Love Tarot Spread Guide: 5 Easy Spreads for Both Beginner and Expert Readers

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Love is one of those things that we just cannot control. It sometimes seemingly springs from nowhere and will often confuse and worry us. Because of this, I will always be asked questions about love when I am performing Tarot readings. My friends will always come to me for love advice, asking the cards all the questions they are dying to know!

So, I thought I would write a love Tarot spread guide that is perfect for beginners and experts alike. These spreads are great to read for yourself or your friends, giving you advice and guidance in all things love!

Throughout this article, I will be using the Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle. This is probably my favorite Tarot deck, as it updates the traditional Rider-Waite imagery with fresh artwork. It is easy to read and understand and has loads of interesting images. It is my go-to Tarot deck for my readings.

Of course, these spreads can be used with any Tarot deck!

Love Tarot Up Front

In this article, I will include a range of love Tarot spreads. If you are new to the Tarot, I recommend you try out the three-card Past Present Future Love Spread. This is a great way to check in on your love life and get guidance from the cards!

Three-card Love Tarot Spreads

Let’s begin with a few three-card love Tarot spreads. Three-card spreads are a great way to check in on your current circumstances and the best way to get into Tarot reading if you are a beginner. They aren’t too complicated but shed light on your current situation!

Here is the layout for these three-card love spreads:

Three-card Love Spread For Relationships

This three-card love spread is all about your current relationship and what is going on right now. This is the perfect spread if you don’t have any issues in your love life but would like a bit of guidance.

The three cards pulled in this spread correspond to:

  1. You
  2. Your partner
  3. Your relationship

Let’s dive deeper into what these three cards mean. The first card represents you and your attitude towards the relationship. It can also signify what you bring to the relationship and how you make your love work!

The second card reflects your partner. It sheds light on what they bring to the relationship and their current attitude towards love.

The third card represents where the relationship is at right now. It shows us what makes the love work and might highlight any issues that need to be worked on. You may need to meditate with this card a bit to fully understand what the Tarot is telling you. Or, you may wish to pull other cards from the deck to enhance the understanding of this card!

Let’s look at an example of this three-card spread and how we can interpret the cards.

The first card pulled is the Ace of Swords, and this reflects you. The Ace of Swords is all about clarity, decision-making, and new ideas. So, how can this reflect a person regarding love? I would understand it to mean that the person (you) brings fresh energy and new ideas to the relationship. Perhaps the love you are experiencing is new and exciting, and you are leaving past mistakes behind you.

For your partner, we received the Six of Cups. This card reflects harmony, positive thinking, and youthfulness. Regarding your partner, the Six of Cups suggests that they bring peaceful energy and positive vibes to your relationship, and this allows the love to flourish! I think that it is a really exciting card to have alongside the Ace of Swords, as both suggest fresh, new energy and an exciting time for love.

For the card that represents the current state of the relationship, we have received the Wheel of Fortune. The tenth Major Arcana card, the Wheel of Fortune, reflects karma, fate, and going with the flow. I feel that this is a lovely card to receive in this position, as it suggests that you and your partner should carry on with a positive attitude, growing your love together.

Three-card Past Present Future Love Spread

A past, present, and future spread is always a go-to Tarot spread for me when my querent doesn’t know what to ask the cards. We can do a past, present, and future spread about anything, really, and so we can ask the cards about our past, present, and future love life!

The three cards pulled in this spread refer to:

  1. Your past love life
  2. Your current love life
  3. Your future love life

Let’s use an example to further understand this spread.

In this reading, the first card pulled was the Nine of Swords. This card reflects anxiety, pain, and all the worries that keep us up at night! So, what does that mean for your past love life? Well, I understand that you have had heartbreak and pain. Strife and arguments have defined the past regarding love, and it has taken you a while to overcome these challenges.

The Hermit appears as the second card and reflects where you are in your love life right now. The Hermit is all about self-reflection and soul-searching. It is a time of healing, learning, and growing.

