The Tower Tarot Meaning: What Does It Really Mean?

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The Tower Tarot card is the seventeenth card in traditional Tarot decks and will show up during a time of change and chaos. It reflects a shift in ideas, and with this shift comes pain and destruction. However, enlightenment follows.

What does the Tower mean for you?

Keywords For The Tower Tarot Card

Upright Keywords:

  • Paradigm Shift
  • Destruction
  • Chaos
  • Change
  • Revelation
  • Trauma
  • Enlightenment
  • Awakening

Reversed Keywords:

  • Fear of Change
  • Avoidance
  • Delay
  • Clinging to the Past

Symbolism and Imagery of The Tower

The Tower Tarot Card

When learning tarot, it is important to meditate with each card and take time looking at the symbolism and imagery depicted.

Traditionally, the Tower is depicted on fire, sat on the top of a rocky mountain. It is quite a shocking image, with fire and lightning destroying a stone tower. Smoke is filling the dark sky.

Two people are seen jumping from the tower, most likely to their death. The lightning overhead represents a breakthrough. Ideas and ideals have been shattered by a beam of light.

The Tower is probably the most shocking card of most Tarot decks. The imagery of destruction and death can be quite worrying and stressful when it pops up in a reading. However, like every card, the Tower brings hope and positivity. You just need to get through the chaos right now.

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Upright Meaning of the Tower Tarot Card

The Tower reflects complete destruction. Walls are getting torn down and revelations have turned everything upside down. It represents massive change and a paradigm shift. This is a sudden change and will be earth-shattering. Beliefs are getting dismantled and you will be shaken to your core.

Something is collapsing in your life and you cannot control it. Everything needs to be questioned right now and like the Moon, the Tower asks us to seek out the truth.

There is no denying that this is going to be a difficult period of your life. You will need to face things that you have been avoiding, there is no way you can still pretend to be oblivious. You will feel vulnerable and feel as if you have no control of your life for a while. Things you believed in are being shattered and there is confusion.

However, the Tower needed to come down. The lightning strike was necessary for your path and the walls had to be torn down. Building a life on unstable foundations is not a way to true happiness. When the dust settles and the chaos has calmed, the Tower welcomes a time of enlightenment and growth.

Change is a necessity of life. Without change, we cannot progress. It can be hard at first, but soon we will understand the importance of this change. Old views and ways of living have got to be let go of in order to manifest the future that you need. The Tower is giving you the release that you need and illuminating the truth.

With the destruction of the tower, you are able to understand truly where you are in your life and where you need to be going. The Tower gives you a fresh start and a time to mold yourself into the person you really are.

Upright Tower Love Meaning

The Tower Tarot Card

When the Tower appears upright in a love reading, it normally isn’t a good sign. If you are in a relationship, the Tower signifies a truth coming into light and revelation changing the nature of the partnership.

The Tower can often suggest that a breakup is imminent. This is because of the realization that the relationship is not built on strong foundations, and the person you are dating is not actually the person you think they are.

Of course, this needs to happen in order for you to be happy, however, right now it will be painful. The truth hurts and things will be pretty chaotic for you. However, soon you will realize that you are better off without this person.

If you are single, the Tower appearing in a love reading suggests that a big change in how you regard love is on the horizon. Old views on romance and love are challenged with a significant shift in your attitude towards love.

This change might feel weird at first, but it is a necessity for growth. The way you perceived love and relationships previously were not doing you any favors and therefore to improve your happiness and peace, this attitude shift is needed.

Upright Tower Career and Money Meaning

When the Tower is upright in a career and money reading, it suggests chaos and change in the workplace. There is a disruption in your work life, with a shift of power and responsibility.

Things might be running at a slow speed right now in regards to your career, so this change is needed in order for you to grow and succeed.

There is no denying that this disruption will be extremely stressful at first and you may lose your current job. However, this will lead to your true path in life and allow you to flourish.

In regards to your finances, take the Tower as a warning. Now is a time for frugality, putting money away for the future. Don’t go over the top with your spending as the Tower suggests disruption in your career and money life. As long as you have some money stashed away, you will be fine!

Upright Tower Home and Family Meaning

The Tower suggests that an abrupt change in regards to your home life will occur. This may be in regards to the place that you are living, with a change in circumstances on the horizon. Wherever you end up, however, is where you need to be.

The Tower warns you of a revelation within your family or friendship group. Someone may not be who they seem and this will soon come to light.

A family member might come to your to reveal something about their personal life, and now is not the time to be judgemental. It may be shocking and put all your beliefs about this person in a spin. But remember, be open-minded and support them if they need your support.

