New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread Guide: For Confidence and Power

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In this new moon in Leo Tarot spread guide, I will talk you through a range of easy spreads that are perfect for this celestial event. In 2022, the new moon in Leo will occur on the 28th of July. This is a fantastic time to explore self-expression and personal development.

The new moon in Leo is pretty special! It is a great time to look at our confidence and passion, working out what we need to do in order to be the best version of ourselves. New moons bring forward energy of rebirth and renewal, so we can use the new moon in order to receive guidance from the universe.

In this Tarot guide, I will be using the Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle. This is one of my favorite Tarot decks, as it updates the classic Rider-Waite imagery for a modern audience. But of course, you can use any Tarot deck for these spreads!

New Moon in Leo Tarot Spreads Up Front

My favorite new moon in Leo Tarot spread is the Tarot spread for confidence. I love to use Tarot to reflect who I am and remind me of my personal power and brilliance. The spread can really boost your mood and help you feel much more confident!

The other Tarot spread on the list uses the new moon in Leo to enhance and understand your passions.

A New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread for Confidence

The new moon in Leo asks us to examine our self-confidence and celebrate who we are. Leo is a very playful and sociable star sign, so of course, the new moon in Leo harnesses this energy. In this Tarot spread, we can delve deep into our self-image and inner power. What do we need to work on, and what advice does the new moon in Leo have for us?

The six cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Your inner power
  • Card two: How your inner power influences the world
  • Card three: What you need to be more confident about
  • Card four: Any anxieties holding you back
  • Card five: How can you tackle these anxieties
  • Card six: Any advice from the new moon in Leo

Let’s walk through this spread. I am going to pull six cards for myself and examine how we can understand them in the different positions.

Your Inner Power

The first card pulled refers to your inner power. This is something that you are probably aware of. It reflects your confidence and energy and the brilliance you have within.

For this card, I received The World. This is a Major Arcana card and reflects achievement and completion. It reflects a time of fulfillment and is a pretty positive card! So, what does it mean for this position?

Well, I read the card to reflect how my personal power has allowed me to complete certain goals. I am a hard worker and a dreamer, always pushing myself forward. This has left me feeling pretty fulfilled right now! I like how this card appeared in this position, as it reminds me of my personal successes.

How your Inner Power Influences the World

The second card pulls refers to how your inner power influences the world. This card reflects your energy and actions. It shows you what you should be confident and thankful about.

For this card, I received the Three of Cups. This is a card all about friendship and celebration, so it’s undeniable why this has appeared for me in this position! I have a close friendship group, and we support each other really well. The Tarot reminds me of the importance of my inner power connecting with the power of others.

What you Need to be More Confident About

Antiguo Cartas del Tarot Stock de Foto gratis - Public Domain Pictures

The third card pulled reflects things in your life that you should be more confident about. This card can remind you of the good aspects of your personality that you have been ignoring. Or, it may reflect successes in your life that need celebrating.

For this card, I received the Sun. This card represents optimism and success, so another card full of good vibes!

So, what is the Tarot telling me?

I am optimistic and try to spread positivity in the world around me. Sometimes, I do worry that my upbeat energy might be a little annoying. So, I see this card as the Tarot reminding me to always be myself, upbeat and happy! My positive nature is a good thing, and I should never forget this. I need to remain confident in who I am as a person!

Any Anxieties Holding you Back

The fourth card pulled reflects any anxieties that might be holding you back. This card might be pretty obvious. However, you may need to meditate and reflect on it for a while in order to really understand what it is telling you.

For this card, I received the Page of Pentacles. The Page of Pentacles usually symbolizes an ambitious person, full of excitement and focus for the future. It is concerned with the material world and suggests that rewards are coming your way.

So, how does the Page of Pentacles reflect anxieties holding me back?

Well, I understood it as showing how my money worries can affect my confidence. Concerning work, I don’t take risks. This is because I am concerned they won’t pay off, and I will lose out. As a creative writer, there are opportunities for me that I perhaps lack confidence in pursuing. This is linked to my money worries, as spending time working on applications and pitches means losing time on the work I have right now.

However, is this attitude worth it in the long run? Is this attitude holding me back from being my best possible self?

How can you Tackle These Anxieties

The fifth card pulled shows you how you can tackle the anxieties raised in the previous card. For this card, I received Temperance. This is a card all about balance and moderation and usually crops up when we need to embrace these more. It reminds us of the importance of staying calm and patient through whatever the world throws at us.

I totally understand why this card has appeared for me in this position. Despite usually being pretty upbeat, I can get down and out easily, especially regarding my career and direction in life. I love my career but worry that I am not progressing enough.

However, Temperance reminds me of the importance of being patient. When the worries of the Page of Pentacles crop up, I can turn to Temperance for comfort. I also believe the Temperance card advises me to work on how to balance my work-life. Are there risks I need to take in my career? If so, can I approach them in a balanced and thoughtful way?

