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Incorporating a routine into your Tarot practice is helpful for both beginners and skilled readers. By doing a Tarot reading for yourself every week, you can practice the craft and get guidance for the week ahead. Using Tarot regularly allows you to get more and more out of the cards, becoming connected with them and the universe.

So, I wanted to create this week ahead Tarot spread guide. I will go through a few different spreads so you have a range of choices for your week ahead Tarot spread. I would advise you to do these spreads every Sunday evening, making it a bit of a tradition! This allows you to wind down, reflect, and draw a line between the week previous and the upcoming week.

Of course, you can also do these spreads on other people! In this article, I will be using the Modern Witch Tarot deck. This is my go-to Tarot deck when doing readings, as it is a stunning modern twist on the traditional Rider-Waite deck.

Week Ahead Tarot Spread Up Front

My favorite week ahead Tarot spread is the three-card spread that shows us what to expect for love, career, and family in the following week. It is a really simple spread, so easy to incorporate into your weekly routine! I like to do this spread every Sunday evening. I have also included two more week-ahead Tarot spreads that dive deeper into the upcoming week.

Three-card Week Ahead Tarot Spread

I am going, to begin with, a three-card spread that, when learning Tarot, I used to do every Sunday evening for the week ahead. It is a simple spread covering three different aspects of your life, giving you advice and guidance. I would always write it down in my Tarot journal and then reflect upon it at the end of the week. If you are learning Tarot, I strongly recommend starting a Tarot journal! They are a place where you can write down your spreads, meditations on cards, and general card meanings.

Week Ahead Tarot Spread Guide

So, the three cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Your love life for the week ahead
  • Card two: Career and money for the week ahead
  • Card three: Your home and family life for the week ahead

I like the simplicity of this three-card spread, and it is a good choice for a weekly reading if you don’t have time to do a bigger spread.

It is Saturday for me right now, but I think I can still do a weekly spread for the week coming up! Let’s pick three cards and go through them, so I can walk you through how you will do this spread.

For my love life for the week ahead, I received the Six of Pentacles. So, we have the suit of Pentacles, which is all about material goods, work, and resources. The Six of Pentacles represents generosity, support, and giving and receiving. When we consider it my love life for the week ahead, we can understand it to be representing a healthy, supportive relationship. I like that because I do think I am in one of these relationships right now! However, we can also see the Six of Pentacles as a reminder when it comes to love: make sure the relationship is balanced!

For the second card, which represents my work life, I received the Star. It must be noted that this is the only Major Arcana in the spread. Major Arcana cards generally represent more significant changes and events in your life, whilst Major Arcana refers to day-to-day things. So, we can see my love and family life won’t be too dramatic this week, with the Tarot wanting me to pay attention to my career!

The Star is a wonderful card representing inspiration and hope. It also has elements of creativity, which I think is relevant to me as my work is pretty creative! So, what am I learning for the week ahead from this card? It is asking me to keep up my positivity and hope when it comes to work and embrace my creative side. I have a personal creative writing project I have been working on recently, and I believe it means that next week, I have to focus on this a bit more!

For my home life, I have received the Two of Pentacles. Another card from the Suit of Pentacles! When reading, it is essential to consider what suits are cropping up a lot. I have two Suits of Pentacles in this reading, so I know that resources and material goods are prominent for the week ahead. It is time to focus on what is in front of me right now. The Two of Pentacles is all about balance. So, am I balancing my family and home life with other aspects of my life? I have been super busy recently and haven’t invited my mum around for dinner for a while… BRB texting my mum, ‘the Tarot cards are telling me we need to hang out.

Seven-card Week Ahead Tarot Spread

One way we can do a week ahead Tarot spread is to pick seven cards, one for every day! This can be pretty fun and perfect if you have a Tarot journal to note them down, so you can reflect on the card every morning.

This spread is also great if you learn the keywords for each card. We can pick out the cards and learn their keywords, keeping them in mind each day of the week.

The cards in this spread refer to:

  • Card one: Monday
  • Card two: Tuesday
  • Card three: Wednesday
  • Card four: Thursday
  • Card five: Friday
  • Card six: Saturday
  • Card seven: Sunday

Now, I don’t believe that the Tarot cards can predict the future. However, with our understanding of the week, we have before us, we can use the cards to enhance our lives and choices. I believe that the cards can bring forth aspects of our subconsciousness that we need to address.

So, let’s pick seven cards for me!

Okay, so turning over the cards does feel a little bit overwhelming. These seven cards are full of so many different ideas and meanings! But, we can focus on the keywords of each card to give us guidance for each day.

