Ostara Tarot Spread Guide: 2 Spreads for the Spring Celebrations

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I will talk you through two spreads for the spring celebration in this Ostara Tarot spread guide. Ostara marks the spring equinox and usually occurs around the 20th of March. It is the perfect time to prepare for the year ahead, putting in the groundwork for a successful summer and autumn. Ostara is the right time to start acting on your new year’s resolutions and plans, refreshing your outlook on life.

These two Ostara Tarot spreads are designed to push you forward on your true path in life. They are all about personal development and growth, harnessing the energy in the air during the spring equinox.

I will use the Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle in this guide. This is my go-to deck, with wonderful artwork and very cool vibes! Of course, you can use whatever deck you wish for these spreads.

Ostara Tarot Spreads Up Front

My favorite Ostara Tarot spread is the spread for personal development. It is a five-card spread that allows you to plant the seeds in the spring for the upcoming year. It is a really useful spread, revealing areas of potential in your life.

The other Ostara Tarot spread I have included in this article is for growth. It looks at your life right now and what you can do to grow and move forward.

Ostara Tarot Spread for Personal Development

This five-card Tarot spread looks toward the near future and the potential you have in your life. It examines the different ways we can work on our potential to succeed in the upcoming year.

Ostara Tarot Spread Guide
Image by Lou Siday

The five cards pulled in this reading refer to:

  • Card one: Potential in your life right now
  • Card two: How to work with this potential
  • Card three: The future of this development
  • Card four: Positives to embrace
  • Card five: Negativity to let go of

Let’s go through an example reading with this spread. I will pick five cards and discuss how we can understand them in the different positions.

tarot spread for ostara
Image by Lou Siday

Potential in Your Life Right Now

The first card pulled reflects the potential in your life right now. This will reflect an area in your life with many possibilities.

For this card, I received the Ten of Cups. This is a really positive card and reflects a time of harmony and love. It usually refers to family and home life, showing great achievement and stability. So, how can I understand this card in its position?

The Ten of Cups shows me the potential I have to create a stable and harmonious home and family life. It reminds me of the importance of love and respect regarding my loved ones. Working together, we can create a wonderful home.

How to Work with This Potential

The second card pulled reflects how we can work with the potential we see in front of us. We know my potential for the upcoming year revolves around my family and home life. But, what can I do to ensure this potential is achieved?

For this card, I received the Nine of Wands. This card symbolizes hope and perseverance. It reminds us of the importance of standing up for ourselves. When the Nine of Wands appears in a reading, we may feel as if things aren’t going our way. However, the Tarot is telling us that we do have the strength to carry on.

So, how can we understand this card in this specific position? What does the Nine of Wands teach us about achieving potential?

Well, the card reminds us of resilience, and we all need some of that when it comes to our family and loved ones! Sometimes, those around us can upset and annoy us. However, to get to the Ten of Cups, we must work hard to overcome these issues.

This card shows me that the potential I have this year won’t come easy to me. But, it definitely will be worth it.

The Future of This Development

So, what is the future of this potential? How will the energy of the Ten of Cups and Nine of Wands develop?

For this card, I received The Moon. This is quite a negative card, representing anxieties and stress. When the Moon appears in a reading, we may feel uncertain and confused about where we are heading. There is an element of illusion to this card, too. Things may not be as they seem.

The appearance of the Moon doesn’t fill me with much joy! It reiterates the meaning of the Nine of Wands. My potential won’t come easy, with the future looking uncertain. There will be stress and confusion on the way to the Ten of Cups. But hopefully, now I know the issues that I may face, I will be able to overcome them.

tarot cards

Positives to Embrace

The fourth card pulled reflects the positives in your life you must embrace to grow and develop. You will need it in the upcoming year to fulfill your potential.

For this card, I received the Ace of Pentacles. The Ace of Pentacles represents new beginnings and opportunities regarding work and material wealth. I think it is pretty clear in this position! I have a lot of potential when it comes to work and gain, and the Tarot is reminding me to embrace this.

Could we also link this card to the other three? The energy of the Ace of Pentacles can be linked to the Ten of Cups, as it reflects the home. To achieve the blissful happy home that we see in the Ten of Cups, I must embrace the energy of the Ace of Pentacles. Could this help me overcome the obstacles I will face?

Negativity to Let Go of

Ostara is a time for growth and change. We are looking towards the year ahead, planting seeds for the future. But in order to really grow and develop, we must leave certain things in the past. The fifth and final card pulled in this Tarot spread reflects any negativity that you need to let go of.

