Aries New Moon Tarot Spread Guide: Two Spreads to Spark Passion and New Beginnings

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In this Aries new moon Tarot spread guide, I will talk through two different spreads that reflect the energy of this celestial event. The phases of the moon and their zodiac positions can really help us with our spirituality and growth. The different phases bring fresh energy, with the zodiac signs reflecting certain aspects of our lives.

The new moon in Aries falls in either March or April, coinciding with Aries season. The next new moon in Aries will be on the 19th of April 2023.

The new moon in Aries is a great time to work with your fiery side, understanding what makes you tick and what you need to work on. As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a new moon in Aries brings a lot of fresh energy and buzz. During this time, we can work on new beginnings and reflect on the adventures that are in store for us. New moons bring energy of renewal and rebirth, guiding us forward on our path.

Aries New Moon Tarot Spreads UpFront

I have included two different Tarot spreads in this guide. My favorite is the five-card spread for new beginnings. It works with the fresh energy of the new moon and the adventurous passion of Aries. It is a really exciting spread, helping us find new paths and adventures in life.

The other spread I have included in this guide is a spread for introspection. Aries are well-known to be fiery signs, so this spread looks at the fire you have within and what you may need to do in order to harness it or control it.

A Tarot Spread For New Beginnings

The New Moon in Aries marks a beginning. The start of a new lunar phase, and the start of the zodiac calendar. So, it is the perfect time to perform a Tarot spread that examines new beginnings and fresh adventures.

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The five cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Foundations
  • Card two: Your Current Position
  • Card three: Your Adventure
  • Card four: Rewards
  • Card five: Risks

Let’s go through this spread with an example reading.

Image From Lou Siday


The first card reveals the foundations that support your new beginning. It reflects something that is already in your life, which will help your journey forward.

For this card, the querent received the Two of Cups. This is a really positive card, reflected unity and love. It represents a mutual partnership and relationship, be it romantic or platonic. There is a strong and powerful bond with the Two of Cups.

When understanding the Two of Cups in this position, we can read it as telling the querent that they have the support from someone close to them. Because of this, they will be able to move forward and succeed.

Your Current Position

The second card pulled reflects your current position. This card may reveal things that you need to leave in the past in order to grow and start afresh. It may have a more general meaning, too. It can simply show you where you are now in your life.

For this card, the querent received the Seven of Swords. This is the card of sneakiness and betrayal. It can represent a person in your life who is tricking you. Or, it may suggest that you are the one who is using dishonest tactics to get what they want.

So, what does the Seven of Swords mean in this position? Well, I believe it is telling the querent to leave all their sneakiness in the past! They may have acted in dubious and dishonest ways recently, but the New Moon in Aries brings fresh energy of rebirth. It is time to change.

Your Adventure

The third card pulled reflects the adventure that awaits you. What has this zodiac year got in store for you?

For this card, the querent received the Queen of Swords. Another card from the Suit of Swords! The Suit of Swords represents the mind and intellect. It is concerned with logic and clarity, reminding us of the importance of using our brains.

The Queen of Swords mixes the energy of the Suit of Swords with the energy of the Queens. The Queens are the mothers of the deck, representing care and nurture. The Queen of Swords is mature and smart. She wants to find the truth in situations and understands how to make the world better for herself and those around her.

In this position, we can understand that the adventure that awaits the querent is all about the mind. Could the querent use their intellect to help others? Perhaps the querent’s journey involves mental pursuits. This may be regarding their work or their hobbies.


The fourth card pulled represents the rewards you will get from this new beginning. It is usually linked to the third card, revealing the good things that will come out of the adventure.

The querent received The Hermit card in this position. The Hermit represents inner knowledge and wisdom, highlighting the importance of introspection. It is a very spiritual card, revealing a journey towards enlightenment.

We can totally see what the Hermit means for the querent. Their new beginning is all about the intellect, and from this comes wisdom and enlightenment. The reward is great for the querent and will really push them towards a peaceful and happy existence.


Of course, every new beginning and adventure comes with risks. The final card pulled in this reading reflects any risks that you need to be aware of. Of course, these risks will not always happen. However, by knowing they are there, you can work on avoiding them.

For this card, the querent received the Page of Wands. The Page of Wands reflects a youthful person with bright ideas. They are passionate, but they might not know what to do in order to move forward with their goals.

This isn’t really a negative or dramatic card, but we can see what it means for the querent. There is a risk that, without putting in the work, they will still be the Page of Wands at the end of their adventure. They have ideas and passion, but without action, they will not move forward on their journey.

