The Hanged Man Tarot Meaning for Love, Career and Family

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The Hanged Man is the twelfth Tarot card of traditional Tarot decks and one of the 22 Major Arcana cards. It signifies the importance of waiting and searching for new perspectives on situations.

So, what does the Hanged Man mean for love, career, and family?

Symbolism and Imagery of the Hanged Man Tarot Card

In traditional tarot card decks, the Hanged Man card shows a man suspended upside down in the air. One foot is attached to a tree, the other is crossed behind him. His hands are on his hips.

The Hanged Man is calm, staring forward with an untroubled expression. He appears to be in control of his body and chooses to be hanging upside down.

There is a halo around his head, suggesting that he is knowledgeable. It is hard to ignore the religious connotations of this card; a halo and a man hung on a cross. This suggests that there may be a sacrificial element to the story of the Hanged Man.

The tree that he is attached to is alive, with buds and leaves covering the branches. This reflects a connectedness that the Hanged Man has with nature. It also shows growth and development and the necessity of time.

Upright Meaning of the Hanged Man Tarot Card

Hanged Man Tarot

The Hanged Man highlights the importance of time and waiting. When appearing upright in a reading, it suggests that you need to pause right now and reflect on your journey.

You may be feeling anxious that things are not moving forward as quickly as you would like, but there is a reason for this. The universe has the plan and you must wait until it is time.

A pause is often what is needed. You must welcome this time to stop, reflect, and meditate on your situation. If you have a decision to make, the Hanged Man is telling you that you must wait for a while until deciding what to do. With this pause, you are able to look at things from a new perspective.

For The Hanged Man, this time of waiting is also a time of enlightenment. When he is upside down, he can look at the world from a new angle. When you get this card in a Tarot reading, you may need to take a new perspective on things. Are you feeling frustrated about a certain situation?

Perhaps you are trying and trying to work something out but nothing seems to happen? The Hanged Man is asking you to take a step back and pause. It is time to search for a new way of looking at things, allowing alternative ideas to flow.

There is an element of sacrifice that comes with the Hanged Man. This may refer to the action and progress that you are sacrificing right now in order to put things on hold. Or, it may reflect a different sacrifice that you have had to make recently. You understand the importance of this sacrifice, even if others may not.

Upright Hanged Man Love Meaning

When it comes to matters of the heart, the Hanged Man is reminding you that the right timing means everything. Love cannot be rushed and will go at its own speed.

If you are single, the Hanged Man suggests that you often will throw yourself headfirst into love without fully thinking it through. Perhaps you are a romantic at heart and are looking for your soul mate in every person you meet.

This might mean that you have the tendency to rush things, not considering the other person in the relationship. The Hanged Man is asking you to slow down and consider what you actually want from love first. Take time to think about things and what love really means for you.

If you are in a relationship, the Hanged Man is also a sign that you need to slow down. Things might be moving pretty fast and this will cause problems for you both if you don’t consider where it is that you are actually going.

It is a time for communicating with your partner and discussing the next step, rather than just jumping straight in. In the long run, a little bit of hesitation right now might be for the best!

Upright Career and Money Hanged Man Meaning

Hanged Man Tarot Meaning

When the Hanged Man appears in a career reading it is often to represent a feeling of uncertainty in regards to your work. Things might not be happening as quickly as you expected in regards to promotion and success, and this is causing you to feel worried about the direction your life is taking you.

Life is all about timing and cycles. Everything happens when it does for a reason and this is in tune with the rhythm of the universe. You may think that you are not moving forward fast enough, but, there will be a reason for this. Embrace the pause in your career life to work a few things out for yourself.

In regards to finances, the Hanged Man might reflect an anxious attitude towards money. Perhaps you don’t feel as if you are earning enough or saving enough. The Tarot is asking you to change up your view on the situation! Money isn’t everything and it is important to have a few different perspectives on finances.

Upright Home and Family Hanged Man Meaning

When it comes to home, family, and friends, the Hanged Man is all about pausing to enjoy the people around you. Perhaps you are a workaholic or spend a lot of time on your hobbies. Maybe you are a bit of an introvert!

These are wonderful things about you, but you must remember to make time for your loved ones. The Hanged Man is asking you to stop for a little while and take in the world around you.

Spent time at home with your family and explore their hobbies and interests. Having a day out with your friends is a great way to remember the importance of friendship and having fun with those you love.

Upright Hanged Man Health Meaning

When it comes to health, the Hanged Man is asking you to seek treatment for things that have been bugging you. You may think that these things are minor things, but a different perspective might help you understand them better. Seek out help and support for any health problems and you will soon get them sorted out!