For this position, I received the Four of Swords. This is a card all about rest and recuperation. It isn’t really a negative card, so how can we understand it in this position?

I believe it shows me that sometimes, I pull myself away too much. I really enjoy solitude, but perhaps this is affecting my personal development. When we consider this card alongside the Ten of Cups, we can definitely read it as a warning regarding isolation. I need to make sure I am spending enough time with my loved ones.

Ostara Tarot Spread for Growth

The spring equinox is the perfect time for planting the seeds for the upcoming year. During this celebration, we can look at what we can do in order to grow.

This four-card Tarot spread examines different areas in your life that need attention in order for you to grow and flourish.

four card ostara tarot spread
Image by Lou Siday

The four cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: What needs to be nurtured
  • Card two: What needs to be gotten rid of
  • Card three: Areas that need balanced
  • Card four: What is there an abundance of in my life right now

Let’s go through an example of this spread. I will pick four cards and look at how we can understand their meanings in the different positions.

ostara tarot spread guide
Image by Lou Siday

What Needs to Be Nurtured

The first card pulled reflects what needs to be nurtured in your life. This card will highlight areas of growth that need your attention.

In this position, I received The Queen of Swords. The Queen of Swords is a powerful and intellectual woman. She knows how to balance her heart and head and has compassion when making decisions. However, she always looks at things in a balanced and fair way, never allowing emotions to overcome her thinking.

As the Queen of Swords has appeared in this position, the Tarot tells me I need to nurture the Queen of Swords within me. I must make sure I am using my intellect when making decisions and balance my emotions with my rationality.

What Needs to Be Gotten Rid of

The second card pulled reflects what needs to be gotten rid of. By identifying and letting go of these things, we are able to grow and move forward in the upcoming year.

For this card, I received the Fool. Now, I won’t lie; I was pretty confused at first with this card. I love the Fool. It is one of my favorite cards! It is the very first card of traditional Tarot decks and represents stepping into the unknown. It reflects new beginnings and taking risks.

So, what is the Tarot trying to tell me? I love trying new things and taking risks, but isn’t this a good thing? Why do I need to leave this part of me in the past?

Maybe the Tarot is telling me that sometimes, I take too many risks. Perhaps I need to be more grateful for what I have in my life right now instead of looking for new adventures.

Areas That Need Balanced

The third card pulled reflects areas that need balanced. It reveals to us things in our lives that need a bit of work to progress.

I received the Three of Pentacles in this position. This card is all about collaboration, with different areas of expertise working together in order to achieve a goal. So, how can we understand this card in this position?

As this card is in the Suit of Pentacles, it is concerned with work and material goods. So, I looked at how we could understand the Three of Pentacles in regard to my career. As a content writer, I am pretty isolated. I don’t really have coworkers to learn from. Is the Tarot telling me I need to reach out to other content writers? Perhaps getting help and support from them will balance out the isolated nature of my job. I can also learn from them in order to progress!

tarot spread

What Is There an Abundance of in My Life Right Now

The fourth and last card pulled in this reading reflects areas of abundance. In order to be prepared for the upcoming year, it is useful to be aware of where we have abundance and potential for growth.

For this card, I received the Six of Pentacles. This is a card all about equality and charity. It reflects a time of give and take, and generosity. When it appears in a reading, it may represent you giving or someone giving to you. Either way, it is a pretty positive card!

I think it’s pretty clear in this position. I am surrounded by people who can help me if I need their help. Plus, I feel pretty stable with my money right now, so I can help others if I need to!

Ostara Tarot Spread Guide FAQs

Let’s look at any questions you may have about the Ostara Tarot spreads.

Question: When is Ostara?

Answer: Ostara is on the spring equinox. It usually occurs on or around the 20th of March.

Question: What do we Celebrate on Ostara?

Answer: Ostara is the perfect time to celebrate life and growth. Spring is a wonderful time of year, and we can learn a lot from mother earth during this season. Ostara allows us to look forward to the year ahead.

Question: Can I do These Ostara Tarot Spreads at other Times of the Year?

Answer: Yes! You can do these two Tarot spreads whenever you are in need of direction and help.

Celebrate Ostara with Tarot

I hope you have enjoyed my Ostara Tarot spread guide. Spring is probably my favorite time of year. It always makes me feel super connected with nature! These spreads allow us to communicate with Ostara and learn from the festival.

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