I am not going to lie; a lot of people think that the Hermit is a negative card when it comes to love, as it can suggest a long time of being single. However, when we consider the Hermit card with the Nine of Swords in the past position, I believe it shows a time of growing and overcoming the pain that defined your past. Yes, you may be single right now, but this ultimately benefits you and allows you to have a healthier relationship with love.

For the future position, we have received the Empress. A card reflecting femininity and abundance, this suggests good things for your future love life! It asks you to take care of yourself and those around you to find a fulfilling relationship.

When doing a past, present, or future spread, I always think it is useful to link the cards together to tell a story. The story with these three cards is quite clear. A person has had heartbreak and pain regarding love, which means that they are going through a time of self-reflection and isolation. However, this current time is super important for them as it allows them to grow into the role of the Empress.

Five-card Love Tarot Spreads

If you want a bit more information regarding your love life, a five-card spread is an excellent way of getting clarity and understanding. I will go through a couple of five-card love spreads that you can use by yourself or with other people.

Five-card Finding Love Spread

This five-card love spread takes the past, present, and future three-card spread and enhances it a little to get more guidance from the cards. It is a good spread to try out if you are single and wondering what you need to do to find love.

The five cards pulled in this spread correspond to:

  1. Past
  2. Present
  3. Future
  4. What goes well
  5. Issues you need to address

Let’s look at an example of this reading to fully understand how we can interpret the different cards.

For the past card, we pulled the Four of Swords. This is a card that represents rest, recuperation, and taking time out from the world. So, what can this mean for the past love life? I think it suggests that your past was quiet regarding love. Perhaps you never found the fireworks that you were seeking and decided that being alone was better than being in a relationship.

For the present card, we received the Four of Cups. A card all about boredom and dissatisfaction, I think it follows on very well from the Four of Swords. You are currently bored of not finding love and slightly regretting your choices.

So, what about the future? We have received the Chariot. This card signifies overcoming difficulties and moving forward. So, we can understand this meaning that in the future, you will take control of your love life and find what you are searching for.

Again, I feel the three cards tell a story!

So, what about the two extra cards we have? The fourth card pulled represents what goes well for your love life, and you have received the Hanged Man. This card represents pausing to reflect and seeing situations from different angles. When considering what this means regarding what goes well in love, I believe it suggests that your time of waiting was good for you. With the Four of Cups, we know that you are feeling bored in your love life. However, not rushing into love means that you will be able to get the relationship that you want and need.

For issues you need to address, we have received the Seven of Wands. Now, this is usually seen as quite a positive card, reflecting someone who stands their ground and protects what they have. However, when considering it for this card position, we can understand it a little bit differently. There is an unnecessary defensiveness you have when it comes to love, and this needs to be worked on!

Five-card Compatibility Love Spread

If you are in a new relationship or facing issues in your current one, you may wish to do a love compatibility spread. This allows you to consider the different aspects of your relationship and if the love is worth it!

The five cards we pull in this spread represent:

  1. Differences
  2. Similarities
  3. Emotional compatibility
  4. Physical compatibility
  5. Mental compatibility

We all have differences and similarities in relationships. If everyone was the same, life would be boring! So, the first two cards reflect the differences and similarities you and your partner have, allowing you to work out what issues may arise.

The third, fourth, and fifth cards can be a bit difficult to interpret, and this means you may need to meditate with them for a while to understand what the Tarot is telling you.

Let’s look at an example with this spread to figure out how we can read the different cards.

For the first card, which reflects differences, we have received the Six of Cups. This card reflects youthfulness and nostalgia and suggests that you and your partner come from different backgrounds. Our childhood strongly defines who we are, and it can be hard dating someone who seems completely different from you!

The second card reflects similarities, and for this one, we have received the Queen of Wands. The Queen of Wands reflects creativity and focus, suggesting that you and your partner both have the same drive in life.