People who you see as friends and that you trust may not be as trustworthy as once thought. Be alert when it comes to those around you, and don’t accept everything that people tell you.

Upright Tower Health Meaning

Receiving the Tower in a health reading can be quite alarming. This card suggests a sudden change and chaos, and if you are normally relatively healthy, this can be super stressful!

The Tower reflects emotional pressure and pain, with ill health and stress approach. The Tower is telling you that you best prepare yourself and look after your health and wellbeing. This will hugely soften the blow of the pain when it approaches.

Reversed Meaning of the Tower Tarot Card

Tower Tarot Card

The Tower card will often be reversed in a reading when you are resisting the change that is necessary for your life. You are holding on to your past life, shutting your eyes, and ignoring the chaos and change that is surrounding you.

With the reversed Tower, much of the upright meaning is the same, but it is how you are dealing with things that is different. You are not living the pain and destruction, and therefore not allowing the enlightenment to occur.

The Tower is a painful card. It is all about a collapse of ideas and ideals. There is a challenge to your beliefs and a shift in reality. But, we know that this change is needed in order for you to grow and develop. There is no use clinging to lies that will only drag you down.

But, the reversed Tower suggests that you are clinging to these lies! You are living in your own imaginary world and not accepting the changes in your life.

This is making the destruction worse and will significantly harm you in the long run. Ignorance is bliss right now, but there is no way you can grow spiritually and emotionally if you keep ignoring the truth.

Remember, the Tower has to fall in order for a new one to be built.

Reversed Tower Love Meaning

When reversed, the Tower card suggests a resistance within you. In regards to love, this may be a resistance to facing issues in your relationship and romantic life.

If you have a partner, the reversed Tower is telling you that problems are on the horizon. In order to get through them, you need to open your eyes to the truth.

Your relationship isn’t perfect, no relationship is! But, sometimes you like to believe yours is and shut your eyes to any problems that may be occurring. But, this is not helpful in the growth and stability of your relationship. You must deal with issues that you and your partner are facing and not run away from them.

If you are single, a reversed Tower is telling you to open your heart to the change you have in regards to love. An epiphany and a shift in beliefs are on the horizon and you must accept this and throw yourself into your new way of loving.

Reversed Tower Career and Money Meaning

Your career and work-life are changing, but you are refusing to let it happen. You are dragging your heels, preferring to stick to what you know instead of jumping into your new life.

A reversed Tower in career and money suggests that you are in a job that you find boring, but in which you are safe. However, your job is not giving you the fulfillment that you really need.

The universe is sending you a sign to follow your dreams and accept that your career is currently in upheaval. It is time to wake up to the opportunities that are available to you and follow your heart in regard to your career.

Reversed Tower Home and Family Meaning

Tarot meaning

When a reversed Tower appears in a home and family, it suggests that you are not accepting changes in your home life. You are stuck in old habits and ways of living, but this is not letting you grow.

Chaos in your home life will allow you to find a new home and a new way of connecting with your loved ones. Don’t reject this shift in attitudes and relationships and it is important for your life path.

Reversed Tower Health Meaning

When the Tower is reversed in a health reading, it is also sending you a warning sign. There are little health niggles and problems that have been bugging you, but you are refusing to seek the help that you need.

It is okay to be scared and stressed in regards to seeking help with health concerns, but it is extremely important. The issues that you are facing might be minor, but you will only know this if you get advice from a professional.

If you carry on ignoring the health concern that you have, your stress and anxiety will only magnify. Plus, if it is anything serious, your health may get worse without help.

The Tower Tarot Meaning: FAQs

It is really important to understand the true message behind the Tower Tarot card. So, let’s look at some FAQs in regards to the seventeenth major arcana Tarot card.

Question: What Does The Tower Tarot Card Mean?

Answer: The Tower signifies a shift in beliefs and ideas. It represents chaos and confusion, but after this comes enlightenment.

Question: Is The Tower Card a Yes or No Card?

Answer: The Tower Tarot card is a no card. It is asking you to follow the universe and the plans it has for your future instead of sticking to old habits and behavior.

Question: What Element Represents The Tower Tarot Card?

Answer: The Tower card is linked to the element of fire. Fire is an element of change and this is a significant meaning of the Tower card. Fire brings destruction, but it is a force that transforms things. This transformation is necessary for life.

Accept the Shift That The Tower Brings

The Tower card can seem shocking at first. It reflects destruction and upheaval and this is hard for anybody. The forces behind the Tower will shatter beliefs and destroy ideas.

However, you must accept the change that the Tower brings. With the Tower comes hope and enlightenment. Realizations may be difficult at first, but the truth is needed for growth.

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