Page of Wands Meaning: Upright and Reversed

Pages encourage personal growth. They bring with them the news, plans for the future, and opportunities. The Page of Wands wants you to step back, look at what you have accomplished so far, and then take advantage of new opportunities that come your way. 

The Page of Wands is an exciting energy that brings new adventures, new people, and new ideas into your life.

The Page of Wands is very much about following impulses and ideas. The Page here represents raw potential, like a seed or an idea. If you keep the card close, it reminds you to be open to fresh ideas and new starts, especially when you feel like everything is stale and the status quo no longer fulfills you. It’s time for you to be bold enough to risk change.

Page of Wands Keywords

Upright: Change, Inspiration, Freedom, Free spirit, potential, ideas, opportunity, personal growth, excitement

Reversed: Fear of change, limiting beliefs, lack of follow-through, flighty, boredom.

Imagery Description

The Page of Wands appears as a young man just beginning to show signs of growth. He stands at the threshold of discovery and excitement, his chest puffed out and proud as he looks forward to new beginnings. His tunic is emblazoned with the mythical salamander — a creature that can transform from fire into water or vice versa — to represent this growth potential, as well as the mindful transition between past and future.

The light emanating from the staff on the card suggests hidden knowledge that this person might have, which is just waiting to be discovered. The sprouting leaves are a new idea, the untapped potential, still in the early stages of development. With the mountains on the horizon, this tarot card gives you a sense of hope and opportunity. You can feel that anything is achievable with the right attitude. 

Upright Page of Wands Meaning (Overall)

There is something new and fresh here: full of hope and excitement for all that is possible. New possibilities can arise from your ideas and new networks. There is a sense of newness and adventure in the air right now. Be ready and willing to see new routes and paths opening up for you to step into.

When you get a page of wands in a tarot reading, it suggests that you’re moving into a new phase of life. It’s time to begin a new challenge or project, and it’s also time to be unafraid and bold. It may feel like things are coming to you too easily, and this is because you need to step forward and take what you want. This is your time and your movement.

The Page of Wands tends to imply that there is a strong personality at play. And although the stand-out qualities can draw a lot of attention to you as the querent (or a person this reading is focused on), you may have a hard time establishing a solid foundation for yourself. The Page of Wands is a gentle warning not to get caught in a state of distraction. Although you can be very productive when you focus on something, beware of faltering when the next big idea comes along. You may need help from those around you to stop procrastinating and take action.

If you are feeling restless, unsure of your next step, or confused about how to get started on something you have been thinking about for some time, the Page of Wands is here to tell you that courage will take you along the path towards your dreams.

Upright Page of Wands Love Meaning

The Page of Wands tarot card in a love reading suggests love will happen quickly but not last as long as you may plan for. As a person, The Page of Wands represents someone enterprising and energetic but may tend to be flighty or restless at times.

The Pages of Wands are vivid dreamers but can sometimes lack focus in their day-to-day lives. However, when it comes to romance, this is not the case; Pages of Wands can be excellent partners for short-term relationships but may also provide a great deal of passion and excitement for those who are more focused on adventure.

If you are in a long-term committed relationship, the Page of Wands in a love reading suggests you and your partner could benefit or expect some new adventures together. Whether these adventures are in the bedroom or in the form of new ventures, the Page of Wands is here to tell you to simply relax and enjoy it. 

The Page of Wands represents a person who is brimming with energy and enthusiasm. A reading about love suggests that the subject of the reading is very open to being with someone new. The Page of Wands can also signify a desire for children, as the wands are often used as a representation for staves carried by babies in historical paintings.

Upright Page of Wands Career Meaning

The Page of Wands is usually associated with the beginning of a new project or phase in your career. This card can mean that you are about to enter a completely different position, take on a new role, or begin a whole new project. It is also associated with the taking of risks and opportunities for success. 

The Page of Wands can also indicate a new job or responsibility, as well as the need to be alert for possible changes. If you draw this card in career-oriented readings, it bodes extremely well for your future, as long as you are proactive and confident in your work.

