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The Tree of Life is a deeply spiritual symbol. It appears in many religions and cultures around the world. The Tree of Life represents different things across cultures and has an incredible history. It is commonly understood to symbolize the link between the physical world and other worlds. Life, death, rebirth, and growth are all represented in the Tree of life.

I have seen a lot of Tree of Life Tarot spreads online, but I do find many of them pretty confusing! So, I wanted to create a Tree of Life Tarot spread guide with an in-depth explanation of all the different positions and meanings. I have altered traditional Tree of Life Tarot spreads to make them beginner friendly and easy to understand.

What Is The Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life and its variations has appeared in many different cultures around the world. In Judaism, the Tree of Life is part of Kabbalah and consists of 12 nodes and 22 paths. These nodes represent existence, God, unconsciousness, and the soul.

We can see the Tree of Life in Norse mythology, too. It was referred to as Yggdrasil, and it is at the center of the nine worlds. It also appears in Christianity, existing in the Garden of Eden.

The representation of Tree of Life I have been connected with the most is the Celtic version. I grew up in the UK with Celtic heritage, surrounded by the wonderful culture and symbolism of the Celts. Ancient Celts had a very spiritual connection with trees, and many believed that they had a connection with the other world. It is often seen as a symbol of wisdom, life, rebirth, and growth.

Because of this, my Tree of Life Tarot spread takes inspiration from Celtic wisdom and beliefs. I have incorporated their ideas into the spread, allowing you to explore different sides of yourself and your spirituality.

Tree of Life Tarot Spread Breakdown

The Tree of Life Tarot spread consists of ten cards. You will lay them down in the Tree of Life structure. Each card represents a different aspect of your life. Like the Tree of Life, this spread is designed to connect everything in your life together.

Tree of Life Tarot Spread
Photo by: Lou Siday

The ten cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Spirituality
  • Card two: Persona
  • Card three: Subconsciousness
  • Card four: Home and family
  • Card five: Connection to ancestors
  • Card six: Connection to your past
  • Card seven: Connection to the other worlds
  • Card eight: Your wisdom
  • Card nine: Growth
  • Card ten: Rebirth

As we can see, the central root of the Tree of Life Tarot spread reflects who you are. The branches on the left are all about what connects you to the universe. The branches on the right reflect your future and your path in life.

Tree of Life Tarot Spread Walkthrough

When we want to get our heads around a complex Tarot spread, it can be useful to go through an example reading. We can see how we may understand the different positions.

I will pick ten cards and go through them one by one.

Tree of Life Tarot Spread
Photo by: Lou Siday


The first card pulled reflects your spirituality. It is at the top of the Tree of Life and shows us how we relate to our spiritual side.

For this card, I received the Wheel of Fortune. This card is the tenth of the Major Arcana and reflects karma, fate, and change. When I receive it in a reading, I always reflect on the deep symbolism of the Wheel of Fortune. The wheel is always turning, and we cannot control it. We sometimes have to let the universe guide our way.

As I received the Wheel of Fortune in the spirituality position, I think its message is even more pertinent. It reminds me of my need to trust in the universe regarding my spirituality. I am moving in the right direction. I just need to keep on track and allow the world to take me to where I need to be!


The second card pulled reflects our persona. It is who we appear to the world and the aspects of our personality that are important. This position might reflect any issues you have with yourself and your connection to the physical world.

I received the King of Swords in this position. This card reflects a disciplined and logical person, who adheres to structure and routine. The King of Swords can sometimes appear detached and cold. However, they know the importance of using their intellect when making decisions.

I can see the King of Swords as reflecting me! I am a Capricorn, and very stereotypically so. I love routine and achievements and go head over heart when making decisions. However, I can see the negative traits of the King of Swords reflected in my personality. I can sometimes be a bit stern with people!


The third card pulled in the reading reflects our subconsciousness. It will reveal aspects of our personality that we may be suppressing. It can also reveal deep wants and fears that we are ignoring.

For this card, I received the Queen of Cups. I was immediately struck by the contrast between the King of Swords and the Queen of Cups. They kind of seem the opposite of each other! The King of Cups reflects a logical person who listens to their head over their heart, yet the Queen of Cups is a deeply sensitive individual. The Queen of Cups reflects a caring and compassionate person who follows their heart and emotions.

So, am I repressing this part of my personality that is hidden in my subconsciousness? Should I work on balancing my King of Swords with my Queen of Cups?

Making links like this between the cards when doing a reading helps us understand the overall messages that the Tarot is telling us.

Home and Family

The fourth card pulled reflects our home and family. It shows us what is important in our relationships with those close to us, and what we value in our home lives.

I received the Ace of Pentacles for this card. I always understand the aces as the energy of each suit as its purest. So, we have the Suit of Pentacles. This suit is all about material goods, wealth, and abundance. The Ace of Pentacles usually reflects stability and stability in the material world.

I feel this card is pretty self-explanatory in this position. I do value stability, especially when it comes to my home and finances. I am a Capricorn, remember!

