Ancestor Tarot Spread Guide: 3 Spreads To Connect with the Souls of Your Ancestors

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We live in an age of information abundance. With DNA testing and websites that collect information and produce family trees, it seems like we have so much information about our ancestors at our fingertips.

However, dates and names can only tell us so much. The stories and personalities of our ancestors can feel incredibly distant to us. I remember when I found my family tree on a website and spent ages examining the names. The names of people who share my second name and whose existence allowed for my own existence. I felt as if there was nothing I could really learn about them, but had an urge to try and connect with them in some way.

So, as a Tarot reader, I wondered if I could use my Tarot cards to allow me to connect with my ancestors. In this ancestor Tarot spread guide, I will look at a range of spreads that are designed to help you connect with your ancestors.

Now, it took me a while to work with my cards in this way. I have a funny relationship with the idea of ancestry and heritage. I like to think that where you come from and who your ancestors are don’t matter – I am me, regardless of who my parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were. However, I love history and have a desire to learn about the past. I also believe life is not as straightforward as we think.

Spirits and energy will still be around us, even if we cannot see them. The stories lost in my recent family history bug me, too. I did a DNA test a few years back, which revealed that my family tree aforementioned was probably incorrect regarding where my grandfather came from. Yet, as my grandparents and father are dead, there is no one to really ask. Stories lost in history.

This then creates the question: what do we define as our ancestors? Those that share our DNA? Those that are from the country we were born in? Those in our official family tree?

ancestor tarot spread

How Do We Define Ancestors?

In society and spirituality, the term ‘ancestors’ can be defined in different ways. We may believe that it refers to those in our family tree who we have descended from. It can also reflect our past lives. We can also consider the word ‘ancestors’ as referring to humans and spirits that lived in this world before us, regardless of whether there is a direct link between them and us regarding DNA.

When working with these ancestor Tarot spreads, I want you to figure out your own relationship with the term ‘ancestors’. There is no right or wrong way of defining this word; thus, the Tarot spreads can be used differently.

Ancestor Tarot Spread Guide Up FrontĀ 

I will go through three different spreads that allow you to connect with your ancestors. My favorite spread is the four-card Tarot spread that reflects how your ancestors have impacted your life. It reveals different ways your ancestors have helped you be the person you are today.

The other spreads in this guide are a three-card ancestor advice spread and a four-card connecting with your ancestors spread.

Ancestor Advice Spread

If you are facing a problem in your life, connecting with your ancestors is a great way to get understanding and enlightenment. This three-card Tarot spread allows any ancestral spirits to come to you and help you with your problem.

Image by Lou Siday

The three cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: The ancestor helping you
  • Card two: Advice from this ancestor
  • Card three: Ways to bring this ancestor’s energy into your life

Let’s use an example reading to understand this spread better. Let’s say my friend is considering quitting her job to return to school. She is currently managing a bar, but her real passion is art. She wants to do a post-graduate course in fine art but is unsure if it’s the right choice.

Let’s pick three cards to see if her ancestors have any advice for her.

Image by Lou Siday

The Ancestor Helping You

The first card pulled in this spread reveals which ancestor is helping you solve your problem. It is important to not overthink this card or try to pinpoint the exact ancestor. This card will reveal what kind of person this ancestor is, not exactly who they are.

For this card, my friend received Temperance. This is a card all about balance and moderation. We can understand that the ancestor helping my friend is a patient and calm kind of person. They know how to manage their emotions and look at the pros and cons of a situation.

Advice from This Ancestor

The second card pulled tells you this ancestor’s advice for you. It may be pretty obvious. However, sometimes you may have to meditate with this card for a while. If you need to, pull another card to fully understand what your ancestors are trying to tell you.

For this card, my friend received the Six of Swords. This card talks about a time of transition and change. It represents moving forward into the unknown, leaving the past behind you.

The transition reflected in the Six of Swords might be a difficult one. However, it is important to pursue this change in order to move forward on your path in life.

For my friend, the card reveals a pretty obvious message from her ancestors. They are telling her that it is time to move forward and pursue her education in fine arts. It may be hard at first, but the reward will be worth it.

Ways to Bring This Ancestor’s Energy into Your Life

The third and final card in this ancestor Tarot spread reveals how you can bring the energy of this ancestor into your life. Doing this can help you move forward with your problem.

For this card, my friend received the Seven of Wands. This card is about perseverance and courage. It reminds you to stand your ground when those around you are challenging you.

In this position, we understand that my friend’s ancestors faced challenges in their life. However, they were strong-willed and had the courage to stand up for themselves. My friend needs to incorporate this energy into her own life, especially in regard to her pursuing a fine art degree.

Connecting with Your Ancestors Tarot Card Spread

This four-card ancestor Tarot spread helps you to connect with your ancestors.

four card tarot
Image by Lou Siday

The four cards pulled for this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Ancestors present around you
  • Card two: Ancestors present within you
  • Cards three and four: Messages from your ancestors

Let’s walk through this Tarot spread to understand what the different positions mean. I will pick four cards and go through them one by one.

Image by Lou Siday

Ancestors Present Around You

The first card reveals the spirits of your ancestors that are around you right now. By knowing the energy of them, you are able to connect with them through meditation and action.

For this card, the querent received The King of Swords. The King of Swords represents a person who has strong intellectual abilities. They are smart, sharp and sure of their mind. They rely on logic and know how to weigh up the pros and cons when making a decision.

