The Tower as Feelings Explained

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As the 16th card of the Major Arcana, the Tower is a card that many Tarot readers have a love-hate relationship with. Signifying upheaval, chaos, and destruction, the Tower is pretty intense! We all go through our own ‘Tower’ moments in life, and we must address them when this card reveals itself in a reading.

But what does the Tower mean regarding feelings? Today, we are going to unpeel the complex meaning of this card when it appears in spreads to signify romantic feelings for those in a relationship, those looking for love, and those who have recently broken up with someone.

the tower tarot card

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Key Takeaways

  • If you are looking for love, the upright Tower Tarot card as feelings suggests that you are going through realizations about your attitude towards love and what you want from a relationship.
  • If you are in a relationship, the upright Tower Tarot card as feelings reveals dramatic change and realizations. You feel ready to speak the truth to your partner and deal with the consequences.
  • If you have recently broken up, the upright Tower Tarot card as feelings represents learning and growth from the breakup.
  • When reversed, the Tower Tarot card as feelings serves as a wake-up call for those looking for love. Your outlook on love is being challenged, but you are ignoring this. It is time to accept your truth and allow the Tower card to teach you.
  • If you are in a relationship, the reversed Tower card as feelings suggests that you are ignoring certain emotions and avoiding significant issues in your relationship.
  • If you have recently broken up with someone, the reversed Tower card as feelings represents lessons that need to be learned. The relationship you had was intense, but you are struggling to reconcile with the intense emotions it brought you.

The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower reveals change – significant and unexpected change. It represents a time when beliefs crumble and everything we know as true is questioned. It cuts through and brings down any lies we tell ourselves, bringing us down to our knees. The Tower brings destruction and chaos into our lives, with a cosmic shift coming in.

But there is a twist. The earth-shattering effects of the Tower need to happen. The Tower is built on illusions and lies, which is no way of living. As the Tower comes crashing down around us, we are able to see things clearly and learn the truth. You must surrender to it and accept the changes it brings into your life.

When the dust settles, you can build the Tower back up again – this time on truth and clarity. You will be wiser, and you will soon realize why this chaos and mess has happened. With the destruction of the Tower comes enlightenment. You are stronger now and much more informed.

The Tower Tarot card is ruled by the fiery planet of Mars. Known as the planet of War, Mars pushes us into action. It governs our desires, our sexuality, and our energy. The Tower card unlocks our fighting spirit and drives us towards the truth.

the tower card

The Tower Upright as Feelings Explained

The Tower card holds intense and challenging messages, and we must listen to its guidance when we want to understand our feelings. Let’s look at what the Tower as feelings mean when appearing upright in a reading.

If You Are Looking for Love

If you are looking for love, the Tower signifies feelings of personal change and revelation. You may have gone through a realization process regarding how you approach love and romance, with uncomfortable truths coming to light. You are feeling a bit confused about what to do next, as the future of your love life is up in the air.

You are feeling upset about the revelations occurring in your life right now. Perhaps you have regrets about past relationships and now know why they fall apart. However, you are now much more informed than you were before. You know why romance went wrong in your past and what you need to do to find your perfect match.

If you have a potential romance brewing right now, the Tower Tarot card suggests that both of you feel this romance will be intense and life-changing. Perhaps you are pushing each other outside of your comfort zone, with beliefs and ideas being questioned. It will be a relationship that allows you to grow mentally and spiritually, with realizations and understanding coming your way.

If You Are in a Relationship

The Tower signifies feelings of upheaval and dramatic change for those in a relationship. Intense feelings are bubbling under the surface, and these feelings will soon come to a head.

Now, the change that is coming is not necessarily bad. Of course, the Tower can sometimes signify breakups and lies in a relationship. However, it may also reveal intense positive emotions and feelings not yet spoken about. Perhaps you feel that the person you are dating has completely changed your life and is the person you want to be with forever. You may not have yet told them this, and opening up is the next stage of the relationship that the Tower card represents.

The Tower may suggest that you feel that your relationship is not built on truths. You may feel as if you are not really opening up to your partner, and significant things are left unsaid. The Tower is telling you that you must open up about your true feelings with your partner and allow whatever happens to happen. This may lead to a breakup, or it may make your relationship stronger. Whatever will occur is necessary for your happiness and overall well-being.

the tower upright

If You Have Recently Broken Up

If you receive the Tower Tarot card as feelings after a breakup, it suggests that the relationship and separation have deeply changed you and your ex, for better or worse. Your attitude towards life and love is totally different from what it was before your relationship with them, and you feel as if you have learned a lot about yourself and what you want from the world.

Remember, the Tower tackles lies and illusions, allowing us to see the truth. This can be incredibly distressing, especially if we have lived with these lies for a long time. However, The Tower falling is necessary for our overall happiness. Whatever you have learned from your breakup, it is time to address and accept it.

The Tower Tarot card may indicate reconciliation. But this reconciliation may be a long way off, depending on how you and your ex are processing the feelings the breakup gave you. The Tower is a time for learning and growth, and therefore, you may need to focus on this before reaching out to your ex.

