Life Purpose Tarot Spread Guide: 2 Easy Spreads

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The Tarot is a great way to get in touch with the universe and be guided towards your life purpose. By working with the Tarot, we can explore our subconsciousness and true desires, working out what our goals are in life. So, I have created a life purpose Tarot spread guide that will provide you with insight and understanding.

These two spreads are designed as general guidance to your life purpose. Therefore, you should always take time to meditate and think about the cards in a reading. They can be a bit confusing to understand, so it is really important to listen to your intuition with these spreads!

How Can I Use Tarot To Find My Life Purpose?

Tarot works with our subconsciousness and intuitions, and therefore using it can reveal aspects of ourselves that we have previously ignored or repressed. I use Tarot to help me understand myself better and develop my relationship with the universe.

By using Tarot to find your life purpose, you are able to explore different aspects of your life. The cards will reflect your beliefs and ideas, allowing you to figure your life purpose out. However, it is important to always listen to your intuition! If the Tarot cards show you a life purpose that you don’t relate to, always put your own beliefs and goals before the cards.

Life Purpose Tarot Spreads Up Front

I have included two different spreads in this article. My favorite life purpose Tarot spread is the six-card spread, which looks at three aspects of your life purpose. It keeps it pretty general, allowing us to spend time figuring out what the cards mean for us.

The second spread I have included is a four-card spread that looks at different parts of your life and your purpose in each part.

Six-Card Life Purpose Tarot Spread

This six-card Tarot spread is designed to explore different aspects of your life purpose. In this spread, you pick three cards that reflect your life purpose, and three that show you the steps you need to take in order to move forward on your life purpose.

Six Cards Life Purpose Tarot Spread Guide
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The six cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: The most important aspect of your life purpose
  • Card two and three: Two more aspects of your life purpose
  • Card four, five, and six: Steps you need to take in order to move forward on your life purpose

Let’s go through an example reading in order to understand how we can interpret different cards in a reading.

Different Cards
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The Most Important Aspect of Your Life Purpose

The first card pulled shows us what is the most important aspect of the querent’s life purpose. For this card, the querent pulled the Ten of Cups.

This is a beautiful card to receive in this reading. It represents fulfillment and harmony and usually suggests a happy marriage and family life. In the imagery of this card, we can see a happy couple with their arms raised high. Two children are playing in the background, and the ten cups create an arch above the family. In many depictions of the Ten of Cups, the ten cups form a rainbow, symbolizing happiness.

This card definitely suggests that family life is important in the querent’s life purpose. Life purpose can be about anything, and it usually reflects how we will feel content and fulfilled in our existence. Having children and creating a harmonious family home is fulfilling to a lot of people, and it makes sense that this card has popped up!

So, what about the other two cards that represent the querent’s life purpose?

Two More Aspects of Your Life Purpose

The second and third cards shed more light on the querent’s life purpose. They may be linked to the first card, illuminating different aspects of it. Or, they may represent other factors in their life that provide them with fulfillment.

The second card pulled in this spread is the Knight of Cups. Another Suit of Cups! Traditional Tarot decks are usually broken down into Major and Minor Arcana, with the Minor Arcana cards divided into four suits. Each of these suits represents different aspects of life. The Suit of Cups is all about emotions and connections, so we can see that the querent really values personal relationships. Emotions and feelings are key to the querent’s life purpose.

The Knight of Cups usually represents a romantic and caring individual. They are in touch with their emotions. When considering this card with the Ten of Cups, we can see that the querent wishes to have a harmonious and fulfilling family life with someone who has the traits of the Knight of Cups.

The third card pulled is the Star. This is a card of hope and creativity, and will usually pop up if you have gone through a particularly difficult time.

In this spread, I believe it shows us the querent’s hope for the future. They know that they will fulfill their life purpose, and create a content family life. It may also be telling us that creativity will be important to the querent’s life purpose.

Steps you Need to Take in Order to Move Forward on Your Life Purpose

The fourth, fifth, and sixth card in this spread show the querent what they can do now in order to move forward on their life purpose. These are action cards, providing insight into the querent’s current situation and near future.

For these cards, the querent received Strength, Four of Swords, and Three of Wands.

The Strength card appears pretty self-explanatory! The querent needs to be compassionate and strong when working towards their life purpose. Perhaps there will be times when they lose the hope of the Star. But, by being strong-minded, they will be able to achieve their goals.

The Four of Swords is an interesting one in this reading. This card will usually pop up when you need time out from the world. It is a card all about rest and recuperation! But, if our querent’s life purpose is heavily linked to relationships with others, how can we understand this?