A Tarot Spread For Introspection

This Aries new moon Tarot spread allows you to work with your fiery side. It helps you understand your personality and how it interacts with the world around you. Aries are famous for being headstrong, compulsive, and determined. When the new moon is in Aries, we can feel the energy within us bubbling away.

So, this spread is all about that fire inside you!

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The cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Your Fire
  • Card two: Your Energy
  • Card three: Your Impulse
  • Card four: Advice

Let’s go through an example reading to help us understand the different cards and their positions.

Image From Lou Siday

Your Fire

The first card pulled reflects your fire. It will highlight your drive and passion and what you think is most important to you.

For this card, the querent pulled the Knight of Cups. The Knight of Cups is probably the most romantic card in the deck. He represents someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and is guided by their emotions. They are kind, considerate, and caring. There is also an element of creativity with this card. The Knight of Cups knows how to express himself, inspired by the beauty of the world around him.

In this position, we can understand that love and emotions really drive the querent. They care deeply for other people and have a strong understanding of who they are in regard to their feelings. They are creative, too, having a great imagination.

Your Energy

The second card represents your energy. It represents your effect on others and how you interact with the world.

For this card, the querent received The Four of Cups. As this is another card from the Suit of Cups, the themes of emotions and love are still pertinent. However, this card reveals boredom and dissatisfaction. It will appear in a reading if you feel as if you have come to a standstill, without energy or passion pushing you forward.

When we want to understand this card as energy, we can see that the querent has a negative effect on those around them. They give off feelings of boredom and apathy, and this can be making relationships difficult.

It is time for the querent to mix things up a bit, realigning with their passion and drive.

Your Impulse

The third card pulled reveals your impulses. It will highlight areas of your life that need to be examined and perhaps controlled. It may refer to behavior or emotions.

The querent received the Nine of Wands in this position. This is usually a pretty positive card, reflecting bravery and faith. It appears in readings when you are going through a difficult time and need to stand your ground. It may be tiring, but it is important to stay strong.

However, the Nine of Wands can be understood a little differently in this position. We know that this position is all about impulses and what needs to be controlled. So, perhaps the querent has issues surrounding stubbornness and conflict. Maybe they are easy to defend themselves, always wanting to stick up for their beliefs. However, this may be causing conflict in their relationships with others.

Sometimes, the fight isn’t worth having. We all get angry from time to time and need to stand our ground. But, this can mean that you put up a wall, not letting anyone in. It is time for the querent to loosen up a bit!


The final card in this Aries new moon spread is a card of advice. It reveals what you need to do regarding the fire inside you and the energy you have.

For this card, the querent received The Hanged Man. This Major Arcana card brings energy of patience and pause. It reminds us to look at situations from new angles, finding fresh perspectives. It will appear in a reading when you are needing to take a pause and reflect on your current circumstances.

It is an interesting card for the querent to receive. We can see that they have energy of apathy and dissatisfaction in their life, with stubbornness and conflict causing issues.

The advice for the querent is clear. It is time for them to step back and reevaluate where they are in life. Why are they feeling bored? What is causing them to be defensive? They must seek new perspectives, using introspection to gain enlightenment and clarity.

Aries New Moon Tarot Spread Guide FAQs

Let’s look at some questions that you may have about the Aries new moon Tarot spreads.

Question: What Does the New Moon in Aries Mean?

Answer: The new moon in Aries reflects a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. It is the first new moon of the zodiac calendar, bringing energy of renewal and rebirth. There is a fiery side to the new moon in Aries, too, so is a great time to work with your passions and emotions.

Question: Do I Have to Perform These Tarot Spreads on the New Moon in Aries?

Answer: These Tarot spreads are designed to be performed at the new moon in Aries. However, they can be used during other times! Whenever you need guidance regarding new beginnings and passion, turn to these spreads for enlightenment.

Question: What do you do on a New Moon in Aries?

Answer: The new moon in Aries is the perfect time to look forward and begin new adventures. It is an opportunity to leave things in the past and reflect on the journey you are on. What is your next step?

Connect With The Moon Next Aries Season

I hope you enjoy working with these two Aries new moon Tarot spreads! I love to work with the lunar cycle when reading Tarot, as the energy of the moon can really impact our spirituality.

These Tarot spreads are designed to connect with the new moon in Aries, gaining what you need from this celestial event.

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