The Tower Reversed as Feelings Explained

When reversed, the Tower signifies resistance and illusion. The changes and revelations of the upright Tower are still there, but your attitude is different. Instead of accepting the chaos and growing stronger, you are pushing it away. You are choosing to stick to the lies and live in an imaginary world.

But what does the reversed Tower Tarot card mean when appearing in a spread to represent feelings?

If You Are Looking For Love

If you are looking for love, the reversed Tower suggests you are deep in feelings of hopefulness and contentment. You believe you are doing all the right things in your search for romance. However, deep down, you know that something is off. You are ignoring something, and this is affecting your search for love.

The reversed Tower is a wake-up call for you right now. It is time to address your feelings and accept the revelations and realizations the Tower card brings you. Do you have a healthy outlook on love? Is there anything you need to learn from past relationships?

A new way of loving is coming your way, and it is time to work through how you approach relationships. By doing so, you are able to discover more about yourself and what you need from love.

If you are interested in someone right now, the reversed Tower suggests this person doesn’t feel as if they are ready to make the changes necessary for romance. Both you and your potential match are unwilling to accept change and personal development, which means the relationship will not go anywhere. Make sure you are open to the energy of the Tower card and throw yourself into the enlightenment it brings.

If You Are in a Relationship

For those in a relationship, the Tower reversed reflects feelings of stubbornness and avoidance. You have your head in the sand, unable to accept and reconcile with the issues you and your partner are facing.

Deep down, you know that there are things that should be spoken about. However, you feel as if you are unable to. Perhaps you are scared about what will happen once you discuss your feelings with your partner. Or, maybe you are unsure about the feelings you are having and so prefer to ignore them.

Whatever the reason, the reversed Tarot card is telling you to wake up and act before it is too late. The Tower is crumbling, and you need to accept the truth. Remember, every relationship goes through its ups and downs, but what is important is how you deal with the changes. You need to work with your partner, not against them, and be open and honest about your feelings.

Discussing the changes that the Tower brings means that you are communicating with your partner and acting as a team. Your relationship will be much stronger for it.

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If You Have Recently Broken Up

tower major arcana
The Tower is the 16th card of Major Arcana

If you have recently gone through a breakup, the reversed Tower Tarot card suggests that you have a lot of intense feelings about your ex, but you are choosing to ignore them. In order to move on, you must work through your emotions and reconcile with them.

Your relationship was passionate and fiery. It taught you a lot about your path in life and what you want from love. It shook you to your core, and you have felt pretty different since breaking up with them. However, you are not really accepting the lessons the relationship and breakup taught you. The Tarot wants you to reflect on your emotions and allow them to help you grow.

If you are wondering if reconciliation is possible, the reversed Tower Tarot card isn’t hopeful. There is so much disruption that hasn’t been dealt with, and you must focus on your own path before reaching out to your ex. You and your ex are overwhelmed with emotions right now, and both of you must deal with these feelings before thinking about a future between you.

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Question: What Does the Tower Card Mean as Feelings?

Answer: When representing feelings, the Tower card signifies confusion and chaos. You are facing massive changes in your life and are overwhelmed with emotions.

Question: What Does the Tower Tarot Card Mean in a Love Reading?

Answer: In a love reading, the Tower Tarot card reflects significant change and upheaval. Any lies or deceits will soon come to the surface, and you will have to deal with the intense emotions that come with them. However, the truth must come out for you to grow and learn. In the long run, this difficult time will bring you enlightenment and inner peace.

Question: What Does the Reversed Tower Tarot Card Mean in a Love Reading?

Answer: The Tower card signifies avoidance and disillusion when appearing reversed in a love reading. There are issues in your romantic life, but you are choosing to ignore them in the hope that they will go away. But they won’t. It is time to face up to the truth to gain a deeper understanding of your attitude towards love and relationships.

Question: Is the Tower a Yes or No Love Card?

Answer: The Tower is a no regarding love. There is so much change occurring around you, and therefore, it is not the right time to make big decisions. The best thing you can do right now is acknowledge the revelations that the Tower brings and work through them.

Question: Does the Tower Mean Break Up?

Answer: No, the Tower does not necessarily signify a breakup. However, it does suggest that a huge change will occur when appearing in a love reading.

Question: What Does the Tower as a Person Mean?

Answer: When representing a person, the Tower signifies someone who will have a significant, life-changing impact on you. They will challenge your beliefs and make you question how you understand the world. They enter your life quickly and abruptly and leave in the same manner. However, their influence will be with you forever.

Embrace Change with the Tower Tarot Card

the tower card major arcana

The Tower Tarot card is significant to receive in any Tarot reading. When representing feelings, it reveals an intense and confusing time for you. However, the revelations that the Tower brings allow us to move forward in the right direction. It rids us of illusions and lies, helping us see the truth that we have been ignoring.

Embrace the truth and change the Tower Tarot card brings, and allow it to illuminate your life.

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