The Page of Wands can indicate that new contacts and responsibilities are coming into your life. Be ready to meet the challenges that arise, as they can lead to new jobs or promotions. If you receive this card in a career reading, take the time to really focus on your goals for this year.

Upright Page of Wands in a Financial Reading

The Page of Wands suggests that you will receive money in the near future. It can also suggest unexpected financial gain or even an unexpected gift.

This card can reveal that your career is on the move right now. Maybe you will get a promotion or an unexpected raise. All of this is wonderful news, but don’t count your chickens before they hatch. This is merely foreshadowing; nothing has happened yet, so don’t start spending that money! 

Sometimes the universe provides us with warnings ahead of time. Future financial stability may be threatened by high debts or an unwise choice in investments. It is important to get your finances in order before you actually need them to be.

You will enjoy new opportunities to make money, perhaps unexpectedly soon. Don’t forget to save some of these funds, as difficulties relating to financial matters may be coming up.

Reversed Page of Wands Meaning (Overall)

The reversed Page of Wands is the card of unfinished projects. The querent is filled with bright ideas but unable to follow through with most of them. It may even indicate dead-end jobs or being trapped in a rut. It often denotes ill health caused by work. This person is also stuck in an awkward phase of life, with many changes required before moving on.

The Page of Wands reversed in a reading often represents instability or inability to push your ideas forward. He can also be seen as an indication that you will experience delays and frustrations due to not concentrating on one task at a time. For example, you could focus on your job during the day but then spend your spare time dreaming up business plans for your own company or developing new skills that will help you advance your career. He indicates that it is now time to structure your day to progress forward.

The Page of Wands reversed can suggest that there are blocks or delays when you are trying to start something new. You may be inhibited by your anxieties about your abilities to perform well. Instead of rushing at a situation with confidence, it’s more comfortable to delay starting anything until you are sure, but of course, this usually means you never will start.

After the Page of Wands is reversed, it may be telling you that your “excitement” or idea is taken away. You will tend to create things that are not realistic for you to accomplish. This may cause you to lose touch with reality.

Since The Page of Wands represents projects, ideas, and opportunities, the reversed card is often seen as a representation of being stuck. My clients frequently ask questions like, “If I’m not doing anything wrong or bad, how come this card keeps popping up?” There are two ways to view the reversed page. The first is that something isn’t working; your approach to whatever you’re doing (work, school, projects) is not effective. If you continue on this path, all you will experience is frustration. The second way to view it is rather positive. It means that you are successful at generating ideas, but you need to focus on concrete plans to follow through with a successful venture. 

Reversed Page of Wands in a Love Reading

To read your cards correctly, you have to remember that a reversed card isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In the case of the Page of Wands tarot love meaning, it just means that they won’t commit until they find the right person for them. If they’re not sure what they want from their lives, this can signal a lot of trial and error before they make a decision. When reversed, the Page of Wands can also symbolize infidelity and stepping out of relationships. If you drew this card in relationship readings, it indicates that the other person may not be ready for commitment.

If you are facing difficulties in your love life, the Page of Wands appearing reversed may be an indication that you are having trouble finding someone who is stable and reliable. While fiery personalities can be exciting at times, they can also lead to frequent arguments or even physical injury.

Chances are, this card is showing you that it’s time to move forward and not look back. While it’s true that we all do make mistakes, we also always learn something from them. This is a time of unrest and uncertainty, but if your love life lacks excitement and satisfaction, the Page of Wands would like you to shake things up a bit.

The Page of Wands suggests that unexpected news is on the way, which will have an emotional impact. If you are unsure about your current love situation, this card may be telling you that you’re heading in the wrong direction or unsure about what you want in a relationship.

You may feel that something is missing from your life or relationships and not know what to do about it. This is a time for making no assumptions and asking the right questions so you can get back on track and move forward with your love life.