Connection to Ancestors

Now we are moving to the left branches of the Tree of Life. These cards reflect our roots in the past and other worlds.

The fifth card pulled represents our connection to our ancestors. There may be messages in these cards that appear to us.

For this card, I received the Fool. The first card of the Major Arcana, the Fool reflects someone at the beginning of their journey. They are stepping into the unknown and taking a big risk.

So, what messages am I receiving from my ancestors?

Well, this card did make me smile when I saw it. The ancestors I know about all had pretty interesting lives, and did not shy away from stepping into the unknown! This card is reminding me of the importance of taking risks to move forward, just like my ancestors did.

Connection to Your Past

The sixth card pulled in the Tree of Life Tarot spread reveals your connection to your past. In the Tree of Life, everything is connected to each other. Our future and present are connected to our past. By learning about all aspects of our life, we can figure out what we need to do in order to be in tune with the universe.

For this card, I received the Hierophant. This Major Arcana card reflects tradition and structure. It is known as the Pope in certain Tarot decks, and this shows its link to religion and convention.

Now, I was pretty confused at first by this card. I was brought up atheist, and never had a traditional structure regarding spirituality or religion. However, this card does not have to be totally about religion. Perhaps there are conventions from my past that still affect my current circumstances.

Connection to the Other Worlds

The seventh card in this spread reveals to us our connection to the other worlds. For many ancient cultures, the Tree of Life symbolizes our connection to the dead and after world. This card reveals to us our intuitions and beliefs about the other worlds, and how we may wish to connect to them.

I received the Moon in this position, which I thought was interesting! This card is all about anxiety, confusion, and illusions. As I mentioned before, I was brought up as an atheist. However, my spiritual and philosophical journey allowed me to explore different ideas and theories. Because of this, I have a complex relationship with the idea of other worlds. I am confused and do wonder if the idea of an afterlife is a mere illusion.

I don’t know what I believe most of the time, and I am okay to admit that. We can really see this being represented in the Moon.

Your Wisdom


We now move to the branches on the right side of the Tree of Life. The eighth card pulled reflects your wisdom. It illuminates your inner knowledge and understanding of the world, reflecting what will help you on your journey in life.

For this card, I received the Eight of Wands. This is probably one of my favorite cards in the Minor Arcana as I love its energy! The Eight of Wands reflects progress and speed. It is a pretty exciting card and suggests you are moving forward in the right direction! Obstacles are in the past, and the road looks clear.

I like how I received this card for my wisdom. I may not be that wise, but I know the importance of moving forward on my journey in life! Change and growth are super important, and I always like to keep my eyes looking forward.


The ninth card reveals areas of growth in our life. It may reflect areas that we need to pay attention to or aspects that we need to celebrate and acknowledge.

I received the World in this position. This is the final card of the Major Arcana. Isn’t it interesting how I received both the first and the last Major Arcana cards in the Tree of Life Tarot spread?! Again, we are reminded of how everything is connected.

The World reflects completion and success. It will usually appear in a reading when one part of your life is coming to an end, and a new door has opened.

In terms of growth, I find this card fascinating. It is not really a card of growth, but a card that suggests you have achieved what you have worked hard for. Perhaps the Tarot is telling me that yes, one part of my life has ended. But I must always be looking forward.


The last card in the Tree of Life Tarot spread reveals areas of rebirth in our lives. It usually will show us aspects of our lives that need attention and change.

For this card, I received the Seven of Wands. This is a card of challenge and battle. It usually will appear in a reading when you are being challenged by people around you. It reminds you that you must stand your ground and persevere.

I found it an interesting card to receive for rebirth. I see it as telling me that my defensive nature may need to change. I must work on overcoming the current battles I am in. I need to move forward from the Seven of Wands and be rebirthed. Perhaps with the wisdom of the Eight of Wands, I can do this.

Tree of Life Tarot Spread Guide FAQs

Let’s look at some questions you might have about the Tree of Life Tarot spread.

Question: What is the Meaning of the Tree of Life?

Answer: The Tree of Life can be found in many different cultures and religions across the world. However, its general meaning is one of connectedness. We are connected to the past, other worlds, and our future.

Question: What does the Tree of Life Tarot Spread Reveal?

Answer: The Tree of Life Tarot spread reveals different aspects of our lives. In using the spread, we can see how everything in our lives is connected.

Question: What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Tree?

Answer: In many cultures, trees have deep spiritual significance. They represent growth, rebirth, and fertility.

Question: Is the Tree of Life Tarot Spread Suitable for Beginners?

Answer: If you are new to Tarot, the Tree of Life Tarot spread may be a bit confusing! However, I have made my guide beginner-friendly. It is designed to be accessible to all Tarot readers.

Explore Your Connection With the Universe With the Tree of Life Tarot Spread

The Tree of Life Tarot spread is a wonderful way we can explore different aspects of ourselves and our connection with the universe.

I hope you gain clarity and understanding with this Tarot spread!

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