10 Card Tarot Spread Guide

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In this ten-card Tarot spread guide, I will walk you through a Tarot spread I have designed. When doing ten-card Tarot spreads, we will often go to the classic Celtic cross spread. However, there is so much we can do with ten-card spreads!

This ten-card Tarot spread takes the classic three-card past, present, and future spread and enhances it to understand our current situation. This spread is the ultimate deep dive into what makes us, what brings us down, and what we need to do to progress in life.

This spread takes time, so make sure you have at least half an hour free to perform it! In this article, I will be using the Modern Witch Tarot deck by Lisa Sterle. It is one of my favorite decks. I love the imagery on it and how it updates the classic Rider-Waite deck for a modern audience. But of course, you can use whichever deck you want!

So, grab your favorite deck, get yourself comfy, and let’s get started!

Ten-card Tarot Spread Breakdown

In this spread, we pull ten different cards that reflect different aspects of our lives.

Image by Lou Siday

The ten cards pulled refer to:

  • Card one: Past
  • Card two: Present
  • Card three: Future
  • Card four: What to let go of
  • Card five: What to learn from
  • Card six: Obstacles
  • Card seven: Positives
  • Card eight: Negatives
  • Card nine: Focus
  • Card ten: Potential

Now, you are probably feeling a little bit overwhelmed right now! It is a big spread, so let’s break it down into sections.

The first three cards are your past, present, and future. Then, the other seven cards are linked back to the first three cards.

So, the fourth and fifth cards are linked to our past. They show us what we need to let go of and what the past has taught us. The next three cards are linked to our present. They reflect any obstacles we have right now and the positives and negatives of our current situation. These positives and negatives may reflect our actions, beliefs, or attitudes.

The last two cards are linked to our future. They show us what we need to focus on for our future and the potential we have.

Ten-card Tarot Spread Walkthrough

To understand the different cards and their meanings, it is useful to read through an example. I will pick ten cards and go through them one by one.

Image by Lou Siday


The first card is a general card that represents your past. It shows you where you have come from and how it has helped you become who you are.

For this card, I received the Two of Cups. This is a pretty great card, representing unity and love. It reminds us of the importance of equality and fairness in all our relationships.

When this card appears in a past position, it reflects how warmth and love have provided us with the foundations for our life. I relate to this, as I was always surrounded by love in my family!


The second card is our present card and reflects our current circumstances. For this card, I received the Star. This Major Arcana card reflects a time of hope and creativity. It will often appear when we have recently gone through tough times. It brings forth the energy of renewal, change, and fresh faith.

In the present position, The Star’s energy is potent right now. It suggests our current situation is exciting and idealistic, with a fresh outlook on the world taking hold. I do relate to this, as I have a whole load of energy and hope regarding my dreams in life right now!


The third card pulled represents the future. Now, I don’t believe that Tarot cards can predict the future. I know some people do, and that is fine! However, I see the future card in readings as a bit different. I believe they represent what our future might hold if we carry on with the energy and ideas we have right now.

For this card, I received the Page of Wands. This court card represents someone full of ideas and energy. They are craving adventure and excitement and have a whole load of passion!

For a future position, the Page of Wands reflects adventures and creativity are going to be important in my life. I will be able to follow my dreams and express myself in the ways that I want. However, the Pages do have a lot of youthful energy to them. Could the Tarot be telling me that I need to grow up a little bit?!

What to let go of

The fourth card in the reading is linked to the past and shows us what we need to let go of to move forward on our path.

For this card, I received Justice. This Major Arcana card represents fairness and truth. It reflects a time of seeking justice and wrongs being righted.

However, we need to meditate on this card to figure out what it means in this position. What part of the Justice card do I need to let go of?

Well, we can understand it is telling me that I may be wishing for justice that will never come. Sometimes, life is just unfair, and people do not receive the consequences for their actions. If I carry on hoping for justice that never comes, am I just making life harder for myself? Is it time to let go, forget, and move forward?

What to learn from

The fifth card pulled represents what we have learned from the past. For this card, I received the Fool. The Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana and represents new beginnings, adventures, and risk-taking. It reminds us of the importance of stepping out in the world and letting our guard down. Sometimes, we need to leap into the unknown!

