarot is telling my friend that she and her ex balanced their relationship well with other life commitments. They had a very respectful and understanding relationship, and both of them were pretty career-driven. However, their passion for work never interfered with their love for each other.

What you Gained from the Relationship

The second card pulled also looks back on the relationship to view it more positively. It shows the querent what they gained from the relationship.

My friend pulled the Three of Cups in this position. This card reflects celebrations and happy times. It usually signifies events and occasions that are fun and social.

This card makes sense for my friend. She had a lot of fun with her ex, who used to attend many parties!

What the Breakup Taught you

The third card pulled shows the querent what they learned from the breakup. There is always something to learn, no matter how tough a breakup is.

For this card, my friend pulled the Tower. Wow! The Tower is a very interesting Tarot card, representing upheaval and change. It will appear when beliefs are shattered. It has an element of awakening to it. The Tower comes down, and with it, so do illusions and lies. Only then can we understand the true meaning of the world.

So, what does this mean for my friend? Well, I believe it tells her that the breakup has taught her the reality of love. Yes, she loved her ex, but something was missing. With the Tower now destroyed, she can rebuild her love life.

Chances of Reconciliation

The last card pulled reveals to the querent if there are any changes of reconciliation between them and their ex. It can be a bit difficult to read, so feel free to pull more cards if you can’t understand the message just with one.

My friend received the Six of Swords in this position. A card all about letting go and moving forward, I think it is pretty clear what the universe is saying. There is no chance of reconciliation for my friend, and it is time to move on.

Reconciliation Tarot Spread FAQs

Let’s look at some FAQs you might have about reconciliation Tarot spreads.

Question: What Tarot card represents reconciliation?

Answer: The Justice and Temperance Tarot cards will often represent reconciliation.

Question: Can the Tarot predict reconciliation in relationships?

Unfortunately, Tarot can’t predict the future. However, it will show us the most probable future outcome from the energy and emotions of the present.

Question: Is the Tower a reconciliation card?

The Tower represents upheaval and chaos and usually appears when things need to be left in the past. However, the chaos of the Tower falling may allow two people to see the truth and see that they should be together.

Allow These Reconciliation Tarot Spreads To Help Your Relationships

These three reconciliation Tarot spreads are perfect if you are wanting to overcome issues in your relationships. They shed light on the different emotions at play, allowing you to work out the best step forward.

However, remember to always listen to your intuition when it comes to reconciliation. Use the Tarot, but ultimately, listen to your gut.

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