In this position, we can understand that the querent’s ancestor that is present around them holds the energy of the King of Swords. They were a very smart person, and the querent can connect with them to develop their clarity and understanding.

Ancestors Present within You

The second card in this spread reflects the ancestors that are present within you. This may show you who you were in a past life. It may also reveal aspects of your personality that you share with your ancestors. The ancestors reflected in this card are part of you.

For this card, the querent received the Nine of Pentacles. This card represents hard work and abundance. It usually appears in a reading if you have put a lot of effort in to be where you are now. The Nine of Pentacles reminds you to be proud of what you have achieved!

In this position, we can see the querent shares an incredible work ethic with their ancestors. Their ancestors worked hard to achieve their goals, and so does the querent.

Messages from Your Ancestors

The last two cards in this ancestor Tarot spread reflect messages from your ancestors. These messages may be linked to the previous two cards, which the ancestors revealed.

The querent received the Three of Cups and the Chariot for these cards. The Three of Cups represent celebration and friendship. When appearing in a reading, it is time to get your close friends around to enjoy their company!

We can see what this card means for the querent, especially when considering the Nine of Pentacles appearing. The querent has worked hard to get to where they are now, and it is time to celebrate! Their ancestors want them to connect with their close friends and have fun.

The Chariot card represents moving forward on your journey and overcoming obstacles. We can see this as their ancestors reminding the querent of their own personal power. They are moving forward on their path in life, but there may be problems on their journey. However, they have what it takes to overcome them.

How Your Ancestors Have Impacted Your Life Tarot Card Spread

This four-card spread is designed to help you relate to your ancestors. It reveals the different ways your ancestors have impacted your life and what you can learn from them in order to grow.

four card tarot
Image by Lou Siday

The four cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Skills from your ancestors
  • Card two: Traits from your ancestors
  • Card three: Lessons from your ancestors
  • Card four: Messages from your ancestors

Let’s pick four cards and go through them to see how we can use this spread in our lives.

Image by Lou Siday

Skills from Your Ancestors

The first card pulled reflects the skills you have that are shared by your ancestors. It can represent the energy that has been passed down to you. It may also reveal a past life to you.

For this card, the asker received Strength. The eighth card of the Major Arcana, Strength, represents inner power and courage. We can totally see what it means for the querent in this position! Just like their ancestors, they are strong and courageous. This is a skill that both they and their ancestor shares.

Traits from Your Ancestors

The second card pulled in this ancestor Tarot spread reveals traits that you share with your ancestors. It reveals the way your personality is similar to those who have come before you.

For this card, the querent received the Six of Pentacles. The Six of Pentacles is a card of giving and receiving. It represents charity and help.

In this position, we can understand the Six of Pentacles as revealing a caring and helping the side to the querent. They want to help others in need, and they share this trait with their ancestors.

Lessons from Your Ancestors

The third card pulled in this spread reflects any lessons you can learn from your ancestors. In this card, it may be helpful to reflect on what you know about your ancestors and the lives they lived. What can they teach you in order to live a better and more fulfilling life?

For this card, the querent received the Tower. The Tower is a very interesting card, one that many Tarot readers have a bit of a love/hate relationship with! It represents sudden change and chaos. However, this sudden change allows you to see the truth and gain clarity. The Tower is built on rocky foundations, so must come down in order to progress and move forward.

So, how can we understand the Tower in this position?

Well, the querent’s ancestor that they are connecting with in this Tarot reading may have faced their Tower moment. At some point in their life, their beliefs were shattered and they had to build everything up again.

They have learned a lesson from this, and they want the querent to be aware of this when facing their own Tower moment.

Messages from Your Ancestors

The last card pulled in this ancestor Tarot spread reflects any messages your ancestors may have for you.

For this card, the querent received the Five of Cups. The Five of Cups represents regret and failure. It usually appears in a reading when things haven’t gone your way, so you are disappointed.

The Five of Cups reminds us of the importance of forgiveness and letting go. Sometimes, we get let down. However, we must pick ourselves up and move forward. We can understand this card as the querent’s ancestors sending a message of forgiveness to them. Perhaps they have been let down, but it is time to forgive and forget.

tarot spread on ancestors

Ancestor Tarot Spread Guide FAQs

Let’s look at some questions you might have about the ancestor Tarot spreads.

Question: Can I Connect with my Ancestors with Tarot Cards?

Answer: Tarot is used by many people to connect with the spirits of their ancestors. It can help you connect with them and understand your link.

Question: Can I Connect with Specific Ancestors with Tarot Cards?

Answer: When using Tarot cards to connect with your ancestors, I recommend keeping an open mind. Don’t focus on a specific ancestor; allow any ancestors to come to you when reading the cards.

Question: What Kind of Ancestors can we Connect with Using Tarot Cards?

Answer: In spirituality, we can understand the term ‘ancestor’ as meaning a range of things. We can connect with our past lives through Tarot or those ancestors in our direct family tree. We may also want to connect with any souls that used to live in the physical world, gaining knowledge and understanding from them.

Use Tarot to Connect with Your Ancestors

I hope you have enjoyed my ancestor Tarot spread guide. It can be really interesting to use the cards to connect with our ancestors, whoever they may be.

These three spreads are designed to allow souls to come to you, spreading guidance and enlightenment. My favorite is the 4 card spread that reflects your ancestors’ impact on your life.

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