So, how about the compatibility cards? For emotional compatibility, we have received the Nine of Wands. A card all about perseverance and standing strong, I believe it to show that you and your partner have the similar emotional strength, ready to face any challenges that come your way.

For physical compatibility, we have received the Seven of Cups. This is an interesting card, reflecting opportunities and choices. So, what does it mean for physical compatibility? I believe that it suggests that both of you feel excited about your physical connection, with ideas and creativity flowing.

For the last card, we have received the Two of Swords, and this represents mental compatibility. The Two of Swords reflects making a difficult decision, but what could this mean for mental compatibility? I have understood it as saying that you and your partner will have a difficult time connecting mentally, with different viewpoints pulling you each way.

This five-card love spread is interesting, yet it does take time to work out. However, it will ultimately help you understand the compatibility between you and your partner!

Six-card Love Tarot Spread

Finally, let’s look at a six-card love spread that is all about the future of your love life. It reflects where you are right now, the people you will meet, and the challenges you may face.

The six cards pulled in this spread reflect:

  1. Where you are now
  2. What you are doing well
  3. What needs work
  4. A significant person
  5. A significant event
  6. What to look out for

This is a fun Tarot spread to try out, so let’s have a go at understanding the different cards with an example!

In this spread, we get the Tower as the first card, which reflects where you are right now in regards to love. The Tower is a really interesting card and represents change, shattered beliefs, and upheaval. In this love spread, we can understand it to mean that you are currently in a state of change in regards to romance. Perhaps you have recently gone through a serious breakup, and your outlook on love has been altered.

For the second card, we have received the Eight of Cups. This card represents a time of letting go, moving forward, and leaving things in the past. Because this is in the ‘what you are doing well’ position, we can understand it to mean that your maturity and wisdom have allowed you to get through the upheaval of the Tower, letting go of love and ideals when necessary.

The third card represents what you need to work on regarding love. We have received the Four of Pentacles, which suggests that you have a possessive and materialistic streak. You are protective of where you are and what you have achieved, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! However, it is holding you back from finding love. Perhaps the trauma of the Tower has made you put a guard up.

For the fourth card, which reflects a significant person, we have received the Strength card. A card all about being strong and resilient, we can understand it as saying that a person with these qualities will be important in your love life.

Now, this might not be someone you are romantically involved with! A significant person may be someone who guides and helps you on your journey towards love. Think about the people in your life and who this card might represent.

The fifth card represents a significant event in regards to love, and we have received the Three of Cups. This card reflects celebrations and group gatherings, so it is pretty obvious what it means in this position! Go out there and socialize!

The sixth card represents what to look out for when it comes to love, and we can interpret this in different ways depending on the card that we pull. For example, we may receive a more negative card that provides us with a warning. Or, it could represent what to look out for in a significant other.

In our reading today, we have received the Magician. This fantastic card is all about willpower, determination, and skill. So, what does that mean in the sixth position? I believe it suggests that you must look out for someone with the same potential as you. You are full of energy and ideas, and you need to find someone to match this!


Let’s look at some questions you might have about love Tarot spreads.

Question: Can I do a Love Tarot Spread on Myself?

Answer: Of course! I think that doing Tarot spreads on yourself is a great way of getting to know the cards and practicing readings.

Question: What are the Best Cards to Receive in a Love Tarot Spread?

Answer: Some of the best cards to receive in a love Tarot spread include the Lovers, the Ace of Cups, and the Two of Cups.

Question: Can the Tarot Help me Find Love?

Answer: I believe that a Tarot is a great tool for self-reflection, allowing you to discover what you need to do to progress in life and find the love you want.

Allow The Tarot To Guide You In Love

I hope you have enjoyed this love Tarot spread guide; I had fun designing the spreads! Tarot is an excellent spiritual tool that allows you to be guided in life through all the ups and downs.

Remember to listen to your intuition when reading the cards, and good luck!

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