  1. Monday: Ace of Swords: Clarity, New Ideas, Breakthroughs.
  2. Tuesday: The Hanged Man: Perspective, Waiting, Pausing. 
  3. Wednesday: Eight of Cups: Letting Go, Walking Away.
  4. Thursday: Judgement: Self-reflection, Reckoning, Inner-Calling. 
  5. Friday: Four of Wands: Celebration, Joy, Harmony.
  6. Saturday: The Wheel of Fortune: Fate, Karma, Change
  7. Sunday: The Fool: Beginnings, Freedom, Adventure

As we think about the cards and their positions, we can start to see links between them. When considering the seven cards and their meanings, don’t you think it tells a story? I am pausing and thinking about something on Tuesday, then deciding to let go of it on Wednesday, allowing the Judgement card on Thursday to guide me to my true calling. Then, I will be able to celebrate on Friday! The weekend brings the final process of the change I am going through. I go with the flow, following the cycle of the universe and allowing new beginnings to come my way.

Five-card Week Ahead Tarot Spread

In this five-card week ahead Tarot spread, we look at the week as a whole. Unlike the three-card week ahead spread, it doesn’t divide your week into personal sections. Rather, it includes a range of things that we must keep in mind for the upcoming week.

The five cards pulled in this spread reflect:

  • Card one: Positives
  • Card two: Negatives
  • Card three: What to focus on
  • Card four: How to support myself
  • Card five: What I need to leave behind

The first card will reflect the positive things that will define the upcoming week. It is normally pretty self-explanatory! The second card represents things that might be challenges for us. It will highlight anything that needs our attention.

The third card usually shows us the overall theme of the week ahead. What will be necessary? What do we need to focus on?

The fourth and fifth cards are guidance cards. They tell us actions that we need to take this week, from supporting ourselves to things that we need to leave in the past.

Let’s pick five cards and see what the week ahead has in store for me!

I have received the Eight of Wands for the first card, representing the week’s positives. The Eight of Wands reflects moving forward and progressing with speed. This is a nice card to receive in this position and suggests that there is a lot to look forward to next week!

The second card I pulled, representing the week ahead’s negatives, was Temperance. This card reminds us to be balanced in our lives and embrace moderation and patience. So, when considering this meaning in the negative position, what does it tell us? I think that it suggests that I must be aware of temperance in the upcoming week. Perhaps there are things that I need to look out for, making sure that I don’t go overboard! Will there be situations that I need to be patient about?

The third card I pulled was Justice, and this reflects what I need to focus on in the upcoming week. A card all about truth, fairness, and cause and effect, I feel as if it is telling me that I will need to be pretty thoughtful about a situation next week. I need to approach things fairly, weighing up the situation as a whole. The Justice card can also suggest there is a big choice I need to make.

I think it is worth noting the similarities between the Justice card and Temperance. Both highlight the importance of balance and fairness, so I know that these are things I must keep in mind next week.

For the fourth card, which represents how I can support myself in the upcoming week, I received the Four of Swords. This card is all about rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. In this position, I think it is pretty obvious! To care for myself, I need to make sure I am taking time out for myself, so I don’t run out of energy. I am the kind of person who keeps their social calendar quite full, and this can be pretty draining.

We can also see how this links to the previous cards! Balance and moderation are going to be important for my upcoming week.

I have received the Nine of Wands for the last card, which reflects things I need to leave behind. Now, this card is often seen as a pretty positive card, as it is all about standing your ground in the face of adversity. But, when considering it in this position, we can understand it to mean that I might be being a bit too stubborn about something! I am maybe being too defensive about a certain situation, and I need to work out what that is.

Week Ahead Tarot Spreads FAQs

Let’s look at some questions you might have about the week ahead Tarot spreads.

Question: Should I do a Tarot Reading for Myself Every Week?

Answer: I recommend you do a weekly Tarot spread for yourself every week, especially if you are starting on your Tarot journey.

Question: What can a Week Ahead Tarot Spread tell me?

Answer: A week ahead Tarot spread can guide you for the upcoming week, from career to love life.

Question: Can I do a Week Ahead of Tarot Spreads for Other People?

Answer: Yes! These three spreads are suitable for your reading and others.

Find Guidance For The Week With these Tarot Spreads

Week ahead, Tarot spreads are a great way to get into the routine of practicing Tarot and learning the cards. By reading the cards for yourself every week, you can form a deep connection with the cards.

I hope you have enjoyed my Tarot guide! Good luck reading the cards; I hope they provide you with guidance and insights.

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