Any Advice from the New Moon in Leo

The last card reflects any general advice from the new moon in Leo. For this card, I received the Death card. As new moons have an energy of rebirth and renewal, I thought it was pretty cool how the Death card has cropped up! This Major Arcana card reflects a time of change and transition. It usually crops up when a significant part of your life is over, with a new phase beginning.

So, what does this mean for the new moon in Leo? What advice does it have for me?

I believe the Death card reminds me of the importance of change and transformation. Knowing that we are constantly growing and transforming, we can be more confident in taking risks and changing things. Don’t you think this card links to the previous two? The new moon tells me I should take risks and move forward. Stagnation is never good!

A New Moon In Leo Tarot Spread For Passion

The new moon in Leo reminds us of the fire we have within. It asks us to embrace our passions and the things we love, as this will help us be who we are meant to be.

In this four-card Tarot spread, we will look at our passions and ego. How can we stay true to ourselves and our passions? What passions are we ignoring?

These passions may be related to anything, from work to travel! They refer to our deep loves and emotions within.

The four cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Passion I am ignoring
  • Card two: Passion that has gone stale
  • Card three: How to harness my passion
  • Card four: How to stay true to myself

Let’s walk through this spread with an example. I will pull four cards for myself and discuss how we can understand the different cards and their positions.

Passion I am Ignoring

The first card pulled reflects the passion I am ignoring. It shows me something that I care about deeply but might be avoiding. For this card, I received the Six of Cups. This is a card about family and nostalgia. It usually represents a need to revisit happy memories from the past. Is there anything to learn from them? Do I need to harness the energy of childhood and innocence right now?

It took me a while to really figure out this card in this position. I decided to look at the two words, ‘passion’ and ‘childhood’ and realized that the Tarot was telling me to tap into the passions I used to have as a child.

I was an extremely creative child with a whole load of hobbies. Recently, I have been feeling a bit bored with my creative side. I haven’t had a new project for a while (except, of course, my writing work). I like making things and trying out new ways of expressing myself creatively.

So, it is clear that I am ignoring this passion. I must look into the creative hobbies I had as a child to find a fresh and exciting project!

Passion that has Gone Stale

The second card reflects passion that has gone stale. This is something that you may have loved, but it’s starting to bore you.

For this card, I received the Four of Pentacles. This is a card that reflects protectiveness over material goods. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on the situation. When it appears in a reading, you must ask yourself: am I being sensible and frugal, or am I being materialistic?

So, how can we understand this card in this position? I have fallen into the trap of caring too much about money and wealth. I used to work much more than I do now and felt great seeing that money rack up in my bank account.

However, I do not have this passion for wealth anymore. I care much more about my well-being and enjoyment than money. Yes, I earn less money, but I don’t care about that at all. So, I do understand why the Four of Pentacles has appeared in this position.

How to Harness my Passion

The third card pulled reflects how you can harness your passion. It usually is linked to the first card, but it might also refer to another passion you have!

For this position, I received the Three of Wands. This card is all about looking forward to the future and following your plans. So, what does it mean for my passion? I think it is obvious! The Three of Wands has a strong energy of planning and foresight. So, I believe the Tarot to be reminding me that I must put the work in when it comes to following my passions!

Is it time to start planning a creative project? I love the contrast between the Three of Wands and Six of Cups in this reading. The Three of Wands asks us to look forward, whereas the Six of Cups asks us to look at the past. With both appearing in this reading, the Tarot is reminding us of their importance side by side. We need to be aware of both the past and future to follow our true path.

How to Stay True to Myself

The last card pulled in this reading shows us how we can stay true to ourselves and our passions. For this card, I received the High Priestess.

The High Priestess is a fantastic card, reflecting intuition and spiritual enlightenment. It reminds us of the importance of listening to our gut and innate inner knowledge. This position makes sense, as listening to our intuition allows us to stay true to ourselves and our passions.

New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread Guide FAQs

Let’s look at some questions you might have about the new moon in Leo Tarot spreads.

Question: What does the new moon in Leo represent?

Answer: The new moon in Leo represents passion and confidence. It is the perfect time to work on yourself and your journey in life.

Question: Can I only do these Tarot spreads during the new moon in Leo?

Answer: You can do these spreads whenever you like! You need to alter that one card position that reflects guidance from the new moon in Leo.

Question: Do the moon phases affect Tarot readings?

Answer: The moon is an incredibly spiritual object, which means a link between the moon and Tarot reading. Its energy can affect your Tarot readings.

Celebrate the New Moon in Leo With These Tarot Spreads

I hope you have enjoyed this Tarot spread guide! New moons are a great time to perform Tarot spread, allowing you to look forward and grow.

These two Tarot spreads are designed for the new moon in Leo, harnessing its fantastic energy.

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