Well, this card is telling us that, when the querent is going out in the world to achieve their life purpose, they still need to remember the importance of time alone.

The Three of Wands is all about looking towards the future and forward planning. It reminds the querent that they can start the ball rolling right now!

Four-card Life Purpose Tarot Spread

This life purpose spread is less general than the previous, as it looks at different aspects of your life and what your purpose is in these different aspects. As it is more specific than the six-card life purpose Tarot spread, it may take time to truly understand! However, it can be really useful when you are confused about your life and the journey you are on.

4 Cards
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The four cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Your personal life purpose
  • Card two: Your work and career life purpose
  • Card three: Your life purpose regarding those close to you
  • Card four: Your life purpose regarding the world around you

Let’s go through an example spread to see how we can understand different cards in the four positions!

Four Position
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Your Personal Life Purpose

This card shows you your true life purpose. It reflects the aspect of your life that is the most important.

For this card, the querent received the High Priestess. As it is the only Major Arcana in the spread, we can understand it as being extremely important to the querent’s life! This is something that really matters to them, and they must put effort into this part of their life purpose.

The High Priestess represents intuition and spirituality. It reminds us of the importance of exploring the subconscious mind and higher powers, allowing them to guide us to our truth. In this position, the High Priestess shows the querent that spirituality will be key to fulfillment. The querent’s true life purpose is all about spiritual enlightenment and exploration.

Your Work and Career Life Purpose

The second card pulled reflects your work and career life purpose. Work is something that a lot of people find difficult, with dead-end, boring jobs affecting their happiness. This card can help you understand what work you can explore and enjoy, and what you believe the purpose of work is.

For this card, the querent received the Four of Pentacles. I always think that the Four of Pentacles is a pretty interesting card, as it has both positive and negative meanings when it is in its upright position. It can reflect a sensible frugal nature to you. However, it can also suggest stinginess and obsession with money.

In this position, I believe it shows the querent that their life purpose regarding their career is all about finding security with money. Perhaps they aren’t too passionate about work. However, they know the importance of financial safety.

Your Life Purpose Regarding Those Close to you

The third card pulls reflects your life purpose regarding those close to you. It shows you what you will find fulfillment in when connecting with your friends and family.

For this card, the querent received the Five of Pentacles. This is usually a pretty negative card when received in a reading, as it represents hardship and poverty. It will usually pop up when you are struggling with money and have hit hard times.

However, we can understand this card a bit differently in this position. Of course, the querent’s life purpose isn’t to cause their friends and family to struggle with money! I believe it shows us that the querent’s life purpose regarding those close to them is all about helping people out when they are struggling. The querent knows that the circumstances reflected in the Five of Pentacles can happen to anyone, and they want to be there to help their loved ones through it.

The Four of Pentacles can also shed light on this card. We know that the querent values financial security, and therefore can understand the worries that come along with the Five of Pentacles. The querent knows that security is important to their life purpose, both for themselves and those close to them.

Your Life Purpose Regarding the World Around You

The final card pulled reflects your life purpose regarding the world around you. It usually reflects global or communal life purpose, and the impact your life makes on the world.

For this card, the querent received the Seven of Wands. This card usually pops up when the querent is being challenged by those around them. It reflects a need of standing up for yourself and believing in who you are.

The Seven of Wands is pretty interesting in this position! It shows us the querent has a lot of strong beliefs and knows that people will challenge them for this. But, their strong beliefs will ultimately make the world a better place. Perhaps the querent is fighting for people in their community that are in need. Or, perhaps they are fighting for the environment or nature.

The Seven of Wands is encouraging the querent to stay strong in the face of adversity. They have a purpose in life to help the world and the community, and must stick to their beliefs!

Life Purpose Tarot Spread Guide FAQs

Let’s look at some questions you may have about the life purpose Tarot spreads.

Question: What is a Life Purpose?

Answer: A life purpose refers to your central aims in life. It reflects what motivated you and how you will find fulfillment in the world around you.

Question: Can a Life Purpose Tarot Spread Tell me What I Need to do in Life?

Answer: A life purpose Tarot spread can help you understand what you need to do in life. However, it is really important to listen to your intuition when figuring out your life purpose! The Tarot can provide you with ideas, but ultimately, it is down to you.

Question: What is a Good Tarot Spread for Life Purpose?

Answer: These two spreads in my article allow you to explore your life purpose and figure out what you need to do in order to be fulfilled and happy in life.

Discover Your Life Purpose With Tarot

The term ‘life purpose’ may seem pretty scary to some! But, we all have a purpose in life, even if it takes us years to figure it out. However, by using Tarot, you are able to explore your life purpose and find direction.

I hope these two spreads will help you to find your life purpose!

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