The Page of Wands is often depicted as an attractive young boy or girl on the cusp of adulthood. If this Page becomes reversed in a Celtic Cross Spread, it indicates a need to take action and begin your journey toward fulfilling your goals and desires (or at least beginning to look for some). The Page of Wands wants to be the one who starts things; they’ll more than likely start some romantic relationships and creative projects or some new ventures just for fun.

Reversed Page of Wands in a Career Reading

Reversed, this card denotes a blockage between you and your desired job or career. The block may be external (your current situation or another individual standing in your way) or internal (you’re apathetic about your job).

The Page of Wands reversed in a career spread indicates some sort of discord between your current reality and ideals. This disconnect isn’t always bad, though. Sometimes you might know exactly where you want to be but lack the skills or experience required to get there. Becoming frustrated with the gap between where you are and where you want to be is not very productive, but it can indicate an opportunity for further exploration! Likewise, if you know all the steps needed to achieve your goals but don’t have the initiative required to take them, this card suggests that it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

If the Page of Wands appears in a career reading, it may indicate that this is a time when you are facing obstacles and difficulties in your work life. Choices you’ve been mulling over may be causing anxiety and unease, and you’re unsure about whether to take action or wait it out a bit more before making a decision. It’s important to examine your feelings, as well as make a plan for how you can proceed with caution going forward.

This reversed Page of Wands in your career reading indicates that you may need more time to sort out things before making a final decision. This card often appears when you are leaving your past behind and heading into the future. However, the cards on either side of the Page of Wands can indicate what you’re leaving behind and what you’re moving toward.

Reversed Page of Wands in a Financial Reading

Be aware that fortunes, both good and bad, tend to change. Everybody knows how it feels to be in financial trouble. If you’re like me, it’s an experience you hope to never repeat. The Page of Wands reversed in a financial reading indicates there is some uncertainty and instability in terms of finance. 

You may have been spending frivolously and squandering money, but it’s time to get serious and increase your income. You need to budget wisely and save more of your paychecks in preparation for challenging times. Self-indulgence and foolishness must be avoided.

It’s hard to predict the future, but it helps to have a plan. If you are frugal now, you may be able to weather periods of financial hardship in the future.

Personally, I think that it’s important to stay positive during periods of hardship. It’s all about how you look at things. If you can get your head in the right place, then hard times don’t feel so hard. To set yourself up for good fortune, I recommend working hard and preparing for adversity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Page of Wands as a Future Position

Answer: In the future, this card may appear during a period of financial hardship. The best you can do is weather the storm by working hard and being frugal. 

Question: Page of Wands as a Person

Answer: The Page of Wands speaks of an inquisitive nature, uninhibited by convention. This is a person interested in opportunity, whether on a physical plane or that of abstract ideas. 
The Page of Wands is a young man, full of energy and the drive to make a difference. He is eager to take on new challenges and discover new things. He has a lot going for him, but he hasn’t really begun the journey yet. He needs a nudge before he can embark on his new endeavor. This Page’s true potential lies in his keen intuition–he may not realize what insights are at his fingertips, but he is attuned to the underlying meanings that power his creative process. 

Question: Is the Page of Wands a Yes or No Card?

Answer: If the card is upright, then it indicates a yes. The Page of Wands represents the excitement of setting new goals and pursuing new interests. With this card, you can look forward to new beginnings, maybe even a reevaluation of your life. This is the time to reach for the stars.
However, in the reversed position, it should be taken as a No card. 

The Bottom Line

The Page of Wands energy is impulsive, energetic, young, enthusiastic, spontaneous, and quick-acting. Another keyword for the card is changed. This Page wants to make changes in his or her life or to bring about changes in the world around them. They want to make new beginnings. They like surprises, new things, and having fun with life instead of settling for less than they deserve. 

May this card guide you in determining your courage to achieve your heart’s desire. It may be in the area of money, romance, fame, power, or simply to be adventurous. This wonderful card makes you capable of strong willpower and determination. At the same time, it improves your confidence and belief in yourself and makes you stand out positively in life.

The Page of Wand’s emotion swings high; this is a card of ups and downs, but generally, the good news is on the way!

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