So, what does the Fool tell us in this position? In my life, I have never shied away from taking risks. I remember once buying a one-way ticket to another country to go after adventures! I believe the Tarot is telling me that these experiences of leaping into the unknown have taught me a lot. I agree with that!


The sixth card steps into our present situation. It reflects any obstacles that we are facing right now.

For this card, I received the Nine of Swords. This is a card all about anxiety and stress. It represents all the worries that keep us up at night and can sometimes reflect nightmares.

I do suffer from anxiety, so I understand why this card has appeared in this position. It is something that I do have to actively deal with every day, so it is an obstacle in my present life.


The seventh card, which is also linked to our present, reflects the positives in our life right now. It is normally a pretty clear card, and we can quickly understand what the Tarot is telling us.

For this card, I received the Strength card. This Major Arcana card represents strength and courage. There is a gentle and compassionate nature to it too. If you look at the image, you can see the woman is really careful when touching the lion. She knows that kindness and compassion are the best ways in which we can show our own personal strength.

It makes sense why this card is in this position. I do pride myself on being kind, compassionate, courageous, and strong. These positive aspects of my personality allow me to thrive and grow.


The eighth card pulled reflects any negatives in our current circumstances. It usually is linked to our actions and behaviors. This distinguishes it from the position of the obstacle, which usually represents outside issues that are affecting our lives.

For this card, I received the Six of Pentacles. This card is all about charity and giving and receiving. It is a pretty positive card, so how can we understand it in this position?

Well, when positive cards appear in negative positions, we can read them differently. Either we lack the energy of the card, or there is too much of this energy. So what does that mean when it comes to the Six of Pentacles? Either I am not being charitable, or I am being too charitable, and this is causing me issues.

Perhaps I take too much when people offer me things. Maybe I do not give enough to those in need. Or, am I too kind, and do people take advantage of this?


The last two cards are linked to the future. The ninth card pulled in this spread reflects to focus. It is an action card and reveals to us what we need to do to push forward and achieve our goals.

For this card, I received the Three of Pentacles. This card reflects collaboration and sharing of knowledge. It reminds us of the importance of learning from others. It also reminds us that, when we are looking at a task, we must acknowledge everyone’s expertise. By pooling everyone’s talent, we can work together to accomplish the goal.

It is a really interesting card to receive in this position for me. As a content writer, I will rarely work with others. However, working with others and learning from them can help me move forward in my career.

Let’s link it back to the general future card, which was the Page of Wands. A card is full of ideas and potential. However, there is an element of naivety to it. To grow up and move forward with my ideas, I must reach out and collaborate with those around me.


The last card pulled in this spread reflects the potential we have for the future. For this card, I received the Queen of Wands. The Queen of Wands is a creative and passionate person. They are determined and confident, following their passions and achieving their dreams.

The Tarot is telling me that I have the potential to achieve the traits of the Queen of Wands. I do think it is interesting when considering the other cards pulled for future positions. We have the Page of Wands, the Three of Pentacles, and then the Queen of Wands. They kind of tell a story of growth, right?

The Page of Wands has potential and is full of ideas, but they are young and might not know how to step forward with their dreams. Then, we have the Three of Pentacles, telling us that collaboration is key to grow and achieve. By doing this, we will become the Queen of Wands.

Ten-card Tarot Spread Guide FAQs

Let’s look at some questions about the ten-card Tarot spread.

Question: Is a ten-card Tarot spread suitable for beginners?

Answer: If you are new to Tarot, I strongly recommend you begin with a smaller Tarot spread. This means that you won’t get too overwhelmed by the different cards and their positions!

Question: What does the number ten mean in Tarot?

Answer: The number ten can be found in the Wheel of Fortune. This card represents destiny and luck. In the Minor Arcana cards, the number ten reflects endings. We have painful endings with the Ten of Swords, joyous endings with the Ten of Cups, stressful endings with the Ten of Wands, and financial security with the Ten of Pentacles.

Question: Can I do the ten-card Tarot spread to friends and family?

Answer: Yes! You can perform this spread on yourself or your friends and family. It is a versatile and general spread that is accessible to anyone.

Understand Your Life With This Ten-Card Tarot Spread

I hope you have enjoyed my ten-card Tarot spread guide! I know it can be pretty overwhelming when we begin to use larger spreads, but this guide is designed to walk you through the different cards one by one. By breaking the ten-card spread down into different sections, we can understand our lives in much more detail.

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