The Hanged Man is all about taking a pause. Ask yourself if you need to take a pause in life to focus on your wellbeing. This card will often show up for people who are very work-driven and asks them to take a step back and relax! It is so important for your well-being to have balance in life.

Reversed Meaning of The Hanged Man Tarot

Hanged Man Tarot

When the Hanged Man is reversed, he reflects rigidness and stagnation. If you receive it in a reading, it is time to reflect on your attitude towards your life and the world around you. Do people accuse you of being too stuck in your ways? Do people with different views to you annoy and upset you?

The reversed Hanged Man is demanding you to loosen up and to learn other ways of looking at the world! Trying new things and meeting different people will allow you to gain a new perspective on things. This may be difficult at first, but in the long term, it will significantly impact your happiness.

The reversed Hanged Man might also suggest a feeling of resentment and sacrifice. Perhaps you feel as if you give so much to those around you but get nothing back. It is time to work out if this is true, or if you are just feeling sorry for yourself.

Reversed Hanged Man Love Meaning

When the Hanged Man is reversed for a love reading, the Tarot is asking you to discover new ways of being romantic and loving! It is asking you to act, to grow, learn, and change. It is time to let go of old ideals and relationship patterns that aren’t serving you.

If you are single, take some time to assess your attitudes towards love before you enter your next relationship. Try your best to healthy, open, and thoughtful to your romantic partners and let go of any negativity that you might be holding into.

If you are in a relationship you must make sure that you and your partner are both fulfilled and happy, with a balanced and meaningful partnership. Make sure that past problems are truly in the past and allow your relationship to grow and flourish.

Reversed Career and Money Hanged Man Meaning

A reversed Hanged Man will often pop up in a career and money reading when there is bitterness and resentment towards your job. Do you feel as if you are the only member of your team pulling their weight? Perhaps certain peers have been getting ahead faster than you, reaping the rewards that you believe you sowed.

This bitterness is doing you no favors. Sometimes life isn’t fair and people have it easier than you. But it is how you choose to react to this that defines you. It is time to be proactive and positive in your career life!

You have the skillset to achieve great things in your life, but not with a bad attitude. The only thing that is holding you back right now is you! Sending positivity into the world will bring positivity right back to you. It is a time for change and a brand new attitude.

Reversed Home and Family Hanged Man Meaning

Hanged Man Tarot

The reversed Hanged Man suggests that there is conflict within your home life. A family member’s behavior has upset you, or perhaps you disagree with a choice a friend has made. The Tarot is asking you to consider if it is your loved one that has caused the problem, or is it you?

Sometimes, the rigid belief system that you rely so heavily on might actually be harming you. You can be too quick to condemn other people’s actions without considering things from their point of view.

Your friends and family are important to you, and this is probably why it hurts so much when you believe they have done wrong! But, they are just trying their best. Take time to consider their thoughts and feelings and why they have chosen to behave in a way that has upset you.

It is so important to understand other people and their views. In seeing the world through many eyes, we become more close to each other. Allow yourself to listen to your friends and family and to open up to their way of thinking.

Reversed Health Hanged Man Meaning

In a health reading, the reversed Hanged Man is asking you to listen to different opinions in regards to health and wellbeing. Perhaps it is time to take a new approach to a health problem.

Chronic health problems might be eased when listening to new advice, with a focus on overall wellbeing coming into play. It is super important to look after every aspect of your health and to take time to treat yourself well.

The Hanged Man Tarot Meaning: FAQs

The Hanged Man is a wonderful Tarot card and one of the 22 Major Arcana cards. Receiving this card in a reading can illuminate a new way of thinking. So, what are some FAQs that you may have about the Hanged Man?

Question: What Does The Hanged Man Mean In Tarot=

Answer: The Hanged Man Tarot card reflects a time of pausing and waiting. It is asking you to take time to consider other people’s views and see things from a new perspective.

Question: Is the Hanged Man a Yes or No Card?

Answer: The Hanged Man is neither a yes or no card, it is a maybe. This is because it is asking you to wait and think, and not to act.

Question: What Element Does the Hanged Man Represent?

Answer: The Hanged Man is linked to the element of water.

Question: What Does a Reversed Hanged Man Mean?

Answer: When The Hanged Man is reversed, it reflects rigidness and an inability to change and consider different values and goals.

Learn The Value of Pausing and Reflecting of Life With The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is a really interesting Tarot card. At first, you may think that this is a negative card as it depicts a man being hung. However, it is clear that the man on the card has chosen to be hanging upside down!

This card welcomes a time of reflection. It is a time to pause, to be still, and to assess where you are in life. We all need to pause from time to time before getting back to our journey.

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